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Akibo Lee A 2D/3D graphic designer, curator and art educator. Akibo is the creator behind many memorable and celebrated designs for the pop music industry in Taiwan. He has worked with many legendary recording artists in Taiwan, including Bobby Chen, Wubai, Lo Ta-Yu, and A-Mei, with his works spurring lasting impacts on the market. Akibo is also an interdisciplinary artist, and has exhibited around the world in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, and other places. His recent robot creations have allowed his art to diversify into different realms, from pure art to commercial branding, performing art, and public art. Akibo was the artistic director for the opening performance for the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung and the 2010 Taipei Lantern Festival grand-scale projection show. He is also the curator for the 2011 International Graphic Design Exhibition in Taipei.

《Alive》 試閱版  


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