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the analects

1.(c) 2.pheromone 3.The Mid Atlantic Ridge 4.Anita Mui 5.(d) 6.figure skating 7.white noise 8.(b) 9.tunnel vision 10.Kepler

1.a Stuka pilot 2.(d) 3.dryoptera 4.James Woods 5.the Isle of Dogs 6.Voltaire 7.Tomb Raider II 8.(c) 10.The Analects

1.Mitsubishi 2.cotton duck 3.(b) 4.1665 5.the Dogon 6.kinetic 7.binary double 8.1000 yards 9.Billie Piper 10.weightlessness

1.(c) 2.(d) 3.bauxite 4.Toshiro Mifune 5.potassium dichromate 6.(a) 7.larceny 8.Baton Rouge 9.(b) 10.Wind, Sand and Stars

a coalition of the willing [the analects]  

the analects volume 2 of three volume set entitled 'a coalition of the willing'

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