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NMM REGIONAL FACILITY Madhya Pradesh, the largest State (province), is situated in the central part of India. There are still several people groups in this state who have not yet experienced a Christian witness. Hinduism and Animism are practiced among the tribes. They attribute sickness and disease to the work of evil spirits, and live in great fear of them. Sixty million people populate Madhya Pradesh's 184,547 square-mile area; nearly 75 percent live in rural areas. Madhya Pradesh has the largest population of tribals in the world at 11 million. Hindi is most commonly spoken (80%), and other languages include Gondi (10%), Marathi (2.3%), Urdu (2.2%) and Oriya (1.1%). Although a state law prohibits conversion in any form, all the major Asian religions are represented. The majority of the people practice Hinduism (92%). Other religions are Islam (5%), Jainism (0.85%) and Sikhism (0.28%). Less than one percent of the population is Christian.

The Challenge of the Unreached The tribal peoples are a majority in the southern four districts of Madhya Pradesh, especially Bastar. There is now a burgeoning house church movement in many tribes through the labors of the native missionaries. However, all represent a tough pioneer challenge. Most tribes practice a Hinduinfluenced animism. Witchcraft, Saktism (worship of female energy) and Saivism (worship of Shiva) abound. Bhopal, the state capital of MP and industrial centre was the scene of the world's worst ever industrial disaster – an exploding chemical plant in 1984 killed 20,000 and maimed or afflicted a further 500,000 people. The grim after-effects are still evident. The city is ringed by 300 slum areas – Christians are beginning to reach out to them. Nearly 23% is Muslim, but there is no significant ministry among them.

NMM in Madhya Pradesh Tribal villages in Madhya Pradesh are now being reached by NMM missionaries with the love of Jesus Christ. Through NMM ministry over 20,000 people have come to know the Lord. Around 100 full-time missionaries are working with us. In the midst of opposition, there is a tremendous growth. At present we have 25 students in our Bible school being run in a rented facility. Still there are many villages waiting for their first missionary to come.

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God’s move is very much visible in this very poor, difficult and quite dangerous area. But there are thousands of villages yet to be reached where the name of Jesus has never been heard before. With the help of our NMM friends we are making great inroads into this region with evangelistic outreach, church planting and mercy ministries. Persecution is a part of life for many NMM missionaries in this state. Beatings, death threats and imprisonment are a few of the things they encounter on a daily basis. But despite great hostility, they continue to press onward as they proclaim the Good News of Christ. Three of our church buildings were destroyed by the fanatics. Several of our missionaries and believers were imprisoned for the sake of the Gospel.

Children 85% of the Children lives in Villages where the average family income stands between $8 - $ 15 a month. Life is unimaginably hard in the villages of North India, where many children live in poverty, malnutrition and disease. Worse still, they lack the opportunity to improve their lives, because there is no education or training in practical skills. Many villages in the tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh do not have a school, let alone a Christian institution. The empowerment of the Tribal populace is lagging relative to all human development parameters especially in Health and Education. The tribal society continues to be plagued by extreme forms of discrimination and exploitation based on the traditional caste system. There are many millions (estimates range from 40 million to 100 million) of bonded laborers (slaves) in India today, mainly belonging to the lowest castes, the Dalits.

The Need Our dream is to establish a multi ministry center that will do evangelism, church planting, mercy ministries like Children’s Home, primary school and medical clinic in this region. This facility will result in bringing thousands of people to the Lord, through the outreach and also housing for 100 children and 50 Bible school students.

Facility for 50 Bible school students The facility will cater to a missionary training center housing 50 students for one year of intensive training in Bible and outreach ministry. Our goal is to instill in each student the vision to take the Gospel to the unreached; provide on-the-job training through ongoing outreach ministry; give them quality instruction in the Word of God and prepare them for pioneer work, hardship, persecution and a life of faith through Jesus. .

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Children’s Home Facility Children’s home nurturing 50 children and an attached primary school. These children will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel, learn Bible verses, stories and songs that clearly present the message of Jesus' love. This home will take care of their tuition, books and uniforms. But even more significant, learning to read and write means that a future of hope is guaranteed.

Primary Health Center It is the first tier of the community. Preventive programs include healthcare, prenatal care, immunization and nutritional program are part of the activities envisaged to bring about a qualitative difference into the community life of the villages. NMM’s Medical Ministry teams of trained nurses and doctors will be able to visit villages, and ministering to thousands of people each year. This is the dilemma many Indians find themselves in every time they become ill. That’s why NMM’s Medical Ministry is so vital. These teams of trained nurses and doctors visit dozens of villages and NMM Centers, ministering to thousands of people each year in the name of the Great Physician—Jesus Christ. Treatment is free to the recipients, but the eternal difference it makes in their lives cannot be measured monetarily. To the mother who cradles a sick infant in her arms; to the father who suffered broken bones in an accident; to the elderly person who needs blood pressure medication; to the outcast leprosy patient: all receive the necessary medical treatment and hear that Jesus loves them.

THE NEED A building consisting of 8 classrooms for the school purpose. 2 laboratories (for science labs and computer) and toilets. This provision will cater for 300 children. A multipurpose hall, play area and accommodation for children. Separate primary healthcare center. Preliminary Design, Master Plan preparation and for construction. Initial works like boundary walls and tube well. Finance: $ 10000 for Design, land conversion for construction, boundary, tube well and electricity connection. Phase two: Building Permit Approval and Ground BreakingCeremony: Once the building permit is approved we can do the Ground breaking ceremony. The construction can start immediately. Phase three: Construction of 8000 sq.ft area Finance: $116000 will be the total cost for 8000 sq ft. x $14.50 per feet construction cost. Phase Five (2 months) interior Decoration and landscaping Finance: $ 8000 Total Cost: $ 146000

Please pray that the Lord would provide the necessary money. The Lord has and will continue to supply all our needs, even in these troubled economic times. Thank you for the prayers that you raise to the throne on our behalf. Your prayer and giving mean so much, yet mere words cannot express the fullness of our gratitude. May God bless you for your work in the things that will never perish.

MISSIONARY PROFILE When you look at the face of Pastor Gurucharan Singh today, it fairly radiates with the joy of the Lord. But it was not always so. Gurucharan was born and raised in a Sikh family that venerated the priest— guru—Gurunanak. (The Sikh religion differs form Hinduism in that a guru is worshipped instead of idols.) Gurucharan left home, married, and began raising his own family. But a time came when the family lost any semblance of peace of mind, for Gurucharan’s younger son, Lakhvinder, fell ill with an unknown disease. They took him to many hospitals and doctors, but no cure was found. Even witchdoctors were eventually approached, but they too proved worthless. The family was deeply burdened with deep discouragement and a feeling of impending loss. Pastor Gurucharan Singh Conversion Experience While mired in this state of deep despair, they heard the gospel of the love of Jesus from a believer one day, and they were encouraged to attend a local church. The entire family went one Sunday, and the whole church prayed for Gurucharan’s dying son with one spirit. After the prayers, his son experienced a mighty touch of God in his body, and within few days he was completely healed. Through this miracle, the whole family came to know the saving touch of Christ, received forgiveness of their sins, and accepted Jesus in their lives as their personal savior. Present Ministry Gurucharan fully experienced the joy of the Lord from that moment on, and that joy bubbled forth to testify of the love of Christ to those around him. Eventually, when he was assured that the Lord was calling, he committed his life to full-time service. He was led to a place in Punjab called Bhagapurana. There he also testified of the love of God, and in the midst of much opposition, the Spirit began to work. Today he is ministering to almost seventy believers, and still the number is increasing. Kindly lift up pastor Gurucharan in your valuable prayers, so that, in the face of stiff opposition, he may lead a multitude into an intimacy with the Lord.

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