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Foto: Niclas Warius

Foto: Niclas Warius

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You may also bring your bike all the way to the outermost islands. Book a ready-made tour or make your own plan bring a picnic basket - stop at one of the numerous cultural heritage sites unique for the area. Cycling is the real


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Enjoy Scandinavian Islands’ culture and history. Go cycling in probably the most unique archipelago in the world. Breath the clean air and feel the sea breeze in your hair. The closeness of nature, the exotic variety of wildlife is a guarantee on your tour along the winding roads. You can rent a bicycle at several locations in the area.


www.scandinavianislands. com/cycling

Top 10 cycling destinations of Scandinavian Islands 1.

The Archipelago Trail offers great views and cosy accommodation. A range of archipelago ferries free of charge and picturesque bridges adds to the adventure. Ask for daytours.


Halfway along the 250 km Archipelago Trail in the Turku Archipelago you might just want to catch the archipelago ferry at Galtby harbour and head towards Åland. Ask for ready-made tours or bike map.


Bring the kids - and why not granny too, and cycle round the paradise islands of Iniö. Combine it with the folklore festival in July for an all fun ecological weekend.

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On the car ferry from Vaxholm to Rindö you can easily bring your bike.


Öregrund - Bo & Kajak at Sunnanöviken offers comfortable accommodation in a cottage or room with breakfast. Here you may also rent your bicycle and get a tour map. Perfect family tour.

Rent your bike at Swedish Utö and take the lovely tour down to Ålö Båtshaket where you can enjoy real Archipelago fish.


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30 km southwest of Mariehamn the archipelago ferry leaves from the Svinö harbour to the Föglö island. Visit Degerby, and Kjell Ekström´s Art gallery. Cycling to Vårdö and Brändö islands. Visit Kastelholm castle and Bomarsund ruins on the way. A perfect route for families is cycling from Mariehamn to Eckerö and exploring Käringsund. Bike around Bogesundslandet in beautiful surroundings past charming hostels and cafés. Visit Bogesunds castle.

1 Öregrund

3 Iniö

6 Bo & Kajak

Galtby - Åland

8 Kastelholm & Bomarsund


7 Svinö - Föglö - Degerby



4 Vaxholm - Rindö

5 Swedish Utö

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Archipelago Trail

Mariehamn - Eckerö



Go cycling in Scandinavian Islands  

Enjoy Scandinavian Islands’ culture and history by bike. Go cycling in probably the most unique archipelago in the world. Breath the clean a...