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Travel July 26, 2011

Hiawatha BW

Exposition Internatl

SKU: 2459-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 39" x 53" Price: $80.00 This vintage poster inspired piece would be a great additionto any home office, media room or library. Seen here , the Hiawatha steam engine somes barreling down the tracks with steam rolling out of the stacks. It is leaving behind the skyline in the fog.

SKU: 2336-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 30" x 53" Price: $80.00

Presencia SKU: 3573-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 53" Price: $110.00

Exposition Universelle SKU: 2335-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 30" x 53" Price: $80.00


Gkr 580

Paris With Love BW

SKU: 3574-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 53" Price: $110.00

SKU: 6361-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 53" Price: $90.00 Acorn Studios tribute to all things Parisian. Icons of favorite Paris landmarks and trademarks all cast in solid antiquity. For the confirmed Francophile.

Cruising SKU: 3597-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 58" x 25" Price: $65.00

Travel BW SKU: 6433-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 53" Price: $90.00 A warm shimmering tribute to the travel destinations of the world by gifted artist Stephanie Marrott.


Passport To Eiffel BW

Streets of Paris

SKU: 6471-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 36" Price: $80.00 The neutral and minimalist illustrator quality rendering of the French EiffeTower in mid sized vertical.

SKU: 6558-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 26" x 63" Price: $80.00 An understated and detailed black and white vertical wall hanging depicting famous streets in Paris, France.

Paris Metro SKU: 6543-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 31" x 64" Price: $90.00 A tapestry exclusive, this French metro inspired wall hanging has elements such as scrolling, old post marks and the Eiffel Tower. On a wonderful burlap inspired background in soft cool tones and reds.