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Boiler Macher The Purdue Hillel Newsletter

Winter 2009


Vol. 8 No. 2

HILLEL SHOWS IT’S SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL By Becky Lillianfeld and Annie Lopatin

On January 22, 2009, an Israel Solidarity Rally was held on Memorial Mall. A large number of students and a handful of community members came out to show support for Israel which, at its height, numbered around sixty people. Preparations for the rally began about a week prior. We received support from numerous organizations, including the Jewish Federation of Greater Lafayette, the JCRC, the Israel Council at Purdue, the Hillel Foundation at Purdue, Hillel Graduate & Professionals at Purdue, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity and Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. A lot of time and effort by the students and Philip was put into the planning and production of this rally to make it possible. Thank you! The rally consisted of a lot of people holding up Ryan Maidenberg, Becky Lillianfeld, Marina Del Monte & Carly Stern signs, Israeli flags and distributing a flyer which showed our support and solidarity with the people of Israel and that detailed the truths of the current conflict between Hamas and Israel. Some of the messages on the signs included a quotation from President Barak Obama, “If someone were firing on his home, where his two daughters were sleeping he would do everything to stop the attacks...and that this is how he expects Israel to act as well.” July 23, 2008. Another sign depicted the difference between Hamas and Israel, with a statement of “Hamas hides behind civilians, Israel defends Civilians”. The flyers that were handed out included a timeline with the history of the conflict, about Israel and of Hamas, and our goals. Our goal of the rally was to show our support for Israel’s right to defend her and condemn Hamas’ use of unethical tactics. Additionally, we wanted to educate our peers, many of whom did not know about the conflict. We encouraged those walking by to come up to us, ask questions and learn about the conflict. During the rally, many students debated with several Palestinian students who approached us. Students from both sides kept the debate up for almost three hours. The Palestinian students were arguing a variety of issues, with varying extremes. The main issue was whether Israel was in the right with their “disproportionate” response and using “improper” military tactics. Both sides have agreed upon a future dialogue to greater discuss the issues of the conflict. When a date and time are set we will definitely encourage students to attend and either watch or participate. During the rally, there was press present, which included reporters from The Exponent, Journal & Courier and the local West Lafayette News Channel 18. Again, thank you so much for coming out and showing your support Adam Sachs, Joe Abadi & Hillel Sapir for Israel and to all those who helped with the preparation. Here are some of the links to the coverage of the rally: · · · ·


Israel By: Adam Sachs

ISRAEL: The Most Amazing Time of My Life

My Birthright experience to Israel was one of the most amazing times of my life. I had friends who had gone before and urged me to go, but I could never have imagined how much fun I was going to have. The people on my bus were amazing. We bonded almost immediately because everyone’s personalities meshed so well. I walked on the plane with 11 friends, and walked off with 34. The only other time that has happened to me was when I joined my fraternity, AEPi. However, the trip wasn’t only the people. The entire experience was so moving and life changing. I had heard how it can change your life forever, but I didn’t believe the people who told me. When I returned to the US, I believed them. There was just something about the country and the places we visited that were so incredibly moving. I now have a different perspective and attitude towards Israel, and my life in general. I would recommend this trip to all those eligible, and strongly advocate for the Birthright program. If I had the chance to do the trip all over again, I would be on the plane in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t Adam in the caves at ROSH HANIRKA trade the world for the experience I had with the people on Bus 802. Contemplating the wonders of nature Thanks for the amazing experience.

By: Michael Bensdorf




When I originally heard that I could go to Israel for free, I thought that it was too good to be true. But over the past two years, I saw a lot of my friends go on their Birthright trip and they all told me the same thing - it was amazing. With my expectations of the trip being exceedingly high, I still say that it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I thought the trip would make me more religious and help me connect to my religion better. In truth, the trip made me realize that being more or less religious was not of main importance. The trip really helped me connect with Judaism from a personal standpoint. I learned that the Jewish people do not form a religion, but are a people with a religion. The religious aspect is only a small part of being Jewish. As I had the opportunity to speak to the Israeli soldiers on our bus many of whom don’t follow any of the practices that we Jews (of all denominations) in the States follow, but they definitely feel that they are part of the Jewish people. I had a great time meeting new people and seeing new places. I always heard the story about the Western Wall and how holy the place is, but being there and resting your head against the wall was an experience that I cannot put into words. I simply felt a presence in my head that has never been there before. I enjoyed every place we went and consider each of the sites we Michael in the DEAD SEA visited to have some positive effect on me. I would recommend this trip to anyone eligible, and I really hope I can return again soon. By: Rachael Prentice


Going on Taglit-Birthright to Israel was the most amazing 8 days of my life. Jerusalem, the Western Wall, the Dead Sea, Masada, Tel Aviv and the Bedouin Tent were all some of my favorite tourist parts of Israel, but my favorite part was seeing the real Israel. In going, I expected to learn more about my heritage and the culture of the Israeli people. I learned about this and so much more. I developed friendships that I know will last a lifetime. The Israeli soldiers made the greatest impact on my trip. To see that they were the same as me, except their life was the Navy and mine was higher education. There was a war going on while we were there, but I realized that fighting is a part of daily life in Israel, and they are constantly trying to stand up for what they believe in. I felt safer there than I would here, and the Israelis did not walk around like there was a war going on, they lived life. If the trip showed me anything, it was how much I felt at home there and how much I want to go back.


Planting a tree at NEOT KEDUMIM

Israel By: Charles Doctor


Over Winter Break, I went on the Taglit: Israel Birthright - Hillel Trip. I had the time of my life! Our trip took us all over the country, including Jerusalem’s Old City, Mount Herzl, and Ben Yehuda Street. In Tel Aviv, we saw Independence Hall, went shopping on Shenkin Street, and to Shuk Ha Carmel, which is similar to a farmer’s market. I slept in a Bedouin Tent, and woke up the next morning to ride a Camel in the Desert. I climbed Masada and floated in the Dead Sea where, on one side of me was the Judaean Mountains and the other the Jordanian Mountains. In the north we stayed in Tiberius visiting the Galilee, the Golan Heights, the Ghetto Fighters Museum & the The Yad Layeled Children’s Museum, which is the first Holocaust Museum in Israel and the only one dedicated to the living and not those murdered. On Mount Ben-Tal, I looked out over the IsraelSyria border, which on a clear day you can see Damascus. I visited Rosh Hanikra and Tzfat as well. Seeing the history of this miraculous country was astounding. I was amazed from when we first landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv until I returned to the airport for my trip home. Since my return, many people have asked me about my trip, and if I felt safe with the conflict in Gaza. My response to the first is simply put as: the trip was amazing. My response to the second question was even easier: What conflict? It was so quiet throughout the country that if I didn’t listen to our tour guide or watch the news, I wouldn’t have known anything was going on. Not once on the trip did I not feel safe. I also was excited beyond belief to when we got to meet our Mifgash, a group of 7 Israeli soldiers who would be staying with us for 5 days. They were all from the Navy and luckily for them, the most service any of them had left was 2 months. They were great people, and they were just like us in every way with music and movie tastes to activities we do for fun. Their English was great, but sometimes the Israelis in mid sentence would switch to Hebrew, so in return the Americans would change their pace of speech and we would talk fast enough so they couldn’t understand us. One of our soldiers was the chief of a boat docked in Tel Aviv. The night before the soldiers were scheduled to leave he received a call saying they needed his ship down to help with the war in Gaza. It was very difficult to say goodbye to him, knowing what he had to do. However, a few days after I returned to the US, I heard from him that he was home safe! Having to say goodbye to the soldiers was even more difficult, so we settled on “L’hitraot” (see you soon). The trip ended on a very high note when unexpectedly four of our new friends showed up at our farewell dinner and then proceeded to escort us to the airport. They hung out with us until our chaperones pushed us through security. Overall, Israel was the best expericene/vacation I have ever taken. I met some of the most amazing people from the Israeli Army, Miami University, SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Brockport, University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music (those four all share a Hillel in the Rochester Area) and Syracuse University, and I was able to see some of the most beautiful sights in the world. I felt so lucky to be able to go on this trip, and I loved it so much that over my spring Charles on Masada break (March 14-22) I will be returning to Israel on the JNF’s (Jewish National Fund) Alternative Spring Break.

By: Philip Schlossberg


The last few months at Purdue Hillel have been very exciting… the conclusion of a successful fall semester; Taglit: Birthright Israel trip – Hillel Trip (13 students), the start of a new semester, an Israel Solidarity Rally on campus, Formal, Hawaiian and American Shabbats, and a great Tu B’Shevat Bagel Break in February. The near completion of our Capital campaign, which has allowed us to fix the roof and rewire the entire building and, if all goes well in next few months, replace the old (original) windows with modern energy efficient windows. Activity is great and we are doing “Meaningful Jewish Experiences” with and for our community everyday. Fortunately, a meaningful Jewish experience is different for everyone and this allows us to be creative in how we engage students at Purdue. We are excited for the final eight weeks of the semester. Starting with the community Purim carnival, followed by Gary Kenzer (Executive Director of Honest Reporting USA), our Israel Independence Day Celebration and of course, Passover. Everything that we do could not be done without the support and guidance of our board and donors, so Thank You! I encourage you to join with me and Purdue Hillel as we continue to provide Meaningful Jewish Experiences at Purdue University.



Oren Shatken, Annie Lopatin & Carly Stern HAWAIIAN SHABBAT - FEBRUARY 2009

Ben Roos, Jeff Frumpkin, Josh Reichardt & David Ginsburg BUFFALO WILD WINGS - JANAURY 2009

Charles Doctor (about to go all in) & Adam Sachs CHARITY POKER - FEBRUARY 2009

Becky Lillianfeld, Marina Del Monte ISRAEL SOLIDARITY RALLY - JANUARY 2009

Mike Bensdorf Jesse Lefkowitz, Mark Erlich, Alan Abelson, Wayne Davis, Dan Feltman Adam Sachs, Becca Fega, Rachel Landa, Rachael Prentice, Charles Doctor, David Ginsburg

Charles Doctor, Chase Foster, Adam Sachs & Ben Tallman FORMAL SHABBAT - JANAURY 2009



In Appreciation THANK


Macher: $5,000 and Above Steven & Elizabeth Edersheim Barry & Tova Effron Milton & Betty Hollander

Mitzvah: $1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous Paul Bloomberg Herb & Carolyn Kolben Mitchell & Laura Schwartzwald Louis & Debra Sherman Robert & Marilyn Silver Donald & Lois Stein Henry & Esther Weiner Leo & Judy Weitzman

Mazel: $500 - $999

Arthur & Marge Aronson Bernard & Sara Axelrod Leonard & Anna Berkovitz Mark & Rochelle Effron Mike & Susan Jaffee Estelle Ringel Gary & Pam Stern

Simcha: $100 - $499

Anonymous David & Jeanie Abelson Isaac & Robin Angel Ed Baklor Roger & Kathy Bauer Alan & Gail Beck Robert & Ilana Bell Karl & Marcia Bratin Steven & Robin Bright Linda Cohen Bradley & Ann Cohen Sidney & Harriet Diamond Jeffrey Dizon Barry & Paddy Epstein Saul Erlich Donald Benovitz & Martha Fagan Charles & Laura Foster Daniel & Vivian Frank Edward & Sandra Fried Charles Freidman Jeffrey Gantwerker Sol & Jo Gartenhaus Monroe & Cindy Ginsburg Al & Elaine Glatt Fred & Dolores Goldberg Robert Goldenberg Sumner & Leah Goldman Ronald & Vicki Goltz Alan & Eileen Goulder Elanie Grant Michael & Lois Lourie Gurtman Walter & Carol Gruchala Samuel & Muriel Harris Geraldine Horwich Harlod & Evelyn Igdaloff Sisterhood of Temple Israel Jules & Shirley Janick Eric & Sari Kagan Elliott & Leone Katz Lawrence & Francesa Kessler

Marc & Lynn Irving-Klass Gerlad & Sharon Krockover Monte Lazarus Barry & Lynda Levin Michel & Lucie Levy Mark & Madelyn Lillanfeld Gloria Lutz Marc & Lori Machbitz Abraham & Sarah Marcus Martin & Ann Michaelson Norbert & Miriam Porile Neil & Beth Rabinowitz Barry & Beryl Raff Joseph & Evelyn Reader Arnold & Sharon Richter Joel & Leslie Roos Barry & Stacey Schneider Rubin Seymour & Elaine Schlossberg Alan & Sherie Schnieder David & Ilise Schwartzwald Mel Seidenberg Richard & Trina Selby Ira & Bonnie Sender Robert & Gloria Septon Gwendolyn Wallace & Elliott Slamovich Sinai Synagogue, South Bend Sinai Temple, Michigan City Jonathan & Angela Stern Ken & Terry Treske David & Sara Trockman David & Ileane Voit Linda & Elias Wang Frances Gerald & Louise Wasserman Steven Weiner Howard & Debbie Weinstein Irwin & Vera Weiser Joseph & Sheila Wolinsky Joe & Trina Zych

Don & Celia Geiger Robert & Shawna Gerstein Allen Gimpel Jack & Lina Goldfarb David & Joan Goldstein Joseph & Rose Haberer Bruce & Eunice Hershman Mike & Pam Hudson Abe & Anita Kaufman Hyman & Ida Kirshner Jerry & Ellen Klatz Andre & Faina Kleyner Miriam Kodicek David Koenig Saul Lerner Peter Levine Jeff Lipkowitz Joseph & Phyllis Lipman Alan & Miriam Lopatin Robert & Debbie Lutkenhoff Jerrod & Joyce Mayster David & Carol Neuberger Dvora Okun Paul & Wendy Packer Jeff & Audrey Pancis Herbert & Evelyn Passo Norman Pearlman Moe & Margie Richman Stanley & Enid Rosenblatt Joseph & Bette Rubinstien Brett & Dana Salzer Philip Schlossberg Gerald Schur Saul & Debbie Smith Sam & Kathruyn Stoller Lee Vorisek Howard & Margaret Watt Arnold & Carol Zegart

Chaver: Up to $99

A Gifts to the Capital Campaign:

Anonymous Bruce & Georgie Abrahams Sonia Barash Bob & Fredi Bensdorf Michael Bernstein David & Patricia Blumenthal Alan Borken James Brotherton Bruce & Rhonda Brown Lawrence & Elaine Brown Herman & Sylvia Cember Barry & Andrea Cone Jan Corter Esther Lee Davis Gedalyah & Marilyn Engel Leslie & Joyce Field Charles & Jean Fisher Steven & Rebecca Fistel Aaron & Lois Fleischer Eugene & Judith Foxman Mark & Mary Freilich Fritz & Gisela Friedlaender Emil Lawton & Cynthia Frumhoff Melvin & Geraldine Garbow Alan & Soyna Garfinkle Karl Garmen


Anonymous Arthur & Margia Aronson Alan & Gail Beck Leonard & Anna Berkovitz Paul Bloomberg Bradley & Ann Cohen Gedalyah & Marilyn Engel Linda Wang & Elias Frances Sol & Jo Gartenhaus Frederic & Dolores Goldberg Eric & Venus Greene Milton & Betty Hollander Jules & Shirley Janick Michel & Lucie Levy Martin & Ann Michaelson Norbert & Miriam Porile Herman Rubin Mitchell & Laura Schwartzwald Louis & Debra Sherman Robert & Marilyn Silver Donald & Lois Stein Gerald & Louise Wassweman Hanry & Esther Weiner Leo & Judy Weitzman J & S Wolinsky

In Appreciation A Thanks to the donors whose gifts

of food, office equipment, books, professional services and other gifts have helped us in many ways: Pi Upsilon Chapter of AEPi, and a special

thanks to Haywood Printing

Gifts in memory of Robert Ringel: Leonard & Anna Berkovitz


Gifts in memory of Barry Dorfman: Anonymous


Gifts in honor of Michell Schwartzwald: Bob & Gloria Septon


Gifts in honor of Bridget Schwartzwald: David & Ilise Schwartzwald Bob & Gloria Septon



By: Lou Sherman, Campaign Chair

It is my distinct pleasure to inform you that we are within reach of our goal for the Purdue Hillel Capital Campaign. Based on donations from the Lafayette community and from a few generous alums, we are now in a position to complete all facets of our renovation objectives. We repaired the roof and completely revamped our electrical Goal: $85,000 system in 2008 and we now have pledges that will enable us to replace the 58 year-old windows! $74,000 This will not only make the building more comfortable in all seasons, but it will save us a great deal on our energy bills. These benefits may even be dwarfed by the way in which new windows will improve the look and livability of the building. ou! Y We hope that will help us get over the top and k n Tha make a contribution to the Capital Campaign Fund.

GRANTS received this year: 4 Hillel Engagement Grant


A Thank you also to all who have arranged for matching gifts. We are looking forward to receiving/have received matching gifts from:

· · · · ·

Arie & Ida Crown Memorial Eli Lilly Intel Foundation Pfizer Foundation Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation

Thank You to the following Jewish Federations for their support: Fort Wayne, Indiana; Greater Indianapolis, Indiana; Greater Lafayette, Indiana; Northwest Indiana; St. Joseph Valley, South Bend, Indiana; Akron, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus Ohio; Dayton,


No matter how careful we try to be, occasionally we inadvertently fail to note all of our supporters. Please forgive us and let us know of any errors or omissions. Matching donations are greatly appreciated. If your company does not match donations to religious institutions, know that Purdue is an educational organization. Please consider sending a check to Purdue, through your company, made out to “Purdue Foundation: Student Organization Hillel” (GAPP or ICAP) and we will note your contribution in our records and newsletter. The funds will be deposited directly into the student group accounts at Purdue’s Business Office of Student Organizations.


New Lawn Mower - $500 2 Office Computers - $1000 Video Projector - $1000 Office Carpet - $1500

Melanie Kamen, Carly Stern and Michael Shaolian HOOKAH NIGHT AT THE EGYPTAIN CAFE - JANAURY 2009


By: Rachel Landa

The ladies of Sigma Delta Tau- Alpha Epsilon Chapter, have had a very exciting semester and look forward to the many upcoming events. Our sisterhood bond has grown throughout this semester as we enjoyed our intramural season in wallyball and made it into the playoffs, planned a sisterhood event with t-shirt decorations and noise makers to help cheer on Tommy John of Alpha Kappa Lambda in Big Man on Campus, and had sisterly movie nights, coffee breaks, and more. Our Parents Day lunch was very successful as many families came to help support their daughters as part of Sigma Delta Tau. We are planning our annual philanthropy for Prevent Child Abuse America with our All You Can Eat contest, and continue to plan community service projects throughout the local community. With ten seniors, most of who are graduating in May, we are extremely sad to see them leave, yet look forward to spending the last few months together and becoming closer than ever. Five new girls are currently enjoying the New Member Program as part of the Sigma class and we cannot wait for them to become sisters and play an active Rachel in Israel role in Sigma Delta Tau.



Hillel Passover Seder Reservation

Name of attendee: ______________________ E-mail of attendee: _____________________ Phone number of attendee: _______________

Shabbat is a festive time at Hillel and we would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have sponsored or made a donation towards a Shabbat Dinner this year: David & Jeanie Abelson AEPi Parents Isaac & Robin Angel Leonard & Anna Berkovitz Steven & Robin Bright Steven & Elizabeth Edersheim Jeffrey Dizon Saul Erlich Charles & Laura Foster Edward & Sandra Fried Robert & Shawna Gerstein Monroe & Cindy Ginsburg Jack & Lina Goldfarb David & Joan Goldstein Alan & Eileen Goulder Walter & Carol Gruchala Milton & Beth Hollander Mike & Pam Hudson Sisterhood of Temple Israel Shirley & Jules Janick Eric & Sari Kagan Jerry & Ellen Klatz Barry & Lynda Levin Alan & Miriam Lopatin Marc & Lori Machbitz Dvora Okun Barry & Beryl Raff Joel & Leslie Roos Stacey Schneider & Barry Rubin Sy & Elaine Schlossberg Richard & Trina Selby Ira & Bonnie Sender Ken & Terry Treske Howard & Debbie Weinstein Joe & Trina Zych If you would like to sponsor a Shabbat dinner in the spring semester of 2009 or the Fall, Please consider being a Sponsor of a Shabbat Dinner for $360.

Attendee is... (please indicate) __ Student __ Community member/Purdue faculty or staff Indicate the seder date you prefer: __ Wednesday, April 8th First Seder __ Thursday, April 9th Second Seder Seder (each) costs for students: $10 if received by March 31st; $15 if received April 1 - 8th; and $20 day of Seder. Seder costs for community/faculty/staff: $20 if received by March 31st; $25 if received after April 3rd. Seating is not guaranteed until reservation & payment are received. You will receive confirmation via phone or e-mail sent from our office. Payment for confirmed reservations is nonrefundable.

Hillel Passover Meal Plan Hillel is proud to offer Kosher for Passover meals during the week (April 9th - April 16th) again this year. Lunches will cost $4 and dinners will cost $6. Name: ________________________________ Email: ________________________________ Phone: ________________________________ q Thur Lunch q Sun Dinner q Wed Lunch q Mon Lunch q Wed Dinner q Fri Lunch q Fri Dinner q Mon Dinner q Thurs Lunch q Sat Dinner q Tues Lunch q Thurs Dinner q Sun Lunch q Tues Dinner q Students: Save by paying for the entire week and both Seders for $82.00


The amount we charge per person for meals and Seders just about covers the cost of food. There are still students who cannot afford to pay for an extra meal plan, such as Kosher meals on Passover. Please consider a donation: The giving levels are: $500 (Moses and the Tribes), $250 (Charoset, Matzah, Marror), $118 (4 Questions), $72 (Seder Plate), or other (Haggadah). Please make checks payable to Hillel. Mail to: 912 West State Street W. Lafayette, IN 47906

SHABBAT DINNER SPONSORSHIP Please make checks payable to Purdue Hillel. Mail to: Purdue Hillel, 912 West State St., W. Lafayette, IN 47906 Name ___________________ Phone no. ____________ Address ____________________________________ E-Mail _____________________________________

q Sponsorship $360 q Co-Sponsorship $180 Preferred dates ______________ In honor/memory of____________________________



Hillel is pleased to host two Passover Seders: Wednesday, April 8th & Thursday, April 9th at 7:30PM. Seating is limited and early reservations are strongly encouraged. Paymentwith reservations are required. Seating is not guaranteed until reservation & payment are received. No one will be turned away. You will receive confirmation via phone or e-mail from our office. Payment for confirmed reservations is nonrefundable. Those unable to pay should contact the Director as soon as possible and before April 7th to make arrangements to attend. Please make checks payable to Hillel and include the name(s), e-mail and telephone contact information of the person(s) for whom the reservation is intended as well as the date(s) of the seder(s) attending. $10 in advance received by March 31, 2009; $15 April 1st - 7th & $20 day of Seders. Community/Facutly Seders are $20. Parking at Hillel is reserved. Parking is available at the University Street Garage, two blocks north of Hillel.



Philip J. Schlossberg, MSW, Director Katharine Tyson, Office Administrator Chase Foster, Robert Ringel Engagement Associate Sonya Toppe, Host/Caretaker Beth Atlas, Student Worker Mark Erlich, Executive Chef Mitchell Schwartzwald, Hillel Board President Louis Sherman, Capital Campaign Chair Ben Tallman, HSB President SHABBAT SERVICES



Please join us for Shabbat Services & Dinner every Friday 7:00pm @ Hillel



phone: 765-743-1293 Website: Hillel at Purdue





BOARD Ben Tallman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President Mark Erlich . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice-President Chad Rabinowitz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer



Purdue University Hillel 912 West State Street West Lafayette, IN 47906

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Lafayette, IN Permit #6

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