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Christmas 2017



Juke Ross discovering music and his dreams of working with Hozier...

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Juke Ross



2017 has certainly been a successful year for British singer/songwriter Lucy Spraggan. Following the release of her fourth UK top 40 album in January, she proceeded to tour throughout her homeland and Europe, racking up more than 22,000 tickets sales, as well as ten of thousands of new followers on Facebook and Twitter. Now she’s returned to wrap up the year with a wonderfully rousing seasonal single entitled “Drink ‘Til We Go Home.” Commenting on the song’s similarities to The Pogues’ Christmas classic, “Fairytale of New York”, Spraggan said, “I grew up on the music of Kirsty MacColl and wrote this song as an homage to her talent and vivacity.” Beginning with a barrage of brilliantly vibrant vocals, the cheery three minute tune proceeds to showcase a relatively restrained yet remarkably resonant refrain for the first thirty five seconds or so, after which the music and melody erupt energetically and give rise to a wonderfully uplifting ambience. The vibe remains infectiously fervent moving forward from here as salvos of stupendously sonorous singing echo harmoniously across onslaughts of irresistibly invigorating instrumentation. It all jogs jovially in the direction of an absorbingly sprightly final minute full of fantastically vivifying vocals and mesmerizingly merry musical motifs. The outcome is an alluringly lively yuletide track that acts as an adept tribute to the work of Kirsty MacColl while simultaneously sounding seductively fresh and singular. Its enthrallingly chirpy instrumental elements mixed with Spraggan’s superbly melodic singing voice is sure to get listeners excited for the holiday that’s at hand. by Dave Simpson



XMAS 2017

Planet Parade (Mercury)

Áine Cahill (Plastic)

Ryan Sheridan (Frozen in Time)

This Other Kingdom (Rêveur)

Æ MAK (I Walk)

Robb Murphy (North Star)

James Vincent McMorrow (True Care)

Pine ¶the Pilcrow (Dahlia)

Kolumbus (You Know It's Christmas)

The Coronas (Trust the Wire)

Soulé (Good Life)

Nathan Carter (Christmas To Me)

Jack O Rourke (Dream Catcher)

Rofi James (Open Eyes)

Kevin Pearce (Maria Come Home)

The Riptide Movement (Ghosts)

The New Social (Get Out Of My Head)

Wyvern Lingo (Snow II)

The Strypes (Spitting Image)

Penrose (Let’s Go Out)

Jon Dots (Happy Christmas Baby from Me)

Fionn Regan (The Meetings Of The Waters)

The Love Tailors (Casey)

The Henry Girls (Far Beyond the Stars)

All Tvvins (CRASH)

Emma Langford (Quiet Giant)

Nile st. James (Fell For You)

Fiona Guiheen (A Christmas Wish) Prosecco Socialist This Dog's Just For Christmas (Not For Life) Chanele McGuinness (Blue Christmas)

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#FF18 Announce 8 More Acts @PureMzine


Bulmers Forbidden Fruit signals the start of the summer festival season, for the 8th chapter of the Dublin city centre multi-stage music and arts festival in the beautiful grounds of the Irish Museum of Modern Art (June 2-4, 2018). Forbidden Fruit already announced some seriously great acts for their Bank Holiday Monday line up - THE WAR ON DRUGS, GRIZZLY BEAR, THUNDERCAT, WARPAINT, SPOON and SUPERORGANISM. First up, JUSTICE take to the stage. This French duo are master deconstructors of techno, pop, R&B, electro, funk, metal and whatever else takes their fancy. Their first record in 2007 established them as one of France's most vital musical exports. Their second LP, 2011's Audio, Video, Disco gave fans a bombastic aural wallop with classic 70's rock flourishes that owed as much to Queen and Yes as it did Frankie Knuckles or Prince. They released their 3rd record Woman this time last year featuring slap bass workouts, glistening synths, gut


shuddering electro and shiny slices of disco pop magic. It's been over ten years since JUSTICE have hit these shores. BONOBO and his band will be joining the line-up and his biggest Irish show to date. Bonobo's rise has been stealthy but unstoppable, and Si Green, the man behind it all, is now one of the biggest electronic artists of our time. As a DJ and with the Bonobo live band, he's now played to millions of people across the world in shows and festivals, and each album has been bigger than the last with 2017's Migration hitting the top ten in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium and getting untold press coverage everywhere. During this rise, he also achieved the rare feat for a British dance artist of breaking America and not with the kind of high-octane shocktactic rave beats and audiovisual spectaculars that characterised the EDM explosion, but with subtle, emotional, ambiguous and musicianly work that demands long and deep immersion. He creates 'chilled-out but emotively beat-

driven sounds that call on funk, hip-hop and plenty in-between. Southern Californian MC VINCE STAPLES defies categorisation. His critically acclaimed debut LP Summertime '06 hit the best of the 'best of' lists in 2015. He followed up with the forward thinking Big Fish Theory and was one of the highlights of Gorillaz album Humanz. 'BagBak' featured on the trailer for Marvel's forthcoming Black Panther and it's just been revealed that an unreleased song of his has popped up in the new teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. UK Indie quartet GLASS ANIMALS have 2 albums under their belts, with their second LP 'How To Be A Human Being' receiving a Mercury Prize nomination this year. In the last 18 months, the band have played some of the most iconic venues in the world, from the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado and Radio City Music Hall, to shows in forests, on beaches and now. The BICEP duo are icons in the underground music scene. As DJs, promoters, producers, label owners and now a live act, the Belfast-born duo have played a crucial role in the renaissance of house music. Glaswegian house music don, DENIS SULTA has had a rapid (and deserved) rise to electro-stardom over the course of the last 2 years. Whilst he is mainly a house and techno DJ, his hip-hop background informs his sets. 2016 saw Sulta pick up a slew of accolades, including Best Breakthrough Producer and debuting at #26 on the Resident Advisor list. Amsterdam-based house and techno rising star HUNEE will also join the lineup! The inspiration for ROSS FROM FRIENDS comes from all corners of the musical milieu. From early experimental music to hip-hop sampling - even 80s Eurobeat and Hi-NRG helps to make up the comprehensive sound palette that Ross has the liberty of drawing from. They bring their live show to an Irish festival for the first time next June. Weekend tickets are on sale NOW. Move fast to take advantage of the first release of tickets, a perfect stocking filler!

Kasabian at the 3Arena

Dublin, 2017







Long Live

Karmin is Dead, @PureMzine

the Queen


by Danielle Holian


armin wrote on their social media earlier this year, “Karmin is Dead, Long Live the Queen,” and then Qveen Herby was born. This side project is different from Amy Renee Heidemann’s previous duo band with her husband Nick Noonan and sees her make a distinct departure creating a freedom and something entirely unlike to her aforementioned musical activity. Herby recently released her debut extended play, EP 1. There are many elements of R&B and hip-hop vibes and influences throughout the five songs. She raps and sings on each song, which is produced by her husband and Steve Tirogene. ‘Gucci’ has an expensive taste with its richness. There is a lot of attitude and sass on this track. The song opens with the lines, “Pull up in a gold rim Tesla, that’s not cheap / Everything I do is electric on these streets / Walk up in the mall like, “I’ll take one of each” / It all looks good on me, good on me, babe.” She demands what she wants confidently, stating, “I got expensive taste.” There is a catchy hook and a strong R&B production. It’s a fierce opening. The song never disappoints and was made to perfection. The first single released ‘Busta Rhymes’ is badass. It was co-written with Richy Jackson and co-produced by Nick Noonan and Steve Tirogene. The chill beat highlights her energy free flowing the storyline. The lyrical speed as each word spills graciously from the songstress’ mouth opens the extended-play with a lot to offer. “People ask me all the time, ‘how you doin’ that busta rhyme,” she sings. The verses are slow in contrast to the fast hook and passionate chorus, she raps, “I spit it so quick that it’s scary.” There is a lot of expectations. Each word is perfectly said without missing a beat and still makes sense once the song ends. She chews up words and spits them out with killer rap parts in a pleasant manner.


‘Zombie’ is heavier compared to the two previous tracks, lyrically let the story shine through. But on this tune, there is a right balance between the music and words. She sings, “Everybody in the building disappeared / That’s the way you’re looking at me / Whispering silly nothings in my ear / Careful now, this could get ugly.” The songstress knows what she wants now unlike before feeling like a zombie. The catchy hooks draw the listener in. ‘Wild’ tells a story about Herby meeting her ex when she’s drunk, she sings, “Say you don’t like it when I get this drunk / We can do anything you like, we can be wild / Wild.” She ends up spending the night with her ex and asking herself, “Am I in love or just wild?” Throughout the song, she ends up calling out the ex’s new girlfriend stating the relationship is fake. She sings, “I was just doing my thing, saw you walk in with the gang / Got a new girl and she fake / You know I don’t mean to hate, but you could do better with me.” The self-confidence meet helplessness almost feels relatable. The song

fits well on the extended-play. What the songstress says, she means. The mid-tempo verses and great chorus hook has a fantastic storytelling standard seeing her come back to her singing roots. ‘Til We Get By’ is the final track on EP 1. Herby is soulfully singing on this song, unlike the previous tracks with her also rapping. The heartfelt verses stand-out along with the mid-tempo ballad, she sings, “I’d be damned if I ever let you down, babe / Cushion blows like a feather in a shockwave / You know my love is never fake / My mind’s already been made,” she expresses her persistent love and support for her husband. EP 1, is a powerful debut for Qveen Herby. The awe-inspiring choruses, memorable hip-hop and R&B components outshine her previous work letting this new project stand alone and fresh. Throughout the entire EP, the five songs are a mix of authentic songwriting with impressive well-crafted from the catchy hooks to killer rap pieces, she is one to watch!




hen crafting a movie, that deals with a real-life tragedy there’s a very fine line between respect and being manipulative, which is why films based around the second world war are so plentiful; it’s a natural source of drama and yet it doesn’t feel like a potential cash-in on people’s raw emotions. We saw examples of how this can backfire with Peter Berg’s Deepwater Horizon and Patriots Day, both critically acclaimed but struggled to bring audiences willing to relieve horrible events when they were so fresh in people’s memories. But in Stronger, the tragedy is more of a backdrop to the movie. Instead it focuses on someone struggling with the impact of tragedy and how deeply it scars those affected.

Jeff Bauman (Jake Gyllenhaal) is trying to reconnect with his girlfriend Erin (Tatiana Maslany). In an attempt to prove that he can see things through he attempts tries to support his wife at The Boston Marathon. But after a terrorist attack Jeff needs to have both of his legs amputated, the film follows him as he struggles to come to terms with his condition While watching movies like these, there’s a danger of them being seen as “emotionally manipulative” or having something of a daytime TV feel to it and therefore watering down the desired impact by the end. But despite this, there seems to be a deliberate effort on the part of the director to phase the plot away from the low hanging fruit of focusing solely on the day of the attack. Instead, under the direction of Robert

★ ★ ★

Green, of going for the easy “emotional triggers” – there is a consistent attempt to create exciting scenes instead rather than a play by numbers approach in an effort to add a little authenticity to proceedings and

focus on small personal moments rather than go for dramatic effect. This results in several lovely emotional moments that make up the heart of this movie It’s an outside the box approach that allows Gyllenhaal to really explore and express his character to great success. Stealing the show as he’s able to show bauman’s vulnerability as well as his selfish and immature side, which is something that is rarely seen in movies like these; the ability to fully explore the fact that the subject of a biopic has his faults, and Gyllenhaal pulls that off with ease. Given the subject matter it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Stronger is a film filled with a lot of heart to it, but it doesn’t stray from the cold hard reality of the subject matter. Stronger is on general release now! by Diarmaid Mccaffrey



Good Charlotte: ★★★★ @PureMzine

A GC Christmas, Part One




hile they continue to stay tightlipped about when they intend to deliver a follow-up to their intoxicating sixth studio album, Youth Authority, Maryland musicians Good Charlotte have decided to throw enthusiasts a bone this holiday season and treat them to a charming little yuletide EP entitled A GC Christmas, Part One. Released to coincide with the launch of a new online fan club that offers three different membership options, the wonderfully warm and rousing three track compilation commences with a captivatingly characterful rendition of Wham!’s “Last Christmas”, which manages to maintain the moving ambience of its innocuous eighties forebear while replacing the original’s poppy instrumentation with an assortment of energising riffs and soft yet spirited percussion. This is succeeded by a song that first surfaced fifteen years ago called “Christmas by the Phone”, the light but enlivening guitars, enticingly tender melodies and distinctly despondent lyrics of which succeed in inciting a lot of emotion as the


whole thing drifts gently in the direction of the endearingly delicate introduction of “Let the World Be Still”. The ensuing synthesis of seductively serene singing and superbly pleasant music ensures the record is afforded an appropriately affable finish. Even though it only showcases three songs, one of which is a cover and another of which was originally released in 2002, A GC Christmas, Part One is a fun and affecting festive endeavour that should go down well with anyone who enjoys both the music of Good Charlotte and the genre of pop punk as a whole. by Dave Simpson

espite his family's baffling generations-old ban on music, Miguel (voice of newcomer Anthony Gonzalez) dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz (voice of Benjamin Bratt). Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead following a mysterious chain of events. Along the way, he meets charming trickster Hector (voice of Gael García Bernal), and together, they set off on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel's family history. Directed by Lee Unkrich ("Toy Story 3"), co-directed by Adrian Molina (story artist "Monsters University") and produced by Darla K. Anderson ("Toy Story 3"), Disney•Pixar's COCO opens in Ireland on January 19. Cert PG- Running time 105 Minutes. Voice Cast Gael García Bernal, Anthony Gonzalez, Benjamin Bratt, Renée Victor

A GC Christmas: Part 1' featuring Last Christmas OUT NOW!

Director Lee Unkrich Co-director Adrian Molina Producer Darla K. Anderson IN CINEMAS JANUARY 19

Pr ev

ie w

Ready Player One


by Michael Francis-Devine

n a dystopian future, in a world ruined by an energy disaster, the biggest prize of all is up for grabs. Ready Player One is an upcoming Sci-Fi thriller directed by Steven Spielberg which looks to really capture the imagination. Wade Watts lives in Columbus, Ohio in what appears to be a high rise of caravans stacked upon one another. In a corrupt society, he opts to play a virtual reality video game Oasis, in which he is free to explore an entire universe. He is joined by countless others, each of them hungry for escape. However, when the creator of the game James Halliday dies, he leaves a message to all of the players. Somewhere hidden within the game is an Easter Egg, and whoever can find it inherits his massive fortune and becomes the controller of the Oasis. When so many have nothing and here lays an opportunity for such splendour, a cut-throat race begins. Ready Player One is adapted from the popular young-adult novel of the same name. Such a unique plotline with such an intense drive spurring the central characters forward, a movie rendering always would have had the promise to be a hit. But with Spielberg directing, a man acclaimed for his illumination of wonderful Sci-Fi fantasy, one can expect an indulgence of cinematography. The cast is mostly made up of young actors. Tye Sheridan (Mud, X Men Apocalypse) plays Wade Watts and said “what I love about the film is that it plays with some metaphorically bigger themes”. The

nineteen year old actor will look to bring to life a humble kind of hero, whose contention in a race against some truly dangerous foes sparks a revolution. The more familiar faces include Mark Rylance who has previously worked with Spielberg on Bridge of Spies and BFG. He will play Halliday and appears in the trailer with quite a different look than what he has sported in the past. With tresses of silvery hair he relays the prize up for grabs on a pre-

recorded video. Ben Mendelson (Rogue One) will play Nolan Sorrento, the main foe to Watts and Simon Pegg will appear as Ogden Morrow. The film will excite mostly fans of the novel, but those who appreciate Spielberg’s excellent ability to create stunning cinematography, and even those who just love Sci-Fi, should keep an eye out for this upcoming thriller. Ready Player One will be released 30th March 2018.



Orlando Draven @PureMzine

Mastermind Behind the Raw, Undisguised, Powerful Alternative Industrial Sensation




Interview by Eileen Shapiro

rlando Draven, mastermind behind the raw, undisguised, powerful Alternative Industrial sensation “Zeistencroix” and recently unleashed an effervescent, and contagiously addicting EP entitled, “Gemini”. Along with drummer Santi Rivillas, “Zeistencroix”, paints a colorful temptation, uniquely incorporating the best part of Industrial, raging punk, doom metal, ska, and a trace of glam, all into one melodious sound. As the title of the EP, “Gemini” signifies, a dual entity exists in the depth of Draven’s music. Two opposing sides, both being actually the same, as in life and death, black and white, good and evil, prevails as the artist explains: “I’m showcasing two very opposite styles from the same band. It’s a combination of two entities living under the same organism and somehow co-existing without one surpassing the other but complementing the other”. The bands influences include, “Depeche Mode”, “Marilyn Manson”, “Nine Inch Nails”, combined with “Rammstein”. Now California based, Draven grew up in Venezuela, where political unrest, hunger, and poverty loomed over the country. He grew up singing in a church choir, however his music and song writing evolved into a salaciously explosive, genre bending anomaly. His video, “I Need You Tonight”, is already creating havoc in the best possible way. “Gemini” was recorded with British producer Tim Palmer who worked with artists including: U2, Robert Plant, Ozzie Osborne, Pearl Jam, and David Bowie’s Tin Machine. Also on the team was American producer Bill Metoyer, (known for working with Slayer, Six Feet Under and WASP). I spoke to Orlando and found him to be creatively magic and really smart. His authentic nature shined through our conversation. He and his music are going to become an essential force in the music industry so buckle up and get ready for the musical ride of your life…..


What made you decide to become part of the music industry? How old were you when you started? Right now I’m 28, but I started to play, not professionally, when I was six. It was because my mom taught me how to play a

folklore instrument in my country and it’s called “Four”. It’s like a guitar but it has four strings. It’s like a ukulele. It’s more similar to a ukulele than a guitar. So I started to play that when I was six, and then I was in the church choir for my first communion, you know the Catholic things that you do? So all

of a sudden I had to do a solo in the church in front of 500 people. That was actually my first gig. They received it so well and that became my path of what I was going to be. So you decided right then and there in the choir that you wanted to be a singer? Yeah. Well, that’s already picked up for me. Look at me now! A little bit I think. As a small boy in Venezuela who did you listen to on the radio, who influenced you? The first band that I listened to was “Queen”. Then “Guns & Roses”, then it was “Metallica”. Then later it was “Marilyn Manson”, then it was “Nine Inch Nails”. I discovered Industrial music with “Nine Inch Nails”, and that was “it”. That’s what I wanted to do. Do you consider your music as Industrial? Industrial, yeah. I wasn’t a metal-head even though I liked “Iron Maiden”, it wasn’t exactly what I was called for. When I started to listen to ” Nine Inch Nails”, I knew that was the path. Around the same time I discovered “Rammstein”, and then it was the perfect land between the two, and then that was “it” for me again. Do you write all of your music? Yeah. When you write a song what do you think about? Usually it starts with a blind stare, and then I feel like it comes to me naturally. It’s not like I have to sit and think. It’s just that I’m doing whatever I’m doing and then something starts sounding inside my head. Then I get a melody and I need to get it out. It usually starts with a beat. With the melody that I already have inside my head, the way I construct the foundations of a song is to always find the beat that goes with the melody. Then I can blend it together, and I think that I have a song. More like an idea of a song. That’s the beginning of everything. I find the melody, then I get the beat, then I blend it together. If you obtain your ultimate stage fantasy what would you need to happen?

My fantasy to play would be under my own terms or my own circumstances, I mean that I could do all that I wanted to do. I would have not only a big stage but a stage big enough to do all of the production that I have inside my head. Usually right now we play with videos. So we have the video synced to the music, and every time let’s say the drummer is playing the bass drum, the video just reacts to the bass drum. I would like to have a big production, Broadway kind of like so I can make a performance, a show and the music and everything blend together. Because I’m a big fan of “Rammstein” I would love to have fire, video, rain… .everything. Everything I can imagine. Do you plan to tour in support of your EP? The main idea is to start playing festivals. Right now we’re in a toss up to see if we can get into them, and then we are going to start building something and start to tour. The thing is with the tour and this album and everything that we’ve done so far is organic. We don’t have any press agent, we don’t have a manager, or booking agent or anything. So we’re doing everything ourselves. It’s always harder because we need a validation, somebody to vouch for you…..someone that can take you under their wing, or open a path for you. That’s the way it goes. But in our case, we don’t have that so we need to do everything ourselves. It’s kind of hard. I think you should consider touring in the U.K., they would love your music there. I say that because I originally thought that you were a UK band. You have that British sound. I lived in Spain for five months and we had a chance to get reviews and they said that we were really European or sound European like. A big, big part of our influence is British like Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Gary

Numan and so forth. Everything on our Industrial side is more British than American. “Rammstein” and waves of British bands that I listen to have a big effect and influence on my music. If you could say anything to your fans and fans-to-be, what would you want them to know? We have an EP out, it’s called “Gemini”. That was the result of a lot of thought and effort that I don’t see happening anywhere else. We are trying to blend the heavy music and the melodic and let’s say groovy music that I have in ” I Need You Tonight” and “Valley of Death”, and prove that that can actually coexist in a band. With heavier sounds like “Dantes” or “Rage” or “Saturated”, we are able to create both without any problem. We can conform those two sounds without a problem. You know that close minded mentality that if you make heavy music that you can’t make slow music. If you do slow, melodic music, you’re not able to do heavy music. That’s what in this case I’m trying to gather. So we are able to do both and hopefully from my point of view, it can be successful. That’s why it’s called “Gemini ” because you can have the both sides in one person, in one band in this case. What does “Zeistencroix” mean? How do you pronounce it? I really don’t have any pronunciation, the word is not a language. It’s a combination of three languages, a little bit of Latin, some German, and then the France in there. My point in choosing this name, I really liked the idea of having something that was our own. In this internet world right now you need something that identifies you, and that unique. So if you tag that name in google it’s the only thing that’s going to show up. Then you have an easy brand that you can actually brand.





Interview by Eileen Shapiro

even years ago, phenomenal artist Chris Haze was simply going through the motions, breathing in air to live and working scattered, mundane, jobs to survive, without having an inkling or a clue of the talent bestowed upon him. He had never written a song, had never played a guitar, or even picked one up, and never had any indication that he was a vocal wizard. Since then much has changed for the Galway artist. He is now writing, recording, and producing his own songs, opening for headliners such as hip-hop artist Coolio, touring Ireland with the Irish group, "The Original Rudeboys" in sold out shows at The Olympia Theatre and The Academy Dublin, receiving radio play, and winning The 2017 Pure M award for Best EP. He celebrated his debut to the charts at number 1 on the Irish Singer-Songwriter chart and number 39 on the Official Irish Singles Charts with his hit sensation, "Say Goodbye". Presently he will soon be heading for New York for meetings with major record labels via their request, epitomizing the clichĂŠ, that fairytales do come true. This is his story... I love your songs! Yeah, your liking it, good stuff. What ones have you heard? I've heard, "Let Us Be Heroes", "I'll Run", "Say Goodbye", a bunch of them.

I'm actually coming to New York in February. I have meetings with Republic Records, and I'm going over for a holiday with my girlfriend and stuff like that. Yeah, I can't wait to get there. I was there when I was a kid, but I haven't been in the states since. It's been a long time. How fun! So tell me, when did you start writing and playing music?


I think I started writing at the end of 2010, or 2011, which was when I wrote my first song. I'm a bit of a late bloomer, a late starter in the industry but I've definitely been making a lot of headways since I started and things have been going really well. You know I wrote my first song, "World


Outside" with a UK rapper. I was living in a house with a bunch of mates. One of them was a producer and he was producing music for a couple of these hip-hop artists. I really wasn't doing music at the time but one of the other guys that lived in the house with me as well was a guitar player. It was always something that I wanted to learn how to do. I kind of just started stealing his guitar and kind of going into the back room and watching YouTube videos and learning how to play chords. Once I learned how to play chords, your standard A,B, and G, I just started throwing my own guitar riffs together. Instead of learning covers like people usually do when they're starting out, their favorite songs and stuff, I just kind of started putting melodies together that sounded good to me. Then I would go to the studio, which was in the house I was staying in, and played them for

my mate. He didn't know anything about me writing music. So I told him I wrote this guitar riff and asked him to check it out. Then I played it in front of him and he said it was really good. Then I told him I wrote some words to it as well, and asked him to have a listen to it. I sang this song for him and he said. " Holy crap, that's really good". He said we needed to record it, and we just started messing around in the studio. Before I knew it we just had the song recorded and we sent it over to one of the rappers that he was also working with. He wrote two verses for it, and then it all sort of snowballed really quickly. We ended up releasing it and put it on YouTube, making a video for it and everything all in the space of a couple of months. So it was a pretty crazy, and unexpected start. Very fun all the same.

We put out the song and it went to about 15,000 views in 3 or 4 days. That was the start for me thinking that maybe I ought to do this for a living. Did you know that you had a great voice? I was in the choir in school, but I never thought I was going to be a solo singer, singer-songwriter. Absolutely not. I never was going around the place thinking I was the best singer in the world. I'm still a bit self-conscious of that in that respect a lot of the time. It keeps me grounded. It was a crazy start. I was very late at finding what it is I was going to do for the rest of my life but as soon as I wrote that first guitar riff I knew that this was for me. So you're musically innocent still in the music industry? Pretty much. I came a long way in a short time. It all is very exciting at the moment, it's all going very well. Do you play live shows? Yeah, I played a lot. Do you know Coolio the rapper? Well I supported Coolio back in 2013 or 14. He got the whole crowd chanting my name at the end of "Gangsters Paradise". It was a really, really, cool thing. We went out drinking and having parties with him afterwards. It was really, really good. Crazy stuff. I just got a phone call from this PR guy and he was telling me he was booking Coolio at this college gig, and he asked me if I wanted to support him. I thought he meant a tribute act. He said "no actually Coolio". I said " hell yeah". I booked that gig straightaway. Then a couple of weeks later I played support for another group, an Irish band called "The Original Rudeboys". I supported them in this one show, a college gig and then their manager a few weeks later asked me to support them on their Irish tour. So I did. I think it was 17 dates in Ireland. I went with them all over the country, and ended up getting a lot of new fans from supporting them. I started to generate my own fanbase from there, and it's just kind of really been snowballing since. The last 12 months have been very, very surreal. A lot of achievements and goals have been reached, that I never expected to reach. It's very exciting and there's a lot of people looking at me at the moment, and that's also very exciting too. We will see how it goes.

Well you have a good voice, good songs, a good look, you've got the whole package going on there. Thank you, I appreciate that. If only everybody thought the same. Before you decided to be a singer, what did you do? At the time I was working the night shift, they call it the graveyard shift, in a supermarket here in Ireland. It was 12 AM to 8 AM in the morning. Then I was just sleeping all day, and it was a miserable existence. To be honest with you it was horrible. I just worked all night and slept all day. Weirdly enough when I was in that job one of the nights, I used to listen to my headphones. There was no supervisor around the place so I actually wrote the lyrics to that first song that I wrote while I was working. It was like 4 o'clock in the morning, I was waiting for a delivery truck to come in, and I was just on my phone typing out lyrics, and it just ended up becoming a song. It was pretty cool. I love that success story. So yeah, I've had my fair share of crappy jobs. I have slaved and I've done it all. I've done my night shifts, my apprenticeships. I've done all the rest of that stuff. I worked in the kitchen and was washing dishes for 2 & 1/2 years, so yeah I've had my fair share of crappy jobs. Where are you based out if now? I'm based in Galway at the moment. Everyone seems to think I'm based in Dublin for some reason. There's not a lot going on here for me in Galway professionally and career wise because it's kind of a traditional city. There is a lot more going on for me nationwide and in Dublin. So I'm getting played on the radio stations here and stuff like that but there is nothing crazy happening for me in Galway, because there isn't an interest here or enough going on in Galway in the indie scene. There isn't enough independent and original stuff happening here. So I'll hold off for London or New York at some stage. I was just over in London two months ago, I had a meeting with a record company and showed them a couple of songs. We're keeping in contact now. We're kind of backand-forth. So who knows, any day... then

after I had the meeting with them I got contacted from someone at "Coldplay's label. Between them and Republic Records....the band from Ireland, "Picture This"...the guy that signed them is named Jason Jordan and wants to meet me when I come over. He must be keeping an eye out for Irish artists. He said he would love to meet me and show me around the offices. Sweet, sounds good. What do you like best about your newfound career? After seven years, I don't know it's been a long time promoting independently. It took a long time and a lot of work to get here. Let me rephrase it, where do you hope to be in five years? In five years I want to be traveling the world. Touring in front of thousands and thousands of people. I want to see every city I can imagine and dream of playing in, and I want to be sending my music all over the world. I want to be meeting hundreds of thousands of fans, and I want to be one of the most successful musicians out there. Are you constantly writing new material? Yeah, i'm writing all the time, I produce all my own stuff, and I engineer my own stuff. I kind of do everything in phases. I do it as I can. I'm kind of balancing it out. I have five lyric pads full of songs. I'm going onto my sixth one right now so I've got a shit load of songs. They're not slowing down. I'm pretty confident I can lyrically keep going on. So I'm not worried. Is there anything else that you want to say that we haven't talked about? My new music video is out for "Say Goodbye" and went to number one on the iTunes chart. In the last 12 months I've had three on the Irish iTunes chart. Two Number ones, my first number one album, my first number one single and three positions all together in the last 12 months. Not so bad.... I had the second best selling number one independent record, so that was nuts. I think I was number 34 debuted on the official Irish chart, so that was pretty cool too. It's been an exciting 12 months to say the least.




Juke Ross

Garreth Browne got the chance to chat with Juke Ross and discuss his homeland, discovering music and his dreams of working with Hozier.




ast year Guyana native Juke Ross made a silent debut with the release of his first single “Colour Me”. Nearly a year later and the singer released his debut EP “GREY”. After the independent release of his first song “Colour Me”, the alternative folk singer and songwriter gained much international attention. After a few months, the song had already cracked 500,000 Spotify streams and garnered backing from the likes of Pigeons and Planes, Substream Magazine, The Source, and many others, making him a solidified artist to watch. Shortly after Ross signed with Republic Records (home to Ireland’s Picture This, and other artists like Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and The Weeknd) and has been working hard in and out of the studio ever since writing, recording and performing all over the U.S. Being the youngest of 14 children, Juke fell in love with music at a very young age. The singer previously talked about how he grew up listening to everything from Caribbean standards to Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson, and how he would sit and listen for hours on end. At 22 years old Juke is now based in Brooklyn, NY and shows no sign of turning back.

Firstly congrats on the release of “Grey”, I’m gonna go as far as to say that it’s the best EP I’ve heard this year. How do you feel now that it’s out there in the world? Thanks Garreth! It feels beyond great, whenever i think about how these songs that I wrote back home in my room is now available to persons all over the world and the stories that fans share after discovering them, that in itself provides further inspiration for me to write new songs. Was becoming a recording artist always the intention? What sparked the music dream? No, becoming a doctor was. I’d pretty much settled on that and was doing alright until my parents upgraded our internet connection (for studies mind you) and I could properly stream from Youtube and download free music. That happened and I discovered I had this insane appetite for music. Pretty soon I was messing with guitar and once that happened the ‘music dream’ was in sight. Coming from Guyana, a country oozing culture, I’m sure it had a huge impact on your songwriting & musicianship, and as an artist in general? Oh yes, the era of Guyanese music and artistry I admired all operated with great sense of integrity and their love for the art oozed through in their work, something I connect with and hope to always maintain. I was introduced to you through a mutual friend who I had been emailing over and back with one day. He signed off with “Here’s a song for you” with the link to “Colour Me”. I pressed play and literally stopped everything I was doing, I replied to him with “that song is incredible, the orchestration is stunning! He has a really great voice”. This isn’t really a question, but I just wanted to tell you the story of how your music came into my life, and here I am interviewing you. So thank you!

a life of its own. Also these songs were for a very long time my favourites and are the ones that give a good idea of how Grey I felt and shows what a bipolar effect love can have sometimes. Can you explain how you came to naming the EP “Grey”? I couldn’t help but notice that it’s completely opposite to your first single “Colour Me” in which you talk about someone “colouring your soul”. Grey is an achromatic color which literally means it’s a colour without colour. I thought that was very interesting. I’m huge on colours and for me Grey represents a hint of happy and sad. A sentiment I was able to properly capture in “Colour Me”, hence it being the first single. “Grey” is the aftermath, when the colour is gone and one’s was left with memories both happy and sad. ”Morning Breeze” centres around letting someone go, about moving on without them in your life and that sense of freedom and being awakened. You sing “your arms released me and now I’m flying high” which can really be taken and dropped into any life situation, no what’s we’re going through, we too can “fly high” once again. Would you agree or am I delving way too deep? Lol Yes, it’s also a bit about anger, frustration and completely blaming a partner for a breakup. Whether all those feelings are deserving or not that’s what came out when penning that one. The final sentiment which is that one will be better off and ultimately happy again is something I’ve experienced time and time again something that I think is important to remember when you’re in the storm. What’s next for you? I know you’ve been playing shows and recently opened for Jessie J in NYC. (I’m slightly biased, but I think she has the best voice in the music

right now and does these vocal acrobatics that no one else does) How was that whole experience? Exceptional! I learned so many things that night and got to meet her also. We didn’t chat about anything significant as I was still reeling about the whole night and her being the first artist I’ve met that I’m truly a fan of myself but our paths will cross again. Until then more music and more shows. Are there any artists you would like to with? Any dream collaborate collaborations? Yes, Hozier! That album is like my cup of tea on any given day! I know he’s Irish so get the word out lol Can you tell us one thing about yourself that we may not know? I love vanilla milkshakes. Probably the most ‘boring’ of flavours but hey it really does satisfy my soul. Tells us five words to describe yourself. Honest, reserved, intense, chilled and impulsive. "GREY" is out now and available everywhere. Keep and eye out for more of Juke Ross in 2018!

It’s all good, thank your friend for me! I totally get it, my friends and I operate in the same way. “Grey” is made up of four different songs, each unique to one another, were there other songs you could have added to the EP? What made you choose these particular four songs? Yes, some of the other songs express similar sentiments and I wanted each song to have





Featured Artist

For the holidays this year Sabrina releases a cover of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and PureM’s Garreth Browne chats with her about Christmas, new music, her many ambitions and more...


t 18 years old, Sabrina Carpenter has quite literally done it all. She’s an acclaimed actress, singer, songwriter, model, and has amassed a legion of adoring fans all over the globe. In recent weeks alone, Sabrina been spotted at MTV’s EMAs in London, attended the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, and performed at the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. She’s graced many stages from the Radio Disney Music Awards to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and everything in between. Since signing with Hollywood Records, she released her debut album “Eyes Wide Open” at just 16 years old, and her critically acclaimed sophomore album “EVOLution” was released last year. With 2017 being a huge year for the rising pop princess, Carpenter shows no sign of slowing down in 2018. Now 18, the singer is preparing to release her third studio album in 2018. Releasing three albums in as many years is an industry norm these days for emerging artists, but Sabrina has shown possibly the most growth as a singer and as a writer in such a short space of time compared to her counterparts. Last summer, she gave us a teaser of album number three with “Why," a fun and catchy pop song that was welcomed with open arms by fans, and gives us an insight to what the Pennsylvania songstress has in store for us. Carpenter rose to fame playing rebellious Maya Hart on the Disney Channel hit series “Girl Meets World”. Since the show wrapped earlier this year, the singer has been working hard on her music career. She's been bouncing from the recording studio to the stage and headlining a sold out North American tour too. She also joined British band The Vamps across Europe playing major European venues for the first time last summer. The powerhouse has a work ethic like no other, and 2018 looks set to be the year that elevates her to a whole other level!

Photo Credit: Sarah Barlow



"I get my inspiration now from my memories, my fantasies, and my reality."




ww Hey Sabrina, congrats on the release of "Why”. it’s a really great pop song. What have you been up to since? I saw you just did The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - great performance. Thank you so much! I’ve been touring as well as writing my third album, I also filmed a project this year. So I’ve been keeping busy. Jimmy fallon was a dream I’m so glad you liked it. On “Why” you worked with Leland (whom I love) and Jonas Jeberg, who has worked with so many people, how was that whole experience?


I feel like we’ve become a little dream team since that first session where we all met and wrote “Why”. I respect them so much and their previous work but I think what I love


the most is they don’t let their previous work affect our work, they really get to know the artist they are working with and helped to bring out my own unique voice and definitely started a chapter of growth with me in my career.

We became friends the second we met and have remained friends after shooting the video. He was perfect for it, I really wanted a good actor and someone I could play off of believably. He’s on such a roll right now I’m lucky to have had him be a part of the story.

The video recently came out and features the wonderfully talented Casey Cott, are you guys friends? How did that come about?

With the release of “Why” last summer, does this mean we have a third album coming? I’ve been listening to “EVOLution” a lot lately,

“I’d like to be remembered as a force. hopefully by then at least a 5’2 force, but a force”

that world, I have three older sisters, and I was always better friends with their friends than people my own age. I get my inspiration now from my memories, my fantasies, and my reality. Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with? Any dream collaborations? I’ve heard you're a big Christina Aguilera fan. Maybe that could be a fun future project. Let’s put that out into the universe. Let’s do it please. I finally just saw her perform live at the AMAs the other night. I shed a single tear it was almost comical. I think her, I’m a huge Rihanna fan, as a writer I look up to Ed Sheeran, Tove Lo, and Sia. it’s such a good album. Can you give us any hints on the sound of album #3?

shows actually. I got to go on a beautiful hike while I was there that ended up being one of my favorite parts of the whole tour. The fans were phenomenal. I saw you released a cover of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, do you enjoy the Holidays? What’s your favorite thing about Christmas? Who doesn’t enjoy the holidays! It’s the most nostalgic time of the year and I honestly would say the music has a lot to do with it. I like baking but I never have time so during the holidays I do. Can you tell us one thing about yourself that maybe your fans won’t know?

I know you spent time in the studio with singer/songwriter Brandon Skeie, did you guys cook up something new? I can imagine both of you together conjuring up something pretty special.

I collect vinyl, and I listen to records every day. I think they calm me down.. haha.

Oh I love Brandon so so much! He’s the most fun personality and lyrically so quick on his feet. We’ve cooked up some loveeeely things in the musical kitchen together.

It’s a little premature to say but I’d like to be remembered as a force. hopefully by then at least a 5’2 force, but a force. I want the things I create to outlive me and leave good word for me.

You just finished touring Europe with The Vamps, how was that? Did you enjoy your stop in Ireland? Artists often say how Irish audiences are some of the best (craziest), how was your experience? It was one of my favorite experiences to date. It was my first time playing arenas every night. Ireland was one of my favorite

Finally, what do you want your legacy to be? How would Sabrina like to be remembered?

Thank you so much Sabrina for doing this, it was great to have the opportunity to chat with you. P.S. confession: I definitely listen to “Thumbs” on the NY subway all the time. P.S. this made my day.. I’m not gonna lie the only place I listen to it is on the NY subway too, thank you so much!! xxx

You betcha. Ah I’m so glad you liked "EVOLution". That’s my baby. Only hint I’ll give you on the sound of album 3 is that it’s going to be better than "EVOLution", and it’s going to be different. “Run And Hide” is one of my favs off “EVOLution”, it’s so emotional that I forget that you’re 18. Your songwriting is so strong, mature and relatable, where do you get your inspiration? Thank you, I do sometimes too. Honestly, I’ve been an adult since I was a child, and then I realized all adults are still children so that made it easier. I was so comfortable in








Robert Plant at Bord

Gáis Energy Theatre, 2017

Emmèt Mc Gonagle Like Landslides

by Sean Coyle



Who said pathos in art is a thing of the past? 21 year old Irish folk musician Emmèt Mc Gonagle has recently released a single called Like Landslides to beguiling acclaim. Mc Gonagle who is currently studying in Cardiff is a passionate singer songwriter with an uncanny strength to be able to write a song that has an upbeat feeling but the undertone is of a sombre sadness proclaiming the mainstay at the root of the song. In many ways it is a harrowing glimpse of humanity from the heart and mind of a poetic deep young man propelled by clever oxymoron laden lyrics like “we always smile when we are in pain” and “give yourself a rest or there’ll be nothing of you left” lines I think anyone can relate to, the latter mentioned lyric alone could be an anthem for any hard working man or woman. The confessional tone of Like Landslides is a great expression of love, pain and life augmented by tactful chord progressions. Mc Gonagle released his debut E.P. The Blame earlier this year and it seems to be making waves in his current adopted home of Wales with the Swansea News Network commenting that this song “is a tune full of promise displaying instrumental subtleties that are unknowingly complicated and lovingly crafted with a sweeping guitar melody carried by the wind” the songs emotion as well as the play on words adds an effect that translates to people of all levels. To sum up this song is an interesting foray to approach for a highly talented independent artist.

well. We’ll also be playing as many summer festivals as we can, plenty to keep us busy. If you had to describe your music in one sentence to someone who never heard you before, what would it be?

And So I Watch You From Afar Interview by Paddy Dunne

And So I Watch You From Afar (ASIWYFA) have been billed as Northern Ireland’s most breath-taking, compelling and heart-stoppingly brilliant export (outside of Linda Martin and Eamonn Holmes of course). The band’s incredible, passionate live show ventures through joyous bubbling rhythmic anticipation, to specks and glitches of electronica, intertwined with what sounds like a thousand drum-kits chasing each other down the street in time. Add gloriously warm layers of cascading vocals, and distorted, mischievous guitars, and what you get is an overwhelming feeling of triumph, pleasure and euphoria. They are playing some post Christmas gigs over Ireland to say goodbye to 2017 and to prepare you for the dawning of a brand new year. We caught up with drummer Chris Wee ahead of these gigs and asked him a few questions: What do ASIWYFA want for Xmas this year?

Shiny new amps and drums would be great. So Santa, if you’re listening... Which other artists would be top of your “good list” to collaborate with? Nine Inch Nails, Vulfpeck, Battles. Any artists that would be on your “naughty list”? Josh Homme from QOTSA was pretty naughty the other day kicking that photographer in the head so he’s probably off the Christmas card list for a lot of people

for a while!

What is your favourite Xmas song of all time? I’m a sucker for “Driving Home for Christmas” by Chris Rea How did ASIWYFA come about? We began life as members of older bands that were finishing or broken up already and we started jamming with the intention of focusing on making music that didn’t need vocals. 12 years down the line we’re still making largely instrumental music so we’ve stuck fairly well to the original brief. Which has been your career highlight so far? The highlight for me is more of a multiple thing really as I’m most happy about the sheer volume of places round the word that our music has reached and how many countries we’ve been able to travel to and play. The highlight of 2017 (if different)? Our recent tour of our new album The Endless Shimmering. While it was pretty intensive playing 36 shows in 41 days around Europe and the UK, it was my favourite tour to date. What has 2018 in store? We will continue to promote the new album, fingers crossed we make it back out to North America and SE Asia and Australia all being

Loud, energic music with some uplifting tones. One song, one film and one book for the rest of your life: What are they? Song: Thirty Three by The Smashing Pumpkins Film: Terminator 2 Book: The Meaning of Things, AC Grayling Most overrated song of all time? The entirety of Ed Sheeran’s back catalogue from beginning till present and till the very end of existence itself. What is the best thing about being in ASIWYFA? I get to play music professionally with my three best mates in the world, I feel the utmost gratitude for that. What is the worst thing? Carrying heavy equipment up flights of stairs on a regular basis! Performing live or commercial success? Which feels better? Performing live, hands down. If Donald Trump came over, would you perform a gig for him? Absolutely not! Not in a million years. Have you a Xmas message for the readers of Pure M? Be kind to one another, and come jump around with us at one of our upcoming Irish shows. AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR WILL BE PLAYING: Dublin, Academy – 28th Dec Castlebar, Garbos – 29th Dec Cork, Cypress Avenue – 30th Dec Galway, Roisin Dubh – 31st Dec Tickets are available from Ticketmaster and other usual outlets



Janelle Nadeau @PureMzine

May Your Path Be Lit By A “Star of May Your Night” Path Be Lit By A “Star of May Your Night” Path Be Lit By A “Star of Night”


Interview by Eileen Shapiro


n time for the holiday season comes an angelic, sonically rapturing Christmas album from Harpist/Singer Janelle Nadeau. Never before has the sounds of Christmas felt so compelling and believable as in, “Star of Night”. The magical compliation includes favorites such as, “Silent Night”, “What Child is This”, and “Do You Hear What I Hear”. The record also presents a twist on the Irish Rock band’s “U2’s single, “Peace On Earth”. Janelle has always been obsessed with the harp since childhood. She can coax that ordinarily instrument of the angels to play everything from rock to Christmas music, and much in between. The Vancouver artist has built her career on versatility. She has shared the stage with everyone from Diana Krall and Kanye West to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Personally the harp has always been a fascination to me, so when I procured the chance to speak with Janelle, I just couldn’t resist. We spoke about her career and where the harp has taken her, as well as where it will take her. Janelle is funny and warm and very tuned in to the music industry. You can probably count the musicians that play the harp in the world on 2 hands, which is a unique prospect in itself……


What enticed you to want to play the harp? I apparently wanted to play the harp since I was a kid. I have no recollection of this because I was only three years old. My parents told me. My parents have always been such music fans. They go to concerts all the time with completely varying genres.

They exposed to me to music when I was really young. So we went to the orchestra one day and there was this musician called Loreena McKennitt who plays some pieces on the harp. It was the only thing that I could stare at, this instrument. It was so exciting. I told him then that, that was what I wanted to do. My parents had no clue what

the harp was, and I guess they kind of hoped that I forget about it. I didn’t, and I kept pushing, and I kept asking to do it, and eventually they kind of gave in. I was told that I had to play piano for year and if I did that I could play the harp. I guess they hoped I’d forget about it again, and I didn’t. So I started and it was always my choice.

I listened to your Christmas album and for the first time ever, I got into the music. However when I found out you were a harpist, I stalked your YouTube and heard the other music that you play…..and you also can really sing!

For me it was even more of a challenge because we live 45 minutes out of the city. My parents are grain farmers, so there’s nobody around. So we had to drive into the city, and not just into the city but to the other end of the city. This was an enormous commitment for my parents. My teacher was a man from Chicago who lives in my hometown for years, and is currently still in the symphony there. He taught me, and I got really lucky because it’s not that common, but he gave me a wonderful background and all of my basics. My foundation was created because of him, and I definitely wouldn’t be here today without him.

Yeah, I do. I grew up in the middle of the country, and I mentioned that my parents were grain farmers, they don’t have musical backgrounds, especially when I choose this angel-like classical instrument. So that is not my background at all. So even though I do classical music, and play at the opera and stuff like that, because I think my parents over-exposed me to all that stuff, I just love playing different kinds of things. To only play one genre of music just sounds like it’s not who I am. That’s why I just create different things, do different things, play all different kinds of music, and then I just started singing because my parents encouraged me to as a kid. I didn’t like it because I enjoyed playing the harp, and I felt like so many people were so much better at singing. I just started doing it because I felt that there was certain things I couldn’t say with just the harp…..and here we are.

How do you transport a harp around, it doesn’t seem like it would even fit in any type of vehicle?

I feel like you can count the number of people who play the harp in the world on your fingers.

My partner and I just went car shopping. I bring my harp case out first, and if we got close to thinking it might fit, then we actually would bring the harp, and it didn’t fit anyway. It’s just so frustrating.

Yeah, there’s not many of us. I think it’s way more diverse than people give it credit for. People that I’ve met who have come into my life after their introduction to me playing on stage, we all have all the images in our minds of what someone might be because of what one plays. And then they’re all like, “you’re not what I thought you would be”.

How and where did you find someone to teach you the harp?

I mean it doesn’t come apart like a drum set. Exactly. It’s also very sensitive to temperature. You can’t just like put it in the back of a truck. How do you tune it, it must take ours. You tune it every time you play it and every time you move it. It takes a while. It’s the part I don’t love about it, tuning it, but it’s a necessary evil of being able to do what I do love. People associate the harp with angels, what’s your take on that? The thing is that people think about angels. I feel like the last maybe five or ten years people are, and I hope that I’m a part of this, turning the harp around. The guitar used to be a classical instrument. Rock didn’t happen before classical guitar, but we associate the guitar with that now.

That’s also why all of this Christmas stuff started too. I feel like it kind of goes hand in hand. Growing up we played music all the time. My mom was obsessed with Christmas albums. Because of that I feel like it was kind of instilled in me, there’s a little obsession with them as well. So that’s kind of how this came to be as well. I felt that I had this thing that I needed to say, music that needed to get out there. I’m not usually a big fan of Christmas music, but in your case, I can certainly make an exception to that. It’s like how many Christmas albums are there? So many! They also become like happy, too excited, with all of these extra sounds. Every track that we did, we did in one take. For us we wanted to make it as organic as possible and as human as possible. We have all of this technology to splice and do big things, so for us we just wanted to bring it back to basics and a little bit more. I wanted to bring it back to what you can hear in the living room when people come over to your house. I do a lot of work for Care homes, and a lot of hospital work. I think that at the end of our lives we don’t want to hear all this energy and excitement. We want something that soothes us. There is so much going on in life, there was so much energy, “go to the event, answer your phone”, I just wanted to create something that kind of feels good, and make it more mellow. It kind of mesmerized me. I’m just one person but I feel like a lot of people will like. That’s so kind. I think it’s nice to hear all of these instruments that are so traditional, and hearing them slightly differently. I’m doing a tour coming up and this woman I’m working with, she is actually one of the reasons I got into playing the stuff that’s a little bit different. She’s basically a traditional musician. She is amazing. Her name is Kim Robertson. I hope that name rings a bell in the harp world. You should look her up anyway. She’s a goddess of playing beautiful music. Everything she creates, you feel like you’ve heard it before. She does it in a way that is a bit surprising. It goes in a direction that’s fresh enough that it feels like it’s new and you’re being captivated, but it’s also traditional. She seems to strike this really beautiful balance. For me it’s like working with my hero, and my idol. For me it’s super exciting…. For more information on Janelle Nadeau visit >>




The Divine Comedy

The Olympia Theatre (2017 ) Photography by Anamaria Meiu


TOP 10 Christmas Movies


by Marie Louise Clogher

10: Scrooged

Scrooged is a comical reworking of the famous Dickens novel A Christmas Carol. The film focuses on one particular Scrooge, Frank Cross (Bill Murray), the head of a television network who demands all staff work through the holiday in order to broadcast a huge theatrical production. Murray somewhat ressurects the sardonic wit of his Groundhog Day character Phil but not quite to the same success. Scrooged is worth a watch alone to see New York Dolls frontman David Johansen play the Ghost of Christmas past, and to watch the two speed around in a spectral taxi.

9: Gremlins

Probably the only Christmas element of Gremlins is that it is set sometime during the holiday season. Gremlins still repeatedly pops up on our television screens during the festive period nonetheless. The rules are simple once you somehow happen to obtain a mogwai; do not expose said mogwai to bright lights or direct sunlight, do not let them get wet and do not feed them after midnight. Inevitably all these rules are broken and cute little gremlin Gizmo spawns an army of bad gremlins (lead by Stripe). Gizmo (along with best pal Billy) must save the town, and themselves, from their chaotic rampage.

8: Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton’s dark love story is oddly shaped like a fairytale. An elderly lady acts as a kind of narrator as she recounts the tale to her granddaughter. The tale is told about an inventor who fashions an artificial human, but tragically dies before he can complete him. Edward substitutes scissors for hands and rattles around a dilapidated mansion until an Avon lady happens to call to the door. The clash of colourful kitsch American suburbia with Burton’s vision of gothic gloom is truly something to behold.

7: E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

Every time I turn on my television over Christmas, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial seems to be just starting or almost finishing. I don’t quite know what the reason for its festive fondness is, perhaps it’s the feelgood friendship between Elliott and E.T. that grows into a brotherly love or maybe it’s the soaring score by John Williams. Either way aliens have never been so festively appropriate than when Spielberg frames them in the moonlight.

6: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory has got most things you want from a Christmas film, music, mystery, laughter, Oompa Loompas and copious amounts of confectionary. Gene Wilder is the ultimate master of ceremonies as he guides the audience and a few select children through his enchanted chocolate factory. While the 2005 remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has its merits, there is simply no more festive feeling than watching the 1971 classic in your pyjamas on Christmas morning.


5: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton manages to make the list a second time with a film that straddles the seasons of Christmas and Halowe’en. Jack Skellington lives in a stop-motion animated world and inhabits Halowe’en town with a host of other goblins and ghouls. Jack has grown tired of his frightful life when he happens upon a secret door to Christmas town in a secluded forest. Jack is so enamoured with this world he decides to relieve Santa Claus of his job and bring a little bit of Halowe’en to Christmas town and vice versa. The music and songs are immediately hummable and will have you whistling all year round.

4: Home Alone

Home Alone simply must be included in any and every Christmas film list. Each time I watch it I hope that this time Kevin Mc Callister won’t be forgotten by his parents and family as they set off to enjoy a Parisian Christmas. Forget him they do and we watch young Kevin spending Christmas unsupervised. Home Alone in many ways embodies the spirit of Christmas as the kids are running the show and adults are merely along for the ride.

3: Elf

Elf is really a film that can be watched all through the year. Buddy the Elf is a human who accidentally is brought to the North Pole as a baby and raised as an elf. When Buddy dicsovers his real father is on Santa’s naughty list he must go to New York City and endeavour to show him the error of his ways and bring about redemption. Elf highlights the innocence and sense of unabashed joy that can be lost in adulthood and Buddy restores the sense of merriment and happiness in everyone throughout the film. The Christmas setting is perfect for the message, but truly this can be a film for all seasons.

2: You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail may seem a strange choice in this list but it is easily one of my personal favourite films and one that is particularly special to watch at Christmas. The Nora Ephron directed film is based on Ernst Lubitsch’s The Shop Around the Corner, set in a leather goods store in Budapest in the run up to Christmas. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks play a pair of enemies who unwittingly form an anonymous connection through the charmingly outdated majesty of the AOL chatroom. While I know this may not be everyone’s idea of a festive film, it consistently warms my heart. When Ryan reminisces on time spent with her deceased mother while decorating her tree, Joni Mitchell’s River softly plays in the background; and while I fully appreciate the cheesiness of the moment it always brings an unexpected tear to my eye.

1: A Charlie Brown Christmas

This animated Christmas special was made in 1965 and still is so relevant today. Charlie Brown is dispirited and wonders why he feels sad even though the most wonderful time of the year is in full swing. Commercialism seems to be ruling the season and his friends are more concerned about how much they can get rather than what Christmas is all about. He tries to speak to some of his companions about it but is dismissed with such quotable lines as, “Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you’re the Charlie Brownest.” The true spirit of the season is finally found through a tiny forgotten sapling tree that Charlie Brown chooses to be displayed in a play that he and his merry band are putting on. The children decorate the sad little tree and realise Christmas is not all about pomp and circumstance but about what you can make out of what little you’ve got and who you make it with. With a running time of just thirty minutes it is perfect Christmas viewing for young and old.



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