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Employee empowerment A strategy that enables the employees to make job related decisions is called employee empowerment. This helps the employees in accomplishing their work and in taking responsibilities. At the level where the customer interface exists, employee empowerment helps the employees to serve the customers well. To make an individual work properly and in an efficient manner, it is important to give the employees the power to make their own decisions. Moreover, it also helps the managers in directing the company towards success as employee empowerment also encourages the employees to come up with new ideas. However, delegation of authority differs from employee empowerment. The companies that are managed by autocratic managers do not utilize employee empowerment properly as they are never willing to give up control. However, the manager who wants employee empowerment in his company should give some control to the employees with respect to their job. Giving employees the freedom to make their own decisions make them feel their worth as having power is something that is considered valuable. An employee made to work in a positive environment where there is not much criticism is always good for the productivity of the company. It is not possible for the employees alone to complete all his tasks because of which he delegates work to his employees so that his targets can be well accomplished. The division of authority that is given to the subordinates is known as delegation of authority and it all about entrusting the employees to do the jobs they are assigned to. Empowering the employees always helps the management in a good strategy execution because the companies opt for certain strategies that develop commitment of the employees towards the organization and this makes them work with dedication. Various organizations opt for centralized and decentralized managerial control options depending on the type of industry they are falling in but the companies such as Whole Foods Market and Nucor have opted for employee empowerment. The companies have installed a suggestion box at the workplace and the workers are encouraged to bring in their suggestions that are read by the managers. Moreover, a forum is also provided to the employees where they can give their response and give their suggestions. This improves both employee commitment as well as efficiency. Assignments are a daily routine but on top of that if you are given essays then you cannot help but ask, “Can anyone write an essay for me?� Here is when our part comes into play. All the students look upon us to manage their essays for different subjects. We are sharp and smart, which makes us the top academic writing service company in this arena.

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