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Fine Art Tapestries is the world’s leading weaver textured wall décor. Our collection includes art that spans the home décor style range from traditional to modern, we have over 2000 designs online. Our wall tapestries are jacquard woven of unsurpassed quality. We start with the finest yarns then weave them in our own domestic mills and hand finish each one. All of our wall tapestries are backed with a tu nne l rod po cket fo r ea sy hanging.

Our collection includes art that spans the home décor style ranges from traditional to modern. Our wall tapestries are easy to hang and beautiful to view. Our designs are versatile and will work with any form of home décor. At Fine Art Tapestries we have modern designs as well as traditional tapestry images. We work with modern art along with design firms to add to our wall tapestry line each and every month. All of our tapestries are individually designed and woven by trained textile craftsmen.

Our tapestries to companies are available at wholesale all over t h e w o r l d . I f yo u w o u l d l i ke to w o r k w i t h u s , p l e a s e d o n o t h e s i ta te to c o n ta c t u s a t 1 . 8 0 0 . 3 4 4 . 3 1 8 8 ex t . 2 5 7 o r e m a i l u s at

I would like to use this communication to introduce myself and my product line which I feel would be revenue generating business opportunity for our partnership. Our throw blankets, afgans, totes, pillows and especially our tapestries are Made in America products from Lynn, NC. Our products are 100% cotton without polyester fillers. We create jacquard woven heirloom tapestries that are sold internationally. We can offer custom work, we can drop ship and can generally have the completed order delivered within five to seven days. We can offer a limited exclusive line. Whithin this catalog are several images placed in vignettes or rooms shots to better show our tapestries as wall decor. To view more of our products please visit or


Susan Jacobs Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Tuscany Floral 53” x 53” • 2466-WH

Vases billowing with wispy wildflowers of different shades of color sit on a sill over looking a beautiful Tuscan hillside in this woven work of art.

Souls Of Poet Small 53” x 38” • 2002-WH

Corner Cafe 53” x 53” • 1496-WH

French cafe street scene in reds, blacks and beige and grays.


Courtyard Bicycle 38” x 53” • 2077-WH

Domingues used soft hues and colors to create this image. A bicycle sits at the bottom of marble stairs just waiting to be ridden. Lovely yellow flowers are blooming in the sill.

Tuscan Villa II Sienna 53” x 75” • 3735-WH

The viewer is invited in to this warm Tuscan home. A simple walk up the stairstakes us away to Europe. This tapestry is woven with rich warm tones and texturedweaves to accentuate the stucco and potted plants.


Au Bon Jardin 38” x 53” • 2106-WH

The inviting open glass door is open to welcome you in to this French flower shop. Blooming fresh flowers and plants arebegging to be taken home to liven up your home.

Italian Cafe 53” x 53” • 2802-WH


Lets Go For a Spin 53” x 40” • 6554-WH

A light hearted retrospective bicycle drawing in creams and blacks.

Old World Map Tapestry Throw 70” x 54” • 1447-T

Old World Map Tapestry re-creates a double hemisphere map by Frederik de Wit, premier map maker of the 17th century. Polar maps, constellations, and depictions of Aristotle’s four elements fill background.

Map Of The World Large 76” x 53” • 4589-WH

A geographical map of the world with a rich crimson border.


Lighthouse View 40” x 53” • 2217-WH

Paradise Sunset 53” x 34” • 2742-WH


Harbor At Last Light 50” x 53” • 2085-WH

A spectacular explosion of tropical color springs forth in this peaceful and warm harbor scene.

Moorings Low Tide 53” x 53” • 2867-WH


Boston Lighthouse 52” x 41” • 2464-WH

Soak up this image of the famous Boston lighthouse. Seagulls fly above looking for something to eat while waves crash on the majestic shoreline. This is the perfect gift for a lighthouse collector.

Boston Lighthouse Throw 70” x 54” • 2464-T

Surf Dancers Totebag 17” x 17” • 2813-B

Lucelle Raad is know for her realisticm innocent images of children just being

Children Playing on the Beach

themselves. These four kids arecelebrating that there is

53” x 42” • 2906-WH

nothing more fun than to play in the surf on a sunny summer

Children playing on the beach.

afternoon.The innocence of childhood is ever present in this work of art.


De Nice 24” x 53” • 1596-WH

Kiss Small 32” x 53” • 2751-WH

The Kiss is a beautiful, romantic piece of modern art and Gustav Klimt’s most enduring masterpiece. The geometric shapes that make up the design give the tapestry a life all its own. Golden lurex is woven in for a stunning shimmering finish.

Vino 39” x 53” • 2249-WH


Jazz Medley I Tapestry Throw 54” x 70” • 2895-T

Bright and whimsical, this tapestry is a vivid and colorful collage mixing musical elements.

Jazz Medley II 36” x 53” • 2896-WH

Jazz Medley I 52” x 35” • 2895-WH

Bright and whimsical, this tapestry is a vivid and colorful collage mixing musical elements.


Apple Tree with Red Fruit 53” x 38” • 3089-WH

This asian inspired wall hanging by Ranson is richin both color and in history. This artwork has been around for centuries but translates well into our woven art.

Apple Tree with Red Fruit Throw 54” x 70” • 3089-T


Floral Delight Throw

A Friend Loves

53” x 70” • 755-T

53” x 70” • 6289-T

Colorful bulbed beauties of every kind cover this throw. The pastel plaid border finish off this piece fantastically.

A dreamy botanical throw

This is sure to brighten up a sun room or breakfast nook.

celebrating friendship.

Dahlias Tapestry Throw 54” x 70” • 6080-T

Bright and cheerful Dahlia flowers.


French Floral WH 26” x 34” • 959-WH

This lovely tan geomatric background is the perfect frame for bunches of posies of all kinds. The perfect addition to a sunroom or sitting area.

French Floral Pillow 17” x 17” • 959-P

French Floral Throw 54” x 70” • 959-T


Music In The Garden 40” x 53” • 3201-WH

The lovely brown and tan hues in this piece by Liz Jardine is sure to warm up any room. Beautiful botanical images entertwined with ornate scrollwork gives this a rich and elegant feel.

Narcissus Pillow 17” x 17” • 1389-P

Simple and stylish, this Narcissus pillow will complement any decor.

Music In The Garden Throw 54” x 70” • 3201-T


Tree Of Life 42” x 53” • 4073-WH

Natasha Wescoat creates a modern fun piece with a whimsical contemporary tree on a vibrant colored background. Small birds adorn the branches.

Baby Tree of Life 53” x 53” • 6496-LS

A whimsical colorful tree of life for the newborn with a field for embroidery.


Butterfly Dragonfly I 18” x 49” • 3125-WH

A striking vertical arrangement of butterflies and dragonflies in large scale in neutrals and black.

Butterfly Dragonfly I 17” x 17” • 3125-P

Butterfly Dance II Small 36” x 27” • 3153-WH


Skydancer 70” x 54” • 1702-T Beautiful women of color with flowing robes dance gracefully across a vibrantsky in this piece by Ivey Hayes.

Soul’s Flight 39” x 53” • 2916-WH


Paisley Pink Totebag 17” x 17” • 4309-B

This whimsical piece puts a twist on the traditional paisley. Fish and butterflies are disguised within. A great gift for the young or young at heart.

Amelias Garden Cranberry 48” x 69” • 6182-A

Amelias Garden Green 48” x 69” • 6183-A


Biltmore Chenille Natural 48” x 68” • 3557-A A repeating biltmore pattern is woven into this natural throw. We use the most luxurious cotton in the industry and weave it on Jacquard looms. This throw is perfect for monogramming for that special occasion keepsake.

Biltmore White 48” x 68” • 4532-A A repeating biltmore pattern is woven into this natural throw. We use the most luxurious cotton in the industry and weave it on Jacquard looms. This throw is perfect for monogramming for that special occasion keepsake.


Chic Stiletto

Red Stiletto

17” x 17” • 2066-P

17” x 17” • 2069-P

Fabiano’s sexy line of feminine favorites,

Fabiano’s sexy line of feminine favorites,

here a crystal enhanced black stiletto shoe top.

here the back of a red stiletto heel.

Ooh La La

Tres Bombshell

17” x 17” • 2068-P

17” x 17” • 2060-P

Fabiano’s sexy line of feminine favorites,

Fabiano’s sexy line of feminine favorites,

here a red stiletto heel.

here a pink sling back with a furry top.

Couture Pillow

L’Opera Pillow

17” x 13” • 1530-P

17” x 13” • 1529-P


St. Nick 34” x 44” • 5905-WH

St. Nick Tapestry Throw 54” x 70” • 5905-T

Santa becomes a family member in this cherubic holiday portrait in his vivid red suit with rosy red cheeks.

Christmas Icons 17” x 17” • 2443-P

This whimsical Christmas patchwork pillow is sure to liven up anyones home. Playful images of a stocking, Santa, a christmas tree, a dove and a sleigh along with words of the holiday season make this a stunning pillow.


The Twelve Days of Christmas 73” x 53” • 6631-T • $ 27

A lovely intricately woven detail of the greatest 12 days of the year by artist Stephanie Marrott. Superbly woven withour most intricate construction in our new larger size.

Winters Eve Tapestry 54” x 70” • 2344-T • $ 25

Just as dusk begins, a woman child go out for a sleigh ride on snowy covered streets. The church ahead stands tall and proud and invites you to come in.


Gothic Cross 38” x 53” • 5726-WH An elaborate Gothic cross masterpiece in soothing neutrals with a splash of ruby red. A tapestry exclusive by Acorn Studio.


Warm Family Quilt 53” x 70” • 726-T

A traditional quilt in warm tones celebrates the family using intricate weaves for the complexities of life.

Garden Cabinet 34” x 36” • 3783-WH

Bandana Pillow

A realistic looking wooden frame surrounds

17” x 17” • 2436-P • $ 14

this image. Hydrangeas adorn the table in an antique

This is patterned after a classic bandana

tin pot on a weathered blue table. A butterfly

pattern. It is sure to please anyone with

print hangs on the wall behind.

a flair for country style.


Bill Pizappi

Susan Jacobs

Sales and Marketing Director

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

1.800.344.3188 ext. 505

1.800.344.3188 ext. 257

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