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2014 Modular Collection

The 2014 Modular Collection Throughout the past year we found many of our brides were purchasing two seperate gowns. One for the walk down the isle and another for their reception. We decided to merge the two options, thus our Modular Collection came to be. By using One gown and adding a skirt or a lace wrap the bride can create a truly custom gown, perfect for their big day. Making it easier on the pocket book and the Evironment.

About Us Pure Magnoiia creates eco-friendly, alternative wedding gowns for the modern bride. We specialize in unique, beautiful dresses made of the highest quality eco-friendly and recalaimed vintage materials. At Pure magnolia, we are committed to using sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics. Whether it be silk from a family farm in India, re-constituted fabrics made from discarded scraps or vintage textiles. Pure Magnolia’s production is based entirely in Vancouver, elmininating shipping emissions and employing a local cottage workforce. As we make everything in-house, it makes it easy to customize any gown, by changing the fabric, lengthening or shortening the skirt or mixing and matching one bodice with another skirt. Pure Magnolia designers for a variety of brides who mission is simple: To look stunning on their wedding day without sacrificing their values.

Peplum Dress

Materials: English Winter Lace & Organic Cotton Price: $1,375.00 WSP: $550

Swiss Dot Mini

Materials: Swiss Dot & Organic Cotton Price: $563 WSP: $225

Orchid Diamond Back

Materials: European Embroidered Lace, Organza & Organic Cotton Price: $1750.00 WSP: $700


Materials: Dupioni Silk & Frech Cotton Lace Price: $750 WSP: $375

The After Party

Materials: Silk Dupioni, English Chantilly Lace & Organic Cotton Price: $750 WSP: $350

Seashell Ballgown

Materials: Swiss Dot $ Organic Cotton Price: $563 WSP: $225

Short Sara

Materials: Fern Lace & Organic Cotton Price: $825 WSP: $330

Sequin Mini

Materials: Sequins & Vintage Cotton Knit Price: $562.50 WSP: $225

The Skirts The opportunity to Create a Wedding Gown as Unique as the Individual

Tulle Ballgown Skirt

Materials: Tulle & Salvaged Sheet Price: $750 WSP: $300

Satin Mermaid Skirt

Materials: Cotton Polyester Satin & Organic Cotton Price: $1000 WSP: $500

Hi-Lo Chiffon Skirt

Materials: Satin Chiffon Price: $385 WSP: $175

Chiffon Wrap Skirt

Materials: Salvaged Chiffon Price: $385 WSP: $175

Lace Peplum Skirt

Materials: Forgetme Knot Lace Price: $500 WSP: $200

Wrap it Up Combining Beauty and Comfort into three different Versatile Wraps

Chantilly Lace Wrap w/ Sleeves

Materials: English Chantilly & Hook & Button Price: $563 WSP: $225

Lace Wrap

Materials: French ReEmbroidered Lace Price: $500 WSP: $200

To Order Please Contact Patty Nayel 778-552-6174 Etsy: Pure Magnolia Couture Facebook: Pure Magnolia Twitter: @PureMagnolia1

2014 Modular Collection Wedding Lookbook  

Here is a Modular Collection wedding gowns, we made it simple to customize each gown and create your very own unique look.

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