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INSPIRATION –  Women  of  the  1930’s  &  40’s     “Thrift  is  the  spirit  of  the  day.  Reckless  spending  is  a  thing  of  the  past.”       The  era’s  of  the  1930’s  &  40’s  were  tough  times.    Many  women  struggled  to  look  after  their   families  and  homes  on  very  low  budgets.    Recycling,  mending,  upcycling,  respecting  &  reusing   became  a  normal  way  of  life.    Instead  of  throwing  things  away  people  looked  after  their   belongings  and  only  bought  what  was  a  necessity.    This  had  been  a  carry  over  from  The  Great   Depression  of  the  1920’s,  creating  the  ‘struggle’  era,  which  carried  through  until  the  end  of  the   Second  World  War.    Before  the  WWII  few  women  followed  careers,  most  jobs  were   ‘traditional’  roles,  such  as  nursing,  secretarial,  office  or  caring.    The  main  role  most  women   took  on,  was  as  -­‐‘the  homemaker  and  a  mother.’     Only  when  millions  of  men  joined  the  armed  forces  during  WWII,  women  took  on  an  active   role  outside  the  home  and  took  on  many  paid  jobs  that  previously  had  been  held  by  men  -­‐  such   as  banks,  salesperson,  shipyards,  steel  plants,  lumber  mills  or  aircraft  hangers.  During  this   period  an  aggressive  media  campaign  urged  millions  of  women  into  the  work  force.         Woman  started  working  in  factories  –  this  was  called  the  “Rosie  the  Riveter”  phenomenon   and  possibly  the  dawn  of  the  ‘female  revolution.’    This  is  an  era  that  we  at  Pure  Pod  are   passionate  about.    The  period  that  gave  women  a  free  voice  and  power  to  control  and  change   their  own  lives.    Especially  as  we  work  in  a  female  dominated  industry,  being  the  fashion   industry  and  an  industry  struggling  to  stave  alive  in  Australia!     As  a  way  to  lure  young  women  into  the  factories,  advertisers  showed  women  workers  as   glamorous  and  even  fashionable.  They  mentioned  that  women  did  not  care  much  about  their   appearance  while  at  work,  but  that  they  were  still  feminine  underneath  the  dirt.  Women  wore   almost  male  influenced  denim  overalls,  pinafores,  work  shirts  and  even  pants!    Clothing   became  easier  to  wear,  more  masculine  in  some  areas  and  under  garments  softer.     Many  families  started  to  grow  their  own  vegetables,  had  chickens  and  recycled  as  much  as   possible.  The  local  governments  encouraged  people  do  grow  their  own  food  due  to  rations  and   shortages.  This  was  a  time  to  recycle,  re-­‐design  (old  garments)  reuse  and  reclaim  as  much  as   possible!  It  was  not  a  throw  away  society,  like  we  have  today.  People  respected  what  they  had   and  did  not  over  buy.       Fashions  were  ‘SLOW  FASHIONED’  and  not  ‘FAST  FASHIONED.’       Pure  Pod  is  a  leader  &  pioneer  in  the  eco/sustainable  fashion  industry  in  Australia.  We  are   often  inspired  by  older  generations,  music  eras,  past  stories,  art  and  fashion  from  these  times.   They  did  not  use  as  much  as  we  do  now,  without  any  respect  from  where  it  came  from  or  who   made  it.  Our  world  can  be  so  disconnected  from  its  natural  beginnings  that  we  can  become  no   longer  humble  and  happy  in  our  surroundings.       We,  as  consumers  are  continually  pushed  into  thinking  we  need  more  STUFF  to  fill  our  homes   &  hearts,  to  be  happy.    The  modern  day  person  can  often  become  overwhelmed  with  ‘NEW   STUFF”,  which  is  often  imported,  poorly  made  and  follows  fast  fashion  trends.  These  products   do  not  often  last,  and  they  quickly  become  land-­‐fill  at  a  much  faster  rate  than  products  made  in   past  centuries.    Polluting  our  environment  and  in-­‐turn  our  health.      

‘AUTUMN FOLD’    -­‐       Pure  Pods  Autumn  2013  Capsule  Collection  has  been  inspired  by  this  era  of  history  and  the   inspirational  women  of  this  time  such  as  Amelia  Earnhart,  Audrey  Hepburn,  or  more   importantly  the  very  inspiring  everyday  women,  who  ran  their  homes,  worked  and  looked   after  their  families.       Our  collection  is  a  modern  take  on  the  1930’s-­‐40’s  clothing  with  an  essence  of  work  wear  in   the  mix.  The  textiles  used  for  this  collection  are  GOTS  Certified  organic  cotton,  veggie  dyed   organic  cottons,  natural  indigo  denims,  pure  merino  wool  knits,  soya  bean,  bamboo  &  organic   cotton  knit  blends.  Some  pieces  have  been  hand  printed  by  local  Australian  textile  artists,  the   organic  cotton  yardage  prints  with  retro  designs’  are  from  India  and  printed  with  sustainable   low  impact  inks,  all  GOTS  Certified.     At  Pure  Pod  we  try  to  design  our  garments  with  ethics,  quality  &  beautiful  design  as  a  base,   with  organically/sustainably  grown  natural  fibre’s  and  lower  impact  processes,  being  the   main  ingredient  to  our  collections.    Our  garments  are  designed  to  make  the  wearer  feel   fantastic  and  comfortable  with  a  timeless  style.  The  styles  are  kept  simple  so  they  can  be  worn   for  many  seasons  to  come.       The  fashion  industry  is  one  of  the  highest  polluting  industries  in  the  world  including  growing,   dying,  scouring,  printing,  manufacturing,  and  retailing.    Throughout  the  normal  fashion  and   textiles  industry,  many  manufacturing  processes  have  a  high  use  of  chemicals  and  pesticides   used  which  effect  peoples  lives  and  environments.  If  we  can  try  help  reduce  this  effect  just  a   little  and  encourage  people  to  care  about  what  and  where  they  buy  their  clothing,  we  are  on   the  right  road  to  change  this  enormous  polluting  industry!     Our  planet  is  borrowed  from  future  generations’,  lets  pass  it  on  to  them  with  respect,  care  and   possibly  the  way  we  found  it.        

Pure Pod - Autumn 2013 Capsule Collection  

'Autumn Fold' - 2013 Capsule Collection

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