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Hot Logic Macrowave – The Smartest Technology is Here at an Affordable Rate Are you relying on take out and fast food due to your busy schedule? The Hot Logic Ultimate Slow Cooker could save you up to 50% on your food bills and let you enjoy hot delicious meals of your choice at a time that fits your schedule. This unit also works great with leftovers; you'll never throw anything away again. You don't need to spend hours in the kitchen to enjoy great tasting, healthy meals. The fully automatic Macrowave monitors and controls the heating process in a fashion that preserves moisture, enhances flavors, and extends hot hold time. Typical preparation times range from 45-90 minutes with hot hold times up to 12 hours. Unlike an oven, crock pot, stove top or microwave, the hot logic mini portable oven cooks food in all types of containers: plastic, aluminum foil, glass, ceramic, or metal. This means that meals can come right from the refrigerator or freezer without being transferred to another pot, pan, or suitable container. Let's face it, sometimes we waste food just knowing that we have to pull out several other cooking utensils just to heat things up. In addition, the MACROWAVE takes the guess work out of cooking things right. You don't have to stir the soup, puncture the plastic cover on a frozen food, or manage the cooking process in any way. The MACROWAVE will automatically heat and maintain the perfect serving temperature throughout the day, and provide you with the flexibility of enjoying a meal whenever time permits.

Perfect for the busy household or work place lunchroom, the hot logic macrowave can heat and hold several meals at the same time. Enjoying a hot meal at home or work has never been simpler, just pop in your food in the morning and it’ll be perfectly heated by lunchtime. Whether it’s a busy family kitchen or workplace break room, the MACROWAVE is the better alternative to heating your food. With SmartShelf Technology, and the use of conduction heating, not radiation, the Macrowave will never blow up your food, leave parts of your food frozen or burn the

edges and dry it out! Because there are no buttons to push or timers to set, its the NO GUESS, NO MESS way to heat your food to perfection - EVERY TIME! The system has theoretical potential outdoors – for heating food up on a picnic or camping trip, for instance – but it doesn't have a battery and requires a 120-volt outlet. So, you'll either have to be near a location with power or bring a portable power supply. Still, Hot Logic appears to believe in the Mini's potential as an outdoor tool because it will be showing it at the Outdoor Retailer sports trade show next month. Reference URL:

Hot logic macrowave – the smartest technology is here at an affordable rate  

Are you relying on take out and fast food due to your busy schedule? The Hot Logic Ultimate Slow Cooker could save you up to 50% on your foo...

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