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Anu Mineral Water We look forward to seeing you at ANU MINERAL WATER…Getting to know the rules of nutritional function. Click Bio-terrain for the research and report discussing the functions of our Bio terrain…and therefore why ANU water is so helpful. Arnel Lindgren, co-creator and co-formulator of ANU mineral water is a clinical nutritionist with a passion for peak performance. For Arnel and his partner, Bengt Robbert, developing the proprietary blend of ANU comes from years of deep understanding of our digestive system and the holographic nature of our body’s factors for health. Arnel explains that in order for any pathogen to take over an organism, they need to come to power. Basically a foreign invader will evolve over time into more sophisticated states eventually leading to opportunistic virulent forms we’ve come to know as diseases. When our Bio Terrain is overloaded with toxins and pathogens… (fungi, molds, viruses, bacteria and more) It lacks essential minerals, trace elements and nutrients It is either too acidic or too alkaline Our cellular vitality is seriously compromised Our immune system becomes overwhelmedDo you have something to say about this topic? We want to hear your story! Please visit us at Anu Mineral Water

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Anu Mineral Water  
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