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PunnyFuzzles What is Spoonerism in Problem Solving Mind Games

PunnyFuzzles "PunnyFuzzles is more than just a game, it is a teaching platform. It is well-suited for hand-held learning and playing. It is a brand new type of puzzle that never existed until now. I think PunnyFuzzles maintains the largest collection of Spoonerisms in the world, but I'll have to doublecheck that.�


To form a Spoonerism, you are given two words: Exchange the leading letters from both words, up to the 1st vowel.

Warning At times, you may need to exchange more than one letter from either one, or both words, to form your Spoonerism.



1) Given: Stick & Lamp. => Answer: Lick Stamp

Example 2) Given: Tape &

Scrub => Answer: Scrape Tub etails?id=com.hnweb.punnyfuzzleiap.p unnyfuzzles nyfuzzles/id1124448693?mt=9

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