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Luers Tree Farm Family Owned and Operated For 37 Years

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Santa Returns for 2013!

Group Wreath Sales

Santa Claus will be returning to Sweetie’s Christmas Shop for the 2013 Christmas Season. He will be visiting the farm on every weekend up until the weekend before Christmas, before he heads back to the North Pole to get ready for Christmas Eve. Come visit Santa and bring your camera! Santa will be here ONLY on the weekend dates below.

With only about a month and a half to go, our Christmas tree season will be upon us in no time. It’s already that time of the year when groups and organizations start placing their bulk orders of Christmas trees and wreaths for fundraisers. We are proud to offer four different sizes of wreaths (i..e. small, medium, large and extra large) as well as fresh evergreen garland and also candy cane wreaths. Each wreath is handmade from fresh Scotch Pine branches harvested right here on our farm. When the trees get too large to sell they are harvested for wreath material. Our wreaths come decorated with a large red velvet bow and pine cones. Check out page 4 and 5 of this PDF for info and pricing.


Weekend Hours 9am-5pm Nov 29-30 Dec-1 Dec 7-8 Dec 14,15 Dec 21,22 Weekday Hours 12-5pm Open M-F

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New For 2013 -We will be accepting credit and debit cards for the first time ever on the farm! -Our outside staff will now be wearing vests to be easier identified. -This Flyer! -Christmas shop full of new Christmas Decor.

Burr St-To US 30


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Pines, Spruces Pines




Pines, Spruces, Firs

Spruces Firs

Luers Tree Farm Concession Menu Hot Dogs $1.50 Polish Sausage $2.25 $1.75 Pizza Popcorn Small$2.00 Large $3.50

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$1.25 Cheese 75 cents $1.50 75 cents 75 cents 75 cents

Nachos Pretzels Coffee Hot Chocolate Pop Bottled Water


CS Concession Stand

50 cents each or 3 for a $1

Checkout Picnic Pavilion Pre-cut Trees

75 cents

Luers Tree Farm


Family Owned and Operated For 37 Years

OFF Any Tree or Wreath

Only one coupon per customer. If customer has more than one coupon from our postcard, website, family yer, etc only one will be granted. Thank you, and have a Very Merry Christmas! To use coupon simply print this web page out or cut around the dotted line and present it to the cashier when you checkout at the farm.

Tree Types Blue Spruce

Blue Spruces have a bluish hue to the needles on this tree, thats where it gets its name. The needles are very prickley to the touch. This tree has strong branches so it can hold some of the heavier ornaments. Blue spruces smell great and bring a lot of color into the home. $6.50/ft

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce has short and prickley needles. The Norway spruce has strong branches to hold ornaments, and they fit well in any household. $6.50/ft

White Pine

The White pine has long, soft needles and when brought into the home you get a nice pine scent from these trees. The White pine doesn’t have the strongest of branches. $5.50/ft

Scotch Pine

The Scotch Pine has long prickley needles and has that pine scent when brought into the house. It holds ornaments and lights very well. The Scotch Pine is popular for both Christmas time and for peoples’ yards. $5.50/ft

Canaann Fir

The Canaan Fir has short, soft needles and is also a very popular choice for Christmas trees, has strong branches. $6.50/ft

Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir also has short, soft needles, with moderately strong branches. Smells real nice in the home. $6.50/ft

Helpful Tree Hunting Tips 1.) Use your height as a tool for measuring your tree. 2.) Make sure the tree wont be to big to carry. We have tree carts available. 3.) Bring some work gloves to carry the tree, some Christmas trees have prickly needles and trees contain sticky sap. 4.) Be sure you can get your tree on or in your car to bring to the checkout. If you can’t fit it in your vehicle we have tree carts available so you can wheel it up to the checkout and we can shake and wrap the tree up nicely so it fits in or on your vehicle. 5.) Bring a tarp or plastic drop cloth to protect car interior and to keep the pine needles from going everywhere. 6.) Make sure the tree branches are strong enough to hold up lights and ornaments. 7.) Be sure to wear the proper clothing for the weather conditions. 8.) We lend our customers a bow saw to cut down their tree, be sure you know how to use it, if not just ask one of our employees. 9.) When putting the tree on top of you car make sure the trunk of the tree is facing toward the front of the car to prevent wind damage to the tree. 10.) On the farm our employees can put the tree in or on your vehicle but due to liability issues we cannot tie the tree down for you, so make sure to bring some easy bungee straps or use the twine that we provide free of charge.

Did You Know? This Christmas season will be our 38th year in business. In 1976 Arnold “Bud” Luers planted the first Christmas trees on a small lot of land. Who would’ve known that a small plot of trees would turn into a fullfledged Christmas tree farm 38 years later? Now the farm has 50 acres of trees with trees ranging in size from 1ft tall to up to 15ft. In 1976 we only planted and sold one type of tree, now we sell 6 different types of trees. Back then we were selling trees from an old RV trailer, now we have two buildings with fireplaces that our customers can come out of the cold and warm up while their tree is being taken care of outside. In the now 38 years we will be open, the farm has been family owned and operated the whole time. Arnold “Bud” Luers who started the farm has now passed it down to his 5 kids and now they own and operate the farm. In our 38 years of business, without you, the customer, we would have been nothing. We put our main focus on YOU our valued customer, therefore it has been our goal ever since to treat every customer with the utmost respect and kindness. We would like to thank all of our customers from years past for all the great memories! We hope to see everyone back again this Christmas season to have a great time and to make even more memories for years to come!

Thank You!-The Luers Family

Luers Christmas Tree Farm Newsletter  
Luers Christmas Tree Farm Newsletter  

New for 2013, come check out our brand new Newsletter!