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2 - Summer Fun, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, May 2013


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Summer Fun, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, May 2013 - 3

Spring 2013

Make it a gadget-free summer for kids have enjoyed so far. Play a Game Whether you’re at home, on a road trip, or running errands, there’s no need to stick a gadget in your kids’ hands to keep them occupied. Engage your children with on-the-go games that are both fun and educational. For example, Brain Quest question and answer decks are easy to pack in a small bag and offer age-appropriate, curriculum-based challenges on themes like presidents and American history. The interactive question and answer sessions are sure to keep everyone entertained. More information along with free downloadable projects and resources can be found at www. Arts and Crafts Arts and crafts not only offer children an opportunity to use their creativity to make something useful, beautiful or both, but can also help hone hand-eye coordination. At home, you can opt for involved projects like bird feeders, necklaces and watercolors. On the go, bring along cray-

ons and construction paper so kids can draw whenever the artistic spirit moves them. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out project books and kits like Recycled Robots and My First Bird Feeder and Bird Book. Cook Don’t make cooking a boring chore. Get your kids off the couch and into the kitchen. By preparing meals together, you will give your children an opportunity to learn about nutrition and help them develop a practical skill. And there are tasks in the kitchen that are just right for any age. Outdoor Fun Help your kids organize outdoor games with other neighborhood children or get outside and play alongside them. Nature walks exploring local parks and streams can also be a great way to get the entire family to have fun while learning about the great outdoors. School may be out, but learning is in. In honor of summer, make it fun.

Try a truly meaningful family vacation (StatePoint) – If you’re tired of taking the same old kinds of vacations, consider looking into more meaningful travel alternatives. Whatever your interests are, there are great ways to infuse your vacation with purpose. Learn a Language Are your instructional language CDs collecting dust? Fast track the learning process with complete immersion. Consider taking a crash course abroad, where you can easily apply the skills you pick up in the classroom each day out in the streets, stores and cafes each evening. Benefit a Charity A traditional vacation club offers members access to vacation homes, vacation rentals, yachts and luxury hotels at discounted rates. A convenient method of coordinating family trips, it helps vacationers know what they are getting with no unexpected surprises. Consider joining a vacation club that offers such benefits, but with a charitable twist. For example, the Getaway 2 Give collection, the only philanthropic vacation club in the world, makes charitable donations to charities with a portion of your membership fee and travel accommodation fees. “Why should you just explore the world on your vacation when you can also make it better?”

asks Adam Capes, President and Co-Founder of the Getaway to Give Collection. Since its inception, the Getaway 2 Give Collection has donated to such deserving charities as Challenge Aspen, which provides cultural experiences for people with disabilities, and Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation (JAJF), which gives children who will lose their mom or dad to cancer a timeout together as a family and an opportunity to make final, lasting, happy memories. In fact, one Getaway 2 Give membership funds five families to go on WOW! Experiences with JAJF. To learn about giving back while enjoying luxury vacation experiences, visit Get Natural Get up close to nature responsibly. Visit the world’s most fragile ecosystems in a low-impact manner. Many such “ecotourism” experiences donate a portion of the profits from your trip to local ecological conservation efforts and local economies. Volunteer Take a break from sunbathing and look for local volunteer opportunities at your destination. Interacting with locals in such a meaningful way is an effective way to transition from tourist to true traveler.

Consider building houses for low-income families through a program like Habitat for Humanity, or look into work for which you are qualified. For example, doctors and nurses are often needed after natural disasters to provide medical aid to locals. Often known as “voluntourism,” you can find a personalized experience through a program like the Getaway 2 Give Collection, which offers both domestic and foreign opportunities, benefitting local people, ecosystems and wildlife. With a little planning and research, your future travels can have a truly positive and enriching impact.

Wheel-In Campground Shelocta, PA 15774 724-354-3693

Only 10 miles west of Indiana, PA

• Family Camping • Peaceful Country Setting • Gameroom • Fishing • Planned Activities • Bingo

SmickSburg’S StraWberry Saturday

Featuring Strawberry Wine June 8, 2013

W indgate

Smicksburg, PA

Vineyards & Winery 5 Locations to Serve you • Winery • Indiana Mall • Downtown Smicksburg • Pittsburgh Mills Mall • Downtown Ridgway


IndIana Mall E vEnts > Sports Card Show- June 1 & 2 > Car Cruise- June 8, 5 pm - 9 pm > Red Hat Day- July 10, 1 pm - 3 pm > Car Cruise- July 13, 5 pm - 9 pm Check Out Mall Coupon Flyer May-august 2334 Oakland Ave., Indiana, PA (724) 349-6110

1667 Philadelphia St., Indiana, PA

(724) 463-9145

Your One Stop Shop For All Your Outdoor Party Planning Needs!

Tables • Chairs • Fountains • Arches • Roasters • Coolers • Party Lights • Bubble Machines • Foggers • Portable Bar • Mirror Ball • Popcorn Machines & Cotton Candy Machines • Grills • Rotisseries • Dance Floors • Tents • Sno Cone Machine • And So Much More!

4 - Summer Fun, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, May 2013

(StatePoint) – You may remember your parents telling you to turn off the television and go outside or read a book. But these days, it’s harder than ever to separate kids from media devices, especially as their options become more mobile. But parents can help their children spend their time differently, in ways that not only increase personal interaction, but help keep minds fresh during the long summer vacation. “If you make it a game – particularly one you’re playing with them – kids will be more than happy to turn away from those screens. And if they’re learning something along the way, all the better,” says Susan Bolotin at Brain Quest, maker of educational quiz games for kids. Visit the Library Each week, make a point of visiting the library with your children to get them a new stash of books to read throughout the week. You can motivate them to dig right in by posting a chart somewhere handy like the fridge, tracking the books they

Helpful hints for vacation renters When booking vacations, many families find vacation rentals to be a more affordable lodging option than hotels. Though it’s still entirely possible to find a great deal at a hotel or resort, vacation rentals have become a popular option for families looking to save some money and spread out a little more. Vacation rentals are often homes located in popular tourist destinations. The rental owner may spend just a few weeks living in the property, then rent it out to vacationers when he or she is not occupying it. Vacation rentals are advantageous for many reasons, but there are still a few things rental shoppers should know before signing on the dotted line. • Know what you’re getting and get it in writing. Vacation rentals often advertise that everything is included, but that is not always what it seems. Unless you want to completely escape from society, you will likely want some Internet access and cable television. If the rental agreement says Internet is included, make sure the home has WiFi and high-speed Internet. You likely won’t want

Family Dentistry - new patients welcome P. Timothy Smatlak, DMD Amy Peace Gigliotti, DMD Ronald Walker, DMD

Summer Fun, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, May 2013 - 5

• Participating With Blue Shield-Delta & Discount Plan Plus • Insurance Plans Accepted • Handicapped Access • Emergency Treatment • Evening Appts. Available • Parking Available 938-8554 • 938-5800 203 Clearfield Avenue, Punxsutawney

to pack your own wireless router or buy one upon your arrival, so make sure the amenities included in your rental are spelled out in significant detail. If the agreement says utilities are included, make sure that means regardless of usage. Some might only extend to a certain dollar amount, in which case you might receive a utility bill long after your vacation has ended. • Choose the right destination. Vacation rentals are often most affordable when they’re located in popular destinations where rental owners must compete with one another for tenants. That competition keeps the prices down and makes rentals more feasible for costconscious vacationers. Less popular vacation destinations may still boast vacation rentals, but they are likely to cost more because there are fewer of them and the owners will be looking to make as much as possible. • Find a rental with a full kitchen. Another benefit vacation rentals have over traditional hotels or resorts is they typically provide renters the ability to cook their own meals. That can lead to substantial savings over the course of a typical vacation, especially for families. When choosing a vacation rental, look for one with a full kitchen and, if you’re vacationing during the warmer months, inquire about the availability of a barbecue that allows you to spend a few nights enjoying dinner under the stars with your family. • Find a rental that’s accessible to local nightlife and entertainment. Even the most affordable vacation rental might not work if it’s not close enough to local nightlife, entertainment and restaurants. Unless you’re looking for complete seclusion, you will likely

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grow to dislike driving a long distance before you can reach civilization. Isolated vacation rentals may waste valuable time during your vacation and make you less likely to book activities or go out at night. • Make sure the rental is safe. Adult vacationers won’t have to focus as much on a vacation rentals safety. But adults traveling with children should examine photos of the property closely to ensure there aren’t any safety hazards that might put kids at risk of injury. The home’s exterior should be safe as well. Avoid cliffside rentals that aren’t fenced in or heavily wooded areas where kids can easily wander off and get lost. If the property has a pool, make sure that pool is fenced in so youngsters can’t fall in when their parents aren’t looking. • Don’t send money before signing a lease. A vacation rental should come with a leasing agreement similar to a traditional apartment rental. Many vacation rentals are handled by reputable real estate agencies that are well equipped to answer any questions you have and make sure everything is being done legally. That said, research the real estate company before signing a lease and sending any money, and ask for references on the property from past tenants. Once you’re satisfied with the rental and the real estate agency and/ or landlord, make a copy of the rental agreement for yourself before sending the agreement and payment to the realtor. Vacation rentals are often a great option for vacationing families. By employing a few tricks of the trade, families can find rentals that meet all their needs without breaking the bank.

between you and the weather


Roofing Roofing Since 1896” Sandy’s “Quality Beverages •• COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL The Bottom of Indiana Hill, Punxsy 938-4990

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springhill shelties Pet Grooming and Boarding

“Committed to caring for your pets as though they are our own” Michele Wachob, Owner (right); and Cindy Barrett, Assistant Groomer, here with Stella.

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Make your travels eco-friendly with these tips consumption. When booking accommodations for your next trip, find a hotel that’s been certified as environmentally friendly. If traveling with your children, explain to kids why it’s important to choose such hotels so you can be sure the next generation is learning about eco-friendly travel. • Choose e-tickets instead of paper tickets. When traveling by air or train, choose e-tickets to reduce paper waste. Paper tickets have largely fallen by the wayside because they tend to be less convenient and certainly less eco-friendly. When booking flights, travelers are typically given the choice of an e-ticket or a paper ticket. Choose the e-ticket, as it only requires the printing of a boarding pass when you check in at the train station or airport. Paper tickets often include several pages and must be mailed in an envelope, all of which is wasteful. • Unplug certain appliances before embarking on your trip. Major appliances, including televisions, set-top cable boxes, DVD players, and sound systems are still consuming energy even when they are in stand-by or off-mode. This is called vampire power, and it’s an easy problem to address. Before leaving on your next trip,

Pizza Town

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simply unplug some of your major appliances so they won’t be consuming energy while you’re away and they aren’t being used. In addition to saving energy, unplugging such appliances will reduce the cost of your energy bill. • Lower your thermostat and water heater. Heating or cooling an empty house and keeping the water heater at its normal temperature is also wasteful. When leaving on a vacation, set the thermostat to reduce your energy consumption regarding heating and cooling and lower the tem-

perature on your water heater so it’s not heating water you won’t be around to use. • Close the curtains at your hotel. When spending time in a warm weather climate, remember to close the curtains before you depart each morning. Allowing the natural light into the room while you’re away will increase the temperature in the room, and many hotels have their air conditioning on a sensor that automatically turns the unit on when the temperature in the room reaches a certain point. If you forget to close

the curtains before leaving for the day, you’re likely wasting energy by cooling an empty room. • Dine locally. Part of the fun of travel is experiencing different cultures, including the local cuisine. When dining out while on vacation, choose restaurants that feature locally harvested foods. Such foods are often unique and geographically distinct, and locally produced goods are much more eco-friendly than goods that had to be imported from faraway locales.

East American Motorsport 938-4230 or 1-888-322-3997 2 Miles South of Punxsutawney on Rt. 119

6 - Summer Fun, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, May 2013

Traveling is a great opportunity to see the world and experience other cultures. Whether you’re traveling domestically or going abroad, there’s always something to learn when leaving your comfort zone and seeing how people in other areas live. Travel can also be a way to learn about protecting the environment. Parents traveling with children can use their trip to teach kids about how to travel in an ecofriendly way, while executives traveling on business also can take steps to reduce their carbon footprint while on the road. • Find eco-friendly accommodations. More and more hotels are embracing eco-friendly practices with the help of organizations like Green Seal, a nonprofit dedicated to helping companies create a more sustainable world. Such organizations will certify companies, including hotels, that meet certain eco-friendly standards. Those standards vary depending on the organization, but a hotel that earns a Green Seal(R) might have taken steps to reduce its energy consumption by installing fluorescent lighting, embracing recycling programs and encouraging hotel guests to reuse towels to cut down on water and energy

Keeping kids active once the school year ends In many ways, today’s kids have busier schedules than any previous generation of youngsters. Many extracurricular activities, including sports, require a nearly year-round commitment, and the dualincome household has landed many kids in afterschool programs where kids tend to their schoolwork or engage in various activities that keep them from resting on their laurels. But those busy schedules get a lot less hectic when the school year ends. Once school is out, kids used to a full schedule might find themselves with lots of time on their hands. Though it’s good for kids to squeeze in some rest and relaxation during their summer break, it’s also important for kids to stay active so they don’t develop poor habits as the summer goes on. In addition, the American Psychological Association notes that kids who are physically active are more capable of coping with stress and tend to have higher self-esteem than kids who do not include physical activity as part of their regular routines. The following are a few suggestions for parents looking

for ways to keep their kids active throughout the summer while still allowing them to recharge their batteries after a long school year. • Plan an active vacation. Summer is when many families go on vacation, so why not choose a vacation that involves more than napping poolside? Though it’s still good to leave some time for relaxation, find a locale where you can embrace activities like snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, or other adventures that get you and your youngsters off the poolside chaise and out exploring. Such a trip might inspire kids to embrace an activity more fully, getting them off the couch not only while they’re on vacation but also when they return home for the rest of summer. • Teach kids to garden. Gardening might be seen as a peaceful and relaxing hobby, but it still requires a lot of elbow grease and hard work that pays physical dividends. A garden must be planted, hoed, weeded, and watered, and gardening gets kids out of the house to enjoy the great outdoors. When growing a vegetable garden, kids might

embrace the chance to be directly involved in the foods that will eventually end up on their dinner tables. Parents can embrace this as an opportunity to teach the value of eating locally-produced foods and the positive impact such behavior has on the environment. • Go swimming. Few adults who work in offices haven’t looked out their windows on a sunny summer day and thought how nice it would be to be spending that afternoon making a few laps in a lake, at the beach or in a pool. Kids have the same daydreams during the summer, so take a day off every so often and take the kids for an afternoon of swimming. Swimming is a great activity that exercises the entire body, including the shoulders, back, legs, hips, and abdominals. In addition, swimming helps kids and adults alike maintain a healthy weight while also improving their cardiovascular health. It’s hard for some people to find a place to swim once the warm weather departs, so take advantage of the summer weather and go swimming as often as possible while the kids are not in school.

• Limit how much time kids spend watching television, playing video games or surfing the Internet. Many of today’s kids are as tech savvy as they are busy. But it’s important that kids don’t spend too much time online or on the couch watching television or playing video games. Such activities are largely sedentary, and they can set a bad precedent for the months ahead, even when the school year begins once again. Parents should limit how much

time their youngsters spend in front of the television or the computer during summer vacation, keeping track and turning the TV or computer off if they suspect kids are spending too much time staring at the screen instead of being active. Kids might not love it when you turn their video games off or minimize their access to social media, but explain the limitations at the onset of summer and let kids know you expect them to be physically active even if it is summer vacation.

Punxsutawney Area Community Center

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ApArtments AvAilAble! Summer Fun, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, May 2013 - 7

All rents are according to your income Blairsville:


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Anthony P. Tate, Sr. Terrace

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2-3 Bedroom Townhomes

2-3 Bedroom Townhomes

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Full Size Appliances With Washer & Dryer In Each Apartment

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Chestnut Ridge Terrace

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HAIC, 104 Philadelphia Street, Indiana, PA 15701


Saltsburg Heights 2-3 Bedroom Townhomes Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Extra Storage Convenient In-Town Location Off-Street Parking Laundry Hookups

Make the most of your ‘staycation’ When the economy took a turn for the worse several years ago, many families had to cut costs in order to make ends meet. For many families, that meant leaving vacations on the cutting room floor. While the economy has rebounded, uncertainty surrounding that comeback has prevailed for many families, who remain hesitant to book a traditional vacation for fear of spending money they might be better off saving. The sacrifice of traditional vacations has led many families to embrace the “staycation,” wherein families still take time off to be with one another but do so largely at home rather than heading off to an exotic locale or resort. A staycation is a great way for families to rediscover their own communities and spend quality time together without the hustle and bustle of airports or interstates. Families who still find themselves hesitant to commit to a more traditional vacation can heed the following tips to ensure their staycation is a success. • Go out to dinner. Part of the fun of a family vacation is getting to enjoy some nights out on the town. But even if you’re not straying far from home this

year, you can still enjoy the cuisine your community has to offer. Dine out a few nights during your time off, making sure to enjoy a few different restaurants instead of relying on one your family frequents throughout the year. Dining out on a weeknight will create the feel of a more traditional vacation, and you might just find a new restaurant you and your family love and can revisit in the years to come. • Absorb the local culture. The daily grind has a way of making life hectic, and chances are you and your family don’t get to enjoy your own community’s culture throughout the year. Take advantage of the time afforded you by your staycation to soak up all the culture and recreational activities your community has to offer. Visit nearby museums, take in a performance at your local theater or explore a nearby park, be it for a day of hiking or a more laid back picnic in the sun. This can help everyone reacquaint themselves with the reasons you chose to settle down in your community. • Go camping. Just because you’re having a staycation doesn’t mean you have to stay

home. Spend a few nights away from home by taking the family on a camping trip. The fee to stay at a nearby campsite is negligible when compared to the cost of hotel rooms for an entire family, and you won’t spend nearly as much on food because you’ll need to bring your own to the campsite. Camp during the week instead of on the weekends, and you might have more of the campground to yourself. • Head for the beach. In its National Coastal Population Re-

port examining population trends from 1970 to 2020, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that 39 percent of the United States population lived in counties directly on the shoreline. North of the United States, Canadians know they are surrounded by three oceans and have access to thousands of additional bodies of water, including the Hudson Bay, Bering Sea and Gulf of St. Lawrence. That means access to the water and the beach is readily available for Americans

and Canadians who wish to spend part of their staycation with some sand between their toes and the sound of waves crashing on the shorelines in their ears. Make time to visit the beach on your staycation, and you might be able to recreate the feeling of a more traditional getaway. Staycations have become a staple for families looking to avoid expensive resort vacations. But staying close to home can still be just as fun as traveling abroad.



Featuring Oil Engines Remaining Lawn Seats $


Our 28th Year

SUMMER EXPO & FLEA MARKET • JUNE 13, 14 & 15 FALL EXPO & SWAP MEET • OCTOBER 17, 18 & 19 Daily Admission .........$6.00 Three Day Pass .........$12.00

Kids Under 12 ............. Free Seller’s Fee ...............$25.00

Grounds Open for Set-Up Noon Tuesday on Week of Events. Grounds Open 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Primitive Camping Only During Events

Event Participants & Workers, Food Vendors and Dealers – ONLY – on CPM Exposition Grounds. Visitor (Non-Participant) – Parking and Camping for Trucks, Cars, Motor/Mobile Homes and Travel Trailers is Located OFF CPM Exhibit Grounds. Please - NO Alcoholic Beverages on Museum Grounds. — No Hookups Available —

For Complete Details – Visit Our Web Site or Call

Coolspring Power Museum

P.O. Box 19, Coolspring, PA 15730 • (814) 849-6883 • A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION GPS Coordinates: 41o 02’ 35” N & 79o 08’ 09” W

8 - Summer Fun, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, May 2013

Presents exPo 2013

Summer Fun, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, May 2013 - 9

Spend less on family travel that direct, nonstop flights tend to be the most costly. Discounts are to be had when you fly in the early morning or late at night and are willing to endure a layover. Booking round-trip tickets tends to be less expensive than one-way tickets, as is flying in and out of the same airport as opposed to using a different airport on the return trip. Booking trips well in advance enables consumers to shop around for affordable flights, but many times deals can be had when shoppers wait until the last minute and take advantage of airline and discount travel sites offering last-minute deals. Seats on halfempty flights may be offered at a discount. You may even be able to contact an airline and negotiate the cost of a flight. Package Deals Travel sites and independent travel agents often give you better prices when you package items together. Therefore, if you stay at a particular hotel, book with a certain airline and add a rental car in the same transaction, the cost may be far less than purchasing these components separately. Think Outside the Hotel Hotels are not the only places to stay while on vacation. Many

Speed and Sport Cycle Center Rt. 436 • 430 Main St., Punxsy • 938-8780 or 938-6952

SALES • PARTS • SERVICE Cylinder Boring • PA State Inspection

times private house or condo rentals cost considerably less money than per-night stays at hotels. There are Web sites that cater to rentals-by-owner that can be searched and booked. Staying in a private rental often gives you more space to spread out and may even provide access to a full-service kitchen. This can help you to conserve funds by letting you prepare some or all of your meals, rather than eating out. Discount hostels and individuals who open up their homes to travelers can be other avenues of investigation for less-expensive accommodations. If you prefer a hotel to earn vacation points or rewards, consider staying a town over. Hotels in tourist destinations request top dollar, but staying a few miles out of town can help you save a bundle. Pay in Full/ Pay in Advance Purchasing amusement park, theater or special event tickets in advance is typically less expensive than paying the “at the door” price. Research all of the places you plan to visit while on your trip and book these adventures in advance. Not only will it save you the hassle of making arrangements while on vacation, but also you can save a few dollars along the way. Some hotels offer similar discounts. If you book a non-refundable stay and pay in full, you may earn a rate that is lower than the standard room price. Be Flexible Rigid travel dates and plans will not leave wiggle room for negotiation. High-demand dates tend to cost the most. Flying out a day before or after a peak date can reduce airline rates considerably. Also, try to book vacations in off-peak times. Resorts will be less crowded, and you will save money by taking advantage of off-season prices.


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Phone: 849-8838 or Toll-Free: (877) 4-PAvinG Quality, Integrity and Professionalism ...Making Life Smoother.

10 - Summer Fun, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, May 2013

Many families go on vacation once the school year ends. But with the fluctuating prices of fuel, driving or flying with a family of four or more can be costly. Those fed up with yet another “staycation” may be wondering how they can trim costs but still get away. Taking a vacation is a way for people to rest and recharge. Even if a trip lasts just a few days, the change of scenery and the chance to leave behind the daily grind can provide a much-needed escape. According to Travelhorizons(TM), people traveling with children or grandchildren make up roughly 30 percent of all adult leisure travelers. The average American family takes four to five leisure trips per year, and there are many ways to save money on such excursions without compromising the fun factor. Travel Method Flying to a destination is often more expensive than taking a train or driving. Consider renting a van or even an RV to transport the entire family to your destination if it is within reasonable driving distance. Family members can take turns driving to cut down on the number of stops that need to be made. If you prefer to fly, realize

Feeling Right at Home! Christ Christ The The King King Manor Manor has has been been making making aa difference in caring for almost a half century in in thecaring Clearfield and Jefferson County difference for almost a half century in areas. Now, Christ The King At Home continues the tradition by bringing greater comfort to those who are at home. the Clearfield and Jefferson County areas. Now, From companion to continues housekeeping and from financial management services Christ The Kingservices At Home the tradition to medication assistance, Christ The King At Home provides safe and effective care bythe bringing greater comfort those are at in comfort and security of to your ownwho home. home. If you are having difficulties caring for yourself, your family or your home because of health reasons, the first answer is Christ The King At From companion services housekeeping and will be to happy to explain all of the services available on an hourly, Home. We daily, weekly basis and how cost effective home care is to hospitalization or from financial management services to medication assistance, Christ nursing home placement. The King At Home provides safe and effective care in the For more information please callown CHRIST comfort and security of your home. THE KING AT HOME 1-800-419-2779 or 1-814-371-3180

If you are having difficulties caring Visit our website www.christthekingmanor.or for yourself, your family(Services or your homethrough the Pennsylvania Waiver Pro provided gram or first Depart-ment of Aging Options Program. Chec because of health reasons, the answer 1100 West Long Ave • DuBois, Pennsylvania your local agency on Aging and tell them you want Chri The King Atwill Homebe to provide your home care services.) is Christ The King At Home. We 814-371-3180 happy to explain all of the services available on an hourly, daily, weekly basis and how cost effective home care is to hospitalization or nursing home placement.

Christ The King At Home

Summer Fun, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, May 2013 - 11

For more information please call CHRIST THE KING AT HOME

1-800-419-2779 or 1-814-371-3180

Christ The King At Home

1100 West Long Ave DuBois, Pennsylvania 814-371-3180

Visit our website (Services provided through the Pennsylvania Waiver Program or Department of Aging Options Program. Check your local agency on Aging and tell them you want Christ The King At Home to provide your home care services.)

Gettysburg’s 150th is gateway to nearby Civil War experiences (NewsUSA) – This year marks the 150th anniversary of the turning point in the Civil War, the Battle of Gettysburg. As far as defining American moments go, it doesn’t get much more iconic than that. Following the early July battle in 1863, the Confederate army never regained its momentum, and the bloody war ended two years later. South central Pennsylvania – now known as the Dutch Country Roads (DCR) region – took years to recover from its pivotal role in history, but many cultural attractions stand as reminders. There’s no better way to experience the richness of the 150th Gettysburg anniversary than to visit in person. Gettysburg is bursting with reenactments, demonstrations and new programs. After visiting Gettysburg, explore the Civil War story further in the surrounding area. National Civil War Museum: Harrisburg is home to one of the largest museums dedicated exclusively to both sides of the Civil War. The museum offers a full understanding of the conflict, as well as exploring the experience of both civilians and soldiers. U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center: Located in Carlisle, the center features an interactive one-mile outdoor trail with several Civil War aspects and a huge Civil War photography

collection to explore. Hopewell Furnace: See how pig iron production was vital to making Civil War weapons. This national historic site joins the Central Pennsylvania African American Museum – a stop on the Underground Railroad – and other heritage locations on the Greater Reading Civil War Trail. Learn more at the Civil War entry for Trails under “Things To Do” at Mary Ritner Boarding House: Visit Chambersburg to see where abolitionist John Brown planned the raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859 and learn about the Confederate burning of the town at the Chambersburg Heritage Center. Steam into History: New this year, step aboard this 1800s-style steam locomotive in New Freedom for a taste of railroad history while enjoying a ride featuring re-enactors on and off the train and a stop at Hanover Junction – where President Lincoln changed trains on his way to give the Gettysburg Address. President James Buchanan’s Wheatland: This national historic landmark in Lancaster is the home of the man who preceded Lincoln in the White House and struggled to calm a divided nation on the brink of civil war. To plan a visit, see the DCR entry under “Civil War Trails” at

759 Shaffer Road, Sigel, PA 15860 Just 10 short minutes from I-80, Exit 78


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Canadian tourist destinations of North America, the point on the continent where headwater streams flow into the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic oceans. • Georgian Bay. Located on the eastern edge of Lake Huron in Ontario, Georgian Bay is home to the world’s longest freshwater beach. Visitors with an adventurous streak can explore a labyrinth of caves carved deep into Blue Mountain or dive among the shipwrecks at Fathom Five National Marine Park. • Eastern Townships. The Eastern Townships of Quebec at Knowlton on Lake Brome provide visitors with endless views of mountains, lakes and fields. Camping afficionados can camp at an altitude of 840 metres (2,756 feet) at Parc d’environnement naturel Sutton. Those who appreciate a great bottle of wine will no doubt love La Route des Vins, which links 16 vineyards in Brome-Missiquoi, the mainstay of Quebec’s renowned wine region. • Okanagan. Located in southcentral British Columbia, Okanagan is another ideal locale for wine afficionados. Often referred to as British Columbia’s “Napa of the North,” the Okanagan Valley is home to Canada’s first Aboriginal-owned-and-operated winery. Those who enjoy nature’s aesthetic appeal can fall in love with Okanagan, which features lavender farms that bloom in waves of white, pink or soft purple. Orange sunsets are known to reflect off the

136-metre-high (449-foot-high) Helmcken Falls, one of Canada’s highest waterfalls. • Labrador. One of the world’s largest wilderness regions, Labrador is tailor-made for outdoors enthusiasts. Fishermen will love angling for speckled trout and Northern pike near Labrador City, while bird watchers can visit the Gannet Islands Ecological Reserve, which is home to the largest razorbill colony in North America and 38,000 pairs of puffins. A network of more than 1,931 kilometres (1,200 miles) of trails crisscrosses Labrador, and the North West River Beach Festival and Labrador Canoe Regatta annually attracts thousands to the lakeshores for music, dancing, sports and fun.

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Every July 1, Canadians and beyond celebrate the country’s independence. In 1867, Canada officially became a self-governing dominion, and Canadians have commemorated that milestone ever since. Canada Day celebrations occur across the country on July 1. However, those looking to visit this destination can choose from a host of idyllic locales that make for a perfect vacation spot and a great way to experience the culture and customs of Canada, no matter what time of year they decide to visit. • Bay of Fundy. The Bay of Fundy is a 170-mile ocean bay that stretches between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Visitors can enjoy a guided beach walk and stick around for outdoor theater that’s performed in French or English. And be sure to catch the view at Cape Enrage, a view some insist is the best in all of Canada. • Jasper & Banff National Parks. Outdoor enthusiasts simply must take in Alberta’s Jasper or Banff national parks. Waterfalls, pure emerald lakes and flourishing wildlife characterise both parks, which are part of the Rocky Mountains. For those who want to witness something many in the world never will, be sure to take a heli-tour of the Columbia Icefields. This is where the summit of the Saskatchewan Glacier marks the “hydrographic apex”

How to safely light and extinguish a campfire

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Have plenty of material on hand to be able to continue the fire, or you may find yourself foraging in the darkness when the fire goes out. • Create a teepee or X pattern for a well-burning fire. Layer your tinder as the first level of the fire. Stack a few pieces of kindling on top of the tinder in an X or teepee shape. Ensure there is enough air to move freely through the fire to make ignition easier. Light the tinder from four compass points to get it all to light. Slowly blow air into the fire to allow it to burn hot enough to catch the kindling. Continue to add small pieces of kindling until you have a nicely sized fire. Then you can add larger pieces of dry wood for a big blaze. • Do not use accelerants when starting a fire or keeping it going. Avoid the use of chemicals, including lighter fluid and other accelerants in your campfire. Do not use chemically treated paper or plastic materials in kindling, as they can produce noxious fumes and smoke. Accelerants can cause the fire to burn out of control. Keep the fire contained to what you can manage, and always keep a watchful eye on the fire. Maintaining the Fire You may need to fiddle with the fire from time to time to vent it and allow for equal burning. Having an ample amount of wood on hand will enable you to feed the fire easily. It’s much easier to keep a fire going than start from scratch once it has burned out, especially in the dark. Be mindful of embers that drift in windy conditions. Also, do not put your face or body directly over a fire. If the wood pops, you could be burned. Chil-

2013 Summer Pool Schedule June 17 - AuguSt 16

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A roaring campfire is often a staple of the camping experience. A campfire to cook food or keep warm is an asset at any campground, and in the evening hours, a fire can provide a sense of security against inquisitive forest animals. A burning fire can also illuminate a campsite, which makes maneuvering around the site easier. Although there are many benefits to having a campfire, it’s important to note that fires, especially in very dry conditions, can be dangerous. It is essential to check a particular campsite or park’s posting about drought conditions to avoid an accident. In the wrong conditions, a cozy fire for toasting marshmallows can grow into an out-of-control wildfire in a matter of seconds. Starting a fire When you are ready to start a fire it is important to keep safety in mind. • Pick a safe spot to light the fire. Many campfires have fire rings for campers to use. If you are selecting a fire location on your own, choose an area away from brush or other easily ignitable material. Make a ring with large rocks to keep the fire from spreading. Keep the fire several feet away from your tent. • Gather materials during the day so you will not be scrambling for them after dark. You will need both tinder and kindling to light a fire and keep it roaring. Tinder is any small, highly flammable material that can light and burn quickly. Fibrous plant material, small twigs and newspaper make good tinder. Kindling is small pieces of wood that will burn long enough to catch larger logs of wood on fire. Finally, you will need a few logs of thicker wood that will sustain the fire.

dren should be carefully supervised when around a campfire. Extinguishing the Fire After building your campfire, completely put it out when you are done. Thousands of acres of wilderness are burnt from carelessness with regard to campfires. • Put out the fire a half hour to an hour before you plan to leave the campground. There should be mostly ash and few chunks of coal left if you have planned accordingly and started to wind down the fire before extinguishing it. • Use a stick to stir up the wood and ash and distribute the burning coals and embers. This is to extinguish any remaining flames as much as you can. • Pour water over the hot ashes to drown all embers. It’s not just the red embers you have to worry about. Pour water until all the hissing sounds stop. Avoid standing directly above the fire when you pour the water because it will generate a lot of steam and smoke. If you do not have water on hand, mix dirt or sand with the embers to smother the flames. Continue to do so until the material is cool. • Stir the ashes again with a shovel or stick to further ensure the fire is not still burning. • Make sure everything is wet and cold to the touch before you leave the campsite. If the fire area is too hot to the touch, it’s too hot to leave it because a fire may reignite. • Once you feel that everything is cool, you can scoop the coals and ash into a bag and carry it out of the woods for disposal. Knowing how to safely light, maintain and extinguish a fire is an essential component of safe camping.

Monday - Friday 7:00 AM-9:00 AM Adult Lap Swim 10:00 AM- 11:00 AM Beginner Swim Lessons 11:30 AM- 2:00 PM Recreation/ Open Swim Mon., Wed. & Fri. 9:00 AM- 10:00 AM Advance Swim Lessons Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 AM- 10:00 AM Water Aerobics 5:30 PM- 7:30 PM Recreation/ Open Swim 7:30 PM- 8:15 PM Water Zumba Daily Monthly Yearly Individual $ 4.00 $ 15.00 $110.00 Family $6.00 $20.00 $160.00 Water Aerobics $6.00 $35.00 Water Zumba $6.00 $35.00

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Creative ways to keep kids learning BUY one egg McMUffin, (StatePoint) – For families, of creativity and a few extra everyday activities into learn-

summertime is all about active fun – from vacations to ballgames, and fireworks to poolside picnics. But being on-the-go can mean lots of downtime in transit and waiting for activities to start. While research shows that students can lose up to two months’ worth of learning during the summer break, parents can seize the opportunity to turn downtime into a time for purposeful entertainment, and keep kids off the summer learning slide. “Parents can easily keep kids’ minds active and learning as part of existing summer activities,” says Jessica Hodges, Director of School Marketing at ACCO Brands, maker of Mead school supplies. “Rather than relying on phones, tablets and DVD players to fill time while waiting for summer fun, try packing creative, ageappropriate learning activities instead.” When you’re loading up the car this season with sunscreen, bug spray and bathing suits, don’t forget to also pack portable entertainment that is both educational and fun. With a bit

items, you’ll keep kids learning, and they’ll think they’re playing – all summer long. • Make old games new. Fill the entertainment void while running errands with portable dry erase boards that make traditional games like hangman, tic-tac-toe and bingo easy to play, erase, and play again. Encourage siblings to play together as they build words, form letters and solve logic puzzles.  • Think convenience. In the car, opt for games and activities specifically designed for early learners on the go. For example, Mead Dry Erase Tangrams, stored in a convenient carrying case, are easy to pack and feature non-slip geometric shapes that can be arranged to create designs along a template.  The non-slip material means that your kid’s design will survive even the bumpiest of wagon rides or road trips. • Explore. Make a game of your surroundings, no matter where you are. Taking a trip? Ask kids to track car colors, license plate origins or types of trees. At the store, play a game of “I Spy.” The key is to turn

ing games and exploration. • Unplug. Taking a break from “screen-time” doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fun. Books, flashcards, puzzles and games not only make great alternatives, but they fit easily into day packs. Reinforce math concepts, the alphabet, or colors and shapes with teacher-approved, age-appropriate learning tools such as flashcards. Or help kids learn to spell with Mead Puzzle Words, which give kids practice building words while playing with puzzles. With no need for batteries or an outlet, these traditional activities are ready to go whenever you are. • Capture memories. Designate a special notebook for the summer for artwork and writing. Journaling encourages children to express their thoughts and emotions while building essential writing skills. More tips for fun learning on-the-go can be found at www. With some extra planning, parents can make good use of free time by incorporating

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Active vacations becoming more popular If the thought of lounging on a beach for a week isn’t exactly your idea of a memorable vacation, then you may enjoy more activity in your recreational pursuits. Many individuals and families brainstorm their getaways well in advance of taking a trip. A jaunt to the coast may have satisfied an urge to wander in years past, but if you’re interested in something that is a bit more physical and demanding, you may want to spend your next days away from the office on a more active vacation. An active vacation is a trip that is built around physical activity. Instead of keeping the poolside chaise warm, you may be participating in a walking tour or hiking across a national park. Such vacations provide a respite from the daily grind and benefit the mind and body. Estimates from U.S. News

and World Report suggest that active travel accounted for $60 billion in vacation spending in 2007. Over the past half decade, the number of people interested in active vacations has continued to grow and, as a result, more destinations are catering to such vacationers. Those ready to embark on an active vacation can choose from a host of options and locales. Horseback riding Making a trek on horseback is a great way to see the countryside from a new perspective. Many resorts worldwide offer horseback riding in which you can tour mountains, crags, trails, and other adventures. Some resorts pair horseback trekking with camping and other activities for a well-rounded adventure. Water sports Many vacationers enjoy water sports like kayaking, canoe-

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ing, river rafting, riding jet skis, surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Depending on your skill level, you may be able to work with a water sports company that offers experienced guides to help you through some of the more challenging parts of the trip. Some vacation providers also may offer training and certification, such as becoming SCUBA certified. Biking and hiking There are thousands of miles of trails just waiting to be explored. Many national parks and wildlife refuges have walking and biking trails, or you can create your own travel itinerary and explore trails less traveled. Biking and walking tours also are possible in urban areas. See the sights and sounds of the city as a pedestrian and mingle with locals as you squeeze in some shopping. Mountain climbing Boost adrenaline levels by scaling mountains or rocky crags nearby. Many companies offer climbing courses so you can learn before exploring. Rely on experienced climbers to assess your skill level and choose mountain ranges that match up well with your skill level. Novice climbers may be able to rent gear if they’re not yet ready to purchase. Volunteering Volunteering allows you to marry a vacation with social consciousness. For example, Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit with worldwide reach that helps make affordable housing a reality. You may be able to volunteer your time helping to build houses or making improvements anywhere in the world. People who enjoy staying active on vacation have many choices. Whether rafting down a river or touring a national park on horseback, active vacation opportunities abound.



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