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LIME SOAP natural lime soap

Introduction Lime Soap is a natural soap and is used in saturating a calcareous subsurface like Fresco lime paint and Marrakech Walls. Saturating with Lime Soap turns a surface water repellent and therefore maintenance friendly. Natural Lime Soap can also be used to protect and maintain other materials like stone flooring, concrete, wood etc.

Most important characteristics • •

Turns the surface water repellent Turns the surface maintenance friendly


• Fresco kalkverf • Marrakech Walls • To protect and maintain other (calcareous) materials such as natural stone, tiles, concrete, wood etc.

Applying conditions The Lime Soap is, after shaking, ready to use. Do not dilute. To saturate apply several times with cloth or sponge, rub well into the surface. Apply vertical to avoid drippers. Dry by rubbing with a clean cloth or polish with a polish pad. By adding too thick layers, the Lime Soap can cause stains. Dilution; None Temperatuur: >10°C, <35°C (air, surface and material). Relative humidity: 85% max. Repaint Pure & Original Lime Soap can be repainted. Start by remove all fat from the surface by using Pure & Original Super Cleaner. Then sand, remove all grease and repaint. Colours Transparant. Packaging Available in 1L. Basic information for white paint at 20ºC Specific gravity; 10 M³/L Drying time; dustfree 12 hours Keep in original packaging and on a frost free place: unlimited time.

Preparation Most painting problems derive from bad preparation or application. The surface that you are going to paint should be clean, dry, free of dust and fat. Due to a good surface preparation, you can help the paint system with long-term protection. 1. Shake well. Do not dilute. 2. Apply in several layers. Apply vertical to avoid drippers. 3. Apply with a cloth or sponge. Respect the drying times of min. 12 hours between the layers. Let dry for min. 7 days before allowing water to cover the surface. Be aware: Apply on a test piece first. Lime Soap can leave a white haze on dark colours if applied in too thick/uneven layers. When enough coats have been applied, water shouldn’t penetrate the surface anymore. When it does, apply another coat. Technical advise Not all actual prevalent surfaces and their treatments can be dealt with in this technical information magazine. Therefore, it is advisable to ask your supplier for advice in specific situations. This technical information was compiled after the newest techniques in painting. Liability for general validity of this advise must be rejected, because appliance and working techniques are beyond our influence and major differences in the kind of surface continually need adjustment of procedure according to the insight of a competent user. Security This paint irritates skin and eyes. Please wash carefully with a lot of water and consult a doctor in case of contact. Keep the paint outside children’s reach. Ventilate well during the appliance and drying process.

For further information you can visit the Pure & Original website.

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Lime Soap technical information EN  

Technical information about Pure & Original Lime Soap

Lime Soap technical information EN  

Technical information about Pure & Original Lime Soap