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Holiday July 26, 2011

Windswept Journey WH BW

Angel & Dove WW

SKU: 3278-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 42" Price: $85.00 This lovely holiday design of Saint Nick on his windy journey to deliver toys is a pleasing addition to any holiday decor.

SKU: 4141-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 37" Price: $80.00 Lynn Bywaters created one of the most moving and stunning angels I have ever seen. The detail of the way her flowing hair billows over her feathered wings is incredible. She is so tenderly holding a dove in her arms with an olive branch to symbolize peace.

We Three Kings SKU: 3584-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 42" Price: $85.00 This enchanting image tells the story of the most important night in our history. Thousands of tiny stars twinkle in the night sky to welcome baby Jesus. The wisemen and Mary and Joseph look in awe at the miracle of the birth. This will be a great addition to your holiday decor.

Country Music BW SKU: 4372-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 28" Price: $65.00 A beautiful country setting with birch trees and a red barn are peaceful and serene. A pair of red birds sit singing in a dogwood tree. The artist of this piece Norlien, cleverly hides images in the picture.


Angels Sing Bw

Joy To The World Bw

SKU: 5645-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 42" x 53" Price: $85.00

SKU: 5665-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 37" x 53" Price: $80.00

Santas List Bw

Midnight Clear Bw

SKU: 5664-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 42" Price: $85.00

SKU: 5666-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 43" Price: $85.00


Santas Notes by Donald Zolan Wh BW

Guiding Angel WH BW

SKU: 5746-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 39" x 53" Price: $90.00 Santa's cheerful review of his naughty and nice list in rich vibrant colors by artist Donald Zolan.

SKU: 5811-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 40" x 53" Price: $85.00 Schutzengel's angel gently guiding young children over the bridge of troubled waters.

Christmas Topiary Bw

Gothic Panel Bw

SKU: 5751-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 41" x 53" Price: $85.00 A whimsical and light Christmas topiary in vibrant greens and pinks.

SKU: 5850-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 16" x 59" Price: $55.00 A gothic-inspired panel depicting a gargoyle and raven statue and foliage. Expertly woven and a tapestry exclusive.


Hallows Panel Bw

St. Nick BW

SKU: 5851-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 19" x 60" Price: $55.00 A gothic-inspired panel depicting spooky icons. Expertly woven and a tapestry exclusive.

SKU: 5905-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 34" x 44" Price: $65.00 Santa becomes a family member in this cherubic holiday portrait in his vivid red suit with rosy red cheeks.

Halloween Scroll Blck Bw SKU: 5852-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 53" Price: $90.00 A tapestry exclusive. This motif is inspired by the autumnal spirits of Halloween. Intricate architectural scrolling.

Jingle Bells BW SKU: 5747-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 31" x 52" Price: $80.00 A stately Jingle Bells music sheet in an elaborate woven border in cheerful holiday colors.


Gothic Cross BW

The Adoration BW

SKU: 5726-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 38" x 53" Price: $80.00 An elaborate Gothic cross masterpiece in soothing neutrals with a splash of ruby red. A tapestry exclusive by Acorn Studio.

SKU: 6120-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 46" Price: $85.00 Steeped with old world charm and elaborate architecture, this woven adoration scene is lovely. Strikingly woven in gelds with a black damask background.

Skeleton BW SKU: 5916-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 34" x 68" Price: $85.00 Add this seasonal spook to your holiday decor. A rich textured bat motif in the background of a scary full scale skeleton.


The Adoration of the Magi BW

Whispering Angel BW

SKU: 6146-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 63" x 41" Price: $90.00 TheAdoration of the Magiis the name traditionally given to the Christian subject in theNativity of Jesus in artin which thethree Magi, represented as kings, especially in the West, having found Jesus by following astar, lay before him gifts ofgold, frankincense, andmyrrh, and worship him. This powerful tapestry wall hanging is beautifully woven and expertly detailed.

SKU: 5311-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 39" Price: $80.00

Christmas Greetings BW SKU: 5310-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 54" x 38" Price: $80.00



Holiday July 26, 2011 SKU: 3584-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 42" Price: $85.00 This enchanting image tells the story of the most important...


Holiday July 26, 2011 SKU: 3584-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 42" Price: $85.00 This enchanting image tells the story of the most important...