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July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal



Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017



July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal


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The Official Publication Of The American Guernsey Association July/August 2017

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ON THE COVER This month's cover features our award winning youth photo contest winners. The winner and People's Choice Award went to Adrian Whitling, Cambridge Springs, PA. The second place winner (bottom right) was from Emily Church, Iowa. The third place winner (bottom left photo) was taken by Whitney Yerina of Missouri. Congratulations and good job juniors!

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Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017

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July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal


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Golden Journey

Doug Granitz dlgranitz@usguernsey.com State of the Association Address - as presented at the National Convention Annual Meeting July 1, 2017


hank you for the opportunity to speak with you today. I'm honored to be a part of the long tradition of the American Guernsey Association. The Association carries with it a long tradition of participation in the landscape of the dairy industry as well as the national and local communities. Before entering into my remarks, I would like to thank a number of you for making this event possible: First, the New York Association for the great work in organizing and putting this convention together. Thank you Mary and team for the excellent work. Our state organizations continue to raise the bar on conventions. I would like to acknowledge Wayne Foote and wish him a speedy recovery and Dick Whalen for his service. Secondly, I would like to thank the AGA team for their work and effort in coordinating with the New York group these. There were lots of long hours coupled with a strong commitment to the success of the organization. Third, thank you Association members for supporting the organization, the breed and participating here this week. And last but not least, thanks to the board of directors for setting the Vision for the organization. I would like to personally thank them for sharing knowledge with me over the past several months. When I look ahead for the future of the Guernsey breed and the Association, I am reminded of the purpose of the organization. Especially the part which speaks of enhancing the value of the Guernsey breed for the members, owners and dairy industry worldwide. The future of the Guernsey breed supported by the AGA, state organizations and its members is bright if we seize the moment to make the Guernsey relevant again. The motto for this year's convention is "TURNING POINT" and it's an appropriate one. There are three basic questions to ask as it relates to the future of the Guernsey and the Association-What's in store for the Guernsey? What's in store for the Association? And what's in store for its members? Our futures are all intertwined. There is a saying that "intertwined cords are much stronger than the sum of each cord individually." I believe that to be true for us as well. We are stronger when we work together. We are on the cusp of great opportunities for the breed, but we must vigorously move forward with a course of action which draws on past success with a common vision and mission.

District 7 (AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA & WY) 2020 Alan Mann 503.873.4830 • abmann55@gmail.com 17977 Abiqua Rd NE, Silverton, OR 97381 Director At-Large 2019 Todd Moore 903.473.4056 • tmoore@luckylayla.com P.O Box 695, Emory, TX 75440

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The 2017-2018 Board of Directors - (Back row L-R): Chris Lang, Craig Church, CEO Doug Granitz, David Coon; Todd Moore. (Seated L-R): Duane Schuler, Alan Mann, Victoria Baker, Brian Dinderman. Chris Holcomb was unavailable for the photo. Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017 614.864.2409

How then will we move forward? I would suggest six intertwined pathways which will provide a compelling blueprint: 1. We will continue to honor the cultural roots and legacy of the Association: family and dairy farming. • Family: We will continue support and develop our youth programs to build skills, character and leadership for the future. We will support events such as shows and sales which are a key part of marketing the Guernsey breed but also bond families and the organization together. • Dairy farming: The family dairy is under high levels of pressure. We will develop and support programs which provide alternative outlets to federal order milk which significantly enhance the value of our members' Guernsey milk as well as tools to compete. Information on best practices is essential. We will provide the forum and platforms to support this effort. 2. We will re-build a strong branded Golden Guernsey consumer program. We will move the rich Golden Guernsey brand back into the landscape of the dairy retail space in conjunction with our member partners. We will carve out a uniquely Guernsey position which leverages the uniqueness of the Guernsey as a breed, its milk qualities, its history and the dairy farms/families who provide the milk and products. "22 by 22 is the objective" 22 million gallons of Golden Guernsey branded milk products sold annually by the end of 2022. That's only 2/10th of a percent of retail fluid milk consumption and as a value-added premium product we will put back over $200 million cumulative dollars over federal order milk dollars back into our members pockets through 2022. 3. We will work closely with our breeders, partners and members to strengthen and expand the Guernsey herd. We will work to improve its capabilities; improve on its strengths and reduce its weaknesses.

We are not looking to turn the Guernsey into a Holstein dressed in Guernsey clothing. Rather, we want to enhance the uniqueness of the breed in a way that makes it commercially strong without sacrificing its beautiful lines and conformation which are such a part of its legacy. It must remain authentically Guernsey. 4. We will actively engage our members in conjunction with our state and committee partners, through our youth programs and our GMS activities. We will be responsive to our members. Owning a registered Guernsey should not be a burden. Youth - How can you not be impressed with our youth? We will expand this effort, with support of the board we will provide an ambassador program for our young male members as well. As a CEO, finding good people is perhaps one of the biggest challenges and the youth program has great opportunities to groom our youth. Our future leadership will come from this pool of youth. 5. We will be more global. By raising awareness globally and tying into to the global Guernsey network we can better support the growth and strength of the breed and our members. Exchanging best practices-what's working and what's not, plus expanding our gene pool, is critical to our future success. 6. And finally, we will work hard; we will work smart and we will have fun!!! In summary, I leave you with some final words by Thomas Edison: "If we did all things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves." I believe we are going to astound ourselves!

Doug Granitz farewell to President Dave Trotter as presented to the membership at the annual meeting. Honestly, while I welcome the new board members today, I am sad to see Dave leave his role on the board. Dave has played a critical role in shaping the future of the AGA and the Guernsey for the positive. One of the key talents I have come to admire in Dave is his ability to build consensus by building bridges and bringing people together. He has displayed amazing knowledge of the breed as well as forging with the board a vision for the future. He is sharp and has showed wisdom in driving the Association forward. He is committed to the purpose of the AGA and cares for members, family and the Guernsey cow. I recall the first time I met Dave personally. He picked me up at the Pittsburg airport smiling ear to ear. We travelled together for a week. He is a great teacher and was very generous in sharing his knowledge of the breed, the AGA and the people. He also tells some awesome jokes. (Why don't Guernsey cows have money? Because the farmers milk them dry!) In the process, not only have I come to appreciate his leadership, I also value the friendship we have developed. I am certain Dave will continue to have a strong influence on the Association and will continue to support the great legacy he richly deserves. He and the board piloted the organization through incredibly difficult times and he and the leadership deserve credit for that effort. I wish Dave the best as he takes some time to get some well-deserved rest from AGA duties. The rest of the board only wishes him the best as well. Thank you Dave for your service and leadership. We and the Association salute you.


July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal


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2017 All-American Dairy Show September 16-21st PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center, Harrisburg, PA allamerican.state.pa.us Online entries are now open


Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017



President's Address

As presented by Retiring President David Trotter at the National Convention Annual Meeting July 1.


welcome you all today and thank you for being here at our annual meeting. What a bittersweet feeling today, to stand here before you as the President of the American Guernsey Association for the last time. I find it hard to believe how fast seven years have gone by and I don’t want to make this a farewell speech. Seven years ago, I was standing before you feeling excited but nervous, being uncertain if I would make a good president. I am sure many of you were probably feeling the same way – and maybe still do. But as time progressed, I became more comfortable in the role and received tremendous support from both the board of directors and from you the members. Together we have made great strides and it has been memorable. We have helped, we have touched, we supported, we showed, we promoted the Guernsey cow and bull that we all love. I would like to express my appreciation to all the Vice Presidents, board members and

you for your enthusiasm, cooperation and hard work. Finally I would like to thank Jill and my family and members of this phenomenal organization and express my appreciation and gratitude for allowing me to serve you as president. I have enjoyed every single minute (well maybe not every single minute) of it and hope you have too. I want to thank all the AGA staff and boards, both present and past for their cooperation. Embrace the future of AGA. Great things are in store for all of us. Some of you may not like the direction we are heading but I encourage you to get involved and you will. The financial advisory committee, the antiquities committee, the national convention committee to the strategic planning committee and all the other committees, thank you for all you do. I can assure you we are in good hands and our future is going to be bright – No! It’s going to be GOLDEN! Our faith in our Guernsey family needs to remain unified and strong. Remember we all achieve more by working together. I feel very comfortable to be going off the board at this time – and yes, I need a break. But I am happy and proud to say – we are in a better position to move forward. Thanks to all that you do.

I salute the New York Guernsey Breeders for a great convention and I encourage all of you to help us achieve 22 in 22. We are a strong Guernsey family – and I encourage you to remain that way for this is what makes our association the strongest and best dairy breed organization there is. Thank you! ~ Dave

Contributions in honor of loved ones continues their legacy as funds are used for the education and enhancement of the dairy industry. Send your tax-deductible gift to The Guernsey Foundation: $_________________  Foundation Gift or  In honor of: _______________________________________________

Dedicated to the education & enhancement of the dairy industry For more information contact one of the Trustees:

Blaine Crosser - 614.406.8446 l Dr. John Mozier - 913.707.1245 Clark Vilter - 262.853.4638

The Guernsey Foundation 1224 Alton Darby Creek Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43228


Photo by Megan Rosolowski, SummitRidge Guernseys July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal


142nd Annual Meeting of the Am P resident Dave Trotter called the 142nd Annual Meeting of the American Guernsey Association to order at 8:02am on Saturday, July 1. AGA member Keith Dixon gave the invocation. President Trotter then introduced those guests present: Ollie Abblitt from Australia, a new member, Bill Bosworth of Texas and the strategic planning committee members. Emily Hartmann presented the proxy report with 80 total proxies received, of which 13 were invalid. Vice President Duane Schuler moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes and to accept as they were printed in the August 2016 Guernsey Breeders’ Journal. It was seconded by Todd Moore. President Trotter introduced the board members followed by Doug Granitz’ introduction of staff present. A moment of silence was held for those members and friends who had passed in the preceding year: Dorothy Louise Smith, PA; James Arnold Fish, MI; Allan S. Bentley, IA; Wilber Peter Jansen, OR; Donald Francis Giacomini, CA; Donna Jean ‘Penny’ Sheafer, WI; Gloria C. Sattler, WI; Grayselda ‘Grace’ Clark, WI; Meryl J. Fowles, VT; Vernon W. Thelke, WI; David Alvin Abrahamson, MN; Eileen P. Dorn, WI; Merrill P. Richey, IN; Leland Scheer Unger, MO; Darlene Joy Purintun, WI; Richard Schomberg, WI; Wayne Arthur McLaughlin, OH; Merlin D. Goodman, OH; William Terry Howard, WI; Doris Marie (Niedfeldt) Peterson, WI; William ‘Bud’ H. Morgan, WI; Annatje Van Viet Coon Gilbert, NY; David Carl Erbe, CA; Jacob Henry Ping, IN; Cynthia L. Dicke, OH; O. Clayton Smith, MD; Paul Aiken, PA; Richard Fisher, PA and Donald ??, NY. Retiring Director and President Dave Trotter presented his annual remarks which can be found on page 9. Committee Chairs then presented the committee reports. Promotion Committee The Promotion report was presented by David Coon. As man hours allowed, Facebook pages have been updated as has the website. An image committee, led by Gloria Basse, has been working on conceptual imagery for the future of the Guernsey, products and AGA. A website revamp is being developed to include more user-friendly services for members, as well as eventual consumer and processing components. The booth for Expo and Louisville will again need a few revamps of messaging and banners. At this time sponsorships are being sought for new banners for the backdrop although a booth is reserved at WDE as usual. The show committee discussed adding a summer calf class. Four judges were added to


the approved list: Josey Morris, Jack Lomeo, Kim Grewe and Mike Berry. During the Purebred Publishing strategic planning, a very detailed content driven agenda for the Journal was developed that will tie in strategic partners and potential advertising throughout the balance of this year and into next. The World Guernsey Conference report was presented by Patty McMurray. The committee has increased the fundraising goal to $50,000. Four items were auctioned prior to the national sale, and there is possible interest for a GoFundMe account. The committee is open to any ideas that there are. At the close of the Promotion Committee report, Dave Coon thanked Dave Trotter for keeping him and the board informed and being a great mentor during his tenure. Marketing Report Chris Lang presented the Marketing report: Semen Sales for 2017 to date are $12,288. Sale catalogs completed by Robin Alden for GMS are: Wisconsin Video Calf Sale, Buckeye Classic & Spring Color Selections– pedigree layout only; New York State Carousel Sale; Kentucky National Sale; Blue Halter Sale; Upper Midwest Spring Sale; Ozark Jubilee Sale and National Convention Sale. The plan is to move sale catalogs under the Purebred Publishing umbrella since they are a publishing product. Robin will continue to produce and we anticipate offering the service to other breeds and sale managers, including Brown Swiss and Holstein. Cara Trotter has been hired part time to assist with sales and field rep responsibilities. She and Robin, who will move into a more active role with embryo and semen sales, have the objective goal to increase those areas for both revenue generating potential and increasing the supply to meet the demand for cattle. Records Committee The Records Committee report was presented by Alan Mann. There were 18 new annual members and nine lifetime members added to the AGA membership. In 2016, 3,562 registrations, 1,547 transfers and 516 genetic recovery applications were processed. The review of business operations is underway to find areas to streamline efficiencies and increase cost savings for the AGA. Financial Committee Duane Schuler presented the Financial Committee report, which was distributed at the meeting. The total consolidated income from the profit and loss for 2016 was $28,882. The Balance Sheet lists total assets and liabilities for 2016 at $376,623. There was some discussion from the floor after committee reports were presented. Questions raised included moving sale catalogs from GMS to Purebred and the effect on the

Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017

bottom line of GMS by Emily Hartmann. The drop of registrations from 2015 to 2016 was discussed and explained due to the incentive program offered in late 2015. There was an increase in registration numbers in 2015 resulting in some of those that would have been held to 2016 was the response to Morey Miller’s question. It was asked from the floor about the possibility of streamlining towards the Holstein system in ease of registering. It was reported that the project was already in the works. Dan Basse asked about an outlook on the proposed budget. The discussion continued on the direction of “making it easy to own a Guernsey” and the need to work at getting numbers stronger. It was reported that there are 3,800 Guernseys on DHIA test. Cara Trotter’s role as Field Representative will be to work on gathering more information and tracking where they are and how many additional Guernseys can be indentified through our own semen sales. The challenge will be tracking those using herd bulls. Blaine Crosser indicated that the semen salesmen will most likely buy through GMS and then have those units on the truck for those guys who are just housing a couple cows that only need a very few. Deb Lakey also raised the concern to make sure animals get transferred upon sale to retain the genetics for future tracking even if the new owner does not express the need for the registration. Jim Meyer questioned where the money goes that is generated from the youth auction and the raffle calf. The response was the youth fund has a separate account. Duane indicated that the accounts receivable is increasing and that needs to get brought to date. He then made the motion to accept the committee reports. Todd Moore seconded. The motion passed. Guernsey Foundation Blaine Crosser presented the Guernsey Foundation report. The net assets of the Guernsey Foundation remain steady with income of $11,876 for 2016 made up of interest from mutual funds and certificates of deposit, as well as memorial contributions. Funds were used for the random type appraisal program to generate early type data for young sire daughters to improve reliability and speed of data collection. The Foundation trustees are considering a proposal to encourage genomic testing of high parent average Guernsey cows and heifers by providing financial support for testing charges. The genomic data from these animals will be valuable in building the data base for validation of genomics and for potentially identify key high ranking females that can be considered for future bull mothers. Charitable contributions to the foundation are always appreciated and will be used 614.864.2409

merican Guernsey Association to further the Guernsey breed and the dairy industry through scientific research and education. Our breed would not have genomics today without the financial support provided by Guernsey Foundation funding. Your trustees look forward to considering new project funding that will enhance the Guernsey cow and her products. The trustees are Dr. John Mozier, Clark Vilter and Blaine Crosser. Cindy Gallagher indicated that Holstein USA is looking to partner with a university for an A2 research project. Purebred Publishing, Inc. Chris Lang, president of Purebred Publishing, presented the Purebred Publishing report. Purebred Publishing had another profitable year despite the continued downswing of the milk market. Although not as good as 2015, they finished the year with a net profit of over $14,000 and money in the savings account. Recent intensive strategic planning has provided insight regarding a major challenge which is lack of control of our content with the current partner agreements. Staff believes there are aggressive opportunities to grow with Brown Swiss, Guernsey and Holstein. Strategic planning has also shown the need to pre-plan content more aggressively and then partner with strategic sales opportunities. That will be the operational change we plan to institute with our sales approach. Along with that, we are mapping out an aggressive digital strategy that will incorporate all breeds, allowing for more content control and, again, strategic sales partnerships. They intend to pursue new opportunities in 2018 and 2019 to incorporate new products and even look outside the box at potential new publications within purebred species. Sale catalog production will be another growth arm of Purebred, offering services to other breeds as well as Guernsey sales. These are just a few of the plans staff plans to institute as they develop more options to grow the company’s profitability and operations. Staff members present were Sales Executive Marjorie Rida and Associate Editor Robin Alden. Also on staff but not present are Ashley Shaffer, Creative Design, and independent contractors Carol Moyer and Bill Woodruff who work on the HolsteinWorld Exclusive. Managing Editor, Cheri Oechsle, was covering the National Holstein Convention in Washington. In 2016 ad pages were down by less than 4% which is better than the 8% that was the anticipated budget figure. All-American contests and special projects have added a positive impact to the bottom line. As of the first half of the year, the ad sales in 2017 for the four traditional publications was down 6.4%. The addition of Holsteinwww.usguernsey.com

World Exclusive has had an overall increase of 45% total ad pages in this first half of the year. Additional income has been provided through special projects including flyers, booklets, pamphlets and other breed sale catalogs. Current contracts with Brown Swiss and Milking Shorthorn include handling their AllAmerican contest in addition to the Guernsey All-American contest. Purebred Publishing will also be undertaking the All-American Holstein, Junior All-American Holstein and All-American Jersey contests this year and adding a Junior All-American Jersey contest to the mix as well. The staff and board would like to thank the Guernsey membership and breeders for their continued support. The Guernsey Breeders’ Journal continues to be the most solid breed publication supported by the breeders through advertising dollars and it continues to maintain and even show small growth in its subscription base versus the decline seen by other publications. Doug Granitz presented his State of the Association address which can be found on page six of this issue. The board candidates were then recognized by President Dave Trotter. Introduced were candidates for the Director of District 2 position: Vickie Baker of Pennsylvania and Krista Richardson of Ohio; Director for District 6: Lindsay Cartwright of Missouri and Chris Holcomb of Florida and candidates for Director-At-Large: Kevin Anderson of Minnesota and Chris Lang, Ohio. Dan Basse, chair of the Election Committee composed of additional members Jason Yurs and Shannon Smith presented the election results. New Directors are Vickie Baker, Chris Holcomb and Chris Lang. Following the naming of the new board members, Doug Granitz recognized retiring directors Cline Brubaker of District 6 and retiring president and director for District 2, Dave Trotter. See page 8 for Granitz' remarks regarding the retiring president. Resolutions Resolutions as presented by Melinda Rushing, chair. Other committee members were Bill Wachtel and Sherry Ealy. Resolution I: Whereas the members of New York Guernsey Breeders' Association have been the most gracious and hospitable hosts during this convention and the 142nd annual meeting of the American Guernsey Association; therefore, be it resolved that the membership and friends of the AGA assembled at this meeting do hereby extend their thanks and appreciation to our hosts for their diligent efforts in organization, accommodations and friendship. Resolution II: Whereas the staff of the AGA

Alan Mann

Chris Lang

Duane Schuler

Dave Coon

Cont. on pg. 12 July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal


Mtg. cont. from pg. 11

and Purebred Publishing has functioned in a professional manner and has served the Guernsey Breeders to the best of their ability; therefore, be it resolved that the membership thank the staff for their hard work and dedications, and challenge and encourage them to continue to work with the Board of Directors and breeders for the future success of the breed. Resolution III: Whereas members of the Board of Directors of the AGA have taken time away from their home farms and businesses to serve the interests and concerns of all Guernsey breeders; therefore, be it resolved that we thank them with appreciation. Resolution IV: Whereas E. Cline Brubaker has provided leadership to the AGA by serving as Director of District 6 for four years; therefore be it resolved that the entire membership of the AGA commend Mr. Brubaker for his leadership, dedication and service for the betterment of the Guernsey breed. Resolution V: Whereas Chris Lang has provided leadership to the AGA by serving as director at large for four years and President of Purebred Publishing for the past two years; therefore, be it resolved that the entire membership of the AGA commend Mr. Lang for his leadership, dedication and service for the betterment of the Guernsey breed. Resolution VI: Whereas Dave Trotter has provided leadership to the AGA by serving as director of District 2 for eight years, President of AGA for seven years and acting Executive Secretary at times during his tenure; therefore, be it resolved that the entire membership of the AGA commend Mr. Trotter for his leadership, dedication, and service for the betterment of the Guernsey breed. Resolution VII: Whereas new technology provides advancements every day; therefore, be it resolved that the AGA Board of Directors encourage the entire membership to begin or continue to genomic and A2 testing in their herds for the future advancement of the Guernsey breed. Resolution VIII: Whereas young sire usage is necessary for advancing Guernsey genetics; therefore, be it resolved that the AGA and the entire membership support the efforts and merger of Dairybelt Guernsey Sires and United Guernsey Genetics into the new business model of Guernsey Gold Sires; and also continue to support Profitable Golden Genetics as these young sire sampling programs work for the future genetic enhancement of the breed. Resolution IX: Whereas demand for Golden Guernsey Milk Products is on the rise; therefore, be it resolved that the AGA membership continue to support and encourage more Guernsey breeders to take advantage of marketing opportunities for our premium product. Resolution X: Whereas the modern Guernsey cow has proven herself effective and competitive in the following areas of efficiency, milk 12

Emily Hartmann

Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017

quality, A2A2, high components, no known genetic recessives, calving ease, disposition and adaptability; therefore, be it resolved that the AGA and membership aggressively market the cow for use in all dairy management systems. Resolution XI: Whereas the younger generation of Guernsey breeders is the future of our breed and the pride of our organizations; therefore, be it resolved that the membership of the AGA continue to support and encourage the AGYA and the Young Guernsey Leaders in all their activities. Resolution XII: Be it resolved that the membership support the decisions of the AGA Board of Directors and our new CEO, Doug Granitz, in implementing the five year plan of the Strategic Planning Committee to ensure financial stability and sustainability of our Association. Resolution XIII: Whereas the United States and the American Guernsey Association will be hosting the World Guernsey Cattle Foundation Conference in 2019; therefore, be it resolved that the AGA membership offer support of the continued planning of this conference. Dave Trotter presented a World Guernsey Federation update and Bonnie Ayars presented the National Dairy Shrine report and encouraged the membership to invest in the Dairy Shrine as an investment in the future. Daniel Ripley, newly elected President of AGYA, presented their report. Ellie Wantland of Missouri is the new director for the Southern District, Vice President is Lauren Robison and Ayla Blatt is the secretary. Their meeting entertained discussion of moving Quiz Bowl to one of the dinners, show shirts and awards for the national shows as well as implementing a mentorship program. Daniel asked the membership to supply names and ideas for potential mentors. Under Old Business, questions were raised and discussion centered on finding a home and display opportunities for some of the antiquities. There was no new business brought to the floor. Emily Hartmann moved to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded from the crowd. Respectfully submitted, Marjorie M. Rida

Blaine Crosser

Dan Basse

Melinda Rushing

Bonnie Ayars

Daniel Ripley


Outstanding National

Young Guernsey Farmer Pictured L-R: 2016 National Princess Cara Trotter; Brett, Diesel and Keith Dixon; 2016 National Queen Stefani Evers

As written by Marjorie M. Rida and presented by Keith Dixon at the National Convention rom a passion for the Guernsey breed and the dairy industry that was instilled in him from a boy, Steven Brett Dixon is the 2017 Outstanding Young Farmer Award recipient. Brett became involved in dairying through his parents and inherited his love for Guernseys from his father Keith Dixon. Growing up in Maryland Brett was very involved in 4-H and remembers knowing at just six years old that dairying was the only future for him. When his family's Dix Lee herd made the move from Maryland to Missouri in 2001, Brett says he thanks Bill Messix for helping him with an excellent start in the Guernsey business when he was able to purchase the remainder of his herd. Since that purchase, Brett has been able to sell a few of the resulting offspring surpassing the amount paid for the entire herd. Brett and his wife Jessica and son Diesel, who is almost four, live in Conway, Missouri where they milk 70 head of Ayrshires, Guernsey’s, Holsteins and Jerseys. Their Stil Dreamn Dairy herd averages 16,000 pounds of milk with a 4.1% Fat and 3.2% Protein. Brett finds each breed to have their own pros and cons but feels the Guernseys come to the top by excelling with high component milk, easier temperament, are more suitable to grazing and have more success in the show ring - making them more of a marketable and profitable cow. Brett remembers his father once telling him to “breed for the cows that you want to work with, and hopefully those will also be the kind to interest other breeders.” With those words in mind Brett and Jessica work hard as a team to breed for a solid and complete cow that will last for a long time, and don’t tend to follow the trends of what is ‘hot’ if sire doesn’t meet their needs. Feet and legs, udder quality, components, body depth and strength are all



very important traits for them when making mating decisions. While still farming with his father Keith and sister Katie, they topped the national sale in 2007 with Dix Lee Tiller Joke, who has gone on to become a household name in many Guernsey herds through the influence of her sons Jackpot, Judgment, Lonestar, Jester and Jaguar. Joke also went on to become a National Grand Champion for her new owners, Springhill. Now farming with his wife under the Stil Dreamn name they often sell their best cows. Three recent winners that have been bred and sold are: Dix Lee Mission Taffy EX94; Dix Lee Spider Nik-TW EX-93; and Dix Lee Yogibear Janet EX-90. With many goals in mind for the future, the added income from selling their best helps, and they are currently enjoying watching their cattle do well for others. Selling to Accelerated Genetics was Dix Lee Grumpy Vampire and his dam Dix Lee Tiller Venom EX-92 was a perfect example of the complete cow that we strive for. Cattle from our Stil Dreamn prefix are just starting to take off and make names for themselves in the Guernsey world. Stil Dreamn Judgment Trixie EX-92 was forth 4-year-old at the 2016 NGS-Louisville and Stil Dreamn Yogibear Nostalgia-ETV, purchased by Mattie Springer, was first Spring Calf at the 2016 Missouri State Fair. "We do raise a few of our own bulls and have them collected as well. Most recently was Still Dreamn Kojack Nate – the first Kojack son to hit the market with an EX-90 Ron Dam being positive for DPR, Type and Milk!" While Brett has taken a flexible full-time job at a local handmade wood furniture store to bring in additional income to work towards their goals for the future, he and Jess own and manage their own 100 acre farm and rent an additional 100 acres of haylage and pasture land where they focus on intensive grazing

practices. With busy schedules and a growing son, Brett and Jess have designated duties. Jess manages the calves and Brett manages the nutrition and AI work, while they jointly run the farm and also do some hoof trimming and vet work. Together they work to make all of the decisions and are the only labor force with the help of their young son Diesel. While Brett indicates that working off the farm has prevented him from additional involvement in the breed association, working for a small business owner has offered useful knowledge for ideas to eventually incorporate into their future in the dairy industry. Brett has also helped other Missouri breeders incorporate Guernseys into their herds and enjoys hosting and helping judging teams practice their skills. In the future Brett hopes to eliminate fescue pastures, and continue to plant more forages that are more suitable to milk production while improving their pastures and are also considering implementing irrigation. With the love for cows that are a joy to look at and can live a long time the goal of a more intensive IVF and flush program is in the future while they also plan to keep breeding and selling high type animals and hope to be able to return to the show ring once Diesel is old enough to show. Securing their sons future in the dairy has been their most important goal. Please join me in recognizing and acknowledging the progressive attitude and outlook of this young Guernsey breeder, Steven Brett Dixon for the Outstanding National Young Guernsey Farmer Award. Runner-Up - presented by Doug Granitz Wesley Miller is this year's Runner-up for the Outstanding Young Farmer Award. Guernseys were reintroduced to his family's herd in 1996 with his first Blue Halter Sale purchase after his parents began to admire the comradery that Guernsey breeders show for one another as compared to many of the other breeds. After graduating from Penn State, Wes has returned to the family farm to manage the dairy. Wes has the goal in mind to transition what is now just a 20% Guernsey herd to eventually become 100% Guernseys and has a vision to eventually market direct to the consumer with A2A2 Guernsey milk and her lovable personality. Moving forward Wes has always had the goal to get a Guernsey bull into stud. With this goal in mind he wants to continue flushing his best cows and using Holstein heifers as recipients to grow the Guernsey herd. He breeds for production and what he calls the "pretty commercial cow" with moderate stature, a balance of strength and femininity with emphasis on feet and legs, udder composite and health traits. Please join me in congratulating Wes Miller on Runner-up for Outstanding Young Farmer. July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal



Service Award Pictured L-R: 2016 National Princess Cara Trotter; Judy and Dick Whalen; 2016 National Queen Stefani Evers

As presented by Mary-Elizabeth Foote at the National Convention fter asking a few members of the New York Guernsey Breeders' Cooperative, Inc. how they would describe Richard (Dick) Whalen, three words were stated repeatedly: passionate, dedicated and loyal. As an individual who did not grow up with Guernsey cattle, Dick did not become involved in the Guernsey breed until the mid1990s when he bought his first Guernsey cow, Tessie. Tessie transformed this once Holstein and Jersey man into someone passionate for the Guernsey breed, and more than willing to do whatever was necessary to help a fellow breeder, improve the breed, or better direct our organization. As a result, Dick has always been and always will be the first to volunteer his own time, money or possessions to benefit the Guernsey cow, enthusiasts, New York’s



Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017

state organization or the American Guernsey Association. His service and dedication to our national association alone is evident through the time he has spent serving as the 2004 National Guernsey Convention Chair, as a member of the American Guernsey Association's Finance and Reproduction Committees and now as the 2017 National Guernsey Convention's Sale Chairman. These undertakings do not even touch upon his involvement within the New York Guernsey Breeders' Cooperative where he has served as board member for over 20 years. Within the New York Association, Dick has helped oversee our state shows such as the New York State Fair and Spring Carousel, assisted with the New York Spring Carousel Guernsey Sale and sits on various committees to help direct the work of our organization. Moreover, the promotion that Dick has

Dick and his wife Judy, from Millbrook, New York, have two daughters, Donna and Lynda. He has bred, developed and exhibited, in both Holstein and Guernsey breeds, numerous All-American, Reserve and Honorable Mention All-Americans throughout the years as well as being the breeder of Friendship Regal, sire of several All-Americans and nominees. His Holstein herd held one of the highest BAAs in the 1970s and his dispersal was the highest averaging sale in 1978. He has shown and displayed cattle for more than 50 years at local, state and national levels. Along with his dairy interests, Dick is also involved in his community as a past president and member of the Millbrook Business Association, Dutchess County Community Foundation Area Fund, a member of the New York Farm Bureau, Town of Washington Historic Society and a past director of the Bank of Millbrook.

accomplished for the Guernsey cow and dairy industry on his own and the efforts he and his family have made to provide individuals who desired Guernseys the opportunity to purchase their own animal is un-paralleled. As a young person who has only known Dick personally for a short number of years, I am not able to list every single accomplishment in the dairy industry, his exact time spent volunteering to serve our organization or name all the cows he has bred that have made an impact on our breed. However, it is without question, with what I do know, that it is my honor to present Richard (Dick) Whalen the American Guernsey Association Distinguished Service Award.


National Production Awards High TPE Lactation Average for Milk, Fat and Protein:

The top overall herd for milk, fat and protein is Gurn-Z Meadow, located in Columbus, Wisconsin, and owned and operated by Ed and Julie (Orchard) Bacon. See last month's issue for more on Guern-Z Meadow.

Commercial Herd Award:

Hoard’s Dairyman Farm, Fort Atkinson, WI, 138 Records, 25,254M Since its founding by Wisconsin Governor W.D. Hoard in 1899, Guernseys have called the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm in Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin, home. For the past 15 years, Jason Yurs has served as farm manager and has taken the herd to new heights.

Liebers Trophy (Living Lifetime Award)

Ripley Farms Blaze Yogi 241,156M 3.9% 9,397F 3.3% 8,037P The Liebers trophy is given in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Otto Liebers of Nebraska to the cow with the highest lifetime milk production. In order to be eligible for living lifetime awards, the cow must have been DHI tested at least once during 2016. This year’s recipient is Ripley Farms Blaze Yogi, with 241,156M 3.9% 9,397F 3.3% 8,037P. Yogi is bred and owned by Thomas Ripley of Ripley Farms in Moravia, New York.

Valley Set Award & Arnold Knight Award

Dix Lee Gargoyle Dela: 239,785M 5.1% 12,298F 3.6% 8,746P These two awards are given annually to the cow with the highest living lifetime fat and protein. The Valley Set Award, established in 1986 by Ron Wenger and Family, recognizes the highest lifetime fat production. The Wisconsin Guernsey Breeders Association established the Arnold Knight Trophy in 1992 to honor the cow with the highest lifetime protein production. Dela was bred by Brett Dixon and is owned by Keith Dixon of Dix Lee Guernseys in Phillipsburg, Missouri.

New England Trophy & California Protein Award (Highest 305 day milk and protein record for the year)

Trotacre Indian Altanic Honey-ET 4-09 302D 3X 36,590M 4.0% 1,476F 3.4% 1,243P The New England Trophy is awarded to the cow completing the highest 305 day actual record for milk, while the California Protein Award recognizes the highest 305 day protein record of the year. The California Protein Award is sponsored by the California Guernsey Cattle Club. This year, Trotacre Indian Altanic Honey-ET has achieved both awards for the second year in a row She is owned by Cara Trotter, Enon Valley, Pennsylvania. www.usguernsey.com

Tarbell Trophy

Commerical Herd

(Highest 305 day fat record) Award Warwick Manor Kojack Rollins 4-07 305D 2X 31,910M 5.4% 1,737F 3.2% 1,028P The Tarbell Trophy was established in 1948 in memory of Gage Tarbell, founder of Tarbell Guernsey Farm, Smithville Flats, New York and is awarded every year to the highest 305-day actual record for fat. This year’s winner is Warwick Manor Kojack Rollins. She is owned by Kaila Stoltzfus of Warwick Manor Guernseys in East Earl, Pennsylvaia.

Nyala-Bedford Trophy

(Highest 305 day first lactation ECM record)

Coulee Crest AP Lakelyn-ET 2-00 305D 3X 27,000M 5.0% 1,337F 3.4% 916P 33,151 ECM The Nyala-Bedford Trophy is presented in memory of F.T. Bedford, founder of Nyala Farm in Green Farm, Connecticut. It is now awarded to the cow completing the highest energy corrected record in her first lactation. This year’s winner is Coulee Crest AP LakelynET of Coulee Crest LLC, Cashton, Wisconsin.

Jason Yurs - Hoard's Dairyman Farm

Valley Set & Arnold Knight Awards

Max Dawdy Awards

The Max Dawdy Young Sire Awards recognizes success resulting from young sire matings. The awards are given to a first-crop daughter of a sire in an AI sampling program Keith & Diesel Dixon completing their first lactation in 2016. The awards are based on official USDA yield deTarbell Trophy viations for milk, fat and protein. The awards are named in honor of Max Dawdy, a former AGA Executive Secretary who was instrumental in establishing the AGA Young Sire proving groups. The following winners are presented vouchers sponsored by United Guernsey Genetics and Dairybelt Guernsey Sires: Majestic Oak Phonze Likeable 1st for Milk & Protein; 3rd for Fat YD: +5,168M +143F +170P Kaila Stoltzfus Robert Hahn, Highland, Wisconsin Ripley Farms Lon C Tevelyn 1st for Fat Liebers Trophy Award YD: +3,254M +201F +88P Kyle Ripley, Moravia, New York Sunny Mead Buckys Peso 2nd for Milk YD: +4,483M +130F +99P David Bandli, Rice Lake, Wisconsin GR-Golden J Sergeant Tina 2nd for Fat YD: +287M +147F +53P Trent & Leann Jensen, Amery, Wisconsin Jens Gold Hayden Butterbrie Dan & Tom Ripley, Ripley Farms 2nd for Protein YD: +2,378M +89F +132P Jens Gold Farms LLP, Amery, Wisconsin Marodore Novak Mary Coulee Crest Topnotch Denise 3rd for Protein 3rd for Milk YD: +2,659M +127F +106P YD: +3,343M +48F +61P Marodore Farm, Baltimore, Ohio Coulee Crest LLC, Cashton, Wisconsin

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July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal



As presented by Debra Lakey at the National Convention n the Guernsey Breed we have all types, sizes and personalities in our cows. We have small feisty aggressive cows, small quiet docile cows, large aggressive bossy cows and large quiet laid back cows. Just like our cattle have differences so are the breeders in our organization different. The man we are recognizing tonight depicts that latter description of the large, quiet, laid back personality. His quiet dedication and extreme loyalty to the “Golden Girls” have been forwarded to the next generation of dairy farmers through his children. He and his wife have truly made an impact on our breed and our association. They are determined to make improvements to the breed and to the industry through breeding practices and improved technology. Trent and LeAnn Jensen, along with their two children Jordan and Chelsey are all involved at Golden J Guernsey Farm. LeAnn has a full-time job in Medical Records at Golden Age Manor and still works on the farm in the mornings. After graduating in 2015 with an Agricultural Mechanics degree, Jordan took a full-time job at Oxbo and is the mechanic and crop man for not only for Golden J but also Jens Gold Farms. Chelsey recently graduated from Northeast Iowa Community College with a degree in Dairy Science and has returned to the family farm working full



Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017

time in the Dairy Operation. Her plans are to eventually take over the family farm. Golden J Guernseys is currently milking 70 registered Guernseys and is currently slowly expanding their operation. Trent has worked with Guernseys his entire life. He got his first Guernsey calf at the young age of nine in 1978. Her name was Jensgolden Choice Maiden. Trent still has a few cows that trace back to his first cow family. Trent has worked at different farms and with different breeds and his favorite breed is the Guernsey cow due to their docility and calving ease. He worked at Jens Gold since he was a youth until October of 1995. He then switched to being a herdsman at Valley Gem Farm in Cumberland and remained there until May 1999. Quoting Gina Grewe; “Trent has imparted his knowledge to his children and many others along his journey in the dairy industry. I can still remember how patient he was with our three boys when he worked at Valley Gem Farms, letting them ride the tractor, hang out during vet check and 'help' him milk. Trent’s quiet demeanor and gentleness were great examples of how much he cared about our beautiful Fawn and White girls. Trent knows his cows, their pedigrees and the bulls in the breed. When he worked at our farm he could name and talk about the cows he owned with LeAnn, while also being able to identify and discuss the cows on our dairy

and the animals at his parent’s farm. His knowledge of the breed is extensive and admired.” Trent has done an exceptional job of breeding and developing a superior influential herd of Guernseys. He picked out his own 4-H calf and still has the cow family today. As a young breeder, he mated a lot of his cows and heifers to Enhancer who later became a very influential sire in the Guernsey breed. LeAnn’s story is a little bit different. She grew up on a farm with Holsteins. When Trent and LeAnn were dating, she would go and milk cows at Jens Gold Farms with Trent. It was then that she fell in love with the Guernsey cow. At Jens Gold Farms her favorite cow was Teddy Bear. She spoiled that cow every time she was at the farm. LeAnn loves Guernseys because of their personalities and disposition. In June of 1999 the farm in Amery, Wisconsin, to which Trent, LeAnn, Jordan and Chelsey call home was created. It started off as just 13 cows, and slowly grew to 50 cows. When Trent purchased his own farm and needed to enlarge his herd, he stayed with Guernseys and was able to select every third cow from the Eldon Moss herd. His first choice; after some enthusiastic prodding from LeAnn, was a Magic daughter “Glennis” that he mated to Royal Oak. That mating gave them the future excellent cow named Golden J Royal Oak Grinch EX-90 who went on to making several high production records. His matings on “Grinch” gave our breed the popular sires “Grumpy,” “George,” “Gary” and a challenge daughter that has two young sires ‘Garrett” and “Gotcha.” Besides the bulls in the “G” family, Trent and LeAnn have had many successes on the “G” daughters. Currently they have four heifers in the “G” family. The names of the heifers are Lon Gemini, Yogibear Gizmo, Yogi Gloria, and Ice Goofers. For the cow family the aged Golden J Challenge Gracie is classified at 92-points. A pair or “Cordell” twins score EX-90 and VG-84 . Three year old Golden J Activate Gaits is classified at 85-points. The two-year-old Golden J Laredo Giselle is classified at 82 points. For many years this has been the farms pride and joy family. Trent’s favorite cow in this family is Golden J Laredo Giselle because she has the same attitude “Grinch” did; always turning around to see what you are doing during milking time. In addition she is a good milker, and is going to end up being a phenomenal cow. Over the past few years the farm has milked upwards of 85 cows. Since Trent has a bad back, the farm had to decrease in size. With the kids both coming back to the farm the herd size is once again growing. Along with using high indexing proven sires he has used several young sires through the years. He uses the AGA classification program, Dairybelt Sires and Johnes disease 614.864.2409

control program to keep improving his herd's’ performance. Another one of Trent and LeAnn’s favorite cow families is known as Grandma/Butter family. This family was created when Trent bought Jens Gold Goliath Butter Explore. “Explore” lived 12 years, so she was commonly referred to as grandma. Grandma had a lifetime production of over 200,000 pounds and was classified VG-85. She had five bulls and four heifer calves in her 12 years. Currently the farm has a cow and a heifer that traces back to Butter Explore. The cow in Golden J Double L Butterlove classified at 84 points. The heifer Golden J Jaguar Butterjoy is one of Trent and LeAnn’s favorite heifers they currently own. When the first started farming they had a cow named Golden J Lewis Rita. Rita is one of the very first cows they had go excellent, and they have her pictured on a milk bottle displayed in their home. Unfortunately they only have one cow left from that family named Golden J Jet Riley. Riley is classified 84 points and has been show many times by their daughter Chelsey. “Riley” has also coveted numerous production awards for Chelsey at the Wisconsin Guernsey Breeders Convention. Another favorite cow families is the “H” family. The “H” family started by a cow named Golden J Fortress Hannah, who had a lifetime production of 172,000 pounds.


Hannah had a calf named Golden J Ronald Harmony and was a herd favorite for many years. “Harmony” had a lifetime production of 125,000 pounds and had seven calves in her lifetime. If you ever ask Trent he will say his herd is not a show herd but he has had several cows do well in shows over the years. He has had several cows or heifers been named All- Wisconsin as well. These includes Golden J Gain Pansy, Golden J Christian Annie, and Golden J Yogibear Fuzet. Pansy was an Aged cow when she won this award. “Pansy” a little cow; classified 90 points, had a lifetime production of over 131,000 pounds and also gave them three heifer calves and four bulls. “Annie” was an 89-point two-year-old when she won this award. “Fuzet” EX-90 won this award in 2015 as a five year old and is a household favorite for many years. For the first time in 2013 Trent and LeAnn allowed daughter Chelsey to exhibit at World Dairy Expo. She showed Golden J Prada Zazoo in the summer yearling class. “Zazoo” ended up being second place in the junior show and was nominated Junior All-American. “Zazoo” is currently classified VG-86. A couple other past and present stand outs in the Golden J herd are Golden J Harold Selena scoring EX-90, Golden J Grumpy Cleo EX-90, Golden J Laredo Oopsi EX-90, and Golden J Caspian Iggy EX-90. “Selena” is one of Chelsey's cows and was scored 90 as a

three-year-old. “Selena’s” dam was classified 78 points. Trent seems to have a really good niche on improving the cow from its dam. Over the years Trent and LeAnn have had a lot of good cow families in their family owned operation. Trent knows every single cow on the farm inside and outside with their pedigrees. Trent also still knows the majority of the cows at Valley Gem and Jens Gold and can give you their pedigrees as well. Trent uses his knowledge and experience with the Guernsey cow to keep his cows as happy as he can. Both Trent and LeAnn are fond of their Golden Girls and they are spoiled and well taken care of. This couple has even passed down their love and passion for the Guernsey Cow to their children Jordan and Chelsey. Trent is also a member of Georgetown Lutheran Church, Barron Polk GBA, Polk County farm Bureau, American Guernsey Breeders Assn., and the Wisconsin Guernsey Breeders Assn. Trent has served as a Director on the WGBA board in the past. In addition Trent is currently the secretary for the Polk County Farm Bureau. Over the years Trent and LeAnn have consistently received milk quality awards from their cooperative. Trent and his family hosted a National Guernsey Convention Tour and Amery Farm City Days. Farm City Days was an event garnering over 700 people in attendance. Also the Polk Cont. on pg. 18

July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal


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Guernsey Grapevine Congratulations to Karen Klugow and Paul Mashek who tied the knot on June 10. Karen is the daughter of Kirsten and Kevin Klugow and granddaughter of Dale and Teressa Jensen of Jens Gold Farms, Amery, WI. Thomas-John "TJ" William LaPage was born June 21 to Janelle Petersson of Clayton, Wisconsin. Proud big brother James and grandparents Randy and Kelly Peterson of Wilson, Wisconsin, welcomed him home.

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County Dairy judging teams practice judging at their farm every spring. Trent buys all of the forages from Jens Gold which enables them to have lower start-up costs. Trent helps with field work and breeding cows at Jens Gold. Trent was also named the 2005 AGA Outstanding Young Guernsey Farmer. The positive effects of Golden J Farms go beyond the AI sires like Golden J Ronald Grumpy or Golden J Yogibear Garrett but extend to their lifelong commitment to the Guernsey Breed. Please help me, along with the Wisconsin Guernsey Breeders Association, Valley Gem Farm and Jens Gold Farm in congratulating this year's Master Breeder's Trent and LeAnn Jensen of Golden J Guernseys.

Kensley Virginia Oechsle was born July 17 to Stephan and Crystal Oechsle of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Proud grandparents are Jim and Cheri Oechsle of Van Wert, Ohio. Get well wishes and prayers to Wayne Foote of New York and Tom Oberhaus of Wisconsin, both recouperating from health issues. Congratulations Laura Jensen on receiving several National Dairy Shrine Scholarships! 

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In Memoriam Cynthia L. Dicke, 64, New Bremen, Ohio, died Saturday, June 3, 2017. She was born on July 18, 1952, in Coldwater. She was the daughter of David A. and Carolyn L. (Schilling) Pape. On Nov. 29, 1970, she married Roland Dicke, who survives near New Bremen. Also surviving are her children, Angela and Michael Hosterman of Wapakoneta, Keith and Betsy Dicke of New Bremen, Kay and Mike Webb of New Bremen, Gayle Howell of St. Marys, Keri and Scot Knueve of Wapakoneta, Stephanie and Brian Alig of New Bremen, Joe and Shannon Dicke of Celina and Ashley (John Hartzell) Grevenkamp of New Bremen; 26 grandchildren and one greatgrandchild. She is also survived by her siblings, Charlotte and Mark Schwabero of Naperville, Illinois, Cheryl and Roger Barlage of New Bremen and Scott and Darlene Pape of Dublin. Preceding her in death were her parents and her granddaughter, Taylor Dicke. Cindy was a member of the St. Paul United Church of Christ in New Bremen and formerly was with the New Bremen OCCL. She was a 1970 graduate of New Bremen High School and in 1969 was a member of the Ohio State Honor's Choir, traveling and touring Europe with the choir. She was a homemaker and had taught piano lessons for several years. She enjoyed puzzles and cards, the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Cincinnati Reds and recently met and talked with Pete Rose. Her true enjoyment was caring for her children and grandchildren. Funeral services were held June 9. Memorial contributions in memory of Cindy can 18

Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017

be made to the Grand Lake Hospice or to the church playground equipment fund. Mr. Oscar Clayton "Pop" Smith passed away Monday, June 19 at his home, OCS Dairy surrounded by his family. He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Shirley and his seven children; Debbie (David), OC (Michelle), O Chris (Donna), Gaylene (Alex), Oakley (Laura), Crystal (Gary), O Clay (Kelly). He also leaves behind grandchildren; Danny (Mary), Matt (Ashley), Leslie (Cody), Davey, Greg, Grant, Annie, Gabe, Daisy, Brittany (Sean) Chase, Cody, Chance, Savannah and Tony Scigliano and Gina Harris family, Great grandchildren, Henry, Heidi, James, Carter, Bryce, Austin and Sawyer. Clayton had a kind, generous personality and greeted everyone with a smile. He never met a stranger. He loved his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He supported his family and loved watching them play sports and show cattle. Born in Jefferson on November 9, 1933 he was a son of the late Oscar Clifford and Anna May Cordell Smith and step-son of the late Margaret E. Stockman Smith. He was a life-long dairy farmer and loved to share stories of farming and going to cattle shows. Throughout his life he was inducted into the National and State Dairy Shrine, was on numerous boards for the Holstein Association, a member of the Farm Bureau, Maryland State Ayshire, Jersey and both state and national Guernsey associations. Funeral services were held Saturday, June 24. Pallbearers were his nine grandsons, Danny, Matt, Chase, Davey, Chance, Cody, Greg, Grant and Gabe. In lieu of flowers,

Memorial contributions may be made to The Brunswick High School Athletic Program or Learning for Life Program C/o Brunswick High School, Attn: Donation for Clayton, 101 Cummings Drive, Brunswick, MD 21716 Margaret "Peggy" (Todd) Thomas, 85 of Urbana, Ohio, passed away, Saturday, July 01, 2017. She was born July 16, 1931 in West Newton, Pennsylvania. Peggy was a devoted member of the Middletown Church of God. She worked for many years at Triad Schools. She enjoyed reading, gardening and swimming with the ladies at the Y; but most of all spending time with her grandchildren, watching her kids and grandkids play sports, show dairy cattle and horses. She survived by her children, Bob (Molly) Thomas of Cable, Jay (Angie) Thomas of West Liberty, John (Mary) Thomas of North Lewisburg, Lynne Thomas of Urbana, Joe Thomas of Fletcher and Lorraine (Mark) Townsley of Urbana; her grandchildren, Brandi, Jami, Emily, Nathan, Joshua, Jeff, Andy, Jessica, Rachel, Amy, Carsyn, Savannah and Cooper; great grandchildren, Skylay, Baylie, Izzy, Owen, Evan, Tucker, Ty, Rylie, Blayk, Colton, Kendall,Camryn, Claire, Karli, Abby, Thomas and Cheyenne; numerous nieces, nephews and friends, including special friends, Cora, Virginia and Betty. She is preceded in death by her husband, James Sumner Thomas, her parents, Iona Cora (Markle) and Horatio Nathan Todd, her birth parents, Margaret and Tom Rohland, her brothers, Cy, Jack, Frank and Floyd and her sisters, Mary and Jane. Services were held July 6, 2017. 614.864.2409

National Convention Sale

as a ringman was Dan Ripley. Blaine Crosser read pedigrees undreds of Nawhile Seth Johnson and Brian tional Convention Schnebly took phone bids. attendees braved Dick Whalen served as the Sale the pouring rain to attend Chairman with assistance from the 2017 National GuernEric Craig and Wayne Foote. sey Convention Sale at Cattle preparation was handled the Saratoga County Fairby Chris Reichard, Joan Seidel, grounds, capping off a pheMike Hickman, Anthony Liddle nomenal week-long event. and crew. Cara Trotter and Robin Embryos, choices and a treAlden represented GMS, and the mendous lineup of live lots beautiful sale ring was prepared sold to 19 states across the by Judy and Donna Whalen. United States, from Maine Live viewing and bidding was to California. The average available on Cowbuyer.com, and on 56 live lots and choices many consignments sold online. was $3,250. The high seller of the Additional lots selling for over day was the #4 CPI heifer $4,400: in the breed, Coulee Crest Navajo Lark-ET, selling to Millborne HP Nico Amber new Guernsey owner Steve (01/17) ............................ $5,200 Linkowski of Avella, PennS: Lang Haven Prada Nico sylvania for $8,700. Lark C: P Morey Miller & Hillpoint has a GCPI of +95 and is Partners, WI a Navajo out of Coulee Crest Copper Leenah-ET Pictured L-R: 2017 National Princess Ellie Wantland;Dick Whalen; 2017 National Queen Lauren Robison; B: Rileigh Mumbulo, NY VG-87, the #3 CPI cow in Jamie Trotter on the halter of the high seller; Brian Schnebly representing the buyer. In the box: auctioneer Indian Acres Lightning Apple Pie (07/16) ...................... $4,900 the breed. Lark also boasts Stanley Chupp and pedigree reader Blaine Crosser. S: Marodore T Les Lightning-ET a +328NM$, +2.8PL, +50F C: Ashley Elise Sears, MA American Garrett, then an EX-92 Deemand and +22P. The next six dams are all Excellent B: Robin Dalton, KY and was consigned by Rocky Hill Farm of and well-known for making big-time milk reCoulee Crest Regis Juliet-ETV (03/17) Hughesville, Pennsylvania. cords, ranking high in index and producing ......................................................... $4,900 Five embryo lots sold for an average of All-American daughters. Lark was consigned S: Marodore Enhancer Regis-ET $556 per embryo. The high-selling embryo by Coulee Crest LLC of Cashton, Wisconsin. C: Coulee Crest LLC, WI package was consigned by Austin and Landen The second-high selling consignment was B: Donna Whalen, NY Knapp of Epworth, Iowa, for $675 per embryo. a pick of seven American Pie daughters out Trotacre BS Hipster-ET (10/13) ........ $4,700 The package consisted of three IVF, reverseof Mar Ral YB Margo Two-ET EX-90 conS: Jens Gold C Blue Spruce-ET sorted embryos sired by either Ladys Man or a signed by Ralph Turley and Verl Weaver of C: Cara & Jamie Trotter, PA mutually agreeable sire and out of Knapps Ace Orient, Ohio and Goshen, Indiana. The calves, B: Therl Hensley, IN Tamera EX-93, the most prolific brood cow in born in June 2017, are potential eighth generaSniders HP GG Lone Star Ayisha-ETV the breed. They were purchased by Richard tion Excellent and will all be genomic tested (06/16) ................................................... $4,600 Giddings of Brandon, Vermont. in order to assist buyers Lang, Overholt and S: Springhill J Lone Star-ET Auctioneering for the sale was Stanley Basse of Big Prairie, Ohio, in making the best C: Hillpoint, Snider Homestead & Dan Basse, WI Chupp, who brought along his team of Dale choice. Margo Two is a Yogibear with records B: John P & Marjorie A Kuszlyk, NY and Tyler Chupp to serve as ringmen and Mato 26,860M 1,701F 875P and is a daughter of Marodore HP Pie Pollyanna-ETV (09/16) ria and Cindy Chupp to clerk. Also serving Mar Ral Royal Martha-ET EX-94, The All ......................................................... $4,500 American 5-Year-Old in 2006 and full sister S: Indian Acres American Pie to the popular bull Mar Ral Royal Mentor. The C: Marodore & Hillpoint Partners, WI first ever offering at a public sale from this cow B: Linda Madsen, CA family sold for $8,100. Rozelyn Springhill Zigzag-ETV (10/16) Two fancy show heifers also commanded ........................................................ $4,500 prices over $7,000. The first, Poppydale LatS: Jens Gold Aaron Copper-ET imer Spice-ET, is a well-grown and correct C: Springhill, OH December 2016 daughter of Craig Moor FayB: Maddie Zweegman, WA ette Selma EX-93, Honorable Mention Junior Maplehurst Pies Lyric (01/15) ........... $4,450 All-American in 2010. Spice was purchased S: Indian Acres Pies-ET by Eric Craig of North Bangor, New York for C: Rob Forster, ON, CAN $7,600 and consigned by Michael Trombly of B: David Blake, PA Chateaugay, New York.


By Robin Alden

Rocky Hill Lone Star Skylar, an ultra-stylish April 2016 heifer, was purchased by Daniel St Pierre of Berwick, Maine for $7,200. The Lone Star is out of a VG-88 Nominated Allwww.usguernsey.com

Pictured L-R: 2017 National Queen Lauren Robison; Gloria Basse representing buying partner; Dick Whalen; Blaine Crosser representing the consignors; Marshall Overholt and Chris Lang, buying partners; auctioneer Stanley Chupp and 2017 National Princess Ellie Wantland.

July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal


Introducing the 2017 Queen & Princess

The 2017 Queen's Court: (back row) 2017 National Princess Ellie Wantland; NY Queen Kristen Gallagher; 2017 Queen Lauren Robison; WI Princess Emma Weisensel; PA Queen Sandra Krone; OH Queen Kate Sherman. Seated is 2016 National Queen Stefanie Evers and 2016 National Princess Cara Trotter.

Hello Guernsey friends and enthusiasts! Follow us this year @ My name is Lauren Robison and I am thrilled to be your 2017-18 National Guernsey Queen. I reside on my family’s GuernseyRoyalty farm, along with my two brothers and parents Kevin and Emily Hartmann. We operate Hartdale Guernseys in Mulberry Grove, Illinois. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the New York Guernsey Breeders for hosting an outstanding National Guernsey Convention this year. If you didn’t get a chance to experience “The Turning Point of the Golden Breed in 2017” I hope you will consider attending the convention in Iowa in 2018. I’d also like to thank the Illinois Guernsey Breeders and my family for supporting me. Congratulations to all of the queen contestants; it was a joy to get to know you and become friends. I am truly excited for the busy next year as your Guernsey Queen. I hope to have the opportunity to meet several of you during my travels. I’m thrilled to make my first trip to the PennsylvaniaAll-American in Harrisburg, help work the booth at World Dairy Expo, pass out awards on the colored shavings in Louisville, and above all promote our wonderful golden cow that we all love and adore. During my columns over the next several months I plan to share with you some Guernsey trivia. My question for this month is: When and where was the first annual meeting of the American Guernsey Cattle Club? Check back in the next issue for the answer and for your next question. As the summer comes to an end some may be returning to school, others are likely preparing for fall harvest or beginning to embark on the Tanbark Trail. Regardless of your destination, I wish you all good fortune.

Congratulations Chelsey Jensen

National Outstanding Guernsey Youth Chelsey is the daguther of Trent and LeAnn Jensen of Golden J Guernseys, Amery, Wisconsin.

CALLING all JUNIORS! The AGYA needs a new LOGO The above header needs to retire!

So here's a contest to win notoriety & your OWN subscription to the Journal (your choice, mailed or electronic) Submit a logo - computer generated or hand drawn* to Cheri Oechsle at purebred.editor@gmail.com or mail to the address in the front of the Journal by SEPTEMBER 20! Entries will be compiled and put online for judging through facebook and at World Dairy Expo. Entry with most number of votes will be the winner. Winner will be announced and the logo premiered in the December issue! Only rule is Juniors must create the logo! *hand drawn will eventually be reproduced in an electronic format prior to release in December.


Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017


National Junior Awards Folding Display Contest

21 displays Juniors 1st Rylann Maxwell – Whole vs. Skim 2nd Breann Poole – J.C. Penny 3rd Peyton O’Connell – Which Dairy Breed Intermediates 1st Lane Worley, CA – Which makes better plastic 2nd Mary Richardson, OH - Milk 101 – Just the Facts Seniors 1st Emma Weisensel, WI – Reading Pedigrees 2nd Jacob MaGehee, FL – Say Cheese

Folding Display

Breann Poole & Rylann Maxwell

Lane Worley & Mary Richardson

Emma Weisensel & Jacob McGehee

Essay Winners

Photo Contest

17 Photo entries 1st Adrian Whitling, PA 2nd Emily Church, IA 3rd Whitney Yerina, MO People’s Choice Award: Adrian Whitling, PA

Video contest

2 participants 1st Rebecca Holcomb, FL 2nd Austin Holcomb, FL

Mary Richardson, Isabella Becerra, Rebecca Holcomb

Rachel Sherman, Austin Holcomb

Jamie Trotter, Michael Fioretto & Kate Sherman

Prepared Public Speaking

Essay Contest

Juniors 1st Mary Richardson, OH 2nd Rebecca Holcomb, FL 3rd Isabella Becerra Intermediates 1st Jessica Schmitt 2nd Austin Holcomb, FL 3rd Rachel Sherman, OH Seniors 1st Jamie Trotter, PA 2nd Michael Fioretto, FL 3rd Kate Sherman, OH

Austin Holcomb, Mary Richardson & Kristen Widrick

Rachel Sherman, Ayla Blatt, Mackenzie Blatt

Caylie Axtell, Lauren Robison, Jamie Trotter

Extemporaneous Speaking

Cont. on pt. 22 Zachary Johnson, Rebecca Holcomb, Austin Holcomb

Mackenzie Blatt, Macy Walason, Ayla Blatt

Jamie Trotter & Jacob McGehee

Thank You

to all the Youth Fund Donors & Purchasers. The Fun Auction raised over $8,000 for the Youth Fund and the calf raffle added an additional $4,000.


July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal


Video Winners Rebecca Holcomb, Austin Holcomb

Senior Quiz Bowl Winners: Kate Sherman, Hunter Fioretto, Michael Fioretto & Jacob McGehee. Above: Senior MVP: Kristen Gallagher

Junior Quiz Bowl Winners: Conner Ealy, Andrew Blauser, Mackenzie Blatt, Ben Pifer Above: Junior MVP: Mackenzie Blatt

Scholarship Winners

Quiz Bowl

7 Junior Teams 1st Pennsylvania Blue – Melissa Kohler, Coach; Mackenzie Blatt, Conner Ealy, Andrew Blauser, Ben Pifer Junior MVP – Mackenzie Blatt 2nd Florida 2 – Chris Holcomb, Coach; Austin Holcomb, Makenzie Greaves, Nick Hammer, Isabella Bacerra 6 Senior Teams 1st Florida/Ohio – Chris Holcomb, Coach; Jacob McGehee, Hunter Fioretto, Michael Fioretto, Kate Sherman 2nd Pennsylvania Blue – Melissa Kohler, Coach; Ayla Blatt, Dalan Ealy, Jacob Poole, Christa Ealy Senior MVP – Kristen Gallagher

Prepared Public Speaking

Michael Fioretto National Youth Scholarship

Lauren Robison Turley Scholarship

Andrew Coon Max Dawdy Scholarship

Brian Schnebly & Lauren Robison Seth & Genevieve Schnebly Memorial Scholarship

Outstanding Youth Runner-Up

Junior Progressive Breeders

Daniel Ripley

Daniel & Esther Ripley

Guernsey Gold Production

Individual Production Winners

Kolby Stoltzfus, Kaila Stoltzfus, Jenny McKenna & Austin Holcomb

Karli Stoltzfus, Kaila Stoltzfus, Esther Ripley

Gold Star Breeders

Group of Three

Juniors – 10 contestants 1st Austin Holcomb, FL 2nd Mary Richardson, OH 3rd Kristen Widrick Intermediate – 11 contestants 1st Mackenzie Blatt, PA 2nd Ayla Blatt, PA 3rd Rachel Sherman, OH Seniors – 10 contestants 1st Jamie Trotter, PA 2nd Lauren Robison, IL 3rd Caylie Axtell, NY

Extemporaneous Speaking Contest Juniors – 5 contestants 1st Austin Holcomb, FL 2nd Rebecca Holcomb, FL 3rd Zachary Johnson, VT Intermediates – 7 contestants 1st Ayla Blatt, PA 2nd Mackenzie Blatt, PA 3rd Macy Walason, PA Seniors - 2 contestants 1st Jamie Trotter, PA 2nd Jacob McGehee, FL

National Guernsey Youth Scholarship Michael Fioretto, FL

Seth & Genevieve Schnebly Memorial Scholarship Lauren Robison, IL

Max Dawdy Scholarship Andrew Coon, NY

Turley Scholarship Esther Ripley, Elizabeth Ripley, Dan Ripley, Christa Ealy Lauren Robison, Dalan Ealy.


Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017

Esther Ripley, Elizabeth Ripley, Kaila Stoltzfus,Karli Stoltzfus

Lauren Robison, IL

Cont. on pt. 27 614.864.2409


July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal


First Quarter National Class Leaders By Robin Alden


n impressive group of seven cows have completed class-leading records in the first quarter of 2017. Begin-

Dairyman Phonze 2448 Rowboat

ning with the youngest, Dairyman Phonze 2448 Rowboat VG-85 has made a classleading record for fat in the 305-day yearling category. At 1-11, Rowboat made 20,570M 5.9% 1,215F* 3.8% 791P being milked three times a day at Hoard’s Dairyman Farm in Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin. Rowboat is an A2A2 daughter of Dairyman Mint Phonze and out of a VG-88 Alstar with multiple records over 24,00M and 1,200F, as well as over 112,000M lifetime. The next dam is a VG-86 Tiller, also with great production. Another outstanding A2A2 young cow, Grnsy Prairie Grumpy Sunshine VG-83 has made a class-leading record for milk in the senior two-year-old division for both 305 and 365 days. At 2-11 in 305 days, three times a day, Sunshine made 30,010M* 4.3% 1,284F 3.1% 939P and carried this record on to 365 days with 33,900M* 4.3% 1,443F 3.2% 1,074P. Sunshine is a Grumpy out of an EX-90 dam with records to 21,000M, then Majestic Oak Invest Sareen EX-95 with over 145,000M life. Sunshine, bred by Scott

Weisensel of Marshall, Wisconsin, and now owned by Hoard’s Dairyman Farm, was also a member of the Reserve All-American Junior Best Three Females in 2014. GR-Glades Brook Skyfame Adalee VG82 has made a 365 day class-leading record for fat in the senior three-year-old division. Most impressively, Adalee made this record in just 350 days at 3-11, with 35,200M 5.9% 2,071F* 3.4% 1,188P (3x). This record began as a 305-day leader in milk, fat and protein. Adalee is a Balmoral Skipper Skyfame daughter out of a Dividend. She was bred by Earl Bartz of Strykersville, New York, and is now owned by Oliver Ewell of Pavilion, New York. Two junior four-year-olds made classleading records in fat this quarter. The first is Villa Crest Rainier Hazel VG-80, who carried on her class-leading 305 day record for fat to accomplish it in 365 days as well, with 30,100M 6.4% 1,937F* 3.2% 977P at 4-00. Hazel is a Villa Crest Rainier daughter out of a Very Good Masterpiece who also has a classleading record. She is bred and owned by Verl and Gretchen Weaver of Goshen, Indiana. The second junior four-year-old with a class-leading record is Warwick Manor A Cuddles VG-86, who made a leading fat record in 305 days at 4-01 with 27,130M 6.6% 1,799F* 3.3% 898P. Cuddles is a Sniders Money Arrington daughter of a Very Good Lance with records to 27,000M 1,300F. She was the Unanimous Junior All-American Spring Calf in 2012. Cuddles was bred by Kevin and Dina Stoltzfus and is now owned by daughter Karli of East Earl, Pennsylvania. In just 293 days, Dairyman Double L Hearty VG-87 made a class-leading record in protein in the senior four-year-old division. At 4-06,

Hearty made 29,960M 4.6% 1,372F 3.5% 1,057P*. This Double L daughter is out of a VG-85 Lewis with records to 5.1%F 3.5%P. Her previous records have all been above 4.7%F and 3.5%P. Hearty is bred and owned by Hoard’s Dairyman Farm.

Chupps Hillpoint Ment Marla-ET

The final, and eldest, cow on the list should be a familiar name: Chupps Hillpoint Ment Marla-ET EX-92. Marla made her first classleading record in the 5-00 to 9-11, 305-day division in fat with 28,080M 5.8% 1,625F* 3.2% 910P at 7-05. Despite this being her first leading lactation, Marla has had a productive career with over 129,000M life. Marla is a Mentor out of the Very Good brood cow, Chupps Farm Ace Maria-ET, then Marshdene Magic Mary EX-94, over 164,000M life. Marla was the Honorable Mention AllAmerican Yearling in Milk in 2010, and may be best known for being the dam of Warwick Manor Alymo Bo, a popular young sire at +72 GPTI. She was bred by Paige Chupp of Inola, Oklahoma and is owned by Kevin and Dina Stoltzfus.

Guernsey Breeders' Journal

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Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017

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July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal


We Believe In Guernseys!

These people are actively showing their confidence and faith in the Guernsey Breed by advertising in the Guernsey Breeders' Journal.










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Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017


Jr. Awards cont. from pg. 22

JR. PRODUCTION AWARDS Guernsey Gold Production 1st - Kolby Stoltzfus, PA 2nd - Jenny McKenna, NY 3rd - Amber Kirk, PA Group of Three Kaila Stoltzfus, PA 1st Milk, Fat & Protein Ezlibeth Ripley, NY 2nd Milk Karlie Stoltzfus, PA 3rd Milk, 2nd Fat & Protein Esther Ripley, NY 3rd Fat & Protein Individual Cow Warwick Manor Kojack Rollins 1st Milk & Fat, 2nd Protein Kaila Stoltzfus, PA Golden J Herold Selena 2nd Milk Chelsey Jensen, WI Warwick Manor B Starbucks 3rd Milk, 2nd Fat Karli Stoltzfus, PA Warwick Manor O Sadie 1st Protein, 2nd Fat Kaila Stoltzfus, PA Ripley Farms C Connie Gail-ET 3rd Protein Esther Ripley, NY Junior Gold Star Breeders Lauren Robison, IL - 2 Daniel Ripley, NY - 2 Elizabeth Ripley, NY Chelsey Jensen, WI Christa Ealy, PA Dalan Ealy, PA Esther Ripley, NY

Prod. cont. from pg. 15

Lee Yost National Total Performance Cow Award

The Total Performance Cow is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Guernsey Breeders’ Association in memory of Lee Yost, a prominent Pennsylvania Guernsey breeder. The award is based on the complete cow, recognizing production, yield deviation, appraisal score, show placings and the development of the breeder. One individual cow is recognized at each national show, and the top cows at each show are eligible to compete for this award. In previous years, the overall Total Performance Cow has been included in the All-American contest. Per board action in June 2016, the overall Total Performance Cow will now be a national award to be awarded and recognized at the awards program during the AGA annual meetings, replacing the All-American Total Performance Cow award. There is no cow more fitting to be the first recipient of this prestigious award than Knapps Regis Tambourine-ET, with 1,308.95 total points. Congratulations to Austin and Landen Knapp of Epworth, Iowa, for breeding and owning Tambourine.

Gold Star Breeders

The Gold Star Breeder program recognizes Guernsey breeders on the Total Performance Evaluation program who combine outstanding milk production, a strong breeding program and the use of young sires to continue to move the breed forward. The first recipients to be recognized are the 2016 Double Gold Star Breeders. To qualify for this award, a herd must finish with a lactation average that is 115% of the national TPE average for milk, fat or protein, be 70% or more homebred, and have at least 20% first-crop young sire daughters that completed records in 2016. Qualifying levels this year are 19,087M, 871F or 638P. This year’s Double Gold Star Breeders are: Rozelyn Farm, Lynden, Washington; Cozy Nook Farm, Waukesha, Wisconsin; Coulee Crest LLC, Cashton, Wisconsin; Donnybrook Farm, Platteville, Wisconsin; Hoard’s Dairyman Farm, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin The next group is the 2016 Gold Star Breeders. To qualify for this award, a herd must finish with a lactation average that is 115% of the national TPE average for milk, fat or protein and be 70% or more homebred. This year’s Gold Star Breeders are: Randy Knapp, Epworth, Iowa; Dr. George McKenna, Albion, New York; Julie Orchard, Columbus, Wisconsin; Spring Walk Farm, Big Prairie, Ohio; Trotacre Farm, Enon Valley, Pennsylvania; Kevin & Dina Stoltzfus, East Earl, Pennsylvania; Walnut Ridge Farm, Middletown, Maryland; Fowler Branstetter, Edmonton, Kentucky; Verl Weaver, Goshen, Indiana Typically, we also recognize Gold Star Herds at this awards banquet, which are herds who meet the production and young sire requirements but not the homebred requirements. However, for 2016, all herds meeting the production standards exceeded 70% homebred status! Congratulations to all of the winners.

Gold Star Breeders

Appraisal Program Schedule Here are the states scheduled for the next several months:

October - California, Oregon, Washignton, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico November - Indiana, Ohio, Michigan & West Virginia

National Princess Cara Trotter; Bill Wachtel, Karen Laabs for Knapp Guernseys, Duane Schuler, Emily Hartmann for Fowler Branstetter, Leon Zweegman, Kaila Stoltzfus, Jason Yurs, National Queen Stefani Evers.

New England & California Protein Award

Lee Yost Award

December- New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, & Rhode Island *Leonard Johnson is the Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders' Association Coordinator of the joint classification program. He can be reached at 608.365.4474 Ext. 12. Appraisal schedules will be sent from the Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders' Association office, not from the AGA office. www.usguernsey.com

Cara Trotter - Trotacre Farm

Karen Laabs - Knapps Guernseys July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal



Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017


Index To Advertisers

Anova Dale Guernseys..................... 26 CA GBA.............................................26 Chupps Guernsey Farm.................... 26 City Slickers......................................... 5 Crown Stone Farm.............................. 8 Dairybelt Guernsey Sires.................. 25 Donnybrook Farm.............................. 26 Guernsey Foundation.......................... 9 Guernsey Grove Farms....................... 5

Sept. 18 - NJS-Harrisburg Sept. 20 - NGS-Harrisburg Oct. 6 - International Guernsey Classic, Madison, WI Oct. 5-6 - NJS & NGS - Madison Nov. 3 - NJS-Louisville Nov. 5-6 - NGS - Louisville Nov. 15 - All-American Entry Deadline Nov. 28-30 - AGA Board of Directors Winter Meetings, Columbus, OH For a complete listing visit the website at www.usguernsey.com

Calendar of Events

All-American Dairy Show..................... 8

Golden J Guernseys.......................... 17 GMS..................................................26 Hartdale Guernseys.......................... 23 Hoards Dairyman Farm..................... 26 Hoosier Classic Sale......................... 23 Idle Gold Guernsey Farm.................. 26 Jens Gold Farm................................. 26 Larksdale Farm................................. 26 Lavon Farms..................................... 26 Marodore Farm.................................. 26 Millborne Farms................................... 3 Missouri GBA..................................... 14 New York GBA..................................... 2 Oak Knob Guernseys........................ 26 Pennsylvania GBA............................. 31 Profitable Golden Genetics............... 26 Ripley Farm....................................... 26 Riverwood Farm................................ 26 Select Sires....................................... 29 Smithfield Guernseys/Coon Bros...... 26 Springhill............................................32 TrotAcre Farm................................ 8,23 United Guernsey Genetics................ 26 Willow Grove Guernseys................... 26 Wisconsin GBA.................................. 26 World Dairy Expo............................... 28 Young Guernsey Leaders.................. 26

September Journal Deadline August 8! Don't miss it!

Contact Marjorie 614.339.5394 purebred.sales@gmail.com World Dairy Expo Preview & Fall Sale Consignments! www.usguernsey.com

July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal


Saratoga Adventures.....


Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017



July/August 2017— Guernsey Breeders' Journal



Guernsey Breeders’ Journal — July/August 2017


Profile for Cheri Oechsle

Guernsey Breeders' Journal July/Aug 2017  

Guernsey Breeders' Journal July/Aug 2017