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Formal Residences July 26, 2011


Italian Villa

SKU: 2275-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 46" x 53" Price: $85.00

SKU: 2796-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 36" Price: $80.00 A stunning Italian stucco villa in resplendent yellow and a formal garden grace this elegant formal residence.

Villa D'Orcia SKU: 2710-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 53" Price: $95.00

Villa D'Orcia Small SKU: 2850-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 35" x 35" Price: $55.00


Verona Garden Bw

Summer Dining Room Bw

SKU: 4619-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 38" Price: $80.00

SKU: 5639-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 36" x 53" Price: $80.00

Aviary/Winter Garden Bw

Grandma's Doorway Monogram BW

SKU: 5258-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 37" x 52" Price: $80.00

SKU: 5326-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 52" x 40" Price: $85.00 A monogrammable wall tapestry by artist Graves. This lovely doorway scene, in full springtime bloom, is able to be customized with your last name. Also available without the monogram plate 6188-WH.


Formal Residences  

Formal Residences July 26, 2011 SKU: 2850-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 35" x 35" Price: $55.00 Estanque Villa D'Orcia Small Villa D'Orcia Italia...

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