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Americana July 26, 2011

Honeycomb Quilt WH

Hawthorne Berries

SKU: 2389-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 48" x 53" Price: $85.00 This wall hanging was patterned after an old quilt design. Intricate honey comb patterns are repeated throughout with a large focal point in the middle. This would be a great gift for Grandma or for someone with country decor.

SKU: 2545-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 42" Price: $85.00 This image is the epitomy of rustic charm. A weathered blue dresser is home to an antique crock and a bright red apple. A woven basket rounds out the ensemble and filled with branches from a hawthorne bush with their bright red berries. This would look fantastic above a buffet or in a breakfast nook.


Sampler I

Sampler II

SKU: 3275-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 44" x 53" Price: $85.00 This piece is a reproduction of a sampler the ladies used to sew back in the turn of the century. Soft tans and greens are the background for a collection of images that represent their daily lives.

SKU: 3978-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 38" Price: $80.00 Nice tans and browns make this throw a lovely depiction of an American sampler peice.

American Flag Horse Red White Blue WH SKU: 3785-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 27" Price: $65.00 This patriotic inspired piece by Swearngin is sure to please anyone with western decor. A horse silhouette is over laid on a rustic American flag to create an interesting patriotic piece.

SKU: 4296-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 38" Price: $80.00 Woven on Jacquard looms with over 18 miles of cotton, this American flag will be cherished by families for generations to come.


Rosie Riveter WH

Usa Tags WH LG BW

SKU: 942-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 38" x 53" Price: $80.00 Nostalgic throw empowers women during wartime to support our troops by taking over the jobs of men until they could return. Rosie the Riveter became a symbol for women during this trying period.

SKU: 4453-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 37" Price: $80.00

Sunday Services SKU: 2712-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 41" Price: $85.00

Route 66 WH BW SKU: 5269-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 44" x 44" Price: $70.00 Take a road trip down old route 66. This mid sized wall hanging is has a retro-map effect and depicts towns along the way.


Potted Folk Floral

Heritage Floral Blue Yel

SKU: 3205-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 39" Price: $80.00 Germanic Florals in Pot

SKU: 3681-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 40" Price: $85.00

Folk Robins Bw Heritage Floral SKU: 3295-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 40" Price: $85.00

SKU: 3957-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 37" Price: $80.00


Old Friend

Weathered Post

SKU: 4003-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 35" Price: $80.00

SKU: 4056-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 38" Price: $80.00

Striped Hammock

A Friend In Need

SKU: 4028-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 32" Price: $80.00

SKU: 4366-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 54" x 38" Price: $80.00 Man's best friend enjoying a rousing came of poker.


Winter's Gift BW

Venetian Lace BW

SKU: 6111-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 31" Price: $80.00 A Bob Timberlake tapestry masterpiece depicting a chilly winter's day on an American farm. Contrasting colors and textures are strikingly woven and make a real statement.

SKU: 6455-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 69" x 51" Price: $130.00 A break out piece by Acorn Studio artist Julianna James. This large scale symmetrical lace pattern was specifically and specially designed to be a woven tapestry. This piece is detailed and intricately woven in neutral tones to fit into any rooms decor to add an elegant and delicate reminder of the antiquity, beauty and timelessness of lace making.

Garrison's Cedar BW SKU: 6178-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 26" x 45" Price: $59.00 Bob Timberlake is an American master of the tranquil lifestyle. Here he takes a massive cedar tree juxtaposed with a weathered barn. A slice of American life, this image will draw you into a lifestyle that is only enhanced by the textures of the wall tapestry.

Folk Song BW SKU: 6469-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 69" x 31" Price: $90.00 A trilogy of folksy renderings encapsulated in charming border this woven vertical is charming and inspirational in its delicate simplicity.


Roots and Wings Bw

Swan Rig BW

SKU: 6408-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 53" x 62" Price: $160.00 This folk inspired pomegranite tree of life is thriving with rich textile elements and motifs. An Acorn Studio textile exclusive.

SKU: 6179-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 63" x 24" Price: $75.00 A relaxing scene of decoy ducks set upon a woodland bed of trees and grass by the famous American painter Bob Timberlake.

Indian Summer BW

Gilley's House BW

SKU: 6177-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 36" x 53" Price: $80.00 A slow summer day filled with sunchsine and water has reached its end in this afternoon summertime Timberlake scene.

SKU: 6112-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 41" x 63" Price: $85.00 Step back in time to a southern winter's Sunday afternoon with a quilt blowing in the wind on a sleepy porch. An extraordinary and captivating tapestry that evokes warm feelings of years gone by.



Americana July 26, 2011 SKU: 2389-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 48" x 53" Price: $85.00 This wall hanging was patterned after an old quilt design...


Americana July 26, 2011 SKU: 2389-WH (buy now) Dimensions: 48" x 53" Price: $85.00 This wall hanging was patterned after an old quilt design...