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January 11, 2019





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Dublin Psychgazers Sun Mahshene Unveil Second Single From Debut Album A

fter a successful 2018, Dublin Psychgazers, Sun Mahshene, are set to open 2019 with the release of their ferocious new single 'Come Alive (Leave This City)' on January 11, 2019. This is the second single to be taken from their forthcoming debut album 'Contradictions and Tales of Fiction'. It was recorded at Darklands Audio, Dublin and co-produced with Daniel Doherty. The single is now available on all major streaming and digital platforms.


TOP 10



January 11, 2019


Dermot Kennedy For Island Fires and Family

#7 JyellowL- Yellow Summer




Westlife - Hello My L

#4 Wallis Bird - The Ocean

#8 KILNAMANA - Kill The Kool

#2 Talos - See Me



#9 SOAK - Knock Me Off My Feet

#6 Chirpy - Another Version

#10 HLYWD ft. Outsider YP "Hunnids"



by Dave Simpson

sserting that music has always run through his veins, upcoming Irish indie rock artist Fergus Daly took his first steps towards carving out a career in composing a little over two years ago when an upheaval in his personal life acted as the catalyst for a period of song-writing that lasted several months. Heading off to Jealoustown Studios in Co. Meath, Daly proceeded to enlist the producing, guitar and keyboard skills of Stuart Gray to aid him in churning out material for his first record, Riddle. Commenting on the process of putting the compilation together, Daly said, “It being my first foray into a studio, the process of discovering my sound and voice was more of an iterative and evolutionary one than something set in stone from the get-go, as I was open – and still am – to so many influences. But I am so happy with the outcome.” The heartfelt five track endeavour is introduced through the terrifically idiosyncratic “In Disguise”, which displays plenty of fervour as it ambles animatedly towards the compellingly vigorous “Kite”. The record’s delicate eponymous anthem follows from here, paving a pleasant path to the admirably energetic “Soldier Boy”, after which “Three” sails in to serve as a gentle yet emotional finale. Daly has spawned a debut EP that, despite sounding a little rough around the edges at times, impresses with both the passion of its vocals and the creativity of its music, and makes for a largely easy listen. Riddle is available to download from iTunes now.





by Dave Simpson

aving started out singing on Shop Street in their home city before going on to launch their inaugural EP at a sold-out show in Monroe’s in April of 2014, Galway rockers Rofi James have spent the past half decade or so sailing from success to success, with their material being showcased and acclaimed by the likes of RTÉ 2FM, Red FM and iRadio while support slots for esteemed acts such as Ham Sandwich and Mundy as well as a plethora of well-received headlining shows at venues and events throughout Ireland have helped to win them thousands of followers between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Now the quartet are in the midst of promoting their latest EP, Helium, which they’ve just unleashed on iTunes. Featuring five fresh tracks for the public to feast upon, it starts with the seductively atmospheric music and delightfully expressive vocals of “I Tried”, which serves as a superbly stirring opener ahead of the captivatingly characterful instrumentation and magnificently moving melody that make up “Love Shot”. “Open Eyes” is another absorbing offering next, brought to life by enlivening guitars, uplifting electronics, sanguine drumming and spirited singing. It’s followed by the fantastically heartfelt “Reason”, which maintains a touching ambience until “Fool for Your Love” arrives to endow the record with a wonderfully rousing conclusion. Rofi James have delivered an endearingly dynamic and consistently melodic pop/rock compilation here that’s loaded with energy and enthusiasm. Be sure to investigate its material for yourself at your earliest convenience and if you happen to be around the Dublin area on the evening of January 11th, you can catch the guys live at The Cobblestone of Smithfield at 9pm.



Photo by Steff Wylde


LOAVER is set to

release art pop debut single ‘Therapy’



almö, Sweden, based singer-songwriter Linnea Hall started her solo project LOAVER with a desire to be able to showcase all sides of her experiences and inspirations. The music that will be released as Loaver's debut EP - experimental, smooth and dark pop at its finest - was written and recorded in Italy during 2017, in close collaboration with artists such as Giovanni Ferrario (PJ Harvey, John Parish etc.), who produced the tracks, and Emanuele Maniscalco. Through the six tracks we're drawn between the uttermost boundaries of emotions - love, hate, dreams, doubt, chaos and naivety. Apart from LOAVER, Linnea is also active in Malmö based band Kluster, a band that released their debut album, "Civic", on Rama Lama Records in June 2018. The "LOAVER EP" will be out on February 13th via Birds Records.



drop brand new video for bluesy classic rock single

ollowing press and radio acclaim for their Delta Blues single in late 2018 and a huge main stage performance at MTV's Gibraltar Calling, classic rock band Jetstream have dropped a slick new video for the gritty track and announced a new London live show. Watch the new Delta Blues video on YouTube now. The band play London's Islington Academy on 16th February. Smashing out a hybrid of energetic rock guitars, anthemic pop vocals and EDM-influenced synths, the Jetstream sound draws from a big bank of influences such as Queen, The Killers, David Bowie and Imagine Dragons. Hailing from the British Rock of Gibraltar, Jetstream quickly built a loyal fanbase after delivering powerful support and festival performances alongside The Script, Rag n' Bone Man, John Newman, Bastille and Kaiser Chiefs. Best known for their award-winning single Starlight (2017 International Song Festival Winner GISF), the five-piece are frequently on tour throughout Europe and hit London alongside Toploader on 16th February. Find Jetstream at, // nowand digital platforms. 11

TOP 10



#3 Sean and Conor Price - Time

#7 Active - 1645 (Remix) [ft. RikShaw]




Dermot Kennedy - Fo

#4 Picture This - If You Wanna Be Loved

#8 Laura Elizabeth Hughes - Sophie

#2 Westlife - Dreams Come True

or Island Fires and Family

#5 Sam Wickens - Cliffside

#9 True Tides - Higher

#6 Kieran Goss & Annie Kinsella 'Oh, The Starlings'

#10 Ghetto Amaretto - Nevertheless


Rat Boy shares new single 'Don't Hesitate' D

ON'T HESITATE' is the perfect primer for what to expect from 'INTERNATIONALLY UNKNOWN'. RAT BOY has found the perfect blend of anthemic aggro punk with boisterous hip-hop beats, all the while maintaining the personality and attitude that first earned him attention. Meanwhile, the lyrics explore a conflict between outlaws and the police during a post-apocalyptic disorder. "We listened to some old funk records then we went into the live room and tried making our own and I was playing bongos on it at the start," recalls RAT BOY. "Liam Haygarth's playing one of those short-scaled ukulele basses, they have plastic strings so the bass in it sounds crazy. When I went back to England, I had had this drum pack of weird reggae breaks and drum hits. I chopped it up and kind of wanted to go for a weird Rebel MC 'Street Tuff' vibe. Tim and I put a sort of Run DMC stabby guitar in which I think really worked."


Separated by 30 years of age and the Atlantic Ocean, RAT BOY and Armstrong sound like the very definition of an odd couple. But they immediately connected on their first phone call, through a shared love for mixing the visceral energy of punk with hip-hop beats. In many ways, it's hardly surprising: both musicians share similar influences and often reflect on their upbringing in their lyrics. The pair met at Armstrong's Shiprec Studios where he had just finished producing The Interrupters' latest album and immediately captured three demos on their first day together, with members of The Interrupters backing them on bass and drums. Not only did they have chemistry but they had a wealth of unorthodox creative ideas, such as chopping up live drums before filtering them through an old tape machine or RAT BOY playing Armstrong's lefthanded guitar upside down. The momentum was such that the project was entirely written and recorded during three visits, which amounted to a total of two months' work. RAT BOY's live band joined him in Los Angeles, while other collaborators include former Aggrolites bassist J Bonner and The Interrupters' vocalist Aimee Interrupter. John King of The Dust Brothers (Beastie Boys, Beck) also contributed production. The result is twelve tracks which amplify RAT ROY's rabblerousing riot act to a new level. 'INTERNATIONALLY UNKNOWN' will be released on streaming, download, vinyl and CD formats and is available to pre-order from RAT BOY's touring in support of 'INTERNATIONALLY UNKNOWN' commences at the end of February when he embarks upon a five-week North American tour with The Interrupters. He's then set to headline Glasgow's Stag & Dagger festival on May 5th before starting his first European headline tour.



Into the Spider-Verse


by Tommy McCormack

ou may have thought that this animated Spider-Man outing would be some kids' film. You may have thought that it would be easily eclipsed by the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters, namely Tom Holland's Spider-outings. A cute sideshow to the all-conquering main event, as it were. Not so fast. Your first indicator that this is something much more, should you see this in a cinema, maybe the older, likely comic-bookliterate viewers making up the audience as well as kids. Into the Spider-Verse has enough crowdpleasing heart, humour and screen-filling spectacle (especially in IMAX) to rival any mainstream, live-action superhero blockbuster. And it eagerly delivers these, at a breakneck sugar-rush of a pace, through the full, malleable power of the medium of animation. You may just hear some post-watch viewers about this being the best Spider-Man/animated/superhero film of 2018. At the very least, long-time Spider-fans will get to see certain lesser-known characters, like Miles Morales, finally get the big-screen treatment alongside the well-known ones like Peter Parker. It certainly caters to those nerdier viewers with knowledge of all things Spider-Man (villains, allies, aliases, etc.), for whom this will be one big love-letter and easter-egg hunt. Rest assured that it is comprehensible enough for casual viewers with only a basic pop-culture familiarity with the property (e.g. Spider-Man 3's infamous scene...). As far as young audiences are concerned, it is worth noting that this is closer to the scale and PG-rated intensity of The Incredibles, with its luxurious two-hour length and life-threatening peril. 16


The teenage African-American/Puerto-Rican, Brooklyn-based Miles is the protagonist here and, true to the comics, his character arc is that of a Spider-Man fan trying to live up to his hero after he himself gets similar superpowers. That alone could have made for an entertaining plot, but the LEGO Movie filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller have more ambitious, fantastical plans in mind. Miles discovers a plot by the evil 'Kingpin' to open a portal to parallel universes, a portal that accidentally draws various other Spider-people from their own universes into his. He teams up with an older, over-the-hill version of Peter Parker to restore these Spider-people to

their home universes and stop Kingpin from potentially destroying all existence through his efforts. This mismatched duo could have carried the rest of the film by themselves, but even then the filmmakers keep upping the ante, throwing a whole host of Spider-people (spoiled by the trailers...) into the mix. Nicholas Cage's 'SpiderMan Noir' and a Looney-Toons-style 'SpiderHam" (?!?) are particular highlights. With so many characters and craziness, there is a danger of losing Miles in the mix, and while that comes close to happening, he remains the emotional core of the movie throughout. The filmmakers are clearly deep Spider-fans, not just

when it comes to content, but that critical substance as well. They ensure that audiences root for Miles throughout his zero-to-hero arc, giving him not only some entertaining highs but also those emotional lows (yes, people die) that have become synonymous with the best SpiderMan stories. Every other character does admittedly struggle for room to breathe, but know Sony Pictures are hoping to rectify that with further sequels and spin-offs. And yes, people may pay to see those now. If for nothing else, this is an animator's dream. Your eyes are assaulted in every scene with popping colour, zippy transitions and dynamic compositions- this is a movie seemingly powered by caffeine and sugar (a recommended viewing snack?). Couple that with a contemporary soundtrack and the frantic pacing and you have a film that is seemingly terrified of being boring. And for some, it may at times veer a little too far in the other direction. It not only pays tribute to its comic-book origins with its panel-like art, but it even incorporates other styles, like Manga, to suit certain characters. The distinctive animation may take some time to adjust to, though, given the choppy frame rate and blurry backgrounds. Hopefully, you will roll with it as it goes on. The question now becomes where to take this new animated Spider-franchise next, because spin-offs (such as the confirmed Spider-Woman outing) may lack the sum-of-the-parts synergy of this 'Spider-Verse' crossover, while a sequel (stay after the credits, then ask a fan...) with a similar narrative device may feel repetitive. Let us appreciate this moment in the Sony/Spider-Man relationship when, after some underwhelming live-action offerings, qualitative art and boxoffice-baiting commerce are in winning unison. Suddenly the live-action blockbuster competition, both Spider-related and otherwise, have reason to be nervous. At the very least, fans of Netflix's recentlycancelled Daredevil will see the Marvel villain 'Kingpin' live on in some form. 17




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