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Let your pet be pampered and cared by sending it to the best pet boarding center. A boarding center can be ultimate caring hands for the pet if chosen properly. So while looking for a reliable pet care center one must consider verifying the facilities and services offered, the hygienic condition of surrounding, care taker’s experience etc for ensuring the right choice for his loving companion.

PuppyWood is one of such pet resorts offering customized services and facilities that fit your needs. Highly experienced and professional trainers are hired here for offering high tech services and smart pet training. It also offers pet grooming and day care services on reliable bookings. Your pet can get customized feeding schedule, free play time, private play time, behavioural training, obedience training, medications and many more by staying here. You can also go on worry free business trips by boarding your pet here.

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Customized pet boarding facilities that fit your needs