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Puno UMC Family, As we end the fiscal year 2016 and the global UMC’s quadrennial year 2013 to 2016 we once again declare and bring all the praises and glory to our faithful and powerful God. His magnificent work to our beloved United Methodist Church globally, to the Filipino United Methodists, and to Puno UMC especially when God allowed our local congregation to take the lead role in the National UMC Revival 2 Conference held on November 26, 2016 at Philsports Arena (ULTRA) which was attended by more than ten thousand proud United Methodists coming from the three Episcopal Areas of the Philippines Central Conference connection is worthy of praise and thanksgiving. This is a historic event for the UMC which was sphere headed by our Church Council Chairperson, Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno (Ret.), which is also the over-all chairperson of this event. The main objective of this gathering is to showcase the History of Methodism in the Philippines, its major contribution in our society and in nation building, and the legacy that this generation will pass on to the next generations that made us all proud as Methodists Christians. Last October we celebrated the 29th Founding anniversary of Puno UMC. One memorable accomplishment is the launching of “PUSO” – the Puno UMC Symphony Orchestra comprised of 40 children and young people. This is the only one of its kind in the whole UMC in the Philippines. Another is the construction of the Sanctuary for our Bulacan Mission. We started construction last July and already completed the first phase of the structure of the sanctuary and parsonage this December 2016. This will be functional starting January 2017 where the first historic worship service on this new site will be done on January 8, 2017, where re-elected resident Bishop Pedro Torio, Jr. of the Baguio Episcopal Area, as God’s messenger. More than 5 million pesos was raised for this project. Hopefully, additional amount will be raised more for the second phase which is the finishing. Another highlight in celebrating our anniversary was the 8th Ablaze Conference held last October 1, 2016, at the GT Toyota, UP Diliman, Quezon City. This was attended by almost 400 individuals. Furthermore, this year a total of 54 scholars from PUP - Commonwealth, Bulacan State University, Batasan High School ang other Universities were supported and were involved in our Campus Ministry which we call “A242” and also the Young People’s worship service held every last Sundays of the month which we call “GIG” – Generation In love with God. As Puno UMC comes to the new quadrennial calendar 2017 to 2020 of the Global UMC with the theme “Therefore, Go,” it is our fervent prayer that what Puno UMC has started from its humble beginning will continue to make significant contributions in terms of its ministry and mission starting the year 2017 and onwards. Strong Lay Leadership is one of the significant contributions that PUMC had offered within our church nationally and internationally and even reaching further in our national government and the top position in the legislature. Let us continue to seek God’s wisdom and guidance as our congregation continues to take part in the spiritual transformation of our families, our church and in our nation. Let us make every opportunity to make Christ known through our words and actions. Let’s move on and continue to GO in Faith, to GO in Power, and to Go in Unity. I hope and pray that this December 2016 edition of the “Good News Times” which highlights PUMC’s ministries and mission from June to December 2016 will continue to inspire us TO GO FORWARD. To God be the GLORY! In Christ, REV. JOHN B. MANALO Administrative Pastor, Puno UMC



29th Anniversary This year’s anniversary whose theme is Generation Blessed by Righteousness based on Proverbs 20:7 captured the month-long celebration of our worship services with invited messengers of God’s Word, our traditional Medical, Dental and Optical Services, Evangelistic Night and Ablaze. The launching of the Puno UMC Symphony Orchestra and the construction of the sanctuary of PUMC Bulacan Mission on its newly-acquired lot highlighted this year’s celebration of God’s faithfulness to our church which we have been witnessing through the years. Free check-up, ECG, medicine, eyeglasses and even snacks were availed by about 160 patients who came to our Medical and Optical mission which was in partnership with Mary Johnston Hospital (Medical) and Dr. Eric Abesamis (Optical) on September 24, 2016. Dental Mission which was undertaken by another ministry partner, the Filipino-Chinese Dental Foundation, Inc. offered free extraction and prophylaxis and it was held on October 23, 2016 at the Fellowship Hall while the worship services were going on. About 100 patients were served. In addressing the spiritual need of our members and friends, we had our whole-day Ablaze: A Holy Spirit Revolution, on October 1, 2016 at GT Toyota with a powerhouse of topics and speakers and videos showing powerfully transformed lives of 700 Club Asia’ s Lucille Talusan and husband Eli plus our very own Pastor Dan Halog. The Evangelistic Night which featured

the life testimony of Pastor Charles Mendoza was held at Puno UMC on October 21 at 6:00pm. For four Sundays beginning October 2, messengers of God’s Word were invited for both morning and vesper services. Righteousness in Leadership (morning) –Justice Raoul Victorino; Dr. Romulo Rocena (vesper) for October 2. Righteousness in Worship (morning)- Jerich Ydel; Wayne Salcedo (vesper) for October 9. Our joint worship anniversary messenger on October 16 was Dr. Junifen Gauuan, President of Philippine Christian University who shared “Generation Blessed by Righteousness”. On October 23, Mr. Jovito Sermonia shared God’s message on Righteousness in Giving (morning) and Bro. Ed Laureano gave an inspiring testimony message (vesper). October 30’s topic was Living a Lifestyle of


Righteousness with our resident pastors sharing the message in the morning and versper services. The whole day Family Fun Fair which was spearheaded by MYAF and MYF was participated in by families and members of Puno UMC was held on October 22. It was a day of fun and fellowship of games and boodle fight lunch. We are always in deep appreciation of how the church moves as one in occasions as these. Grateful mention is accorded to our WSCS who were part of almost all the events especially our Medical, Optical and Dental missions and as tireless ushers during our Anniversary Luncheon Fellowship. The same grateful mention is given to our Prayer Team who faithfully ministered not only to patients but to those who attended the Ablaze and Evangelistic Night.

Any celebrations won’t be successful without our generous men and women who made this 29th celebration truly another milestone in the history of Puno United Methodist Church. Our prayers and thanks to the Puno family headed by CJ Reynato S. Puno (ret) who saw to it that the Bulacan Mission sanctuary would be completed before this year ends. It was also through his generous giving that the Puno UMC Symphony Orchestra was launched. Special thanks to Mrs. Rikki Puno of MAFSI who made a generous donation for our Luncheon Fellowship. And to all of us who made this anniversary celebration possible, may God increase us in every way. May there be an increase in our fellowship with the Holy Spirit, intimacy with Jesus and our love for our Abba Father. Rose Marie P. Regalia



REVIVED & REJOIC ING! More than 10,000 people came together at the Ultra-Philsports Arena last November 26, 2016. And all of them are United Methodists! They participated in “Revive 2”, a revival gathering for the United Methodist Church of the Philippines. Revive 2 is the church’s second revival event; the first was held in 2012 to respond to the breaking away of some churches during that time. This year, the event with the theme, “Go in Faith, Go in Power, Go in Unity,” showcased the legacies of the United Methodist Church and its contributions to the Philippines. According to former Chief Justice Reynato Puno, the pioneer to the Revive movement, Revive 2 “aimed to instill to the young people that there is so much in the United Methodist Church tradition, so much to be thankful for, so much to be praising our Lord for the UMC in the past, present and the future.”


Praising God for UMC in the past. One of the highlights of Revive 2 was the recognition of around 150 United Methodist Churches in the Philippines which are a hundred or more years old. There were also powerful audio-visual presentations about the UMC heritage and outstanding members of the UMC who made significant contributions to the Philippines. Praising God for UMC in the present. REVIVE 2 turned out to be a joyous celebration through the performances of different groups. First there’s the 1,200-voice Choir, led by Mr. Arnel de Pano. Mr. De Pano, a Methodist pride himself, composed and arranged all the songs during Revive 2, and he as well directed the 1,200 voices during the event. Another is the Puno UMC Symphony Orchestra (PUSO) which consists of children praising God

through their violins and trumpets, led by Maestro Arman _. What’s remarkable about these children is that they first learned how to play their instruments just 6 months ago! The joy in their ministry enabled them to excellently play during Revive 2. There was also a performance by an aeta group from Tarlac, coordinated by Pastors Elmer Victoria and Leslie Dela Cruz. Their presentation solidified the idea that UMC involves a faith united even through cultural diversity. Praising God for UMC in the future. Looking ahead, the attendees prayed for the then-upcoming election of bishops. The elections happened during the Philippine Central Conference (PCC) session, a few days after Revive 2. Three bishops were elected after the 16th ballot; the shortest that PCC had in recent decades. Rev. Luther Oconer, one of the speakers during Revive 2, posted on Facebook: “I believe Revive 2 did have an impact on the way we have so far conducted the elections at the Philippines Central Conference. Yes, it’s far from perfect by all means, but I’m very grateful to God for the positive signs.”

Puno UMC contributions. Aside from former Chief Justice Puno and PUSO, other members of PUMC also played significant roles for the success of Revive 2. To name a few, Rev. Magusig Manalo, PUMC’s administrative pastor, was the overall coordinator of the event; and Atty. Charles Michael Puno, PUMC’s executive committee chair and lay leader, was the program director. In addition to them are a handful of volunteers in different committees such as Prayer Warriors Group, Safety and Security Committee, and Production Team. Revive 2 is indeed a powerful way of going back to how the United Methodist Church actually started – through revival. As in the words of Rev. Manalo, it is a beautiful inspiration to the members of the church to “keep the flame burning, keep united, go in faith, go in power, and go in unity so the UMC will be revived.” Lady Angela Rocena PHOTOS: Sherwin Ronquillo



In 2009, a Bible study group in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan was started and facilitated by Sister Eva Laureano in their home. Since then it started to grow with the assistance of the Rev. Oliver Mangubat, then the Administrative Pastor of Puno UMC. In 2012 Puno UMC adopted it as its second Mission Church after the Puno-Masa Mission was organized as a Local Church. On the same year the first-ever worship service was held at the Laureano compound in Barangay Sto. Cristo, SJDM, Bulacan. On October 25, 2015, as part of the 28th Founding Anniversary of Puno UMC, the Groundbreaking Ceremony was held at the 645 square meter lot where a new building will be built in July 2016. The said lot was acquired at P1,612,500.00 where the said fund was donated and came from the Puno Foundation Fund. To date we have already 25 families with average attendance of 65 youth, young adult and adult worshippers not including more than 20 children attending Sunday school and extension classes. We


praise God for the lives of our brothers and sisters in their passion in worshipping and in serving God through the leadership of Rev. Dionisio Padel, wife Leny and their two children. The said construction of the new Sanctuary and parsonage started on July 2016 and the first phase of it were completed before the end of this year. In was in May 2016 where a fund raising campaign was initiated and the amount raised as of December 11, 2016 was P5,693,775.00. From this said amount the following were the major donors: 1. Harvit Korean Church 1,000,000 2. Atty. Luz Puno Fund 925,494 3. CJ Reynato Puno Fund 1,526,748 4. PUMC General Fund 100,000 5. Judge Isaac Puno Jr. Foundation 1,200,000 6. Special Collection from PUMC members 941,532 ----------------- 5,693,774

We continue praising God for His love and generosity manifested in the lives of our brothers and sisters in our church. We also pray for our new congregation in Bulacan Mission that God will sustain and pour out His blessings upon them that they may be encouraged and be affirmed of God’s promises. A donation of P150,000 and major materials for the construction of the church’s altar were given by Dr. Carlito S. Puno. Sis Ellen Redecio also donated a table made of kamagong wood for the same purpose. Let’s continue to pray for more donors for the second phase of the construction which is the finishing. The first worship service for the dedication and thanksgiving for the new sanctuary and parsonage will be held on January 8, 2017, at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon where Bishop Pedro Torio Jr., the Resident Bishop of the Baguio Episcopal Area will be the God’s messenger for the occasion. It will be highlighted by a Dental Mission in the morning of the same day and a Medical and Optical Mission the following Sunday, January 15, 2017. We bring back all the Honor and Glory to our Almighty God for His faithfulness, love, grace, and power. Rev. John B. Manalo


The Puno UMC Good News Times, June-Dec. 2016  
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