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Message from Management PURE Beach Resort & Spa is at a turning point now.

created. A part of this process is building of a 3D ani-

The engineering drawings and final design details

mated rendering based on the approved plan which

are being worked out so that the actual construction

will show the entire complex as it gets built out to

work can begin.

completion. All of the marketing collaterals will allow

The most critical aspect of construction is on the

us to have more “visual” insight into the progress of

right track as we have secured construction financing

PURE Beach Resort & Spa.

for all phases with usual conditions of pre-sales and

On finance matters, we have had several inquiries

soft cost in reserve. At the same time, we are in the

in terms of institutional investments from North

process of obtaining a third party, independent, valu-

America and abroad. We are currently engaged with

ation of the land and the project to correctly reflect

three private equity and financing groups who have

and confirm the increased value of the total project

either completed or conducting their due diligence

since our inception. We are currently engaged with

and have expressed their intent to pursue our deal in

two of the most reputable chartered quantity survey

writing. Royal Bank of Canada (Barbados), is actively

firms in Barbados to complete this task. We expect

involved in the process as they are the provider of

this value to be very much in line with the internal

the “custodial services” to us which includes Active

valuation (between $90M to $110M), having used the

Business Services, Custody and Cash Management

industry standard methodology of valuation.

Services as well as Financial Reporting Services.

As we move into the phase of construction prepa-

Engagement of Royal Bank of Canada (Barbados) will

ration and subsequent building stages, all of PURE

benefit the company and purchasers alike as it will

Beach Resort & Spa marketing and sales emphasis

provide: i) accurate and detailed records of all assets

will be on real property sales (resort condominium).

and transactions ii) escrow services by a reputable,

This emphasis will be demonstrated on our newly re-

long established financial institution with a strong

vamped website, scheduled to be released within the

balance sheet and good liquidity and, in so doing,

next 12 weeks as well as on all sales collaterals being

give comfort to potential investors, iii) services by



knowledgeable and expert professional staff, iv) central point of contact for all administration needs with timely and responsive service culture, v) a commitment to compliance with all local regulatory laws to enable ongoing benefits of Barbados registration, vi) a financially strong and stable institution which is able to withstand the global market turmoil with a strong commitment and track record in Barbados. Overall, despite delays we have experienced, PURE Beach Resort & Spa is marching on the right track with enthusiasm and excitement. We look forward to reporting further developments on the next Newsletter.

Still shots of 3D animated rendering based on approved site plan

PURE Beach Resort & Spa

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Ecoterra International is gearing up to breakground on the exciting PURE Beach Resort & Spa, Barbados’ newest luxury shared ownership resort opportunity. The planned resort is situated on the magnificent pristine Southeast Coast of arguably the Caribbean’s most successful and well-organised nation. Messrs Mark Purai and Sang Park are the driving force behind this grand project. These dynamic developers share their experience and vision for PURE Beach Resort & Spa and their motives for choosing Barbados as the host for a series of superlative PURE Beach shared ownership Resorts, they intend to develop in the world’s most beautiful and stable locations.

W HY BARBADO S? Mark and Sang do not hesitate to explain Ecoterra’s multi-level decision to develop the PURE Beach concept in Barbados: “…Barbados is a unique microcosm of the best this world has to offer. Indeed recently Barbados was awarded the much sought after designation of “developed” country, based purely on the Human

Developed Index! This tiny Country of only 166 sq. miles boasts a population of 280, 000, yet possesses a strong, stable economy more vibrant than virtually the rest of the Caribbean combined!” Barbados effectively has neither a history of economic recession, nor any severe negative fluctuations in the price of real estate. There are three poignant contributing factors to Barbados success; first of all it is blessed to be outside the natural paths of hurricanes, and secondly its solid democratic government is firmly based upon British C ommon Law and lastly but perhaps most importantly, since independence from Great Britain in 1966, Barbados has made universal education its paramount priority! W e believe that the unique attractions offered by Barbados make it a perfect travel destination. “Including the O istins Fish Market and Friday Fish Fry, and there is quaint Bridgetown itself with its many C olonial Buildings and terrific Boutiques. The island’s W est C oast (also called the Platinum Coast) offers some of the best restaurants, for more delightful dining. The W est Coast is perfect for Big Game Fishing for Marlin, W ahoo, Sailfish or Barracuda or lazy Catamaran Cruises if that is your cup of tea. All of these sites are only 30 minutes away from PURE Beach Resort and Spa! There is always more to do and explore in beautiful Barbados!”

FRO M AN IN VESTO RS PO IN T O F VIEW : W hy Buy into PURE Beach Resort & Spa? Mark and Sang explain that there are a number of reasons why the PURE Beach project is such a great investment; “…first of all, we believe in the stability of Government and Society in Barbados and the proven increased profit potential of the Barbados real estate market is another captivating inducement for people to buy into the Pure Beach Project which they can do so with the firm knowledge that their investment will steadily appreciate in the years to come. For many the investment itself is not even the most important

aspect of their decision, a lot of our purchasers are putting their money down because of the fantastic lifestyle they will enjoy at the PURE Beach Resort & Spa and indeed throughout their entire stay in Barbados!

Facilities and Amenities PURE Beach is an enviable, master planned five-star beachfront residence hotel development, set within a lush tropical landscape, located on the South-east C oast of Barbados. The expansive beachfront stretches over 1 km in the parish of St. Philip, the largest yet the least populated parish on the island. The beaches of the Southeast Coast combine the best elements of all Barbados’ beaches and are recognised as the most attractive on the island with their soft pink and white sands, tranquil palms and irresistible turquoise waters.

PURE Lifestyle Residents of PURE Beach will have an impressive choice of five (5) swimming pools with swim-up bars, conference facilities, boutique shops, a luxury spa, underwater activities, access to a vibrant night life and entertainment venues as well as multiple fine-dining restaurants representing various cuisines. The Resort’s outdoor component (terraces/balconies) will bring the outdoors in. It will comprise of 20% to 30% of the total space in all suites and will be finished to a high luxury-living level. Even the road-ways and walk-ways around the resort are a mirror effect of the naturally winding roads of Barbados itself, completing a lush, unspoiled people-friendly community. This setting will make it perfect for the resort to cater to weddings, conferences and tours of the spectacular countryside. W ithout a doubt, PURE Beach has quickly become recognised as one of the last great beachfront development opportunities in Barbados.

W hy buy into PURE Beach Resort & Spa today? Mark and Sang quickly affirm that the answer is simple –The opportunity is selling quickly! O nce you’ve experienced Barbados and been to the PURE Beach site, you will realise that even if you intend to buy to sell for a profit later or you want to enjoy your purchase yourself, in either case PURE Beach Resort & Spa – Barbados is going to make you very happy!

Barbados & Pure Beach Resort & Spa Barbados proud hospitality is honestly defined by poet H. Hargreaves

A Bajan Speaks

The site offers exceptional picturesque settings for a resort designed to promote relaxation and luxury in its purest form. Pure Beach Resort & Spa is just ten minutes from the Grantley Adams International Airport, and is surrounded by pre-existing infrastructure such as The Crane Resort & Residence which is directly adjacent the property and is renowned as one of the most successful shared ownership developments in the Caribbean.

Socially Inclusive PURE Beach Resort and Spa is designed to be an inclusive resort community for community members, owners and visitors. This concept is supported by many community partnerships and Government agencies in cooperation with PURE Beach Resort and Spa.

W elcome to my home, my island, my paradise and share the sunshine, the flowers and the rain W alk with me along our glorious beaches and your heart will say come again, come again….

Pure Beach Resort & Spa is neatly defined by our Motto… “…Come O ne and Come All!” “Come one and come all! Find your heart’s desire at Pure Beach Resort & Spa – Barbados! …Come in to the Resort and experience a true village life style....” Enjoy the succulent C uisine, memorable Music and delightfully creative Artisans. Contact us today for more information how you can join the Team with the Pure Bajan Dream! Pure Beach Resort & Spa – Barbados!

Pure Newsletter June 2012  
Pure Newsletter June 2012