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taking care of business Got a small business? Then you need a telecommunications system to keep your budgets on track. Here’s some advice from Jennifer Ramnath, General Manager of Business Sales at Altech Autopage Cellular What’s a good approach to keeping your business’ telecoms budgets under control? Consolidating telecoms spend with one multinetwork service provider gives you maximum buying power. A provider should have an online telecoms expense management system that will allow you to analyse your voice and data spend, making it easy to keep budgets under control.

financial exposure to the agreed bundle value. Give each staff member a fixed cellphone allowance based on his or her job. That way the company’s exposure is limited, while the staff member has the flexibility to manage the total account. An alternative approach would be to ask your service provider if they will allow a user to split calls between private and business.

When it comes to business communications, what’s the biggest source of wastage? Unfortunately, abuse by employees is the biggest drain on your company’s telecoms budget and cell phones are a particular challenge. Your service provider should help you manage this problem. The first step is to draft a comprehensive policy that also covers cellphone use, such as providing staff with top-up packages, which limit the company’s

Is it possible to get a telecommunications package tailored to my business’s specific needs? A multi-network service provider should definitely be able to put together a tailored package. Packages would generally be a combination of mobile voice/data, fixed-to-mobile and fixed-line solutions. A client-centric provider should have a range of communication services for business, along with special rates and tariff options.

jennifer’s service provider essentials Pre-sales savings analysis: Ask your service provider to analyse your current spend and propose savings. Ongoing tariff optimisation: Make sure that your service provider reviews your usage every quarter.

Value-added services: Your service provider should provide you with services that assist in managing costs and improving productivity. Key account management: A key account manager is your single point of contact.

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Picture Perfe Arthur Christmas While Arthur is a fun family Christmas movie, it’s also a clever and thoroughly modern one. Attempting to answer the question of how Santa manages to deliver all his presents in one night, Arthur, a kid on a mission that must be completed before Christmas morning, discovers it’s one high tech operation.

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New Years Eve

For those who aren’t interested in the usual holiday flicks, this prequel to the classic John Carpenter horror film re-address the terrorising of a group of scientists in the Antarctic, following the original team who discover the strange creature that will eventually turn them against one another.

The 80’s classic that made Kevin Bacon’s name is back, in the vein of the ongoing fad for all things dance and music. Teenager Ren MacCormacck moves from Boston to a small southern town where music and dancing is prohibited. He predictably brings music back, falling in love in the process.

This one’s sure to be a holiday hit. New Year’s Eve features a star studded cast including Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Jon Bon Jovi and Robert De Niro. This warmhearted flick looks at New Years as a time for second chances and fresh starts, all wrapped up in a New York night full of comedy and romance.


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Although many flock to see holiday flicks during the festive season, it doesn’t mean that’s all that’s on offer at the cinemas. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone who wants to take some time out and enjoy a quick flick during the break



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