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ABOUT US Who We Are and What We Do Save-A-Dog Scheme is an incorporated, non-profit, community-based organisation controlled and operated by volunteers with the help of paid staff. It operates as a registered animal shelter and combines this with foster care in the community. Each dog is desexed, vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, vet-checked and temper ment-assessed prior to adoption.

Where Your Money Goes Save-A-Dog Scheme relies on donations for its continuing existence and does not receive any government funding. Donations to Save-A-Dog Scheme help with the general care of the dogs and the maintenance of the organisation. The greatest expense is for veterinary treatment for the dogs, which includes the care of sick and injured dogs. These dogs are nursed back to health rather than being destroyed as they may be elsewhere.


The No Kill Philosophy Save-A-Dog Scheme has a no kill philosophy and believes that the dichotomy of a dog being “Mans Best Friend” on the one hand and an unwanted article for destruction on the other is totally unacceptable. Save-A-Dog Scheme is a “coal-face” organisation, which saves hundreds of dogs each year and which seeks, by example, to provide a better way of treating non-human animals. 03 - 9824 7928


ADOPTION Adoption Fees $250 for puppies $130 for kittens Includes desexing, vaccination, worming and microchip


Adoption Fees $230 for over 6 months $90 for over 6 months

Includes desexing, vaccination, worming and microchip



Animal Viewing Hours 10am-4pm 7 days/week 36 Weir Street Glen Iris VIC Phone before you visit to check availability (03) 9824 7928 (03) 9885 1188 0418 389 810 Please don’t email or text as response tends to be slow Breeds, ages & names ... we do our best! We rarely have a reliable history of the animals that come to us. The suggested breeds & ages are stated in good faith and based on our experience over 25 years. Similarly, most dogs arrive without a name tag so they’re given temporary names. Feel free to choose a new name as your dog will adapt very quickly!

 Puppies  Small Dogs  Medium Dogs  Large Dogs  Kittens  Short-haired Cats  Medium Cats  Orientals & Other Breeds  Long-haired Cats

03 - 9824 7928


DONATIONS We do the work YOU believe in ... we need YOUR help to keep doing it! We are saving more and more dogs, and providing a humane alternative where none previously existed. It takes a lot of resources and we desperately need more financial help. Please support us!


Make a Donation Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. If you make an online credit card donation, you’ll automatically receive a tax receipt (or monthly tax receipts) by email as soon as payments are approved. In most other cases, receipts are sent by mail.





03 - 9824 7928


VOLUNTEERING As an organisation that relies on volunteers for its very existence, your input as a potential volunteer is much needed. Volunteers assist with many tasks including: • Cleaning the kennels and cattery • Feeding • Grooming • Helping in the office • Helping with laundry and dishes • Handy-person jobs Some volunteers may progress to walking dogs and hands-on care of the animals. Some volunteers come for a three-hour session in the morning or afternoon. We endeavour to have a roster for volunteers to make sure we don’t have too many one day and not enough the next.


HOW TO ENQUIRE ABOUT VOLUNTEERING: Ring Julie Johnston at the shelter on (03) 9824 7928 during business hours on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Please don’t email or SMS us about volunteering as Julie coordinates volunteers and you’ll get a much quicker response by ringing her directly. Please note that all volunteers must be 18 years of age or older (see explanation below) and will need a current tetanus vaccination before starting with Save-A-Dog Scheme.

03 - 9824 7928


CONTACT Shelter Address 36 Weir Street, Glen Iris, VIC Australia — Melways 59:E5 Access road goes under the Tooronga Rd flyover. Follow the orange & blue signs to Stonnington depot. Telephone Numbers Adoption, fostering and volunteering: (03) 9824 7928 or 0418 389 810 All other enquiries: (03) 9885 1188 or 0418 389 810 Business Hours and Animal Viewing Hours Business hours: 9am-5pm seven days/week Animal Viewing hours: 10am-4pm seven days/week Public Holidays: usually open regular business hours but check this page before each holiday to confirm Email Adoption enquiries cannot be answered by email because these enquiries require the expertise of shelter staff who are only available by telephone on (03) 9824 7928 or 0418 389 810 Happy adoption stories & general enquiries (but not adoption enquiries): Website feedback: Mailing address Save-A-Dog Scheme Inc Central Park PO Box 2325 East Malvern VIC 3145 9




Directions by Road We’re located at the end of Weir Street near Tait Timber). Weir St runs off Carroll Crescent near the Tooronga Rd end. (You can turn into Carroll Crescent from either Tooronga Road or Burke Rd). From Carroll Crescent, turn into Weir St and follow it to the end, going under the Tooronga Road overpass. You’ll see the shelter directly in front of you. See Melways map 59:E5 or Google Maps below. Directions by Train/Foot The closest train station is Tooronga Station. There’s pedestrian access to the shelter through Tooronga Park, just north of the Station. 03 - 9824 7928 10

Save-A-Dog Scheme (SADS) is a community-based not-for-profit animal welfare organisation that saves hundreds of dogs and cats from being killed every year. We have a no-kill philosophy and provide veterinary care to sick or injured animals so they can live out their natural lifespan. SADS was established in 1985 to offer a humane alternative to the killing of unwanted dogs, especially dogs of good temperament, that would otherwise be destroyed at pounds and shelters.

36 Weir St Glen Iris VIC (03) 9824 7928 or 0418 389 810 Shelter open 7 days/week 9am to 5pm (animal viewing 10am-4pm)

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