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CARAZZO Univeral lacquer

Introduction Carazzo is a water based lacquer with a satin matt finish. The lacquer is based on a PU acrylic resin and for indoor use only. It is a universal lacquer, very strong and wear-resistant. Even with dark colours, the lacquer is scratch-resistant and does not shine up when cleaned.

You can directly apply the Carazzo on surfaces previously painted with a water based paint. For surfaces with an oil based paint finish and bare surfaces it is recommended to first apply the Pure & Original CarazzoPrim, followed by two coats of Carazzo.

Preparation Most painting problems derive from bad preparation or application. The surface that you are going to paint should be clean, dry, free of dust and grease. Due to a good surface preparation, you can help the paint system with long-term protection.

Most important characteristics • Easy to apply • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance • Superior matt and colour retention qualities • Fast drying • Nice flow • Scratch resistant • Scrub-resistant • Easy to clean

1. Remove all surface pollution and loose particles. Including lime and rust. 2. Shiny surfaces must always be sanded till matt. 3. Remove all grease, moisture and nicotine stains. Let dry and brush. 4. The surfaces need to be cleaned with Pure & Original Super Cleaner. New or oil based surfaces need to be prepared with Pure & Original CarazzoPrim.

Application •

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Wooden floors and stairs Prepared concrete floors Old well-maintained coats of paint Cast floors Furniture (Kitchen)cabinets Interior doors Interior window frames

First apply one coat of Pure & Original CarazzoPrim. Then apply at least two coats of Carazzo. The more thin coats you apply, the more durable the lacquer will be. For a durable floor, we recommend two to three thin coats. Surface wood: sand the wood and make sure that the surface is clean. Fill imperfections and holes with a wood filler. Apply one coat of CarazzoPrim. It is recommended to lightly sand the surface in between coats to remove raised grain and to make sure it is free of dust. The wood may have up to 16% moisture content. Finish with at least two coats of Carazzo. Surface concrete and cement floors: the concrete must have cured and should be dry. Concrete may have 5% moisture content. Degrease the surface with Pure & Original Super Cleaner. If the concrete is not porous, rough it up until it is open. Test with a water sprayer. If the water immediately enters the concrete, the concrete is porous enough and ready to be painted. Start with one coat of CarazzoPrim diluted with 15% water. Let it dry thoroughly and finish with two to three coats of Carazzo. Surface cast floor: ask your dealer for advice. Surface oil based paint: thoroughly sand the surface and remove dust with Pure & Original Super Cleaner. Let dry. Apply one coat of Pure & Original CarazzoPrim and finish with two coats of Carazzo.

For further information you can visit the Pure & Original website.

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CARAZZO Univeral lacquer

Cleaning Clean hands and tools immediately after use with soap and water. It is recommented to clean your tools with White Spirit to avoid rusting of your tools. Read the White Spirit safety rules before use. Clean with a mild detergent, no aggressive bleaching agents. Stains on the paint such as coffee, wine, grease etc. can be removed immediately with a slightly damp cloth with Pure & Original Super Cleaner diluted with water 1/20. Applying conditions Apply the paint with a longhair block brush, roller or airless. Normally, dilution is not necessary. Do not paint in direct sunlight. Paint from a dry surface to a wet and already painted surface. Stir well before use and check the colour. Pressure Airless; 100 - 130 bar Tip; 0,011” - 0,013” Angle; 0° - 5° Temprature: >10°C, <35°C (air, surface and material). Relative humidity: 85% max. Colours Are according to the Pure & Original colour chart, but the paint is also available by request, in RAL colours, for example. Packaging Available in 1L and 2,5L. Professional Carazzo can also be used as an epoxy paint. This makes for a better chemical and mechanical resistance. For professional use only. Follow the safety instructions and wear protective clothing when using the second component. Ratio: thoroughly mix until the product is homogeneous. Let it rest for five minutes.


Basic information for white paint at 20ºC Specific gravity; 1,2 g/cm3 In volume; +/- 39 vol% Recom. dry layer thickness; 35 microm Recom. wet layer thickness; 90 microm Coverage per coat; 10 - 12 m²/L Drying time; dustfree after 45 min. Repaintable; after min. 6 hours Curing time; 7 days Flashpoint; none Gloss; satin matt 12 - 15% gloss Full paint properties are archived after 7 days of drying. EU-limit: VOS class max. 140 gr/l VOS.





Keep in original packaging and on a frost free place: 12 months. Technical advise Not all actual prevalent surfaces and their treatments can be dealt with in this technical information magazine. Therefore, it is advisable to ask your supplier for advice in specific situations. This technical information was compiled after the newest techniques in painting. Liability for general validity of this advise must be rejected, because appliance and working techniques are beyond our influence and major differences in the kind of surface continually need adjustment of procedure according to the insight of a competent user. Security This paint irritates skin and eyes. Please wash carefully with a lot of water and consult a doctor in case of contact. Keep the paint outside children’s reach. Ventilate well during the appliance and drying process.

For further information you can visit the Pure & Original website.

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