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The Diva Edition

KYLIE MINOGUE She’s back and looking better than ever!

Plus, Kirsty Almeida, Marina and the Diamonds, Frankie from the Saturdays

‘Nasty’ Nick talks to Pure before entering the Big Brother House

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Mighty Aphrodite: Pure talks to supreme pop diva Kylie Minogue about her latest album

11-15 The Shoot: Foyleside Shopping Centre’s a/w trends

PUBLISHING, EDITORIAL & PR: David Kavanagh, DIRECTOR e/ Sinead Melaugh, DIRECTOR e/ Mary-Anne Mc Nulty, editor e/

16-19 Women’s section: Fashion, product reviews and more 20-22 Men’s Section: All the usual reviews plus a special section devoted to this season’s fashion trends for men 23

The original Big Brother villain ‘Nasty’ Nick Bateman on the end of the long-running reality show


Emerging pop sensation Kirsty Almeida gives us the lowdown on her hot new album

28-29 Little gem: Marina and the Diamonds on life as a young indie pop goddess 32

Glasgowbury 2010: Pure’s verdict on this year’s festival

37 We talk life, love and music with The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford 45

Local talent: Pure talks to Vincent Neff, lead singer of up- and-coming indie dance band Django Django


My Favourite Things: This month, Derry’s Mayor Colum Eastwood is in the hot seat

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PUBLISHERS’ MESSAGE Welcome to the September edition of Pure magazine! Since autumn is the season associated with fertility and the Earth Goddess, we’ve decided to have our own celebration of the divine feminine courtesy of a special ‘pop divas’ edition. Earth mother is undoubtedly our iconic cover star Kylie Minogue, but we’ve also got a great line-up of feisty maidens in the form of Kirsty Almeida, Frankie from The Saturdays (who talks candidly about her relationship with Dougie Poynter from McFly) and Marina of Marina and the Diamonds fame. But don’t worry, loyal male reader (and we know there’s loads of you because your girlfriends have been telling us there’s a fight over who gets first dibs on Pure every month!): we’ve balanced out

the oestrogen levels with some great macho content, including an exclusive interview with notorious Big Brother 1 villain ‘Nasty’ Nick Bateman and a chat about all things sport with Derry City defender Eddie McCallion, and talk ‘my favourite things’ with Derry Mayor Colum Eastwood. If you happened to pick up our special ‘City of Culture’ issue last month, you’ll know how much we were rooting for Derry to bring home the title, and we’re delighted that good taste and common sense ruled the day! Well done to the bid team for their outstanding effort, and roll on 2013. Now, we don’t want to give too much away, but we have a very special treat in store for next month’s Halloween issue. We’ve secured press time with one of music’s biggest stars, and

given their love of controversy, we guarantee it’s an interview you won’t want to miss. Our lips are sealed, but let’s just say you’d be crazy to miss out… As usual, the mag is packed to the gills with superb competition prizes, so turn to page 51 and check out all the goodies up for grabs this month. And, as ever, please take the time to check out what our advertisers have to offer, as without them, we wouldn’t exist! Happy September, readers! Love, David and Sinead


Mighty Aphrodite

Pure gets up close and personal with the diva of pop herself, Kylie Minogue... We’re interviewed loads of high profile celebrities since the launch of Pure magazine last year, but it’s fair to say the inimitable Kylie has always been top of our wish list. From humble beginnings as feisty tomboy Charlene Ramsey in Neighbours, Kylie now occupies an elevated position in pop royalty circles that only the queen herself, Madonna, outranks. Kylie has just put out her eleventh album, and shows little sign of stopping. Looking fresh as a daisy and in a remarkably playful and laid-back mood, it seems the petite Australian diva has entered a highly contented phase of her life. It’s nice to see her so at ease. Having

endured a hellish few years in her battle with breast cancer, not to mention being the subject of sustained tabloid press interest over her ‘tangled’ love life, a healthy and happy Kylie has come out the other side. Just one listen to her latest album, Aphrodite, tells us just how much her current frame of mind has affected the music. This upbeat and slick slice of disco-infused pop brings an instant smile to the face, and marks a welcome return to dancefloor dominance for pop’s premier trend setter. We reckon Kylie’s got a string of top albums left in her, so sit back and enjoy this interview safe in the knowledge that Pure will be checking back in with her in the not too distant future...



“I think a lot of what I do now is, in some way, coloured by the experience I had with illness” Hi Kylie! Congratulations on Aphrodite. Amazingly, it’s your eleventh album... It’s kind of unbelievable. I thought the tenth album, X, was a benchmark but this one has just been amazing. I wouldn’t care what number you called it. It’s been the most amazing experience. You worked closely with the electronica maestro Stuart Price, who was executive producer of the album. How was that? Well for me this was a first, to have an executive producer. It was just the best experience, and funnily enough I think it’s the most cohesive album I’ve had since the beginning of my career, back in the PWL days, where by its very nature made it cohesive. There’s a lot to be said for working with different producers and trying different stuff which has worked really well for me in the past but I definitely wanted someone to tie this together, as Stuart has done so beautifully, so that it existed as a real body of work. What was it about this album and this project that made you want to do it differently to before? The idea to do it differently was at the forefront of my mind on this album because I’d had a little niggle with the previous two albums. But the added reason that all of this came around was because of my dear friend Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters, who was working in Stuart’s studio as I had started recording my album in various studios around the world. He praised Stuart highly and loves me dearly,

and basically pestered me and said “you’ve got to do this, it’ll be so amazing!”, so I’ve got much to thank Jake for. Do you regard this album as a return to the dance floor? Or did you never leave? Uh, it’s been described as a return to the dance floor; I don’t think I ever totally left but it is a return to form, I’d say. Was there any point whilst recording the album when you thought ‘yeah, this is it’? That was the first song Stuart and I wrote together, we had our notebooks at the ready; Stuart’s was a very special one and mine was from the 99 cent store! One of the titles was ‘Angel’ and Stuart asked me ‘have you ever had a song called Angel?’ I literally had to think back because one would imagine I had done so, but no, we hadn’t. So that was our first song; in a tiny little studio in New York, very compact. It was nice. I’d already recorded some songs elsewhere; then we started to work in New York and knew we would finish everything here. Then I did some more recording in other places, and I think it’s shown that there’s a lovely spirit with this album where other producers have been very generous to send everything here for us to kind of pick at, which shows enormous trust and faith in Stuart and his ability. What’s been amazing has been having everything here and seeing the little differences and little changes that can make the biggest difference in a song. It’s been phenomenal to observe and to feel those changes and how the album has ended up.

Electronica mastro Stuart Price who was executive producer on Kylie’s new album

On a really great album, the chemistry between a recording artist and their producer somehow always seems to shine through. Did you get a sense of that with Stuart? I think we’ve been connected some time before because we just got along straight away. Thoughts about the album aside - and I’ve learnt an awful lot from working with Stuart on this project - it was just fun, he really, really made it fun for me and I felt secure.

“There’s something of a celestial feel throughout the album... I’m always attracted to those ethereal, starry, universal ideas”

What about the tracks themselves, were there an excess number of tracks? And how did you pull them together? Hmm yes, there was! Trying to decide which tracks made it needs a highly technical device which you find in studios - the whiteboard. There reached a turning point where we said “ok no more writing – let’s just focus on what we’ve got’. And Stuart was really determined that it was 12 tracks, forty-ish minutes, being that precise about it. He really was quite strict. ‘Looking For An Angel’, ‘Cupid’, ‘Aphrodite’… do you think there’s a celestial feel to the album? There is something of a celestial feel throughout the album, definitely not on every track but I think we tapped into that, on the first song we did together ‘Looking For An Angel’. Personally, I’m always attracted to those ethereal, starry, universal ideas. What was the most fun that you had on the record? Stuart and I would be listening in our own world

and there’d be the point in the song when the hands would go up! Hands up = good reaction. And of course there was the ‘Dolly Parton Litmus Test’ which I’ve got to tell you has travelled, I’ve been asked so much about that. The soon to be trademarked and copyrighted ‘Dolly Parton Litmus Test”’ is a way of testing a song’s viability as a song without production. Stuart would get his acoustic guitar out and we’d sing. According to him, I do the best Dolly Parton impersonation there is on the planet, ever! We figured out that if that worked for any song, and we could see Dolly doing it; then on top of that we could sit down with a guitar and do it like that as well - the song was probably destined for good things. It became, as you say, a sort of litmus test for each song on the record!

that you had been through? I think a lot of what I do now is, in some way, coloured by the experience I had with illness. I guess I was just feeling like expressing joy at this point. I’d written songs more about that period in my life either on or for the last album, so I didn’t feel like going through those again. This was about this moment, this time, and what a happy experience this has been for me.

Was this one of the most fun albums you’ve ever made then? Yep. Without a doubt!

What’s your relationship with love at the moment? Jeez! That’s a massive question! A lot of people question why so many pop songs are about love, why operas are so written, why paintings are painted, why we cry during really silly commercials. Love in all its various forms challenges us all the time and I guess you could say this was a little love affair with this album. I loved coming to work and I loved working with Stuart, and I think that feeling comes through on the album.

This is a much lighter album. Was that some sort of reaction to the darker times

Kylie’s album Aphrodite is out now.

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Derry: City of Couture Pure’s fashion spy Niamh Sweeney hits Derry’s streets to check out the most stylish girls in town...

Style goddess #3

Style goddess #1

Seana McGuinness, Derry

Clare Cramsey, Derry

Style goddess #2 Renee Taylor, USA

Top: Topshop Bag: Accesorize Leggings: Topshop Shoes: Dorothy Perkins Fashion wish list: “If I had the money I’d get a Chanel bag”

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Crackdown 2 (Xbox 360, Ruffian Games)

Based in the same locale as the first Crackdown but with a few noticeable differences, the city is turning in to a cesspool populated by a terrorist group called Cell and mindless mutated freaks. The starting video sets the premise of the game. A genetic virus has infected the citizens of the city and it’s your job as “The Agency’s” genetically altered super soldier to contain the infection and eradicate the terrorists. At the beginning you’re put through a simple tutorial to learn the basics and introduced to your handler who steers you towards your next objective. There are lots of orbs to collect that boosts your character’s attributes and other little sidetracking missions like vehicle stunt jumps and races if you get tired of completing the same tasks over and over again to complete the main game.

Hand to hand combat is pretty lacking, but being able to grab items to use as weapons is a bonus. Try beating a few freaks with a giant beach ball in the grounds of a gym, then you’ll see the some of the creativeness that the developers are showcasing. You can play the main game solo, but it works best as an online co-op, and having a buddy to help you is greatly advantageous when taking on a Cell stronghold. There are even special online orbs to collect which are only activated when playing as part of a team. If you’re looking for a game with a detailed and intriguing story then you may find the Crackdown sequel lacks in this area, but if you’re looking for addictive mindless violence with lots of new weaponry and vehicles to take advantage of and a huge city to free roam, then this may be a perfect sidetracking game for your collection.


Get those chills multiplyin’ with this fun game that will have you singing and dancing to all the music from the hit movie. Great craic for the kids or for a girly night in.

Mafia 2 (PC, Xbox, PS3)

Griity sequel to the 2002 cult classic that promises more weaponry and improved gameplay. Have your Godfather impression at the ready as you take on the role of rising gangster Vito Scaletta.




holders of the traditional bar of the year award Waterloo St , Derry

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This month, Pure puts Derry City defender Eddie McCallion under the spotlight… Sporting hero? Diego Maradona. Who’s the hard man of the Derry City dressing room? David McDaid would like to think it’s him, but it’s Mark Farren.

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What’s your proudest sporting achievement? I think that would be when I captained the team against Paris St Germain at the Brandywell in the UEFA Cup in 2006. Most embarrassing incident on the pitch? It happened a few years ago during training when Paddy McCourt was running at me, and I fell on my backside and everyone there had a good laugh at me. Which of your teammates spends most time on male grooming? That would be Mark McCrystal. He has his own wee brush that he uses - I think I’ll need to get one. Who do you think is Derry City’s all time greatest player? Sean Hargan or Ola Tidman. What players. Which premiership footballer plays most like you? That’s a hard one. There are a few, but I would have to say Brad Friedel! Do you play any other sports? I play darts and curling. I’m thinking of going professional when I hang up the football boots. Have you ever cried on the pitch? Yeah, when I was picked last at school and I was put into nets. I wasn’t happy. Are you in touch with your feminine side? I don’t know about that, but I enjoy a good grooming session and manicure. Who do you sit beside on the bus to away games? No-one. I’m a grumpy old man.


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Guys, turn heads in town with our pick of this autumn’s trends Hand knit Fairisle jumper £80 - Mantary at Debenhams Mid-length parka £140 - French Connection

Silver broach

// Tailored suits, velvet, chunky knitwear, military style, // brooches and man bags: the//season for strutting is here! Suit jacket £64 - Next

Long parka £70 - Burton

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Cable shawl cardigan £46

Skeleton key broach TOPMAN


To mark the last ever series of groundbreaking reality TV show Big Brother, the show’s original villain ‘Nasty’ Nick Bateman went back in the house! Mary-Anne McNulty caught up with him just before he returned... Hi Nick. What prompted you to apply for the first series of Big Brother? I was disenchanted with what I was doing and wanted a change and applied to the show via the website. I never thought I’d be considered, as Jim’ll Fix It never replied to my letters when I was younger! I also strongly believe if you are unhappy in situation or a job, leave it. Life is too short to be doing something you don’t enjoy. Were you prepared for the media attention you were the focus of when you got out of the house? Not at all. We thought no one would be watching, we expected nothing from the series, and we were all amazed that it had been a big success. That’s why I think there’s a certain charm to our series that has never been repeated. I think being on every front cover of every newspaper in the country will never be repeated, for anyone! What is the stand-out memory you have from your time in the house? We had a lot of fun that was never shown to the public, but there is one thing that still makes me laugh today. It was when we were told off by Big Brother for feeding the chickens three months’ food in one week! How are you supposed to know how much to feed a chicken?

You were dubbed ‘Nasty Nick’. Did that upset you? No. A ‘Nick’ name is better than no name!

“I think the show went downhill after series three; after that the contestants just wanted fame”

Nick Bateman, the man everyone loved to hate How do you think the series has evolved over the years compared to when you guys were on it? As BB has gone on it seems that more and more of the contestants have played up for the cameras because they think they’ll get fame and fortune... I think the show went downhill after series three; after that the contestants just wanted fame. The initial format was altered, and they tried to reproduce the magic of past contestants. The house was given too much

Do you think you were hard done by when you were thrown out? I remember watching the show and enjoying your Machiavellian tactics and I was disappointed that Craig and the rest of the house took things so seriously... I never complain about how they portrayed me, although it was slight biased. I signed the forms to give them permission to use what they wanted from the footage and therefore I have to accept the consequences of my actions (and so should others). Are you friends with any of the housemates from Series One? Mel, Darren and Craig (the eventual winner).I lost contact with Tom and Andy, which is a shame.

Muscle man Craig Phillips, winner of the first ever series

booze, the tasks were too easy, and I believe the show lost its charm. I have to say, though, that this current series is one of the best since series three. Have you watched subsequent Big Brothers and, if so, who is your all time favourite contestant? I’ve watched it occasionally over the years. My favourite contestants would have to be the twins from series eight, Amanda and Samantha, because they were just so sweet.



The Last Exorcism (Starring: Patrick Fabian, Louis Harthurn) Really good horror movies are famously hard to come by; for every cracker you have to trawl through ten rubbish ones. The Last Exorcism, however, may just be the horror hit of the year. Starring a cast of relative unknowns and utilising the faux documentary format that proved so successful for The Blair Witch Project, this is a smart, funny and extremely unnerving film that will send genuine shivers down your spine. Set in the spooky surrounds of a rural Louisiana farm, sham exorcism expert Reverend Cotton Marcus gets more than he bargained for when called upon to drive the demons out of a possessed teenage girl.

Grown Ups

Dinner for Schmucks

(Starring: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock) American funnyman Adam Sandler has featured in his fair share of turkeys in recent years, and unfortunately this lacklustre comedy is unlikely to be hailed as a welcome return to form. When a group of grown men, friends since childhood, reunite to mark the passing of their old basketball coach, it isn’t long before their adolescent streak comes out once more. Given the presence of a top quality ensemble cast that includes Chris Rock and David Spade, the gags are surprisingly tame and the performances less than sparkling.




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Resident Evil: Afterlife (3D)

(Starring: Steve Carell, Paul Rudd)

(Starring: Milla Jovovich, Kim Coates)

Hit and miss comedy in which excellent performances from the two leads are let down by a fairly formulaic script. Paul Rudd stars as Tim, an ambitious guy whose hopes of advancement at work hinge on him bringing the biggest idiot he can find to dinner at his boss’s house. The unsuspecting victim of the cruel competition is goofy taxidermist Barry (Steve Carell), an innocent sort who invites ridicule wherever he goes. There are a few stand-out scenes here and there, but otherwise this rates as a mildy amusing affair.

Adapted from the popular video game, Resident Evil’s fourth cinematic installment is a fast-paced and explosive action adventure whose superior effects are tailor-made for 3D. The apocalyptic storyline remains the same, with fearless superhero Alice (Milla Jovovich) battling away against the sinister Umbrella Corporation in a bid to usher survivors of the deadly T-virus to safety. This time around she teams up with a group of fellow survivors, and together they carry out a rescue mission so fraught with danger that even Batman himself would be seriously bricking it.

furry vengeance (cert: PG)

four lions (cert: 15)

Dumb but lovable comedy starring Brendan Fraser as a ruthless property developer who faces the wrath of an army of furry animals when he attempts to turn their woodland habitat into a development. The mix of live action slapstick and animation make this an ideal romp for the kids to enjoy, while there’s enough smart banter between Fraser and Shields to give mum and dad a laugh too.

Controversial satire directed by Chris Morris that you should steer clear of unless you like your comedy to be dark to the point of discomfort. Riz Ahmed plays Omar, a devout British-based Muslim and hapless leader of a motley crew of would-be terrorists. Typically for Morris (the brains behind Brass Eye), the humour goes close to the bone, but if you’re not easily offended you’ll find plenty to like.

hot tub time machine (cert: 15)

the ghost (cert: 15)

Unsophisticated comedy following the antics of three dissatisfied middle-aged friends who wind up back in 1986 thanks to a time-travelling hot tub. No film using the time travel premise will ever top Back to the Future, but this one at least tries to hit the funny bone. The jokes are typically crude, so if you’re a sucker for good-old fashioned toilet humour, this caper will have you doubled over.

Despite being the ripe old age of 77, acclaimed film director Roman Polanski (Chinatown, Rosemary’s Baby) can still turn out a taut, suspenseful thriller like no other. Ewan McGregor gives a measured performance as a ghost writer whose task of completing the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister (Brosnan) leads him into a murky world of political intrigue and personal danger.



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the klaxons

kirsty almeida

Surfing The Void

Pure Blue Green Kirsty Almeida’s quirky folk/soul vibe and looks set to be one of the prevailing sounds of the season. From the horn-infused charm of the oddball ‘Spiders’ to the stirring melancholy of the haunting ‘Scare Me’, Almeida’s lush vocals and lyrical maturity signal the emergence of an exciting new talent.

Having won the Mercury Prize for their 2007 debut Myths of the Near Future, the bar has been set high for this follow up. Happily, Klaxons have come up trumps with a stomping slice of innovative cosmic rock that sounds different (and better, frankly) than the majority of indie rock currently doing the rounds.

Stand-out tracks: ‘Scares Me’, ‘Bring NightSweet Ole Love’

Stand-out tracks: ‘Flashover’, ‘Echoes’

The sultry songstress best known as the voice of the loungey Zero 7 leaves the chill-out zone and ventures onto the dance floor for this poppy affair. The vibrant and catchy songs on this are perfect for a chilled-out evening with pals. Stand-out tracks: ‘Clap Your Hands’, ‘Bring Night’

SIa We Are Born

in association with

hurts Happiness


ROOM (Paperback) Emma Donoghue This extraordinary novel has been hailed as one of the best books of 2010, and for good reason. Set in the bleak world of a sparse 12 x 12 room inhabited by a kidnapped sex slave and her young son, the premise is harrowing, but Donoghue’s sublime flair for storytelling makes this a riveting and suspenseful read. Told through the eyes of fiveyear-old Jake, horrific events

Sparkling debut album from Manchester’s ultra-stylish electronic duo that blends sharp, mannered vocals with catchy pop synth sounds. Think Depeche Mode with a modern twist. Stand-out tracks: ‘Better Than Love’, ‘Illuminated’

{BOOKS} ds


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are filtered through his innocent perspective, and we’re reminded of the beauty in the everyday things we take for granted by virtue of their notable absence in Jake’s restricted existence. The child narrator device may not be original - see The Boy in the Striped Pajamas or The Lovely Bones - but Donoghue’s blistering insight and sparkling prose is deeply refreshing.

Pieces of my Heart (Paperback)

The book of Tomorrow (Paperback)

Sinead Moriarty

Cecelia Ahern

The tag ‘chick lit’ is all too often used derogatorily, but it takes great skill to craft a novel that’s light as a feather yet still packs a punch emotionally. Sinead Moriarty’s sixth book, dealing with the thorny issue of teenage anorexia, is a perfect blend of humour and pathos, and shows wonderful insight into the dynamic of the Irish family.

Gifted storyteller Cecilia Ahern’s engrossing tale of a spoiled little rich girl forced to slum it when the family fortune is lost is a riveting read. There’s a fairytale element in the form of a mystical book filled with secrets, but Ahern pulls off this risky plot device with aplomb.

THEATRE REVIEW Chess, Millennium Forum by Noleen O’Meara The Millennium Forum Youth Theatre’s presentation of the popular musical was a hugely enjoyable experience and a reminder of just how much artistic talent exists in our city. Before the first note was struck, I must admit I was a tad apprehensive about how a young cast would cope with the musical’s largely adult themes of romantic entanglement and political intrigue, but I was blown away by the wonderfully mature and confident way in which the story was conveyed. In fact, the cast’s youthfulness was one of its greatest strengths, with their charming injection of enthusiasm and vigour resulting in a vibrant performance that had the audience mesmerised from start to finish. Set against the backdrop of the Cold War, the tension between America and Russia during this fraught time was something I thought was excellently conveyed throughout. Elizabeth Lane handled the emotionally meaty lead role of Florence with remarkable maturity, while Conor O’Kane, as the passionate and fiercely patriotic Anatoly, also shone. But it would be unfair to dwell on individual performances - excellent though they were - since the success of this production lay in its cohesiveness. Getting all the elements of a stage musical to come together is a tough needle to thread, but from the colourful and elaborate set design and perfectlyexecuted choreography to the highly convincing acting and rousing musical numbers, this production of Chess was an unqualified triumph. This was the first time I’d seen the Millennium’s in-house youth theatre group in action, but it most certainly won’t be the last.

. 6pm l i t s un y a d Sun d n a days r u t Sa n e p O






With her eccentrically soulful songs set to take the pop world by storm, the wonderfully quirky Kirsty Almeida gives Pure her unique take on the music industry, her new album and the joys of marine biology! Hi Kirsty. You’d been a jobbing musician for a while before you were offered a record deal. Was that frustrating? I was just about to give it all up and go to Hawaii to be a marine biologist! I’d been doing a lot of function work, gigging in jazz clubs etc and making good money, but there was really no sense of fulfilment in it. So I was out in Hawaii visiting my friend, who’s a marine biologist, and I was really into what she was doing. She suggested I move over and re-train! I promised myself I would do one more album completely by myself, and then it was ‘off to Hawaii’, but then that’s when things started to happen for me musically. How did things take a turn for the better? I decided that, no matter how bad, I would write a song every day and post it on Myspace. The fact I was doing something so unusual seemed to give the whole thing a bit of momentum and people started checking out my stuff. Then I was contacted by the guy who’s now my manager, and soon after came the record deal with Decca.

a a for ly e d i ctual ve an “I ha e I can a makes o m costu a guy wh ents is .. play. al instrum irt made c k musi ng on a s !” i e work ngs for m i of str

Record deals aren’t easy to come by. Did you pop the champagne when the contracts were signed? To be honest, I never actively tried to get a deal because I find the music industry is so far apart from the actual music scene. There are loads of great musicians out there that the industry doesn’t even pick up on because they’re so caught up in trying to create clones of Amy Winehouse and other big commercial successes, and I didn’t want to be a part of that. And even now that I have a record deal myself, there’s still a big part of me that questions whether or not it’s something that I really want! How would you define the Kirsty Almeida sound to anyone who hasn’t heard your stuff yet? I’ve tried time and time again to define my style and still haven’t pinned it down. The album is pretty eclectic, and draws on lots of different styles, from world music and jazz to mainstream pop and classic rock. At its heart, though, it’s a storytelling album, and is basically a snippet of my

life during the two months it took me to write it. Pure Blue Green has some weird and wonderful lyrics... I’m really good friends with words. I have this crazy headache thing that I get now and again. It’s not dangerous or anything, but I lose my ability to speak and the words come out wrong. Somehow, though, there’s a certain poetry to the words that do come out, however mixed up they are. I think my head’s just wired up differently! Your video for the single ‘Spider’ is very theatrical and you wear some pretty ‘out there’ outfits which, for a former art student, is no surprise... I make a lot of my own clothes, and at the minute I’m working with the designer Mrs Jones on some outfits. She made Kylie’s white jumpsuit (from the video for ‘Can’t get you out of my head’), so that should be interesting. I have an idea for a costume I can actually play - a guy who makes musical instruments is working on a skirt made of strings for me! You worked with the producer Youth, who has worked with big acts such as U2 and The Verve, on the album. How was that? Youth brought a completely fresh perspective. He was able to come along and look at things from a distance and say ‘this would work well’. He’s such a cool guy, and I have to say I didn’t meet one girl who didn’t say ‘wow – he is really attractive!’ Is it important to you that the new album is successful? I really hope it does well because it means I’ll have the opportunity to do more things. I love having Manchester as my base, but I want to get around the world as much as I can, playing and doing what I love. My best friend’s from Ireland and I’ve spent a lot of time over here in the past, so hopefully I’ll make it here for a live gig soon. Kirsty’s album Pure Blue Green is out now.

She is not a robot: Pop’s latest gem Marina Diamandis talks exclusively to Mary-Anne McNulty on her heady rise to fame...

“I went to stage school because the Spice Girls got their big break by answering an advert in The Stage and I thought ‘well, this must be the way to do it’” Hat’s off: Marina’s quirky fashion sense is renowned.

Hi Marina. You’ve been playing loads of festivals this summer; having fun? I did 28 last year, so I know the drill pretty well. I’m better known this time round, though, so it’s much easier. It’s nice being ferried around and the crowds I’m performing to are bigger because they know the album. ‘Robot’ and ‘Hollywood’ are the favourites; everyone really gets into them so it’s been great. What’s it like being away from home for so long? I’m not really one for getting homesick. I’ve always been someone who gets anxious if I’m not doing anything. It feels strange to me when I’m sitting round at home too much, so I actually love being on the road and having a purpose.

part of me. I love Greek culture because it’s less submissive, and as a nation the people are very comforable about expressing themselves. The Welsh side of me is harder to define. I’m a singer, which is obviously something Wales is well known for. I suppose I have a more reticent side to me, which could be defined as typically British. In the UK we often don’t really say what we think. Not like here in Ireland - Irish people will always tell you exactly what’s on their mind! You’ve really made your mark with the popularity of your album The Family Jewels. Is being a successful musician something you’ve always wanted? Definitely. There was always a drive in me that I can’t remember being without. I really wanted to make it. For a long time I didn’t dare admit my ambition because I was afraid people would ridicule me, but when I turned 18 I told everyone I was heading to London to try and make something of myself in the music world. There’s a lot of aspiring singers out there. Was it tough getting to where you are now?

You’re well know for your quirky fashion sense. Where so you get your clothes? I do a little shopping on ebay and hunt around vintage shops quite a bit; it’s amazing some of the great clothes you can pick up for a really affordable price. Occasionally I’ll splash out on something if I really love it. l bought this fantastic pair of Givenchy black leather wedges and I felt a little bit guilty about the price, but I know I’ll wear them for years. You grew up in Wales but your dad’s Greek. How does that mixed heritage come out in your personality? I’m split down the middle. My Greek side is definitely the more fiery and expressive

It took a lot of work. I reseached how my biggest idols had made it, read every Madonna biography going and everything about the Spice Girls, thinking that there must be a template you could follow that would lead to success. I even went to stage school because the Spice Girls got their big break by answering an advert in The Stage and I thought ‘well, this must be the way to do it’. But I was wrong. I’m not really a ‘jazz hands’ musical theatre type of girl, and what I learned in those early days was that there’s no clear path to fame. So eventually I just starting focusing on my writing, and making my music better, and that’s when things started to take off. You’ve been in the limelight for the past 12 months. Is it everything you expected? There havn’t been too many surprises yet. I’ve been an overthinker my whole life, so in some ways I’ve been prepared for what a life in the music indursty would be like. Plus, I’m not really into the whole fame game thing. You’ll never see me falling out of clubs or anything, becasue I’m here to

do one thing and I don’t want to be featured in the press for anything other than my music.If you court it and live your life solely for the fame, then you’re going to attract that type of attention, and I just don’t relate to that kind of desire.

“For a long time I didn’t dare admit my ambition because I was afraid people would ridicule me” Your live shows have been highly praised by the music press, and you’re set to play Derry’s Nerve Centre in October. What can we expect? I want the people who turn up to my gigs to feel like friends and family. I hate the idea of the ‘fan’. I love talking to them and try to make it a really intimate experence no matter what size the venue is. I absolutely love playing in Ireland; they are just the best gigs. Again I think it has to do with that expressive side of the people here. They’re not afraid to really thow themselves into the moment, and I love that because I’m a very open person and I love the way they respond to the drama of my show.

The music industry is very competitive. What do you think is the best way to achieve a long and successful career? I think it’s really important to isolate yourself, keep yourself in a bubble. I like being removed from things, and I don’t think you should worry too much about keeping up with current trends. The best pop music is never inspired by listening to other music anyway. Keep being passionate and stimulated, and you can only do that if you truly believe you were born to do it, which I do.

Marina and the Diamonds play the Nerve Centre, Derry, on Friday 29th October


3rd - 5th September

Folk & Gypsy night

Millennium Forum, Derry, 7.30pm plus Sat/Sun matinee (tel: 028 7126 4455)

Sandinos, Derry, 10pm (028 7130 9297)

The internationally-renowned Celtic dance extravaganza has been going for 15 years and still remains one of the most phenomenally successful shows in the world. Boasting an innovative fusion of traditional and contemporary dancing and a rousing musical score that guarantees goose bumps, the demand for this limited run is bound to be high.

Popular Derry band Balkan Alien Sound bring their unique brand of folk-infused gypsy swing to Sandinos for what promises to be a raucous night. Also gracing the stage will be The Moulettes, an innovative five-piece whose fiery mix of gypsy, classical, jazz, rock and dance is said to be electric.

Phil Nichol: Welcome to Crazytown

10th September

Lady Gaga Tribute Act

The Playhouse, Derry, 8pm (028 7126 8027)

Waterside Theatre, Derry, 8pm (028 7131 4000)

In 1974, American beat poet Bobby Spade performed his semi-autobopgraphical masterpiece Welcome to Crazytown! at Baltimore’s famous jazz club, Bertha’s. Things ended in near tragedy when a jilted lover stormed the club gunning for Spade. One of Spade’s most devoted fans, accomplished actor and comedian Phil Nichol will recreate that historic event with a riotously funny show that has garnered widespread acclaim.

Seasoned tribute expert Jeni Jaye’s Lady Gaga bears a remarkable resemblance to the real thing, complete with pitch perfect vocals and all the best Gaga-esque dance moves. This fully choreographed show brings you hits such as ‘Poker face’, ‘Paparazzi’ and ‘’Just Dance’ to name but a few.

Waterside Half Marathon

12th September

A Single Man

Waterside, Derry, 9.30am (02890890342)

Nerve Centre Cinema, Derry, 8pm (028 7126 0562)

Now in its 29th year, this popular annual event will see a wide array of runners, joggers, wheelchair participants and walkers of all abilities take to the Waterside streets. This year’s event, which starts at Gransha Grounds, is expected to see a recordbreaking 1500+ participants, with a further 500 anticipated for the 3K fun run. Many of them will be raising funds for charity, so if you have a friend or colleague taking part, be sure to dig deep.

Fashion designer Tom Ford’s directorial debut, set in 1960s Los Angeles, is a mini masterpiece. Colin Firth gives a career best performance as a middle-aged college professor struggling to come to terms with the loss of his partner Jim. Blu-ray screening.

Dr. Watt’s Squeeze Box

16th September

Maire – a Woman of Derry

The Playhouse, Derry, 8pm (028 7126 8027)

Millennium Forum, Derry, 8pm (tel: 028 7126 4455)

Top Derry playwright Dave Duggan’s comedy theatre piece is a hilarious exploration of some of the most famous historical figures associated with the city. A magical old squeeze box brings a host of characters to life, including Colmcille, Amelia Earhart and Dana, to name a few. Performed by Lilliput, the Playhouse’s resident theatre company, there will also be 10.30am matinees on the 15th and 16th.

Derry playwright Brian Foster’s superb tragicomedy has enjoyed worldwide success, and consistently plays to packed houses whenever it makes a welcome return to Derry. Carmel McCafferty’s poignant portrayal of street alchoholic Maire is one of the finest performances you’ll ever see on a stage.

8th September

11th September

14th September

17th September

The Big Oak Literary and Arts Festival

18th September

Prehen House, Derry, 12pm (

19th September

Nerve Centre, Derry, (028 71 26 0562)

A great opportunity to get up close and personal with the leading lights of Northern Ireland’s literature, music, comedy and cinema scenes, including Colin Bateman, Gerry Anderson and Anita Robinson. Meadbh McGinley will be giving a piano recital, and there’ll be workshops for children in both the house and grounds. Free entry for kids under 12.

Disney on Ice

Brendan Benson Jack White’s best pal and fellow member of The Raconteurs, Brendan Benson is a talented singer/ songwriter in his own right. Skillfully blending his indie rock roots with a keen ear for a good pop tune, the Michigan-born musician has an extensive solo repertoire from which to wow the Nerve Centre crowd.

24th-26th September

Colin Murphy

Odyssey Arena, Belfast, various times (028 9073 9074)

An Grianan Theatre, Letterkenny, 8pm (00353 7491 20777)

This special ‘100 years of magic’ fanfare production features more than 60 unforgettable Disney stars that span the decades, a sing-along score of awardwinning music, stunning choreography, elaborate sets and beautiful costumes. Joining old favourites such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse will be characters from The Lion King, Mulan, Lilo and Stitch and many more.

His consistently funny observations ensure he’s a regular guest on a variety of TV panel shows, but Irish comic Colin Murphy truly comes into his own on the live stage. With an endearing love of the absurd and an energy that is infectious, this is one show you won’t want to miss. Colin is also performing at Derry’s Playhouse on September 11th.

25th September








Opening Times: Mon, Tues, Sat 9-6 Wed, Thurs, Fri 9-9 Sun 1-6


Pure’s verdict on this year’s festival... performance. al hlight has to be loc the very cool, en ev Or . en eg Pure’s personal hig y. ntr Ge . Forget Ox ed nic nd Pic La ic mes the pensive, Electr favourites Here Co but ridiculously ex g like a kin al in tiv loo , fes rty sic he mu Do st be Lead singer Marty Glasgowbury is the Torn, whipped the g and bearded Rip un yo was Ireland! at ll and the only pity d an absolute ba fans into a frenzy, The Pure team ha le while n litt rai a d the t ye tha pla t ve fac ha and the that they couldn’t this year’s event, nus. just an added bo r. ge lon stayed away was for a was great, the ellers pitched up And if the music nt Thousands of rev great music and en better. We we to ev s ted wa vo ere de ph sh atmos day-long se gles tures and Ea pic of ing g tak ttin e se sit ing mp nn round the ca t craic, and the stu ached raved abou r looked finer. eryone we appro ev s. wa Rock Valley neve g e rin vib ste the bli k laid-bac delivered a how friendly and Fighting With Wire re! ge, he sta hts in tfig ma fis ly the ug on ance No petty theft or headline perform yed y Glasgow and all t Duke Special pla Well done to Padd ! and though the ten , the ing Glasgowbury 2011 rst bu on l to rol l d ful involved, an in was absolutely ss tne wi to it rth were wo trodden-on toes g t give a mesmerisin a truly unique talen

Cahir from Fighting With Wire rocks the crowd at this year’s Glasgowbury. Picture: Shane Kelly

ALL That Jazz A combination of 3 course meal and cocktails. With music from Cafe Jazz Project and fine food - this is the ultimate dining experience.

8pm, Saturday, September 25th Tickets ÂŁ35.00pp To book tickets call Encore Brasserie on 028 7137 2492

encore brasserie

Ground Floor Millennium Forum

We talk to The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford about life, love and the girls’ latest album... “The worst thing about fame is that everyone feels like you’re public property”

Hi Frankie. Your latest album Headlines is a bit of a mini-album. What prompted you to put it out? We all really loved the songs, and because they sounded so current we didn’t want to wait. There are more and more eight-track albums being released these days, so we thought ‘why not’? The single ‘Missing You’, for example, was just too good to be kept on ice. It’s a song everyone can relate to. Everyone’s been in that situation, where you still love someone but the passion’s gone, and I think the song will speak to a lot of people. You’ve been in the music game since you were really young. Is this something you were born to do? Definitely. Originally I went to dance school, as that was something I always loved doing, and from there I went on to stage school. When I auditioned for S Club Juniors I didn’t realise at the time how big a thing that would be, but I have to say that whole experience was something I never found overwhelming. Singing and dancing is all I know, and I think when you’re young it’s easier to be in the spotlight. What’s the best and worst thing about being a pop star? The best thing is that I get to perform and do what I love doing. The worst is that everyone feels like you’re public property. They’ll say anything to you or about you, and sometimes forget that you’re a oersin with feelings and that negative comments can be very hurtful.

“Dougie and I realised how much we meant to one another”

Yes, there were a lot of abusive comments posted on Twitter when you split with Dougie (from McFly) earlier this year. That must have been tough... Yeah, it was. We’re both only young, and as most people do at that age, we’ve been

through a stage where we’ve broken up and got back together again. The difference for us was that the state of our relationship was the focus of so much media attention.

Frankie wants to keep her relationship with Dougie out of the spotlight. So how are things between you at the minute? Like everyone else, our relationship has been through its ups and downs, but ultimately we realised how much we meant to one another. We both understand what it feels like to be in the public eye. Me and Dougie don’t tend to go out where we’ll be pictured together, and try to lead as much of a private life as we can. The band is the subject of a new reality TV show, The Saturdays: 24/7, which is airing on ITV2 this autumn. How has that been? The crew were with us all the time, and that really took a while to get used to. Me and Rochelle get caught out loads of times without a scrap of make-up on, so I think my spot on the FHM list will definitely be taking a nosedive next time round! (Frankie was ranked number 4 in the magazine’s ‘100 Sexiest Women’ list of 2010). Are you worried about any of the footage that will be shown? It is kind of scary to be that exposed, but in saying that we’re always ourselves when we’re on TV shows and stuff anyway, so hopefully everyone will just see us as normal people. The producers say they want the show to be as unedited as possible, but hopefully there won’t be too many embarrassing moments. We can’t expect any catfights amongst the girls, then? No! I know the press would love it if we were at each other’s throats all the time, but in reality we all get on really well. There are never any big arguments or crying scenes. You come across as the feisty member of The Saturdays. How would the others describe you? The first thing they’d say is that I’m a massive flirt! Other than that, I think they would say that I always tell it like it is; no matter what question I’m asked, I’ll always give an honest answer. The Saturdays album Headlines is out now


Our ship is coming in With the North West’s tourism industry beginning to really flourish, now is the time to fully invest in a trained workforce that will meet the demand, says Mary-Anne McNulty... There’s been a real buzz in the Derry air this last month, what with the City of Culture win and the recent news that the city will be both a participant in and host port for the Clipper race in 2012. For the first time in a long time, there’s a very real sense that our economy could be headed for a massive improvement, and the consensus seems to be that tourism is the key to that success. One of Derry’s greatest strengths, our riverfront, looks set to be transformed over the next few years, with the Peace Bridge expected to be completed by Easter of next

Derry’s City of Culture status is expected to provide a huge boost for the local economy

Buzz: Derry’s participation in the Clipper race will be a massive economic boost for the city.

“Tourism is going to be our key economic driver in the years to come” year, and the Ebrington refurbishment not far behind. It’s estimated that more than 100,000 visitors will descend on Derry for the Clipper race, with the projected cash revenue somewhere in the region of a healthy £6 million. But that event should be just the tip of the iceberg. It genuinely seems our public sector representatives are mobilising themselves to create the necessary infrastructure in which a vibrant and lucrative tourism industry can thrive, and our City of Culture status is the perfect platform from which to showcase the great things Derry has to offer to the wider world. One of the main responsibilities now, for both the private and public sectors, is to ensure that we have a fully tooled-up workforce ready to greet those visitors when they come. The North West Regional College already offers a wealth of tourism and hospitality-related courses, but it would be great to see that expanded further so that an acclaimed centre of excellence in the area of tourism training existed right here in the city. We could also be exploring ways in which the private sector can work more closely with our educational bodies to ensure that that those who have acquired essential skills are finding gainful employment, and also ways in which wages, conditions and training for those working in the front line of the hospitality industry can be improved. The shirt factories are gone, and the call centres, seduced by more cost-effective climes in Asia, have one foot out the door. Tourism is going to be our key economic driver in the years to come, so it’s right that we’re investing in the physical infrastructure needed to progress. But we need to make sure investment in our people – Derry’s single greatest asset – merits the same attention.

Bulletin board who’s doing what

in the local business scene

Richmond thrives on Facebook

The Richmond Centre is the latest local enterprise to see an upsurge of traffic on its website thanks to the wonders of social networking. The shopping centre recently did a big push on its Facebook page promoting a weekly prize giveaway, and the move prompted a 70 percent rise in unique visits to their website compared to the month before. Richmond manager Fergal Rafferty told us: “Social networking has become an invaluable promotional tool in the era of digital communication, and the number of hits we received as a result of this latest promotion proves just how useful it is.” Richmond are now taking a leaf out of Pure’s book by offering, as we did, a special prize to their 1000th Facebook fan. And, because our generosity knows no bounds, we’re giving Pure’s 2000th fan a nice pressie too, so start clicking ‘like’ immediately if you haven’t already done so!

New Venture for Derry designer

Pure wishes John McDaid the very best of luck with his new business, STILL, a design consultancy based in Bishop Street. The company specialises in thoughtful, high quality design for web, apps and paper, and focuses on design for people working for positive social and cultural change in the areas of the arts, community and voluntary work . John, formerly with the Verbal Arts Centre and a member of the Institute of Designers Ireland, has 10 years experience in website design. Say hello to! Starting up: STILL’s John McDaid

Brits Awards for Derry?

This burning question is something many of our readers have been asking us, so we’ve done a bit of investigating on your behalf. The City of Culture team has been in talks with the Brits organisers regarding viable venues, facilities etc, and several options are being explored, from using a large temporary structure to developing existing sites. At the minute, nothing’s been decided, but we can expect to know more in the months ahead – here’s hoping!

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Invest in the best Why buying a great mattress is money well spent Why do so many of us consider spending money on a really great mattress to be a luxury? Given that we spend a third of our lives in the land of nod, the importance of a sound and restful sleep is sometimes grossly underestimated. Studies suggest that a fitful or interrupted sleep can have a massively detrimental effect on our waking day and is linked to a host of problems, from stress and fatigue to reduced alertness and mood swings. When you think about the fact that we’ll happily spend upwards of £1,000 on a new plasma TV or £600 on a set of shiny new golf clubs, it seems madness that we would short-change ourselves in the bedroom with cut-price mattresses that will do nothing but punish our bodies instead of investing in something that could be life-changing. A good mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep, and it’s important to pick one that suits your individual needs. Memory foam is considered the ultimate for a restful sleep, and we’ve found the Ferrari of all mattresses, the Hilton, available at Restex beds in Lisfannon. At 16 inches deep and with a four inch memory foam layer on both the top and bottom, this is definitely one bed you won’t want to get out of! There are many mattresses available at Restex that are manufactured on site and can also be made to suit your own needs. With 20 percent off selected mattresses at the minute, our advice is try them out and see which one is just right for you; a sneaky test drive in the Ferrari is definitely recommended.



Whatever your income, your home can feel like a palace With the global recession still exerting a strong influence over the interiors scene, a major trend in home furnishings this autumn and winter is expected to revolve around the theme of homegrown opulence. With less bucks to spend on the likes of holidays, cars or even dining out, more time is being spent at home, and the urge to cocoon ourselves and luxuriate in megacomfortable domestic surrounds has never been stronger. No colour says opulence more than regal purple, which is why you’ll see a wealth of rich, plummy hues in all good homeware sections this season. Whether you opt for a decadent-looking velvety duvet or an

eye-catching coloured glass lamp, a hint of purple used in the right way can make you feel as if you’re living like a queen - even if your pay packet says differently! Be warned, though; this is a strong colour you’re working with, so make sure you contrast with more subtle hues, such as light grey, charcoal and eau de nil (a pale yellowish green that goes really well with purple). This luxuriant vibe will also rely heavily on chrome and brushed metallic accessories as well as lots of coloured glass and gothic knickknacks, so get into extravagence mode now and prepare for a season of splendour!

Ascot duvet cover, £45, Ascot pillowcase pair, £21, multi-coloured lanterns in small (£15) medium (£35) and large (£75), all from Matthew Williamson’s ‘Butterfly’ collection, Debenhams

Small round black art vase, £12, large black art vase, £38, large animal lustre vase, £28, all from Julien MacDonald’s ‘Star’ collection, Debenhams

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Hydrangea Wallpaper, Next £15

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Split personality: Vincent shines in the video for Django Django’s single ‘WOR’

Given the current economic climate, deciding to forego a steady job as an architect to pursue a full-time career in pop music is a brave move. But as friends of Derry man Vincent Neff will tell you, tenacity is one of his defining characteristics. Vincent, 31, grew up in the Templegrove area of the city, but is currently living in London and enjoying his role as lead singer of up-and-coming electronica four-piece Django Django. As a school pal of his sister Jennifer, I knew Vincent from a young age. He was a bit of a showman even then, so it came as no surprise when she told me he was making waves in the music industry. “I left work for good in February,” says Vincent. “We had a deadline to get our first album finished so I wanted to give it my full attention. When I told my parents, they were really supportive; they trust me to try something if I think it’s worthwhile.” The gamble seems to be paying off. Their witty and melodious repertoire of dance-infused indie pop has seen them tipped for great things by the music press, and in addition to making the line up of this year’s One Big Weekend and Glastonbury festivals, Django Django

have landed a recording contract that will see the release of their debut album in February of next year. Plus, their music has also won over the guys at Coca Cola. A four-minute ad for the soft drink giant’s latest product, ‘Burn Ignite’, uses the Django Django song ‘WOR’ as the soundtrack (check it out on YouTube). Vincent and his bandmates have been friends since they met at Edinburgh University almost ten years ago. “We’re all really good mates,” he says, “and we’re pretty self-sufficient when it comes to the band. We produce our own music, me and Dave, the drummer, write the songs, and Dave, Tommy and Jimmy are all artists so they create the videos.” The guys have been gigging all over the UK, but there’s still one crucial stage that Vincent has yet to grace - his home town. He says: “I have a promoter friend who’s based back home, so he’s going to arrange a gig for us in Derry when the album comes out in February. “It’ll be the first time I’ve sung here since I was in the St Eugene’s Cathedral Choir as a boy!” Check out Django Django at

northland road, Derry Telephone 028 7126 0490

amazing wedding packages



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Tel: 028 7126 0490


toronto The New York of the north

Nikita Hans gives us the low down on Canada’s most eclectic, vibrant city N otoriously tagged the ‘mirror image of New York,’ Toronto is Canada’s largest and most eclectic city, boasting a vibrant culture, breathtaking scenery and artistic attractions. Renowned for its welcoming attitude to immigrants, Toronto’s diverse population is a major factor in the city’s culturally vibrant, cosmopolitan and – despite its size – cosy feel.

If the hectic pace and vastness of major cities like New York or Chicago seem a tad overwhelming, but you’d like to get a flavour of North America, then a trip across the Atlantic to Toronto may just fit the bill. The city boasts an impressively low crime rate and ultra clean air, and whether you’re looking for excellent shopping, astounding landmarks or lively festivals, a visit here is bound to impress.



Century Room, King Street West Slip on your dancing gear and hit one of the best clubs in the city. With its fuchsia pink bar, LCD monitors, different sound rooms and Italian interior, you’re guaranteed to have a ball in this pimped out dance cave.

Shop Toronto Eaton Centre, Yonge Street Located in the heart of the downtown core, Toronto’s Eaton Centre houses more than 280 stores and is known to be Toronto’s biggest tourist attraction. It’s a perfect place to spend the day and wind your way through pristine stores including Mango, Zara, Victoria’s Secret’s and Abercrombie & Fitch. Kensington Market, Kensington Avenue Kensington market is like taking a trip around the world, hosting a unique mix of clothing, antiques and art. You’ll find products from the Middle East, Caribbean, Africa and Asia. It’s the perfect escape from the high-rises and department stores.

Take some time out from shopping in Dundas Square

Niagara Falls, one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions



Toronto Islands If you want to escape the city life, you can hop onto a ferry and sail across to the Toronto Islands. With parks, beaches, tennis courts, boat rentals and an amusement park, the islands are the perfect place to spend your day. Best of all, the ferry only costs £6!

CN Tower The city’s defining landmark and famously known as the world’s tallest free standing building. Enjoy breathtaking views from the top and take a walk on the glass floor – a mere 113 storeys high! And don’t leave leave without checking out the tower’s revolving restaurant, ‘360’, which boasts an award-winning wine list and selection of fine foods.

Dundas Square Situated against the backdrop of the city’s flourishing skyscrapers and shops, Dundas square is Toronto’s ideal meeting place and entertainment venue. With ongoing festivals, free live concerts and street performers, this is the perfect place to go for a break from shopping.

Eat The Pickle Barrel, Yonge Street Known for its expansive 10-page menu and attractive interior, the Pickle Barrel is the perfect location to go for a bite to eat. Portions are larger than average and prices range from £6-£12, making it the perfect spot to go for a Canadian breakfast, lunch or dinner. Specialities include the delicious Montreal smoked meat deli sandwich and the thick sliced French toast served with bacon and a bottle of pure maple syrup.

Get there Return flights from Belfast to Toronto between August and December usually start at £450, taxes included. You can fly from Belfast International Airport and get a connecting flight in America to Toronto. Direct flights are currently available from Dublin, with direct flights from Belfast in the pipeline for summer 2011.


Enjoy a traditional Canadian breakfast of French toast, bacon and maple syrup

Delta Chelsea Hotel, Gerrard Street West Located in the heart of the city, the Delta Chelsea is the perfect place to stay if you want something affordable, luxurious and walking distance from all the attractions. With an inside swimming pool, water slide, health club and kids club, this hotel is the perfect destination for couples and families. Room prices vary depending on availability, but generally run from about $100 (£65).

Niagara Falls Renowned for its beauty, Niagara Falls straddles the international border between Canada and America and is a lifetime experience in itself. With contemporary restaurants, upscale hotels, casinos, nightclubs and theme parks, Niagara Falls is the perfect holiday destination for couples and families alike. Best of all, it’s only a short drive away from the bustling city of Toronto.

If only all apprenticeships were as cool as this! Pure asks the cast of Disney’s blockbuster about their first ever jobs...

My first job was working in a morgue, or mortuary as we call it in England. It was a hospital mortuary, and my job was to wheel the cadavers down from the wards, and fill in the tags with all the relevant information. It was dreary, and boring, but it paid really well, considering the amount of work involved.

After I graduated college, I was hired beneath the ground floor by the advertising firm of MacManus John & Adams, which had offices near Detroit, where I grew up. My parents wanted me to become a doctor, lawyer or dentist. I wanted instead to be a low paid employee in the mail room of an advertising agency that handled the General Motors account. I wanted an outlet for my creativity, but I couldn’t afford to live anywhere else but at home in Michigan. I worked hard, doing mail runs on weekends, and people started to notice that I was always around doing my job. Soon they allowed me to produce my own commercials, and I did one which spoofed Bonnie and Clyde to sell Pontiac automobiles. It was mentioned by Time magazine and won a few awards, and the big New Yorkbased advertising firm of BBD&O then hired me, where I continued to learn how to tell stories in 60 seconds or less.

My first job was selling popcorn and candy at the Fairfax movie theater in Los Angeles. I would watch movies there and try to figure out how I was going to go from the popcorn stand to the screen.

My first job, believe it or not, was working for Dick Clark when I was 17 years old on a TV special called Whatever Became of... It was insanely cool. So cool that I’m not even mentioning my real first job picking dead azaleas off my neighbor’s bushes for ten dollars.

At 15, my first job ever was to dress up as Strawberry Shortcake at my local supermarket. So every weekend I would get into my costume and parade through the aisles of the supermarket with the massive plastic head balancing on my shoulders! It got so hot and claustrophobic in that suit that the following summer, I upgraded my job to drive-through teller at Burger King!

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is in cinemas now

When I was a very skinny, strange looking 12-year-old boy I was murdered. Yup. That’s right, murdered. By an orange gelatinous monster in a swimming pool. During the mid 1950s. If any of this sounds insane it’s because my first job was appearing in an episode of the Nickelodeon show Are You Afraid of The Dark? entitled “The Tale Of The Deadman’s Float.” It was awesome but I won’t lie—I reeked of chlorine for a long time. And I screamed like a girl. A very skinny, strange looking girl—with a super high voice.

It was a paper round. I was the highestpaid paper boy because I did an extra three rounds on Sundays.

Keen to improve her questionable culinary skills, Mary-Anne McNulty headed out to My Little Kitchen cookery school for a class that proved both educating and entertaining... As a graduate of the Old El Paso school of cookery, I’ve always been jealous of folk who instinctively know how to produce great food from scratch without resorting to packets or jars. I love cooking, but I lack the confidence to go outside my comfort zone, so I tend to stick to tried and tested stuff like spaghetti bolognaise, chicken fajitas and prawn stir fry. Desperate to broaden my culinary horizons, I ventured out to My Little Kitchen cookery school in Greysteel for an evening class on how to prepare the perfect Thai supper. The school, run by husband and wife team Phil and Nuala Ford, gives enthusiastic amateurs the opportunity to improve their cooking skills in a variety of different styles, including Italian, Thai, seafood and Indian. Tonight’s class was run by Phil, a seasoned chef with more than 20 years experience under his belt. Phil worked out in Australia for many years, a country strongly influenced by Asian food, so his knowledge of Thai cooking is encyclopaedic.

“I thought we would merely get a small sample of each dish, but we enjoyed a four-course Thai banquet.” Phil’s teaching method is anything but stuffy, and the first surprise of the evening was just how interactive the proceedings were. I’ve attended a few courses elsewhere where the chef jealously guarded the stove and made everyone watch him show off, but Phil was

keen for all six participants to get their hands dirty and really throw themselves into the night’s cooking. While we chopped, marinated and drizzled, Phil happily answered the many questions fired at him and impressed with his mastery of the art of Thai cooking. He taught us a lot, not just about what food combinations work best and how to master certain techniques, but also really useful practical stuff like where to source tricky ingredients or what brands of utensils are the best investment. Another pleasant surprise was that we all sat down, after preparing each dish, and ate our food at the dining table in the adjoining room. I thought we would merely get a small sample of each dish, but we enjoyed a four-course Thai banquet – complete with a few glasses of really excellent wine! One of the highlights of the evening was when Phil invited us, in turn, to create an intricately-designed eggnet on a special hot-plate. The method looked quite difficult and we were all nervous doing it, but Phil was so relaxed and encouraging that we all got into the spirit of it and had a laugh, and not to sound too competitive, but mine was definitely the best! Given that these classes bring strangers together, it’s really important to have the right atmosphere. Had it not been such a relaxed vibe, the level of interaction between the guests, and with Phil himself, may not have been so extensive, so it’s great to see that the guys at My Little Kitchen place just as much of an emphasis on this as they do the food. I’m always stumped about what to buy certain friends and family at Christmas, but this year should be a doddle – classes at My Little Kitchen all round!

MENU To start Aromatic Tom Yum soup Thai beef salad Main course Pork and prawns in eggnet To finish Pineapple with lime syrup and vanilla ice-cream rolled in toasted coconut Wines Loosen Brothers Riesling Grande Reserve de Bergerac sauvignon

For more info check out the website:

Free studio sitting

100 prints + CD for only 9.99º

SnappySnaps, 1 Carlisle road, L’Derry, BT48 6JJ, Tel: 02871 36 9369 Web:


Determined to prove that a dinner without meat can be immensely satisfying, food blogger and vegan convert Aine Carlin bravely invited a group of carnivores to the Carlin family home in Griffiths Park for an unforgettable feast… I love food. I’m not entirely sure where this obsession came from but here I am; a food blogger and a recent but proud vegan convert. Many people find it hard to get their head around the fact a vegan (‘what do they eat anyway?’) can be stir crazy, head over heels in love with eating. So, when I was asked to host this dinner party it was the perfect opportunity to dispel those myths and give veganism a better name – one that doesn’t have connotations with deprivation, lettuce and holier than thou hippies. I thought long and hard about my menu - stressed about it a wee bit too much - but finally settled on one that would leave my guests feeling satisfied and (fingers crossed) not wanting a KFC on their way home. I’ll admit to perhaps overcompensating for the lack of meat with an array of dishes and probably a nibble too far – I made four, yikes! Of course it didn’t all go smoothly – what dinner party does? I’ve learnt in my long hosting history to now take things in my stride and roll with the punches. Okay, so I was in the now unfamiliar territory on my parents’ kitchen, and I may have misjudged the temperature of the oven, which meant our main was delayed for a few minutes but the conversation (and the wine) flowed and nobody seemed to mind so I wasn’t overly

concerned. I try my very best to relax at my dinner parties because let’s face it, it ain’t all about the food. To aid me in this casual, laid-back manner (in truth I’m like a duck who looks calm on the surface whilst furiously paddling underneath) I like to prepare as much food as possible in advance. I had a hot starter so I was only away from my guests for a short period and the open plan dining arrangement helped me to not feel isolated. I wanted to have a salad starter, which would’ve solved that problem, but I was terrified of serving my carnivorous guests ‘rabbit food’ in case it confirmed their deep-seeded suspicions about Vegan food. I needn’t have worried, though, because my guests were wonderfully open-minded and seemed to genuinely enjoy the food (I haven’t seen the marks yet so I could have flax seed on my face yet!). The revelation of the night was the whipped coconut cream, which people were practically fighting over – If I’d known what a hit it was going to be I would’ve made more! All I hope is that my guests left feeling not that they had eaten some great ‘vegan’ food but that they simply had enjoyed a fantastic meal. Should you wish to try the delicious cream of the Gods yourself, all the recipes from the evening are on my blog:

“I try my very best to relax at my dinner parties because let’s face it, it ain’t all about the food.” Helen McAlister

“I thought Aine’s dinner party was excellent. She made us all feel very welcome and comfortable, and the food was extremely tasty. My favourite was the tartlet with the minted pea, which was delicious. Some restaurants have very limited vegetarian options, but Aine opened up a whole new world to me and has definitely encouraged me to try more vegetarian dishes in future.” Score: 10/10 L-R: Joanne Doherty, Helen McAllister, Mairead Carlin, Isobel McAdams, Marie Carlin and Aine Carlin enjoy their meal.


MENU On arrival Elderflower Prosecco cocktail Nibbles Butternut squash crostini Roasted tofu with basil pesto Hummus Guacamole Starter Linguine in a breadcrumb sauce Main course Minted pea, asparagus and caramelised red onion tart served with a green bean and potato salad in a lemon dijon dressing and summertime succotash

Hostess with the mostest Aine Carlin

Pure’s verdict: As Aine is a successful food blogger, we had high hopes that her dinner party would be of an excellent standard, but we were simply amazed at the professional calibre of the dishes she produced. Besides the fact that she showed experience beyond her years in terms of the flavour and texture combinations of her food, we can also state without reservation that not a single one of her plates would look out of place in a top restaurant: the presentation and colour were a cut above. And it’s no easy task to achieve the wow factor when there’s no meat on the table. Many of us regard vegetarian dishes as the supporting act when it comes to eating a great meal, but Aine proved that, done right, vegan food can be the star of the show!

Dessert Summer pudding with cherry sorbet and whipped coconut cream Wines Sainsbury’s organic shiraz Sainsbury’s muscadet (Both vegan-friendly) To finish Amaretto coffee with soy cream

Score: 9/10

Isobel McAdams

Joanne Doherty

Mairead Carlin

“I never order vegetarian food when I’m dining out, so I was glad to be given the opportunity to experience a meat-free menu. Aine was a very relaxed host and happily answered all our questions. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety. The colour and texture of the main course was amazing, but all the food was lovely– it felt as if we never stopped eating all night!”

“I had a fantastic night. The food was delicious and Aine was a great host. She left us plenty of room between courses and had everything timed to perfection. My favourite dish was the summer pudding dessert with coconut cream. I never imagined something without real cream would be so tasty. This was my first vegan dinner party and I have to say it was a really great evening.”

“I didn’t miss not having meat at all. I was amazed at the flavours Aine got into all her dishes, and I particularly loved the cherry sorbet and coconut cream dessert. I know people might think I’m biased because she’s my sister, but I can honestly say that if this party was thrown by a stranger I’d still give it full marks!”

Score: 9/10

Score: 9.5/10

Score: 10/10

95 % 47


Timber Quay by David Kavanagh After a long hard week in the office we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at Timber Quay. To be honest it was quite some time since my last visit, but after a great night’s food, drink and craic it won’t long be as long ’til my next. Firstly, the design of the restaurant is second to none; very uber modern with super stylish wood panelling and with the most stunning views across the Foyle definitely one of the best settings for a restaurant in the city! There was a nice crowd there on the night and the atmosphere was electric – there’s traditional Irish music played live every Friday. I have to say I found the music a little strange in a modern restaurant setting, but within ten minutes I had my foot tapping along to the music in rhythm and it definitely kept me entertained all night! The staff were very friendly and accommodating, and had us sat comfortably at our table within minutes and a nice chilled bottle of New Zealand Marlborough sauvignon blanc poured into our glasses before long. For starters we shared a selection of bruschettas whilst we kicked back, relaxed and enjoyed the music. When they arrived we were well impressed, four big slabs of bread with gigantic portions of tasty fillings on top – exactly how we like them but maybe a bit too

much for a starter. After devouring the lot we moved onto our mains and I couldn’t believe what was to come. I ordered the usual Derry dinner (fillet Steak, champ, tobacco onions and pepper sauce), and I couldn’t have been happier with what was served. The steak is officially ‘The best fillet steak I have had in at least two years’. It was just perfection, and the meat was tender and succulent beyond belief. Honestly readers, I would definitely recommend a visit if for nothing else but to sample the some of the best steaks this town has to offer. After serious interrogation of the waiting staff we found out that all their meats are organic and bought in fresh from a local renowned supplier – you could literally taste the difference! The Moroccan lamb was a delight; beautifully pink with a rich spiced gravy served on a bed of cous cous. After finishing up on our mains we couldn’t fit in a dessert, but we did have a nosey at the table next to us and theirs looked to die for. In summary, I got one hell of a shock when I visited. Nothing could have prepared me for the taste explosion of flavours from my steak! I’m converted and will save my steak dinners to this restaurant from now on in!

Timber Quay 100 Strand Rd Derry Tel: 028 7137 0020


Cafe Del Mondo by Mary-Anne McNulty You can find me most lunchtimes down at Cafe Del Mondo. I’ve been a fan of this place for quite a while, mainly because the food is super fresh and the staff are really nice. Plus, they have a lovely outdoor seating area that, weather permitting, I’ll be able to enjoy for a week or two yet. My favourite dish on the menu is the chicken and bacon caesar salad because, no matter who the server, it’s always comes topped with a generous portion of thickly-shaved parmesan cheese (overly generous, you might say, so don’t mention this to Eddie Kerr). It comes with a side order of fresh-baked bread that I can say without reservation is the best in town. The goats cheese and spinach tartlet is another winner, which comes with a side salad that is like a meal in itself, loaded up with potato salad, couscous, sumptuous vine tomatoes and other tasty delights. For the sweet-toothed, the white chocolate and raspberry cheescake is excellent, but like practically everything else being served here you really can’t go far wrong if you like fresh and well-seasoned food that hasn’t been within five miles of a deep fat fryer.

And though there’s astute nod to commericalism in the professional and efficient way in which the cafe is run, the relaxed vibe is anything but corporate.The mix of clientele is wide-ranging, from visiting foreign students and jaunty bohemian types through to guys in suits and wee women just off the Ballymac bus. My sister was home on a visit recently and we had lunch here. She’s notoriously hard to please when it comes to food, so I took the fact that she raved about the place the whole way home as a good sign. My only gripe is that the likes of their chilli or beef stroganoff comes with bread or salad but not rice, which I personally would prefer but I’ll let them off if they keep the chunks of parmesan coming. All profits from the cafe go to SEEDS, a charity that promotes racial, ethnic and cultural diversity in the North West, an outlook very much reflected in the diversity of its clientele. Some non-profit cafes come in for criticism for being big on ideals but not great when it comes to business acumen, but Cafe Del Mondo isn’t one of them. I’d gladly eat here every day whether the proceeds were going to charity or not.

Cafe Del Mondo 2 Shipquay Place, Derry Tel: 028 7137 0989



Colum Eastwood

Mayor of Derry Colum Eastwood talks to Pure about all his likes and loves... General Fiasco: Colum’s a big fan of local bands.

Inspirational: Nelson Mandela

Marlon Brando in The Godfather

s to take Stunning: Colum like l Inishowen tifu au be in t ou e tim

Roy Keane, the darling of Man United fans everywhere

I’M REALLY ENJOYING MY TIME AS MAYOR. The best bit for me is that you get to see a lot of the good work going on all across the city. Seeing firsthand the time people give to their communities, and their generosity, is very uplifting.

and Cashier No. 9, and I was raging that this was the first year I couldn’t make it to Glasgowbury. Paddy Glasgow and everyone involved in the festival have done a brilliant job of showcasing local talent.

BEING PART OF THE CITY OF CULTURE BID TEAM has been an amazing experience, and I’m really excited about what the title will bring to the city over the next few years. What makes me proud to be from Derry is the pride that everyone here has in their city, and their ability to unite behind a common goal, whatever background they may be from.

MY PERFECT DAY would involve nothing fancy. Just relaxing down in Moville, or Greencastle, with the sun shining, would be good enough for me.

MY FAVOURITE FILM IS THE GODFATHER. Actually, the whole trilogy is brilliant. They’re a perfect example of filmmaking at its very best. I’M A MANCHESTER UNITED FAN, and Roy Keane is definitely my all time favourite player. And, of course, I’m also a Derry City supporter. I love playing football myself any chance I get, though I haven’t had as much time of late, so I’m not as good a player as I used to be! I’M A BIG FAN OF THE LOCAL MUSIC SCENE. I love bands like General Fiasco

THE PERSON I’D MOST LIKE TO MEET is Nelson Mandela. I know loads of people must say that, but I think he’s such an inspirational character. To have remained so positive in the face of the most abject circumstances is remarkable, and that positivity allowed South Africa to rebuild itself as a nation based on principles of reconciliation and equality. MY FONDEST MEMORY is from when I was a child, playing about on my granda’s farm in Cookstown and getting up to as much mischief as we could get away with! MY BEST FRIEND is my girlfriend Rachel. She’s been really supportive since my term as mayor began, and is doing her bit as mayoress. We have a good laugh together.

Shop ‘til you drop at Richmond

Debenhams Goodie Bag

Courtesy of Debenhams, Foyleside, we’re giving away a bag of beauty treats for one lucky reader. The prize includes Davidoff Champion aftershave, Hugo Boss Orange Sunset perfume and accompanying cosmetic pouch,and two sets of Uran Decay false eyelashes. To enter, email your name and contact details to competitions@ and mark your entry ‘Debenhams’.

Courtesy of our friends at the Richmond Centre, we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win a £100 gift card to spend in-centre. For a chance to win, answer the following question: What’s the name of the leading music and home entertainment chain that has a branch on the top floor of the Richmond Centre? Email your answer, along with your name and contact details, to and mark your entry ‘Richmond’.

Books Giveaway

The Magic of Glee

Due to the massive number of entrants for last month’s Glee competition, we’ve decided to give away another Glee CD this month. This time’s it’s the wonderful ‘Journey to Regionals’ compilation, which features all six songs from the season finale in all their camptastic glory! To enter, email your name and contact details to and mark your entry ‘Glee’. Yellowmoon voucher

As part of their 20th birthday celebrations, Derry’s trendiest clothes shop, Yellowmoon, is giving one lucky reader a £50 voucher to spend in the store. To enter, email your name and contact details to and mark your entry ‘Yellowmoon’. £100 of Smashbox Goodies

Readers, because we’re always thinking of you, we’ve moved heaven and earth to get our hands on some of Smashbox’s hot new ‘Masquerade’ range to give away as a set. The collection consists of eye shadow palette, liquid liner and lash overlay, lip-enhancing gloss and creamy cheek colour and brush. To enter, email your name and contact details to competitions@ and mark your entry ‘Smashbox’.

Laura Love, Eglinton Gareth O’Hare, Derry Gary Ferry, Derry Caroline McLaughlin, Derry Julieanna Striem, Derry Neal McAlister, Derry Martina McComish, Derry

Sarah Glenn, Newry Karen Snook, Norfolk Rita Barrett, Derry Miriam Doherty, Derry Bobby Moran, Derry Bronagh McLaughlin, Derry Lauren Brace, Derry

Courtesy of Eason, Foyleside, we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win all three books reviewed in this month’s issue. To enter, email your name and contact details to competitions@ and mark your entry ‘Eason’.

‘Fame’ at the Millenium

Our friends at the Millennium Forum have kindly donated two pairs of tickets for the dance-tastic musical ‘Fame’, which runs from October 12th-17th. For a chance for you plus a guest to attend the opening night performance on Tuesday October 12th, email your name and contact details to competitions@ and mark your entry ‘Millennium Forum’. Naomi’s Giveaway

Our resident make-up guru Naomi Murphy is giving one lucky lady the chance to win a fantastic bareMinerals ‘Get Started’ kit for eyes, cheeks and lips (medium tan). To enter, email your name and contact details to competitions@ and mark your entry ‘bareMinerals’.

Joanne Duffy, Derry Marie McKendrick, Letterkenny Katrina Borland, Derry Chris Doherty, Derry Elaine McMenamin, Derry Emma McNutt, Derry Denise McGuigan, Derry

Yvonne Gray, Derry Catherine Payne, Derry Deborah Leslie, Derry Amy McDaid, Derry Christine Brace, Derry Lisa McGilloway, Derry

Terms and Conditions The entry deadline for all competitions is 12pm on Tuesday September 20th. Winners are chosen at random and will be notified via email o The editor’s decision is final. Unless where stated otherwise, all entrants must be aged 16 or over. Competition prizes must be claimed within 14 days of notification.

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