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Learn how we operate, discover our online hotel, tour, and transportation service databases, and find out and how accessing our free discounts for Costa Rica is easy!

Understand what we do as a corporation to both assist travellers worldwide and support local and global organizations and initiatives!

How We Do Read company reviews, client testimonials, and discover how we can make your Costa Rica trip an unforgettable one!

‌& much more!

Invite yourself to the rainforest. Let its inhabitants be your guide.

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Challenge yourself.

Love yourself.

Teach yourself.

Reward yourself.

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Costa Rica. You can do and see it all...

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“Using Pura Vida Eh? Inc. to plan your trip. GREAT! This company will offer you assistance, advice, and help you plan – whether it is one trip or your whole vacation! I highly recommend them.” E.H., Boston, Massachusetts, USA

How We Work. Learn how we operate, discover our online hotel, tour, transfer service, and vacation package databases, and find out and how accessing free discounts for Costa Rica is easy!

For more info, please visit our main website at

About Us: Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated

Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated is a travel & tourism corporation serving travellers across the globe visiting Costa Rica. We are also proudly Costa Rican (unlike most other North American travel organizations promoting Costa Rica) and Canadian. Our clients support Costa Rican nationals as well as the country and its natural resources. Pura Vida! eh? Inc. offers free trip planning assistance and operates a free online discount voucher system. From Pura Vida! eh? Inc., travellers obtain reservation vouchers for popular tours, transportation services, and hotels in Costa Rica (no payments required!) which are given to companies in Costa Rica in return for discounts. We simply advertise the best Costa Rica has to offer and provides travellers with a means of getting their vacation items for less. In addition, the we do not accept any money or credit card information from travellers. Instead, travellers always pay tour operating companies, transportation service providers, and hotels directly for their reservations - even when they reserve one of a number of popular promotion packages! This means that unlike vacations offered through other travel companies or agencies, Pura Vida! eh? Inc. clients never pay lump-sum payments of thousands of dollars when planning their vacation. Overall, travellers have nothing to lose throughout the process. They pay nothing to Pura Vida! eh? Inc. either for the vacation items they reserve or for the discounts they receive. No payments, no credit card information, no risk, no hassle... just free discounts!

For more info, please visit our main website at

How does Pura Vida! eh? Inc. offer travellers trips to Costa Rica at such incredibly low prices? Pura Vida! eh? Inc. relies on great relationships with reputable and proven successful tour operating companies, transportation service providers, and hotels to help travellers save money. You can think of us as the middleman between you and all you want to do during your trip to Costa Rica. We have established business partnerships with each of the companies mentioned on our websites, and as a result, these companies allow Pura Vida! eh? Inc. to offer tours, services, and hotels at discounted rates.

Do I pay Pura Vida! eh? Inc. anything? Absolutely not! Pura Vida! eh? Inc. does not charge any service fees for making reservations, nor do we charge any hidden fees such as commissions for carrying out our services. It is a 100% free service aimed at providing travellers with everything needed for a Costa Rica trip – plenty of insightful information on the best things to do in Costa Rica and which companies to trust, discounts for a wide variety of trip items, reservation services, and overall trip security throughout the booking, confirmation, and vacation process.

Everything sounds too good to be true. Is it? Pura Vida! eh? Inc. is 100% financially supported by its business partnerships with Costa Rican tour operators, transportation service providers, and hotels. As a result, our payments come from Costa Rican companies - not travellers. We support Costa Rican businesses by offering their tours, hotels, and transportation services to travellers, and in turn supports travellers by providing them with travel assistance and access to hidden savings. This helps Costa Rican businesses grow and sends Pura Vida! eh? Inc. clients on their way to Costa Rica with more money in their pockets!

For more info, please read the “How Pura Vida! eh? Works” section of

What Does “Pura Vida” Mean? “Pura Vida” is a Spanish phrase that represents a way of life in Costa Rica. Literally translated as “pure life”, Pura Vida is used by Ticos (a friendly nickname for Costa Ricans) to represent a relaxed attitude toward life and an easy-going nature. While there is no incorrect time to say it, Pura Vida is often used to respond to greetings and answer questions or statements about how something is (as long as the answer is positive!). Pura Vida is used exclusively in Costa Rica, so understanding its meaning and using it throughout your trip will help you fit in amongst the Ticos.

What Is The Significance Of “eh”? “Eh?” is a phrase near and dear to every Canadian's heart. Although there is little explanation for it, eh? is often added to the end of questions asked by Canadians and has become somewhat of a Canadian icon. Unlike the misconceptions that all Canadians live in igloos, wear toques, play hockey, and drink Tim Hortons, Canadians have grounded eh? so far into the English language that it has become a custom. Sometimes Canadians use eh? throughout sentences eh? and they don't even know when they're doing it, eh?

Pura Vida! eh? Inc. – The Perfect Blend. Pura Vida! eh? Inc. is both a travel resource for Canadians (as well as all travellers worldwide) and a supporter of the thriving Costa Rican tourism industry. Our company name best represents what we hope to achieve – positive, pura vida-style experiences for our travelling clientele. Whether Canadian, American, or any other nationality, Pura Vida! eh? Inc. offers you a combination of efficient travel preparation and high-quality travel experience with affordable travel costs and enjoyable trip discourse throughout the planning process. From start to finish you’ll be smiling, and we’ll have you saying Pura Vida! eh? in no time. 

For more info, please read the “Team” section of

Pura Vida! eh? Management: Nikki & Ricky Ricky


Mucho gusto! Nice to meet you! We are two of the most knowledgeable resources you could use in planning your trip to Costa Rica. Together, we have both textbook and experiential knowledge of travel and tourism, specifically in Costa Rica. To Pura Vida! eh? Inc. we bring equal parts professionalism and fun, as well as advice for travellers from both tourist and local (Tico) perspectives. As an advantage to our clients, travellers who trust Pura Vida! eh? Inc. avoid getting just another travel agent's opinion lacking insider information and authentic experience. Instead, they get personal guidance from two individuals who have sought out the best Costa Rica has to offer (by trial-testing the tours and services around the country), and who stand by their recommendations.

For more info, please read the “Team� section of

“I am a seasoned traveler, independently planning the majority of our trips, but this trip would not have been as perfect as it was without the gracious, professional help of Pura Vida! eh? and Nikki and Ricky." M.G., Cottage Grove, Minnesota, USA “Pura Vida! eh? Nikki and Ricky are fantastic! I can't say enough about how wonderful an experience it was having Nikki and Ricky organize our trip. From start to finish it was flawless." A.L., Corte Madera, California, USA ”The level of detailed, thoughtful, and helpful customer service provided by Nikki and Ricky at Pura Vida! eh? was incredible and a breath of fresh air.” B.M., Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA

Our Roots Are An Asset. We offer: ● Business operations that meet Canadian corporation standards ● Business practices that abide by Canadian corporation laws ● Business efficiency according to Canadian business expectations ● Travel and tourism services in Costa Rica provided to travellers in English ● A broad knowledge of what North Americans are looking to get out of a trip to Costa Rica ● Understanding of the high degree of professionalism and ethicality that travellers expect not only from a travel corporation but also from hotels, tour operators, and transportation companies in Costa Rica

● Knowledge of the most reputable and dependable companies in Costa Rica ● A thorough understanding of tourism operations in Costa Rica ● Knowledge of the best ways to travel around Costa Rica including tours that include transportation in their prices, transfers, vehicle rentals, and bus schedules ● Travel and tourism services in Costa Rica provided to travellers in Spanish (translation services available for travellers where needed) ● Corporate partnerships with hundreds of hotels, tour operators, service operators, and car rental companies in Costa Rica that enable Pura Vida! eh? Inc. to be able to offer over 2000 vacation discounts to travellers

For more info, please read the “Team” section of

“These people are by far the greatest people to work and plan your Costa Rican vacation with. Everything from start to finish was great and our trip was very affordable. If I could pay for their service I would have.” GA, Chula Vista, California, USA

Did we mention that Pura Vida! eh? Inc. is a free service? Everything from our Costa Rica trip planning assistance – including our knowledge, suggestions, and recommendations – to the reservations we make on our clients’ behalf to the over 2000 discounts for Costa Rica hotels, tours, and transfer services that we offer are 100% free!

Not sure if you can trust our experience? Follow in our footsteps and see how much we know. . . For more info, please visit our main website at







mountain biking

white water rafting

plants volcanic hot springs

rivers & canals


flowers lakes & pools

biological reserves


manuel antonio






rincon de la vieja volcano arenal volcano

poas volcano


monteverde cerro chato

rio celeste

We Also Know... 3 Paths To Vacation Success. Each traveller’s interests, preferences, needs, and budget vary from the next. For this reason, Pura Vida! eh? Inc. strives to offer three separate means of assisting travellers so that each individual obtains what they are looking for. We call these means the “3 Paths To Vacation Success”. Which is right for you?

1. Trip Planning Assistance. I know what I want, but not how to get it. Let us help! If you have a dream of what you want your vacation to be but you are unsure of how to put everything together, we can help you sort out your thoughts. Our knowledge of the country will assist you throughout the trip planning process and we can work with you to build a vacation that reflects your personal desires. You tell us what you want and we'll help you get it.

2. Trip Independence. My trip is planned, but I want the discounts. Look no further! Our entire business model is designed to allow travellers to make decisions for themselves based on the experiences they are looking to get out of Costa Rica. The endless tour, hotel, and transfer service possibilities found in our online databases are as diverse as our travelling clientele, so we encourage travellers to use our websites when planning and organizing their own Costa Rican adventure. Finding discounts for everything you need for your trip has never been easier!

3. Vacation Packages. I know little about Costa Rica and I am looking for a vacation package full of recommendations. Sit back and relax! With so many trip possibilities at our fingertips we offer great vacation packages that are jam-packed with our Pura Vida! eh? Inc. discounts. Let us suggest a vacation for you, and we can work together from there to modify our pre-designed vacation packages to suit your style. Have a special request? No problem! All of our vacation packages are 100% customizable. After all, it is your vacation, so why shouldn't you have 100% say in what is included?

For more info, please visit our main website at




Vacation Packages. And we have discounts for all of it.

For more info, please read the “Databases & Discounts” section of

Our Operation: Costa Rica Discounts. “The whole voucher system that they have worked out perfect. Every booking acknowledged the vouchers and the tours and transportation all showed up right on schedule. Everything was flawless. I have to admit I was skeptical when I first heard about this company because it sounded too good to be true, but rest assured they are legit. It is a no brainer that Pura Vida! eh? needs to be a part of everyone's trip planning to Costa Rica!" D.K., New York City, New York, USA “Great customer service and discounted rates. I became aware of this company through a social networking site and then read positive reviews on Trip Advisor. There was sufficient information on the website to research the company providing the service and to get answers to specific tour questions. The voucher system was new to me but worked well. Pura Vida! eh? contacts the third party and makes your reservation but you pay the tour company directly. I would recommend this company and use them again.” S.J., League City, Texas, USA Although our official business name is Pura Vida! eh? Inc. most people know us by our nickname: “Costa Rica Discounts”. We are Costa Rica’s leading discount operator offering travellers more than 2000 discounts for Costa Rica hotels, tours, transfer services, vehicle rentals, and vacation packages. We aim to help travellers save money on their Costa Rica vacation wherever and whenever possible. We are also often referred to as “a traveller’s best friend”. We offer a local perspective of Costa Rica, assisting travellers with recommendations for the best areas and times of year to visit, the most popular and not-to-miss things to do and see throughout the country, as well as the best places to stay at, shop at, and dine at. In addition, we can answer travellers’ questions about Costa Rica travel in general, such as (but not limited to) inquiries regarding trip spending and preferred currencies, weather predictions, packing, recommended travel medications (if any), and tips/gratuities.

For more info, please read the “Databases & Discounts” section of

Sounds Great. Show Me The Money! “We booked tours, hotels, and transportation, all of which worked out 100% perfectly. We even got discounts on all of the stuff we booked with them. Kind of amazing to pay less for something and have someone plan it for you.” M.C., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. “Pura Vida! eh?. The single BEST TRAVEL FIND... EVER!!! Many, many hours went into planning this trip to Costa Rica and without any doubt, the BEST way to plan your trip is through Pura Vida! eh?. The travel experience was, by far, the BEST we have ever had!!! Nikki not only provided the best advice, but also arranged all tours and transfers with the best tour guides we have ever had the pleasure of... while offering discounts on virtually everything, saving us literally hundreds of dollars! “ S.D., Toronto, Ontario, CANADA Pura Vida! eh? Inc. is proud to own and operate a number of online discount databases that assist travellers in locating great savings for tours, transportation services, hotels, and vacation packages:

Costa Rica Vacation Package Discount Database Costa Rica Tour Discount Database Costa Rica Hotel Discount Database Costa Rica Transfer Service Discount Database Depending on your preference, you can choose one of our recommended trip packages or else you can build your own Costa Rican vacation piece by piece! Our online discount databases make it easy to do so – simply browse though our websites to find the specific vacation package or trip item you are looking for and we’ll take it from there!

For more info, please read the “Databases & Discounts” section of

Costa Rica Vacation Package Discounts

Our vacation package discounts database is our pride and joy – offering many great vacation packages full of Pura Vida! eh? Inc. discounts! Many of our packages are designed around 8, 9, or 10-day vacations (the most popular), however we can modify any package to suit our clients’ ideal trip duration. The majority of our vacation packages include all accommodations, city-to-city transportation, various meals, and a number of popular tours and activities. In addition, all of our packages are 100% customizable! Prefer to swap a hotel option, upgrade a transfer service, or add-in/take-out a particular tour? No problem! We are happy to build custom vacations for travellers according to their own specific budget, needs and desires.

For more info, please read the “Databases & Discounts” section of

Costa Rica Tour Discounts Our tour discounts database is loaded with discounts for tours, services, and activities throughout Costa Rica. Once on the website, visitors can select whether they would like to search for tours by adventure type or location. Searching by adventure type allows you to search tour options according to your interests. You can then learn which locations in Costa Rica offer the activities you are interested in so you can plan your trip accordingly! In contrast, searching by location allows you to view tour options in each city in Costa Rica. Already know where you will be visiting? Great! Find tours in those areas to participate in during your trip!

For more info, please read the “Databases & Discounts� section of

Costa Rica Hotel Discounts Our hotel discounts database lists hotels we work with in each popular city in Costa Rica. Although our hotel room rates and discounts are not published online (primarily because these vary according to the number of people in each room and the ages of each occupant), travellers can use the website to learn where discounts are available for particular hotels. Travellers then simply email Pura Vida! eh? Inc. with their preferred travel dates, group size, and the ages of its group members in order to obtain our discounted hotel rates!

For more info, please read the “Databases & Discounts� section of

Costa Rica Transfer Discounts Our transfer discounts database helps make route planning in Costa Rica easy! Travellers can select a departure location (where they will be leaving from), as well as an arrival location (where they will be heading to), and we do the rest! We have countless discount options for numerous routes in Costa Rica. Whether you prefer shared shuttle services, private transfer services, water taxis, or domestic flights, we have an option that is perfect for you! Also, be sure to catch our “city-to-city transportation inclusive” page on our Costa Rica Tour Discounts website for recommendations for tours that include free transportation between two cities in their tour rates to help you save even more!

For more info, please read the “Databases & Discounts” section of

Want More Discounts? Check Out Our Freebies! In addition to our great discounts for tours, hotels, transportation services, and vacation packages, we are proud to offer our travellers a number of other “freebies” to help them save elsewhere. Just like our discount vouchers for all trip reservation items (hotels, tours, transfer services, etc.), travellers can receive discount vouchers for restaurants, shopping centers, and other Costa Rican hot spots for free! You can think of the freebies as our way of giving travellers something extra beyond great travel advice and reservation assistance. Travellers simply print the freebie vouchers and bring them to Costa Rica to receive additional savings throughout their trip. Clients of Pura Vida! eh? Inc. automatically receive a copy of our freebie vouchers with their trip reservation confirmations, however non-clients can obtain our freebies by simply sending us an email requesting the set. We are more than happy to send all travellers our freebie vouchers, and no purchase, reservation, or credit card information is required!

For more info, please read the “Freebies” section of

Bloggers! Follow Us At

Pura Vida! eh? Inc. also maintains a Costa Rica Travel Blog. Follow our travels, learn about our experiences, and read our recommendations as we uncover some of Costa Rica’s greatest hotspots. As with our Pura Vida! eh? websites, our blog aims to promote Costa Rica to travellers worldwide. ‘Share’, ‘tweet’, ‘like’, ‘follow’, ‘stumble upon’, ‘pin’, or ‘tumble’ us if you enjoy our posts!

For more info, please visit our main website at

“Pura Vida! eh? is the BEST place to plan your Costa Rica Trip. Look No further. I had read very good reviews from Trip Advisor and I just went with Pura Vida! eh? and I am really amazed at the service this company offers. Very honest, detailed and will not force you to select a particular option. Reasons I like Pura Vida! eh? are: 1. A very trustworthy and honest company. 2. Provided me with the best guidance for selecting the right tours. 3. Got us the right tour guys who very knowledgeable and the experience I had with them was simply amazing.� A.M., Chicago, Illinois, USA

How We Help.

Understand what we do as a corporation (in addition to assisting travellers worldwide with their Costa Rica vacations) to support local and global organizations and initiatives!

For more info, please visit our main website at

Every Humble Business Has A Philosophy. Ours Is: Relationships First, Business Later. At Pura Vida! eh? Inc. we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. In fact, our business philosophy quite simply is to be and do the best we can for the betterment of our clients, our business, ourselves, and our planet. A large part of this philosophy is rooted in great customer service. In client testimonials and online reviews we are regularly referred to as friendly, caring, kind, attentive, and prompt – just a few of the qualities we are more than happy to offer travellers and that we feel travellers deserve. In addition, we also feel great customer service embodies the following: ● Individualized attention to detail that focuses on travellers' specific interests, needs, and budgets ● Assisted Independence in allowing travellers to plan their own perfect vacation alongside our recommendations and support ● Sensitivity to travellers' personal desires, requirements, and/or limitations (stemming from physical abilities, religious traditions, dietary requests, and other diverse causes) throughout the trip planning process ● Open communication throughout the entire vacation process, including the planning stages, the vacation period, and upon returning home ● Relief of stress, hassle, and worry, as well as a gained sense of comfort, while travelling out-of-country

● A sense of friendship gained – not only business accomplished – as a direct result of working together

For more info, please read our “Honesty Assurance” and “Humble Business” statements on

See What’s Cookin’ In Our Soul Kitchen: Our “Travellers For...” Donation Project “Pura Vida! eh? donated money on our behalf to the Costa Rican Save the Turtles foundation as part of their "Travelers For" project! Pretty awesome to work with a company that goes the extra mile and has their values and priorities in the right place. VERY highly recommended." B.M. Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA We already work hard for travellers. Why not do the same for the rest of the world?

Pura Vida! eh? Inc. is driven towards business success. To us, success is defined as much more than our profits (which is why we share our income with our clients in order to allow travellers to access tours, transfer services, and hotels at low prices!). Being able to support non-profit organizations (in Costa Rica and throughout the world) is one way we consider our business to be successful which is why we developed the "Travellers For..." Donation Project. The aims of the "Travellers For..." Donation Project are to help non-profit organizations and to encourage travellers to do the same. We accomplish this by financially supporting worthy causes and by allowing our clients to select the organization they would like us to donate to on their behalf. This means that our clients not only get access to great discounts, but their favorite charity and/or initiative benefits as a result of their decision to work with Pura Vida! eh? Inc. Pura Vida! eh? Inc. is pleased to donate $1.00 for each tour per person, transfer service per person, hotel per night, domestic flight per way, and vehicle rental per day that is reserved through our company. Once our clients return home from their trip we send them the donation total and ask them to choose one initiative from our list of approved organizations. We then proceed with placing the donation with the chosen organization (and sending our clients a copy of the donation for their records) so we can be sure to offer the proceeds of their reservation items to a cause near and dear to their heart.

For more info, please read the “Donation Project” section on

Doing Our Part. We believe that prosperity is a state of mind and has little to do with one's bank account. As a result, our donation project is proud to financially support the following organizations (in no particular order):

PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) Kids Saving The Rainforest (Costa Rica) Save The Turtles (Costa Rica) The Canadian Cancer Society The Canadian Diabetes Association The Canadian National Institute For The Blind The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada The Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s World Vision Habitat For Humanity The Pay It Forward Foundation The Canadian Red Cross Partners Relief & Development – Burma Campaign In addition, Pura Vida! eh? Inc. is proud to be... ...a "Change

Maker“ ... for PETA Sponsor“ ... for the Ontario Junior Hockey League ...a "Green Alliance Member“ ... with Save The Turtles ...a "Team

For more info, please read the “Donation Project” section on

“I'm so thankful I found Pura Vida! eh? before going to Costa Rica!!! Anyone who is planning a trip to Costa Rica MUST get in touch with Pura Vida! eh?. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly! And the best part is that their services are FREE! They make great recommendations for arranging your trip, hotels, transportation, activities, and more. They even offer discounts on almost everything – they saved us a lot of money. Not only do they save you money, but they also donate funds back to worthy causes – I truly admire that.” K.P., Garden Grove, California, USA

How We Do. Read company reviews, client testimonials, and discover how we can make your Costa Rica trip an unforgettable one!

For more info, please visit our main website at

The Buzz About Us (International). Think Pura Vida! eh? Inc. serves North America only? Think again! We are proud to have assisted travellers from many nations across the world. Read what some of our international clients have to say about us and our services! “My wife and I planned our honeymoon through Pura Vida! eh? and we were extremely happy with the outcome of our trip. I must make it clear that Pura Vida! eh? is absolutely FREE! There are no tricks and no extra charges. If you plan a trip, contact them – you won’t regret it!” A.C., Mexico City, MEXICO

“GREAT! We just had a wonderful holiday in Costa Rica. It was such a memorable experience – thank you again! I’ll recommend the company (Pura Vida! eh? Inc.) to all the people who plan to go to Costa Rica. Keep up the great work!” B.P., South Tyrol, ITALY “Thank you so much for your help planning our honeymoon. Your recommendations were spot on. Everything was perfectly organized. I will truly recommend Pura Vida! eh? to anyone who wants to travel to Costa Rica. We loved everything. Thank you!” C.H.P., Bogota, COLUMBIA “Great and reliable service! We really had a great time and Pura Vida! eh? helped us make the right choices. We had a good idea of what we wanted, but it was good to check with an expert.” S.W., Stockholm, SWEDEN “We organized our travel by the help of Pura Vida! eh?. They helped with booking hotels, travels, and outdoor activities (even when being informed “last minute”) and they were able to find good prices. I can recommend the company to anyone.” I.H., Poznan, POLAND

For more testimonials, please read the “Testimonials” section on

The Buzz About Us (International). “Great services and prices. If you are going to Costa Rica, you can trust in Pura Vida! eh? – they will help you plan the trip you want no matter your budget. They give you all of the options.” C.C., Barcelona, SPAIN “I contacted Pura Vida! eh? before coming to Costa Rica. I sent them my itinerary and they suggested better ordering of my journey, and gave me ideas of what to do. And they saved me money – no cost to me for their service.” N.C., London, ENGLAND “Thanks a lot – I have had a great time everywhere :) I always wanted to come to Costa Rica, and I was not wrong at all! Thanks for all your help. Pura vida!!” D.M., Santiago, CHILE “Excellent service from the experts. We just returned from our 13 day trip to Costa Rica. We were delighted with the expert advice and knowledge received by Nikki. She certainly took the headache out of the planning.” E.T., Jordan Valley, ISRAEL

“We just finished our trip. You have amazing country. We all fell in love with your country and the people. Thank you for great organization, selection of activities and accommodations.” I.E., Quito, ECUADOR Our clients – both local and international – are the foundation of our business. They are the reason we do what we do, and more specifically, why we love doing it day in and day out! For this reason, our clients’ opinions of us, our business operations, and overall success mean the world to us. Testimonials also help new clients learn more about what Pura Vida! eh? Inc. does and how our team stands out amongst others. For this, we owe a large thank you to each and every client who has contributed their thoughts and reflections to our collection of testimonials. We are extremely fortunate to have the support!

For more testimonials, please read the “Testimonials” section on

Some people say it is the journey, not the destination, that counts.

At Pura Vida! eh? Inc., we think it is both.

Experience An Incredible Journey To An Incredible Place. Perhaps it is a mix of our irreplaceable experience, knowledge, and customer service combined with our incredible savings that bring our clients back to us time and time again as they plan their return trips to Costa Rica. For those travellers who are embarking on the journey of planning their first trip, please consider us. Costa Rica trip planning can be overwhelming – there are so many popular areas to choose from and even more recommended things to do and see. Piecing together your vacation may be a challenging task for you, however it is what we know best and what we do best. We can take the stress, confusion, and expense out of the entire vacation planning experience so you can focus on what is really important – getting exactly what you want out of your trip for a price no greater than what you feel comfortable spending. We aim for this for all of our clients and we hope to one day have the pleasure of assisting you with your trip planning as well.

For more info, please visit our main website at

Questions? We Can Help! Contact us at anytime with any questions you may have about Pura Vida! eh? Inc. or Costa Rica in general. You can also visit our website to view FAQ and additional information.

For more info, please visit our main website at

Costa Rica awaits . . .

For more info, please visit our main website at

A Guide To Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated  

A Guide To Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated

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