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8 December / 17 December 2010

School Exchange 2010-2011

INDEX HISTORY……………………………………………………….……3 STAFFING ON ENGLISH EXCHANGE VISITS………….……...4 2011 ACTIVITY SCHEDULE EXCHANGE PROGRAMME…….4 AIMS OF THE PROJECT……………………………………….….5 PREPARATION FOR THE PROJECT……………………………6 THE WORK EXPERIENCE………………………………………...6 THE WORKING DAY……………………………………………….7 WORK PLACEMENTS IN CHESTERFIELD………………..……7 EVALUATION……………………………………………………..…8 THE PLACEMENTS………………………………………………...9 COMMENTS FROM SCHOOL REPORTS……………………….9 STUDENT’S OPINIONS…………………………………………….9


School Exchange 2010-2011

HISTORY Miquel Biada School has had links with schools in England, France, Italy, Denmark and Poland for the last twenty years. These links have provided opportunities for our students to travel and get to know other cultures and people around Europe. Among all these exchanges, we especially care about one and we claim this with pride as we boost to keep alive our long standing link with England and the town of Chesterfield. Let’s remember a bit how all this started. In the nineties, Àngela Guerrero, teacher of English at vocational training studies, set a link between Mataró Miquel Biada School and Chesterfield Technical College. For several years our vocational training students took part in that exchange which eventually faded away. Luckily, in summer 2003, Marisa Sedgwick and Maria Staton, teachers of Spanish at Chesterfield College, told our school about the possibility of developing links with another school in Chesterfield. Miquel Biada School was delighted to resume the English exchange which was also endorsed and encouraged by Fàtima Prat, Miquel Biada’s Deputy Head Teacher. Communications by e-mail between Sue Webb of Brookfield Community School and Carme Jané of INS Miquel Biada began in order to arrange the first exchange. This took place in November 2004, when a group of 16 Spanish students accompanied by Àngela Guerrero and Juan Manuel Salas visited Chesterfield. The partnership began as an exchange between Spanish students in Year 12 (1º Bachillerato) and English students in Years 12 and 13. The Spanish students visited Chesterfield for one week in November and spent two days in London and the return visit by the English students took place in February. The exchange with Brookfield Community School has run successfully for seven years and at this point it seems appropriate to consolidate the several improvements introduced along this time such as the 10 day-stay in Chesterfield in November and the Work Experience element.


School Exchange 2010-2011

STAFFING ON ENGLISH EXCHANGE VISITS 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011

Àngela Guerrero and Juan Manuel Salas Àngela Guerrero and Juan Manuel Salas Meritxell Roig and Juan Manuel Salas Meritxell Roig and Juan Manuel Salas Meritxell Roig and Juan Manuel Salas Nur Garriga and Juan Manuel Salas Nur Garriga and Laura Chacón (see picture)

2011 ACTIVITY SCHEDULE EXCHANGE PROGRAMME The programme of visits has been changed slightly each year. In the previous years the programme has included visits to London, Manchester, York and Leeds. Wednesday 8 December

Arrival at Brookfield at 4pm – 4.30pm.

Thursday 9 December

Welcome breakfast. Walk into Chesterfield to meet Carol Brindle at the Portland Hotel at 11am for a guided tour of the town. At 2.45pm meet at the Town Hall for a meeting with the Mayor at 3pm. Visit to Brontë Museum in Haworth, Yorkshire at 11am. Harry Ramsdens in Guiseley at 3pm. At 9.00 guided tour of Buxton. Plus a walk around winter wonderland market. At 2.30pm matinee performance of Aladdin. Family day.

Friday 10 December Saturday 11 December

Sunday 12 December Monday 13 December & Tuesday 14 December Wednesday 15 December Thursday 16 December Friday 17 December

Work Experience in Primary Schools and BCS. Visit to Castleton 10am (Peak Cavern). Bakewell. Chatsworth House at 2pm. Visit to Warwick Castle at 10am. Shakespeare’s birthplace at 2pm. Departure


School Exchange 2010-2011

AIMS OF THE PROJECT To encourage our students’ learning of English. To continue development for a Work Experience project. To enrich students’ linguistics skills, both in the placements and in the families. To develop self-knowledge and self-reliance among our students. To make our students be aware of another country and culture. To involve primary schools in Chesterfield in working together with Miquel Biada to offer relevant work experience opportunities to Spanish school students.  To enable students to gain the confidence and skills to travel abroad and be understood in English as second language learners.      

PREPARATION FOR THE PROJECT Year 12 (1º Bachillerato) Spanish students and parents were informed by letter of the opportunity to participate in the Exchange and Work Experience in Chesterfield. Once forms were returned to school, flights were booked through Easyjet at Barcelona airport. A coach was booked for transfer from INS Miquel Biada to Barcelona airport and from Doncaster-Sheffield airport to Brookfield Community School in Chesterfield. Insurance was arranged and all issues were carried out, completed and supervised by Fàtima Prat as Deputy Head Teacher who coordinated the whole project.


School Exchange 2010-2011

THE WORK EXPERIENCE Three Spanish students were placed at Brookfield and the other eleven students were placed in seven Primary Schools. A teacher from each of the seven Primary Schools agreed to collect their assigned student(s) from Brookfield each morning. Arrangements were made for students to remain in the Primary School for lunch. At the end of the day they were collected from the Primary School by their English partner. Each of the students was given a report to hand to the teacher for them to complete at the end of the two days about the student as regards their participation/attitude/linguistic ability etc. The teachers were also asked to evaluate the project. In addition, the students were given a questionnaire, seeking their opinions and evaluating their experience. Three years ago our English colleagues showed us the way to introduce this part in our exchange. Like everything in life, our first steps were not confident enough and our students found the experience rather complicated as some had difficulty in making themselves understood. Hopefully, we reckon our students will be trained and better prepared to cope with this experience year after year. To start with, last year all of them received satisfactory comments on their reports by their English teachers. The aim during this time was to make our students aware of the importance of being courteous and helpful students in spite of the idiomatic barrier whilst encouraging them to be individuals, independent and self-reliant. During the two days each of the students was visited in their school by their Spanish teachers in order that they could observe the activities undertaken and foster good relationships with the MFL Department in Brookfield and primary staff. The feedback was, without exception, positive as regards both the Miquel Biada students and the concept of such a Work Experience visit. After these three years, we might say we have overcome difficulties and now we are delighted to seize the opportunity of consolidating and lengthening the duration of the project.


School Exchange 2010-2011

THE WORKING DAY Time 08.30-09.00 09.00 10.00 13.00 13.30 15.30-16.00

Activity Arrive at school and met by Primary School Mentor Teacher Lessons start (Christmas carols, rehearsals and crafts) Break Lunch Afternoon lessons School finishes – partners collect them

WORK PLACEMENTS IN CHESTERFIELD SCHOOL Highfield Hall Primary Brookfield community School Old Hall Junior School Brampton Primary School Baslow St. Annes C of E Primary (Bakewell) Westfield Primary School Baslow St. Annes C of E Primary (Bakewell) Brampton Primary School Abercrombie Primary School Old Hall Junior School Highfield Hall Primary Abercrombie Primary School Brookfield Community School Brookfield Community school

STUDENT Maria Riera Carlos Garcia

ENGLISH PARTNER Emily Gray Jack MKinley

Beatriz Calvo Iris Olea

Samantha Ediker Christopher Fox

Marta Martínez

Lauren Brown

Maria Martínez

Katherine Sandler

Maria Rufete

Sarah Drummond

Pol Puigvert

Stephan Brown

Naiara Sánchez

Sophie Dudley

Kevin Cantano Carolina Villa Aitor Torres

Henry Barnes Nicholas Phillips George Roberts

Sergio Ortega

Thomas Mounsey

Berta Granizo

Annie Branson


School Exchange 2010-2011

EVALUATION We are delighted with the twinning with Brookfield School; the students are keen to go to England and Chesterfield and its surroundings are excellent places to visit, but most of all the staff Sue Webb, Angie Walker, Rachel Burberry and Jo Slater are very committed to the partnership and are diligent in everything they undertake. These qualities have ensured the success of the exchange for the past seven years; and the patience with which they have taught us how to deal with our exchange have given us confidence that the project will continue for long. Along these years we have been through ups and downs, we have been learning from mistakes and we have been working even harder to make our exchange alive and kicking. Our relationship between Miquel Biada teachers and our Brookfield colleagues has also been cemented throughout these seven years. The more frequently we meet, the better the understanding and commitment. Each year has been easier to make all the necessary arrangements to achieve our purpose: a successful exchange. Much work has been undertaken so far and we will still be eager to keep on working in the future. It is a real pleasure to work with such enthusiastic teachers and share with them our worthiest school asset: our exchange. We are so lucky to have this link with Brookfield School and this is exactly what we would wish to transmit to everyone who reads these pages.


School Exchange 2010-2011

THE PLACEMENTS All the students spent two days, some on their own and some with a partner, in an English Primary School. Miss Nur Garrriga and Miss Laura Chacón visited all the students and the schools where they remained. Students got involved in all the activities and learned how to interact with children. TEACHER’S COMMENTS:

“The children were pleased to have a foreign students in the class”. “She has given excellent support to myself and to the pupils”. “Maria has had the huge challenge of working with young children in a busy classroom”. “Beatrice also frequently used her own initiative when supporting a child”. “Marta was very enthusiastic about working with the younger pupils and offered good support”. “I think they will have gained confidence and some knowledge of the role of a teacher in an English primary school”.

STUDENTS’ OPINIONS Has the exchanged helped you reach your expectations on learning English?

Yes, because I think that I’ve improved my English and if you pay attention and try to understand or say something, English isn’t so difficult.

Yes. This exchange has encouraged me to spend one or two years abroad learning English. Before this I felt good with my English but now, I know that I can improve it a lot if spend more time practising hard.


School Exchange 2010-2011

What have you enjoyed and found more profitable about the Work Experience?

I could talk with the pupils and join in the activities in the classroom being very closely with them. I could enjoy two days with children, it’s amazing.

What would you advise to future students preparing to do Work Experience?

The most important thing is to enjoy the beautiful experience and try to be very closely with the children. They have to help the teachers and don’t be shy with anyone. It’s very easy being happy with children.

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