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Issue 11

Punk – Independent – Thrash – Hardcore - Underground

Issue 11 1 – Front Cover 2 – Index 3 – Editorial 4 – Regressive Abuse – Track details 5 – Ardent (Aus) 6 – Bloody Sods (USA) 7 – Bombscare A (Aus) 8 – Bombscare B (Aus) 9 – Cameron Borg A (Aus) 10 – Cameron Borg B (Aus) 11 – DekOiZ (USA) 12 – Dick Nasty (Aus) 13 – Feedback (Aus) 14 – Godnose (Aus) 15 – Punking it Downunder (By G.T.) 16 – Punking it Downunder (By G.T.) 17 – Punking it Downunder (By G.T.) 18 – Punking it Downunder (By G.T.) 19 – Harry Butler A (Aus) 20 – Harry Butler B (Aus) 21 – Hi End Audio (Aus) 22 – Webpage Links 23 – Kamikaze (Aus) 24 – Legless A (Aus) 25 – Legless B (Aus) 26 – Lethal O.D. (UK)

Index 27 – Macauly A (Aus) 28 – Macauly B (Aus) 29 – Madbatch (Aus) 30 – Minor Treat (Aus) 31 – Mouthguard (Aus) 32 – Nahende Vernichtung (Bel) 33 – Nailed Down (Aus) 34 – NFI (Aus) 35 – Nuklehead (USA) 36 – Pizzle (USA) 37 – Point Of You (Aus) 38 – Reactor Records A 39 – Reactor Records B 40 – Regression 41 – Riot Act (UK) 42 – Rotton Fux (USA) 43 – Rule 303 (Aus) 44 – Shrunken Headz A (Aus) 45 – Shrunken Headz B (Aus) 46 – Sixty Miles An Hour (Aus) 47 – Slakjaw (Aus) 48 – The Silence A (Aus) 49 – The Silence B (Aus) 50 – The Stillborns (USA) 51 – The Twits (Aus) 52 – Vicious Circle (Aus) E-Mail:

P.O. Box 319 Niddrie Victoria 3042 Australia


Editorial… Welcome to Issue 11 of Regression….(August 2004) Thanks for getting a copy of Regression and for supporting the bands involved with this project. The aim of this issue was to showcase a range of current groups from Australia and around the world. Some of the bands are experienced campaigners and others who are relatively new but have shown lots of determination and motivation. All have dedicated themselves to a love of creating music they believe in. For anyone who has been in a band, or attempted to get a band going can understand how hard it can be. The music on the CD’s is excellent and I hope that everyone who listens to them will get as much enjoyment out of them as I do. There are a heap of people I’d like to thank for their inspiration and input. Firstly the bands. I really appreciate everyone’s support and effort. It certainly made putting the Issue together almost painless. Go and see them play, pick up their music or merchandise. Let them know that you appreciate what they are doing. Hassle them, they love it… Also Cameron and Harry for their help and for still being at it, Jamie-Lee for putting a small amount of pressure on to have this finished and for organising the launch night. Thanks to Bob Suren for letting me use his “Reactor Records” interview, G.T. for his excellent article on his recent visit to OZ. A big thanks to everyone who has made contact and had input in getting the Regression site together, especially Hungry Dave and his “Melbourne Punk Directory”, Sabrina for her reviews, and all the people I forgot to mention… Let us know what you think of the Issue… Thanks Les (Zol) P.O. Box 319

Niddrie Victoria 3042 Australia


Regressive Abuse

01 Nuklehead - Record Player (From their forthcoming release) 02 NFI - Nothing For You ((From The 10 track CD “To The Power Of Ten” – NFI006) 03 Lethal O.D. – Betrayal (From their forthcoming release) 04 Riot Act - Ring Of Fire ((From the bands 5 track Demo CD) 05 Shrunken Headz - No Tomorrow (From their forthcoming release) 06 Bombscare – Sabate (From the current CD “Incite” – Bombscare 2003) 07 Madbatch – Aftermath (From the forthcoming CD – “Acid Punk For The Masses” - ©2003 Cuthroat Melodrama records) 08 Bloody Sods - United Forces (From “Get Outta My Head” CD) 09 DekOiZ – Butcher Boy (From the 9 track CD – “Decoy Life”) 10 Point Of You – In Your Eyes (From their forthcoming release) 11 Hi End Audio - Romance Adhesive ((From the 5 track CD – “The Fracture” – Lifetime Records)) 12 Legless – Rock Star (From the 3 track CD “Live and Bleeding at Narinyeri”) 13 Rule 303 – Live and Dirty (From their forthcoming release) 14 Mouthguard - Human Shield (Previously released by the band) 15 Nailed Down - What Do I Get (From the 16 track CD – “Resurrection” – FBF006) 16 Nahende Vernichtung - Grass Roots (From the 10 track CD – “Overture”) 17 Dick Nasty - MBF ( (From the 17 track CD – “Selling Bullshit To Arseholes”) 18 Godnose – Responsibility (From the “Traversing the Newly Drained Swamps” CD – Bullpit Records)) 19 Minor Treat - Bullets and Guns (Recorded July 2003) 20 The Twits – Poo (From the 15 track CD – “The Twits Play Music*” – Pure Pop Records) 21 Pizzle - Wet Brain (From the 13 Track CD – “Party Patrol”) 22 Rotton Fux - No Future (From the bands demo) 23 Stillborns – Bastard (Download a heap of their tracks from 24 SLAG – Breeder (From the bands 7inch EP “Return Of The Punk Rock EP” – Apito 035)) 25 Slakjaw – Traffic (From the bands 5 track Demo CD) 26 The Silence – Undone (From their forthcoming release) 27 Kamikaze – Mutha Fucka Drinking Machine (From the bands demo CD) 28 Sixty Miles an Hour – Sheep (From the 4 track CD – “Life Is Just A Road” – Demo) 29 Ardent – Hypocracy (From the 4 track CD – “The Last Knight”) 30 Hamster Baby – Rock (From the Archives recorded in 1998 - in memory of Lauren) 31 Smegma – Deviates in a Pub “One from the Archives” … (Live Previously unreleased)

Contact the band direct or drop us a line at Regression.

CD − “1”

01 Vicious Circle – Chameleon (From the current CD “Switched On” – Circleworks Records 001) 02 Vicious Circe - Double Cross (From the current CD “Switched On” – Circleworks Records 001) 03 NFI – Degeneration (From the 8 track CD “V8” – NFI 002) 04 Nuklehead - No Way (From their forthcoming release) 05 Shrunken Headz - If I Did That To You (From their forthcoming release) 06 Bombscare - Radio Slut (From the current CD “Incite” – Bombscare 2003) 07 Madbatch – Obliteration of the World (From the forthcoming CD – “Acid Punk For The Masses” - ©2003 Cuthroat Melodrama records) 08 Lethal O.D. – Conspiracy (From their forthcoming release) 09 Nahende Vernichtung – The Discharge Room (From the bands forthcoming album) 10 DekOiZ – Never Again (From the 9 track CD – “Decoy Life”) 11 Mouthguard - Sheep Dressed in Wolves Clothing (Previously released by the band) 12 Bloody Sods - 13th Floor (From the Cd – “Get Outta of my Head”) 13 Dick Nasty - I Need More Hands TO Get These Daggers Out Of My Back (From the 17 track CD – “Selling Bullshit To Arseholes”) 14 Feedback – Jyotishere (From - “Unmixed, Unmastered and Misunderstood” – Demo) 15 The Silence – Sounds Of The Street (From the 14 track Cd – “The Songs Of Paul Weller” – Apito 037) 16 Kamikaze – Dolemite (From the bands Demo CD) 17 Riot Act - Mos Thick Head (From the bands 5 track Demo CD) 18 Legless - Special Place ((From 3 track CD “Live and Bleeding at Narinyeri”) 19 Rule 303 – I See Dead People (From their forthcoming release) 20 Ardent - War on Peace (From the 4 Track CD – “The Last Knight”) 21 Minor Treat - Death Is Not An Option (Recorded April 2004) 22 Sixty Miles an Hour - Sleeping Thru Deth (Off the 4 track – “Life Is Just A Raod” Demo) 23 SLAG – White Riot (From the bands 7inch EP “Return Of The Punk Rock EP” – Apito 035) 24 Slakjaw – Green Teen (From the bands 5 track Demo CD) 25 Godnose - Tropical and Aesthetic (From the “Traversing the Newly Drained Swamps” CD – Bullpit Records) 26 Hi End Audio - The Jekyll and Hyde Concept (From the 5 track CD – “The Fracture” – Lifetime Records) 27 Point Of You – Abused (From their forthcoming release) 28 The Twits - Get Fucked Cunt (Feat. Smeer on guitar) (From the 15 track CD – The Twits Play Music* - Pure Pop Records) 29 Nailed Down – Fool (From the 16 track CD – “Resurrection – FBF006) 30 Pizzle - Mobile Meth Lab (From the 13 track CD – “Party Patrol”) 31 Stillborns - Menace To Society (Download a heap of their tracks from

CD − “2”

(© up to and including 2004 to the Original Artists – All rights reserved) If you wanted to use any of the music contact the bands direct for permission.

Make sure you grab a copy of the individual bands releases. Try your local independent music store,

“Regressive Abuse” is the title for the CD set that comes with Issue 11 of Regression.


are a 4 piece band based in the Bankstown area of Sydney Australia.

CD1 – Track 20 “War on Peace”. CD2 – Track 29 “Hypocracy”

Band C

Regressive Abuse tracks

How and w hen did “Ard ent” form? In the begin ning of 200 Members: 1 Matt and had a jam I (Liam) at a party a nd we click rang Grant Grant – Bass ed. I then and said d ude, you ju see this gu st got to y drum. W Chris – Guitar e then jam together w med ith another singer, and eventually Liam - Guitar/Vocals he left and C hris joined have “Arde and you nt” as we a Matt - Drums/Vocals re today, a misfits tryin bunch of g to make it in a big c ity. What music/bands have influenced each of the s members? ic the top ? f o e songs re som Chris is heavily influenced by Californian bands What a in the bands al n d o i e t r like Pennywise and Unwritten Law. a e cov intern enital f o e t g a the st t love and Matthew likes bands like the Deftones, Hilltop From s o l a y nd r , to t s c o i t t Hoods, and more importantly Lagwagon. i l po e tend t if people W . s a e th herp Grant likes the John Butler trio, Boy sets fire songs o they will n u f e t en t w ri t g s i l n i and Tumbleweed, h o et et choos ly learn som or the ul Liam likes anything from Rage, Deftones, to the selves e in. hopef m e h t , liv s e u t w u d o Beatles and the Beach Boys and Boy George. l r ab he wo t f o e stat ont

band@ act details: ardentm usic.cjb .net


Bloody Sods Bloody Sods are from Atlanta, GA – U.S.A.

Band Members:

dy Bloo “ n o ide dec name? n! u o y nd stio l d a i e b d u gq t I’l Why ” as the ckin on tha s u d f o t r a S swe gre s a t an an now! ritish ’ e r The n I ge you k it’s B I think e let ically ”. Wh n iots h d I c e king nk t I thi r “Fuc fits… it g fo slan

How and when was the band formed?

How w o band p uld you des cribe t lays? he mu sic the Heavy and fa st hard of met core p al. Th unk e ba SOD, o ld COC nd has been with a tinge Subma , li chine a Sick of it All, kened to nd olde DRI, sound ju r It’s not st keeps gett Hatebreed e tc. Th ing har the “hip e d your o lder br -hop hardcor er and faster other’s e” of to . day, bu hardco re. t

CD2 – Track 08 “United Forces”

The band started in 1996 with Bill, J, Dane and former members Toby and Jack doing a great deal of drinking. The band put out a CD on Step One in the UK and began gaining momentum. They recorded Beer Junkie and it was released on Madskull Records in Amsterdam. They added a second guitarist Dave Argentina who they recorded Don’t Give Up The Fight with and also released this on Madskull. Dave left the band in 1999 and Toby left in 2000 prior to the first European tour. Shayne joined the band for the tour and has stayed on since adding to the hardcore sound. Singer Jack found himself in prison and wasn’t able to tour with the band. Finally after bouncing in and out of jail, the band added Dave Whitworth to the band to fill in the gap as the new front man capable of switching out with Dane on bass to give the band three lead vocal positions. Jay Quinlan was added in May of 2004 to complete the wall of sound and add some brutal guitar leads to the mix.

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 12 “13th Floor”

Bill Clay – Lead Vo cals Dane Wagner – Ba ss and Lead Vocals Dave Whitworth - Ba ss and Lead Vocals J Moore – Guitars and some B/U voca ls Jay Quinlan – Guita r (New addition) Shayne Huff – Drum s and occasional sc ream

Band Contact details:


. ustralia A e d i la Ade re from a e r a c Members. Bombs

Nic – Guitar/Vocals Yuky – Drums John – Bass/Vocals e d? e” form r a c s b ate, as “Bom schoolm ss when w is d h n a d e w ask Ho y ba d to pla hen Nic e t w n 8 a 9 w 9 1 m for e back in in his life), if h school to dru t d e t r a t s d was s ew from ed bass their fir The ban ’d never play er guy they kn oon replaced the e r u t p o s h th ca John (w . They got ano g songs. They and was to re k, which d in oc eb in a ban nd started writ hind th ’ punk r e le b . y t a e -s 7 id f ’7 he ’s youth th e m a Yuky. T t the system o tten by today h it w r e a forgo drumm gy and anger lost and n r e e e n b e e w ra to hav seemed


t are

How w ould y the m ou describe usic y ou pla y? We pl ay mu si class c to wage high- war to its en punk ergy, angr y rock emph with an direct asis on ion ac tion.


of yo song ur origina s? l

Som e of ou song r more w whic s are ‘Sc ell know What are the topics n h we ared C h a i t v y f e o ’ covered in the Fuck r, ‘McDo a film cli nald p bands songs? in g S s is hi W it h t ’ a n d ‘M isery out M A lot of our songs have e’. a very overt violent revolutionary theme and this has always been what characterizes us as a band.

Band Contact details:


Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 06 “Radio Slut” CD2 – Track 06 “Sabate”

Why did you decide on the bands name? We like the name ‘Bombscare’ because of the imagery the word conjures up. It suits our radical revolutionary stance and seems to really fit the type of music we play. Plus it’s easy to remember. in been u o y f any o ands? Have us b previo na usly i in o i v e r a was p nd ‘The Br y k u Y ba nt o punk lved i street s ’ who evo but they r ’, Dono ervice ar ago. S e v i ct ye ‘ O n A p ab o u t a u split What are s ome of “Bo mbscare” re We have re leases? leased thre e cd’s and compilatio have song ns around s on heaps the world. song demo of Our first re called ‘Sch le a se was a 4 werpunkt’ attack), a 6 (G -song EP c alled ‘Scare erman for Point of d City’ and album call a 15-song ed ‘Incite’.

Band Contact details:


Cameron Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 23 “SLAG – White Riot” CD2 Track 24 “SLAG – Breeder”, Track 30 “Hamster Baby – Rock”, Track 31 “Smegma – Deviates in the Pub”


Carl Chaos, Mark Potter, Cameron Borg

Cameron "Bollox" Borg is a Punk legend of Australia. He started his APiTO label in 1988 which has incorporated fanzine, music releases, and distribution. Cameron has been heavily involved in and helped promote and support the music scene in Central Queensland. Some of the bands Cameron has played in, include Cyst, Smegma, Junkyard, Primary, The Dog-Chairs, The Kylies, The Danni's, The Back-Doors, Thistle in my Soul, L.S.B., Wide Open Beaver, Direct Action, Mildred, Spice Boys, Hamster Baby and SLAG. Cameron has released solo recordings (of music and word) and has had his poetry published. He writes novels, music history books and records local bands. He has been good enough to do an indepth interview for us. What were your aspirations when you first put pen to paper or started to play? I can remember my motivation for wanting to play music. I'd fallen in love with the idea of rock and bands when I was about 14, and being hampered by decided lack of talent and accompanied by a feeling of being a loner, it felt it was never going to happen, no matter how hard I tried. Had this feeling that I was born too late and had missed the fun of the 60s, although the hippie ethic didn't fit right with me either. When punk came along and I first heard the Sex Pistols - I just knew it was for real. Everything made sense, and I embraced that early punk attitude, and realised I was born in exactly the right time period, and it was very liberating to write originals and play exceedingly loud noisy amateurish shit, because it all had ATTITUDE - and that was the new currency. I can be eternally faithful to Lydon, Strummer & Co. for saving me from a futile and mediocre existence. I remember our first band SMEGMA, we just wanted to shake everything up, and we were pretty darn good in so many ways, having said that I had to be a teenager and living in fascist Qld police state to be in that band. Asked to join that band now - no way - but it was a good apprenticeship to punk rock. The writing? I guess that's always been in me. When our singer Dick brought back a bunch of zines from Melbourne in 1985, I thought "I'll give this a go". And basically I still keep churning them out since then. I remember a big deal with APiTO zine was to promote local punk bands that wouldn't have a chance of any mainstream attention, and that’s still a big deal. This was all pre-Internet too - thing were slower and distances seemed way bigger then. Are you content with what you have achieved with your bands and Apito over the years? Being a Gemini with a dualist view of life, I vacillate between being very proud and standing back and thinking "Fuck! Have I done all that?" to the diametrically opposed viewpoint of "I wish I'd done more". Beat poet Allen Ginsberg (also a Gemini) felt the latter before he died, I hope I feel the former before I finish this life's mission. Apart from the feeling of accomplishment which is so subjective, I have been very proud of all my music and old APiTO zine too, made some big differences to my & others lives for the better, and I've made some great friends and had loads of laughs over the years, not to mention beers!, because of them both. Band wise (personal and others) what have been some of the highlights for you? Band wise the things that stand out - the SMEGMA shows - especially the early ones when no-one had a clue what was going on! The punk people up there were well into what we were doing - Ruth , Noddy, Ned Kelly, the young punks who later became NOISE - had a load of fun with them. Meeting Tim & the Townsville crew - we still keep in touch and hang out - he's a good mate. The many years and bands with my mate Alex Papsmear - especially the Bris era and the later Qld tour. The guys a musical genius and we had a great musical chemistry going on. The Brisbane DOG-CHAIRS shows were amongst some of the best gigs I've ever played. We had a lot of great mates that used to see us whenever we played - which made for a great social night too. Stumpy & I have a great friendship based on punk rock & beer - still look him up whenever I'm in Brisbane though he's now heavily into the world of underground film. In recent years meeting and playing in HAMSTER BABY with Lauren was a highlight. That was loads of fun. I miss her heaps.

Just Out On The Apito Label…. The Paul Weller Tribute Compilation. $8 PPD in Aus. – Contact Cam for a copy..



kst n i r 22.b

o apit / om er.c


Spice Boys

Cameron Borg Smegma - Mick, Dic

k Dale, Ant and Ca m.

you? ood or Bad) for t times have stood out (G t tha e en sc towards punk. Bu the the things in the 70s and 80s as in ere ed wh ter s, un nd co What are some of ba t en itudes you nsidered grea ays disdainful att er Du, etc are co were intent on sk alw s Hu am wa g, tre It Fla ins n. k ma wo ac e Clash, Bl imately we pplin shite th dentials Probably that ult ated. Sex Pistols, s dance / Led Ze talk to, punk cre punks were vindic yan Adams / 80 -one wanted to Br the / no d ive or ic er an tat nt los up en ma ht ret the Ro y ug w of ca ran / Ne now either anall e time. instead ison / Duran Du e punk scene is as we knew at th th e at, jok th the Europe / Po a id sa be to ng s all proven the 90s. Havi championing - ha ors opened up in from. and loads of do ol l scene it sprang co na ly igi en or dd d writing, art. an su ing were cit ex sh fre - music, fashion, unlike the your own style te menatlist ea da cr fun to w corporate driven, t en rro na rm o much drugs, nt. The empowe to wa u d? yo Ba . w d" ho en your life will until the e chance to live the 70s / 80s, all tribe that always ons. Good stuff? - th - Cobain's "little r the wrong reas Qld under Joh in rld in nt wo e me th ss in ra ds ha ption of punk fo e -o lic crew in co po d de an the Ju n St is, The best frien tio / nk and hardcore der), the Clergy , the corporatisa pu fee ies at alt am wh re su t ca Sc of great ou n ng ns ab hio to ideas and fas m is now fronti , PiL in 1984, o are careerists in Townsville (Ti Pistols 1996 tour x ns Se tio e ec th , inj the new punks wh l ur ha Bl let h, : rd, Sonic Yout cularly enjoyed Moments I parti Rowland S. Howa ng to hurt! t live bands - X, - my heads starti ea ll gr ca of re s to ad SKER DU lo ch mu Rocky, too s, 90 Listening to HU e riot grrls of th in the late 80s. es DU tim ER of le SK up HU local bands, the t co g out differen Toowoomba a tices and shoutin d the Madmen to ac pr an eir Tim th r fo on in ing of roadie. Also sitting Good memories of photos for em t times! ;) and taking loads just for me! Grea p, ht tri aig ad str ro it - a couple of the of on urs ho ee thr y under his house pla would in Rockhampton es at, and a great rti songs and they ck pa sti t a ea ke gr uld run these n you could po wo tha y s sb pis Bu re ds of ny mo loa hn e, d Jo here at the tim ce to grow, an rly 90s, Cherri & tes are great uldn't play anyw and gave it a pla e co ma t Later on in the ea en nd tha sc ba a nd his ted ba t all en every grea t mate too. And . He basically inv ea ks gr a joc d s, bucks you'd see ine pie ma am . Johnny has re punks, goths, sw of those parties group of kids fond memories ve ha re he m fro people differently? guys. you do anything knowledge, would to this point nt rre cu ur yo th NO. I've gotten wi e your life, swer is actually an friends in my the t t bu If you could re-liv me s, ve ke I am now, and ha ies and big mista o nit wh rtu be t po no op y ed miss far, the joy lar course I ma S! I can now see en a great trip so arted that particu I'd like to say YE no regrets, it's be and if I hadn't ch o s, S t". . ke ou ny s sta sti ing mi de e th os my gic to balance because of th rticular stage of s, but a little ma reached this pa words of "In life there's los ng my Life, and have sa ed Re u Do you have any e pain, as Lo the music scene. in w vie of balances out th s int m different po s in your time fro rienced many thing pe ex ly us vio th ob You have t? own individual wi le just starting ou s. You are your ion your ss w pa llo ur Fo yo s. wisdom for peop e de reotypical attitu ives you, what ar dr ste d at an wh , s les ow ru kn e e else written scen to yourself. No-on social mores, un Yes! just be true t go for it! Forget jus d an ts en tal unique gifts and ur instincts. own path and yo

Regression Review‌

The Songs of Paul Weller (Apito 037)

A great release aimed at the Paul Weller/Jam fans. It contains 14 independent bands who have recorded their interpretations of tracks written by Paul Weller. Excellent value at only $8 PPD (within Aust). The song styles are varied from very smooth and classy to classic hard edged punk. My personal favs on this CD are the tracks by Fear and Loathing, The Silence, Screamfeeder and of course Cameron’s track where he plays all of the instruments and sings.


D ek O iZ ar ef U.S.A rom the . ebrs: Band Mem als voc Konrad – uitar Bryan – g – bass Adrienne uitar Todd – g ms Dan - dru

How w ould yo u

describ e the m usic th plays? e band K: Stre etpunk ! I wou specif ldn’t c ic ban om d and w e neve pare us to a like an r trie ny y spec ific ba d to sound nd.

How and when was the band formed? K: By 2002 I was fed up with playing with people, for which the scene wasn’t a big part of their lives. I wanted a lineup that loves the music, the scene and puts an equal effort into making the band work. In my opinion, it makes the outcome more genuine. D: I joined the band after meeting Konrad at a local dive bar. I was hanging out with a pint of beer, trying to figure out a way to ditch the current crappy band I was in. At one point the door flew open and the tallest craziest looking guy I've seen, walked in. He had to bend his head to fit through the door with a foot high mohawk. Big guy with an even bigger attitude. We started talking and ended up getting drunk. That same night I quit the other band and decided to play in the Dekoiz.

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 - Track 10 “Never Again” CD2 – Track 09 “Butcher Boy”

name? ” as the band e on “DekOiZ hile ell Decoys, w tic way to sp ec ide sl w a dy s ry ha ve ” just a e. “Decoy K: DekOiZ is s to an at the same tim i es O ch g in of iz e m as subtly emph move in a ga ts nings; from a tors, who star variety of mea of demonstra d ow cr a Punks and in n. p tio co en er rv ov te underc a police in to rious groups shit to justify egoats by va demolishing in ap rta sc ce as of ed es n us e real caus Skins are ofte away from th t us and n ns io ai nt ag te at rn ’s Tu keep people as decoys. ten we’re used uble. haha issues. Too of tro in re u’ yo cid Why did you de

K: We hit it off right away. Here was this dude - blue from tatts, with a pissed off look on his face, staring people down. About a dozen beers later we decided to play together without hearing each other play a single note. Later Bryan joined, then Adrienne and most recently Todd. Other past members are nothing but past members. lol

ct details: Band Conta .net

pacbell chaos77@


Dick Nasty formed in 2000 and are based in Brisbane.

George Double-ewe (Track to be released in the near future)

Dolly, (eat your heart out) and move over, (eat your heart out) and move over. There's a new cloning race sweeping the world. (A new breed of leader) spawned from the DNA of marionettes and pre-recorded messages. All that differs is the accents. (Say what you like) after the beep, (say what you like) after the beep, the only dialogue left is 'so there!' from underneath the bully's wing. A new breed of leader that knows it could be their lunch money. And they know that we have the technology to clone more obedient sheep. When world leaders behave like grovelling schoolkids scared of a bully, and begin using his language as if they were cloned sheep, then it's high time we met them behind the bikesheds and baked ourselves up a mean lamb casserole. (© Lyrics by the Bramley Escape Plan)

Discogr aphy: "Self Tit le d - 10 Trac "Selling k Tape" Bullshit - 2000 to Arseh A new a oles - CD lbum is " – 2002 in the pr ocess…

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 13 “I Need More Hands To Get These Daggers Out Of My Back” CD2 – Track 17 “MBF”

Members: ar/Vocals Geordie - Guit Cuffy - Drums Vocals John - Guitar/ ocals Lucas - Bass/V

Band Contact details: PO Box 1646 Fortitude Valley Queensland 4006 Australia



John Feedback was a huge part of the Melbourne scene. He formed Depression, played in End Result, Renegade and others. John was good enough to share the following thoughts and reflections with us.

John played all of the instruments, sang, recorded and mixed his track on the CD.

What were your aspirations when you first put pen started Depression? None. Depression just sort of happened. I just started playing guitar and was about 15 or 16… and it just happened. We just used to make up riffs and write heaps of lyrics and songs. We were on the dole at 17, had moved into a place in the city, and so we had all day to do what we wanted. I think when I realized that there was a ‘scene’, and people were actually interested and liked the stuff we were playing, and that there was a real sub-culture behind it – with strong beliefs, and people actually doing things to change things that weren’t right, that’s when we really got into it. I used to like to shit stir everyone too, as there was a bit of a ‘Crass punk’ or ‘Exploited punk’ thing at the time too. We played at a couple of parties, and then somehow at the Ballroom and a few other places. When Smeer joined, Depression really took off, with gigs at the John Barleycorn – he was great, he’d been in bands before and was by far the best guitarist around, we used to go to his place and just sit there, mesmerized, and listen to him play – and he use to screen print up flyers using recycled cardboard and stuff – always with lots of skulls!

Regressive Abuse CD1 – Track 14 “Jyotishere”

Influences: Kiss (I wanted to be like Ace Frehley!), The Clash, Crass, Discharge, Black Flag, Husker Du, Motorhead… I always loved music. I remember my old man playing Credence and The Beatles and a bunch of guitar-based stuff. The first album I bought myself, (I think I was 8) was ‘Slade Alive’, and the first single was ‘High Voltage’ by AC/DC. What REALLY got me though were Kiss. I bought Kiss Alive! for the cover – I’d never heard them. I was about 9 I think at the time. Not the ‘I was made for loving you’ era of Kiss, the ‘She’, ‘Parasite’, and ‘Black Diamond’ Kiss… I remember the day ‘Destroyer’ came out, it was so great… and I hated them by the time Dynasty arrived! I met Liddy when we were 12 or 13, first year of HighSchool. Started playing guitar when I was about 15. I’m lefthanded, but the guitar I bought for $20 was right-handed, so I just learnt to play right-handed. Liddy and me used to muck around with a crappy old acoustic and stuff too – saucepans and spoons sort of stuff – doing punk versions of Humpty Dumpty… We were called ‘The Pulse’… Then I discovered NME and started to import records from the UK. I never knew who any of the bands were, and I had never heard any of the songs, so I pretty much just went by the band names… Discharge, Crass, Disorder, GBH, Exploited, Anti-Pasti, Theatre of Hate, Chron Gen, etc…mostly UK stuff at that time… It was cool getting home from school to have a package from England with all of these records in it… I made my own distortion pedal – and had a home-made amp too… pretty cool - totally distorted and excessively high feedback through it too… (…and I used that gear at the first couple of Depression gigs at the Ballroom too!) Liddy bought a bass and we used to jam in my parents garage. I’ve got a photo with a painted backdrop somewhere. Used to record on a tape recorder… no digital or high-tech stuff back then! Then we had a jam with a friend of my sisters who was a drummer, and started to get a few songs together. I had my bedroom covered in butcher paper, and me and Liddy used to make stencils out of cardboard and spraypaint them directly onto the walls… Crass logo’s or Stiff Little Fingers or whatever, as well as the slogans of the time, mostly anti-war stuff and Crass slogans eg - “If you’re not a part of the solution then you’re a part of the problem”. I remember my Aunty came in and said that she hated that room because it was ‘Depressing’… that’s how I named the band. “Depression”. Me and Liddy met Spike, and Julian was still drumming at the time. We used to rehearse in Spike’s mums garage in Noble Park.

Can you list all of the bands you have played in? Depression, End Result, Balrog (can’t remember but there are tapes to prove it!), Renegade, The Tribe (one rehearsal that became a released tape… anyone got it?), Baader Meinhoff (thanks for reminding me Zol, any tapes?!) What have be

en some of the highlights for yo u? Just being a pa rt of the scen e at the time w remember play as a highlight ing with a bunc .I h of bands at that was a real a hall in Clifton highlight, as it Hill – wa played, and it s on ly th e 2n d or 3rd time was really inte we’d nse. Overall th great and som ough, some gi e were crap, bu gs were t there was al There were al ways a lot of ways a lot of energy. cr eative people people… you , and also a lo could pretty m t of bizarre uch be who yo you were if yo u wanted to be u could. …or who Also, and even though it was a bit later and that playing w a different sc ith Renegade ene, I think was great, an playing at Met d putting the al for Melbour album out, ne … Seeing lots people, heavily of different so tribally orient rts of ed, all mix an music is a big d merge and highlight. Su get into the pporting the “D was in “End Re ead Kennedys sult” was a bi ” when I g one as well.

s. day t l esu dR n E


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pre s s io

nG ig .


Godnose are a 4 pie c e ba n d w and are b h o fo r me ased in B d in 1995 r is b a n e t o u r e d Eu Australia . rope twic e in recen They have t years. The band describe their sound as "heavy, progressive Brisbane hardcore punk". 003 cords – 2 phy: Discogra20 Track CD - Bullpit Re

mps" 2 ined Swa ra D rror - 200 ly w e T he N rial And E T g in D rs C e v t" "Tra nfinemen ached Co le B in h it on W r - 1999 "Desolati l And Erro a ri T D C ny - 2000 "Odessa" s, Germa rd o c e R t Jhonnie ion - Paps rs e v l y in v cle - 1998 European cords/Ora e R "Odessa" it p ll u D - B on't Go" C - 1996 "Trucks W sette EP s a C g n o Meat" 5-s "Hold The

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 25 “Tropical and Aesthetic” CD2 - Track 18 “Responsibility”

Me Lin mber s Be dsay : n – Cla – Gu Dru m i i Gre re - V tar/ s V go Ba cals ocals ss/ Vo cal s


Band Contact details: P.O. Box 8232 Wooloongabba Qld 4102 Australia


Punking It Up Down Under (by G.T.) Where do I start? Well how about a quick introduction? Ok. My name is Guy Trelford (GT to my friends), a fat, ageing punker from a small town called Antrim, not far from Belfast in Northern Ireland, back in the good ol’ UK. I am co-author of the recently published and critically acclaimed book ‘It Makes You Want To Spit!’ (the Definitive Guide To Punk In N. Ireland ’77 –’82). I am addicted to Punk Rock! Have been since I first heard The Ramones on late night radio way back in 1976. My addiction was fuelled even more by witnessing the Clash live in Belfast in 1977, watching the Saints and The Sex Pistols on Top Of The Pops the same year, and spending my teens getting pissed and punking it up in Belfast’s punk clubs the Harp Bar and The Pound, paying homage to the wealth of great N. Irish bands of the time – Rudi, The Outcasts, Stiff Little Fingers, Undertones, Ruefrex, The Defects etc etc. Incidentally, The Saints headlined the first ever International Punk Festival in Belfast, 1980. Great band The Saints. Anyway, back to the presen Own. He has t. My mate B illy Riot from also recentl y released a Belfast puts of the bands couple of co out a fanzine are from Be mpilation CD lfast and oth called Riot O bands inclu ’s – A Riot D er parts of th n Your ded, most o own The Lan e UK but cu f them hailin e 1 & 2. Mos riously there g from Adela Cult, On Act t are a number ide / SA – Th ive Service, Now it just so of Australian e Jerks, Bom Plonker, Sta happens that b n scare, North dard Union, with relatives me and the ern Drinking and bloody missus and for a well ea good they ar our younges rned holiday gonna pass e to o! t in son Scott flew April / May o up the oppo rtunity to wit f this year (2 to Adelaide Ireland I did 0 to stay n 04 ess some A ) and there w a bit of net su ussie punk c as no way th rfing, checke contact with u lt u at re at first han d out a few A a few Adelaid d. Before leav I was ussie punk si e punkers a nd came up in te s (including g N. with a game Regression), We arrived in plan , of sort m ad technology, Adelaide on e s . Great thing innit!? Wednesday Australian p this modern 14 April and unk rock. Th I was itching ankfully I did for my first fi n’t have long punker from x of genuine, to wait. So if Northern Ire authentic, ya wanna kn land though ow what a fa t then feel fr t, ageing ee to read o n……


Check out the excellent book G.T. co-wrote. Make sure you get a copy… IT MAKES YOU WANT TO SPIT celebrates the 25th anniversary of punk in Northern Ireland , the year that the saw the first releases from bands such as The Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers. The book is a testament to a scene which, for various reasons, was especially vibrant, and lasted longer in Ulster than in any other part of the British Isles.

Available from the following sites.


Punking It Up Down Under (by G.T.) We arrived in Adelaide on Wednesday 14 April and I was itching for my first fix of genuine, authentic, Australian punk rock. Thankfully I didn’t have long to wait. So if ya wanna know what a fat, ageing punker from Northern Ireland thought then feel free to read on……

er-in-law ith my broth w t ee tr S e m e in the /04 Room on Fro is a small intimate venu Room 16/04 o o in h in h R R e e th th oom off to ince 1996 The Gels @ e, so it was The Rhino R en around s e id s. b la el e e v d G a A e h th in ls t e se of 60s / e Ge Friday nigh that a slice nt types. Th r himself), to e to d ke d n tu d u s a p y u b K U d yo not, was ente gh if Nick (an old believe it or is fair enou mainly frequ h h ic is ic h h d w n w t a ’ p a se o e c p University ar semi-acousti as ‘buzzsaw w covers of ere to play a n described threw in a fe d w ee b an set was a ey s th ve g a n r, h o ve s d an hlight of the t howe ir own h ig e H ig th . n f y o tl is r n h e a T b lli ’. m ri db n song a nu 70s ‘garage ey performe of in-betwee They played th ts . h o d ic L o h o l! g w a g s in g g in n pretty fxxk r than the ori and Jam so band whose it, was bette ormed by a Joy Division y rf , a e s s p I t ck e ey reminded re s co a t d a zz , u B ll round. Th ce, a gre a s’ which n g ip ie L d in n s au y’ ve e ll e o th lf had a able with cover of ‘M ick and myse nished for an enjoy selves and N e . d em a am th m J , t e n s h g fu T n fi g s banter amo amones plu ards, which dly on havin g bar afterw hint of the R as undoubte s off the in a w p in h ri is it jo h d w as a ic h rs h e p th m ve e Gels’ (w ers in e dern Lo th h o o T f M o e ’s h le re T p e f u H o , co me a little ind The Title n Gel and a hat with Be CD ‘Never M c one’. ir a m e d a th n R t a u A r o e ee k b anna B . Chec W ly e ‘I ic le n g g n in si g off the even their crackin m cover) or u lb a ls to is P

GT’s shots of “Kamikaze”

Kamikaze / H-Block 101 @ the The Jerks / The Saucermen / Enigma Bar, 23/04/04 e band Shrunken Heads invited Mike and Jamie Lee of Adelaid accompany them to a gig in the Nick and myself to meet up and , we on Friday 23rd April. So anyway Enigma Bar on Hindley Street had a rlds End (again on Hindley St.) met up in a bar called The Wo rent about all things punk – the cur couple of drinks and chatted then and now, original UK and Adelaide scene, Belfast punk s on ds blah blah blah! Then it wa Aussie punk and Shrunken Hea and with a downstairs bar, pokies to the Enigma, a lively venue ,a bar ll sma a has it , play the bands pool table. Upstairs is where ’, room on the floor for slammin good sized stage and plenty of the ieve bel I s. day se kids do the pogoing or whatever else the punk and alternative scene in the to t hos yed Enigma has pla bar rs, good on ‘em! The downstairs Adelaide for more than 20 yea and k straight upstairs to get a drin was pretty busy so we headed .. came on… a decent spot before the bands


Punking It Up Down Under (by G.T.)

The Jerks / The Saucermen / Kamikaze / H-Block 101 @ the Enigma Bar, 23/04/04 Mike and Jamie Lee of Adelaide band Shrunken Heads invited Nick and myself to meet up and accompany them to a gig in the Enigma Bar on Hindley Street on Friday 23rd April. So anyway, we met up in a bar called The Worlds End (again on Hindley St.) had a couple of drinks and chatted about all things punk – the current Adelaide scene, Belfast punk then and now, original UK and Aussie punk and Shrunken Headz blah blah blah! Then it was on to the Enigma, a lively venue with a downstairs bar, pokies and pool table. Upstairs is where the bands play, it has a small bar, a good sized stage and plenty of room on the floor for slammin’, pogoing or whatever else the kids do these days. I believe the Enigma has played host to the punk and alternative scene in Adelaide for more than 20 years, good on ‘em! The downstairs bar was pretty busy so we headed straight upstairs to get a drink and a decent spot before the bands came on…..

The Saucermen (who include in their ranks members of Aussie punk legends The Skunks and Northern Drinking Cult) had the dubious task of trying to follow The Jerks, and being a Rockabilly band just made things doubly difficult. The first couple of numbers were met with silence by the apathetic punks (those that hadn’t went back downstairs after the Jerks), the only applause coming from ‘oldies’ like Nick and myself. However, The Saucermen are a really tight knit foursome knocking out some of the best hot rockin’ tunes this side of the Sabrejets (Belfast’s own rockabilly kings), and rather than bow their heads they hit back hard with scorching covers of ‘Swords Of A Thousand Men’, ‘John I’m Only Dancing’ (remember the Polecats?), and ‘Train In Vain’ (which their guitarist Chris told me afterwards they had been inspired to cover after hearing our very own Sabrejets perform it on a Clash tribute CD), which made the punks sit up and take notice and by the end of the set the whole place was shakin’. Their own songs included ‘Beelzebubbs Ball’, ‘Dutch Courage’, ‘Road Rage’ and ‘Conspiracy’ all of which can be heard on the debut CD ‘Valley Of The Rattlin’ Bones’.

Kamikaze were up next. Ben Gel had told me all about this band so I looked forward to seeing them for myself. Well, what can I say? Kamikaze are fxxking mental cases! Chainsaws, headless torsos, (fake?) blood, whips and GoGo dancers (although I use this term loosely)! Kamikaze come across as a crazed version of the Alberto’s and early Tubes cranking out lowdown and dirty garage rock such as ‘Motherfxxken’ Drinkin’ Machine’, ‘Swamp Baby Succubus’, ‘I Wanna Live Til I Die’ and ‘Graveyard’. Singer Dick Dale (aka Ugly Dick Vain) got his just desserts when he stripped off mid-set and got a good whipping from the Go-Go girls. Audience participation took the form of showering Dick with gob and beer. Great stuff! See them at your peril! So on to the nights headliners –

ks” Jer ot e “Th ’s Sh GT

H-Block 101 are not an Adelaide band, but hail instead from Melbourne, an 81/2 hour drive away. A highly rated band who formed way back in 1994 originally as a threepiece but after several line-up changes on the way are now a settled foursome. Early influences range from The Clash, Ruts, SLF, 999 to Gang Of Four, Nina Hagen and Hunters & Collectors. The band play a highly charged, high energy punk, like a fusion of early Clash, Social Distortion and 999. Political and social issues are high on the agenda in self penned numbers such as ‘Workers Wage’, ‘Koka Kolonisation’, ‘Wharf War’, ‘Legalised TV Violence’ and ‘Burning With The Times’ pts 2,3 &5 which were all performed tonight. The set was somewhat spoiled by the poor sound which at times nearly made my ears bleed. Anyway, it didn’t seem to spoil things for the heaving mass on the dancefloor and the band themselves looked like they were sweating blood on stage. They played the Crown and Anchor in Adelaide the following night and by all accounts it was a far better performance all round, sorry I missed it. H-Block 101 have several albums available and have their own website. Worth checking out. All in all an enjoyable and entertaining night. Apart from Mike and Jamie-Lee I managed to squeeze in chats with Brent (HBlock 101), Chris (Saucermen, ex-Northern Drinking Cult), Ben (The Gels) and Andy, a 51year old punk fanatic, the oldest swinger in town?

Bombscare / Shrunken Heads @ the Crown & Anchor, 01/05/04 The following Saturday night (May 1st) Nick and myself once again headed into town, this time to the Crown & Anchor Bar on Grenfell Street, to catch a double bill featuring Shrunken Headz and Bombscare. The Crown is another venue which I believe has been hosting punk gigs for a couple of decades and long may they continue. The C & A is a fairly basic pub with an L – shaped bar with pool tables at one end and just off to the right of that there is a small adjoining room with a stage. We got there early, just in time for ‘happy hour’ from 9 – 10pm , which was a nice little bonus, oh and I forgot to mention earlier that its free admission to all gigs at the Crown! Mike and Jamie Lee of the Shrunkies joined us for a pre-gig chat / drink and introduced us to the bands bassist / vocalist Jags, who is a real character! We were joined by Marko of NFI, a Buzzcocks / 999 inspired band who come highly recommended, plus Nic of Bombscare and Craig Arnold who hosts the Get Punked radio show on WOW-FM every Tuesday night. At one point in the conversation, Billys ‘zine and comp CD’s came up for debate and it seems they are held in high regard amongst the Adelaide punk fraternity. Nic (Bombscare) says he was pretty impressed with the Billy Riot & The Fxxkwits – ‘PC Punk’ on the most recent CD, no accounting for some peoples taste I say! Anyway Billy - Nic & Marko et al say a big hello to ya from Down Under and keep sending over those ‘zines & CDs. So time to move into the other room for the bands. First up –


Punking It Up Down Under by G.T. Bombscare, a tight little tri o formed back political activist in 1999 by gu Nic. The band itarist and pound out an some say is lik old school so e a hybrid of und that The Partisans on this showin , Clash and Ex g, a descriptio ploited, and n I’ll not argue I’d really been wi th looking forwar . Another band d to seeing af who their track on ter being impr Riot Down Th essed by e Lane #2, bu was marred by t I hate to say poor sound qu it, their set ality and the vo way too loud for such a sm lume was pum all venue. The ped up out clearly wer only songs I co e ‘Misery’ (whi uld make ch appears on cover of SLF’ Riot #2) and a s ‘Alternative Ulster’ which decent thanks lads! Th they dedicate e band do inje d to moi, ct a lot of ener set and judgin gy and passio g by the numbe n into their r of bodies up doubt popular on the floor th on the local sc ey are no ene. To hear yerselves a co the band at th py of the ‘Incit eir best grab e’ CD which is inspired gems ch oc such as ‘Bom full of political b In Grenfell’, ly and my own pe ‘No Reason’, rsonal fave ‘S ‘Radio Slut’ abate’ (oh an thrown in, to bo d ‘Alternative ot)! Ulster’

Shrunken Headz are a different kettle of fish altogether. Seasoned punks Mike and Jags have both been involved with numerous bands over the years and their experience shines through. With the addition of Jamie Lee, a tough uncompromising female drummer (who adds more than a little sex appeal to the band, I might add) you got yourself a band who know what they want and they’re gonna get it! The volume was just right and the sound quality much improved. Think of ‘Pink Flag’ era Wire, add a little early Cure (‘Killing An Arab’ period), throw in some Ruts and a helping of The Fall and you’ll have some idea of what the Shrunkies have to offer. Talking about the Fall, Jags singing sounds remarkably like Mark E. Smith at times, especially on the opening number ‘Political Rockstar.’ This is followed by an exciting set of original material including ‘Secrets’ (on which Jamie Lee takes over vocal duties admirably, sounding like a cross between Beki Bondage and Wendy Wu (Wendy who? Remember the Photos? No? Ask yer dad!), ‘War’, ‘Out Of Control’, ‘Shut Down’, ‘Toe To Toe’ and one of my own favourites ‘Communication Breakdown’ which was dedicated to me (and my brother-in-law Nick also got a mention) naturally! Jags (bass / vocals) kept the audience amused with his witty between song banter, Mike (guitar / vocals) never stopped grinning, a big cheesy grin adorned his bake throughout the whole set, obviously a sign that the man enjoys what he does (or maybe he’s just a psycho???) and Jamie Lee (drums / vocals) kept a steady beat with concentration and determination written all over her face. Nick and myself were in total agreement that this band were by far the best we’d seen over the past few weeks, and judging by the crowds reaction they would agree too! Nearly forgot, they played a blinding, punked up version of the old Split Enz classic ‘I See Red’, great stuff. Keep an eye out for the debut CD which should be out soon, you’d be a fool not to! So then it was back to the bar for more beer and punk chat with the Shrunkies, Marko (NFI) and other assorted punkers until the wee small hours. A great night out. Next morning Nick had to get up at 7am to go to work. Yours truly spent the day in bed nursing a severe hangover and trying to stop the ringing in my ears! Marko invited me along to see his band NFI the following weekend in the same venue, but unfortunately due to other commitments I couldn’t make it! Sorry Marko. Apologies also to Craig who invited me onto his radio show, again I couldn’t make it. Sorry Craig.

f ot o s sh ’ T ” G a re bsc m o “B

Fall Of Reason @ the Crown & Anchor, 11/05/04 Tuesday May 11th, my last night in Adelaide. Decided to go to the Crown & Anchor to check out a band called Fall Of Reason. Shouldn’t have bothered. The place was packed, kids all dressed in black like teenage Marilyn Mansons. Couldn’t see the band through the crowd but heard the lyrics to the first ‘song’, they went something like this – ‘Aaaaaaaarrrggh, aaaaaaaarrrggh, aaaaaaaarrrggh.’ Nu Metal / Death Metal shxte! The kids were loving it. Nick and I looked at each other, downed our pints and left! So what did I make of the gigs? Well what I liked about the gigs I attended (apart from the bands) is that the audiences were made up of old school punks, new punks, skins, herberts, crusties etc and all seemed to get along with no signs of animosity. There was a friendly atmosphere in all venues and Nick and myself were made to feel very welcome. Also noticeable was the fact that age was no barrier; today's new spikey tops mixed freely with the old school originals (mostly now in their late 30’s, early forties) and attended the same gigs and that is also reflected in some of the bands whose members ages range from teens to 40’s. Belfast take note! Oh, and the beer, can’t forget about the nectar of the Gods! Crown Lager and Coopers Pale Ale, great stuff! Thankfully none of that Fosters and XXXX (Castlemaine) shite that we’re fobbed off with back home. Jim Boag and VB weren’t too bad either. A big thanks to Mike & Jamie (Shrunken Heads) for taking time out with us and to Ben Gel, Marko (NFI), Craig (Get Punked), Nic (Bombscare), Andy and all the rest for making us feel so welcome. Big thanks also to my brother-in-law Nick Askew for chauffeuring / accompanying me to the gigs, cheers mate. Thanks also to Les (Regression) for printing this. My only regret? – I didn’t get to see Standard Union, Legless and all the other great bands I missed. Maybe next time!

GT’s shot of Shrunken Headz


Harry Butler


Harry Butler has been part of the Adelaide punk scene for over a quarter of a century now, although in recent years he has taken on a much more low key role. It began with his fanzine “DNA” in 1979, then the usual growth into a label and distro - “E.C. Productions - in the 1980’s and up to the present day, along with his membership of several bands during the 1980’s and early 1990’s (including the legendary Fear And Loathing who are about to turn 23 years old) and even operating an (unsuccessful) music shop in the 1990’s (“Thrash Grind Grunge”). Throughout this time he’s attempted to maintain a sense of humor, tried to be reasonably honest and keep up an interest in music (something many of the people he’s known have long since given up on). Twenty odd years ago he distributed “Regression” fanzine for us in Adelaide shops and it seemed appropriate to re-establish contact now that we’ve revived the mag. “What were your aspirations when you first put pen to paper in 1979 with DNA ?” I had four main aims. Firstly to find out what was going on. In those days there were no free street magazines and the music press (such as it was) gave only sparse information about Adelaide punk bands, so doing a fanzine was an excuse to be able to ask bands what they were up to. Being the sad sufferer of a bad speech impediment this was also a way to try to overcome my shyness, and kind of establish an identity for myself in the local scene without the humiliation of stuttering my way through attempts at conversation. I also had ambitions of one day doing a band of my own, so the ‘zine would help promote that, and finally I wanted to document what was going on around me. The more I got “into” music and wanted to find out more, the more I became frustrated at the lack of information and I resolved to spare others that annoyance and write down as much as I could. “DNA” never stood for anything, it was merely a reflection of my studying biology at university at the time, but people devised several meanings - Dogs Not Arseholes, Do Not Arouse, etc. “E.C. Productions” was based on some ridiculous concept from high school days - El Crappo - and became an outgrowth of the ‘zine when I got the idea of duplicating cassette tapes of some bands I liked. In more recent years I revived the idea with home burnt CDs, the great advantage of both being I only had to make as many copies as I actually needed (which usually wasn’t many). Simultaneously I was in contact with people engaged in similar activity elsewhere in Australia, so trading and distributing stuff became the obvious next step along with establishing ties to the better of the local music stores for consignment sales. “Are you content with what you achieved with DNA and EC Productions over the years ?” I have rather mixed feelings about it all, kind of “three steps forward and two steps back“. In the first year of “DNA” I did 15 issues which was great, but since the turn of the century I’ve only managed three, which is pretty damn slack. I’ve had fun with the label and got to release music for some of my mates who might otherwise have had problems, but I could also have done that a lot better too. I was the first person to release anything by The Mark Of Cain, the last to handle the Blood Sucking Freaks and the only one for many years to deal with Fear And Loathing. Most recently I’ve branched out and released a score of CDs from local experimental & industrial noise artists. Along the way I’ve been involved with some good music and even better people, but there have been a lot of missed opportunities. Even worse is all the stupid things I’ve said and done that provoked needless and foolishness bad feeling. Or to put it another way, the fact that I have any friends at all is a miracle, as is my not having been beaten to a pulp (yet). Probably the best bit is that I can now earn a living (but only just) from EC Productions, mainly through buying and re-selling second-hand music and books.

“What have been some of the highlights for you ?” Speaking as a person who possesses nothing even remotely resembling talent or ability, the mere fact that I was able to persuade people who did have those qualities to work with me in bands was something of a triumph in itself. Band-wise the highlights were just the obvious ones - that thrill of the first gig (and overcoming stage nerves), the fact that I could speak and sing clearly without stuttering on stage (off stage afterwards was another matter), those crucial moments in a practice room when song writing suddenly springs into reality and a tune assembles itself because of the communal effort of all the band members, getting signed to Waterfront Records in Sydney for a couple of albums when Adelaide thought Fear And Loathing was a joke, touring interstate and having complete strangers appreciate the racket we made and - in some ways best of all - being invited back by Fear And Loathing to sing at their 20th birthday gig. In my last few months in the band I’d been a complete idiot and their forgiveness meant a great deal. My follow-up band - Hack - also got to do an album through Waterfront, and later released a 7” EP through Alternative Tentacles in the USA. Aside from that having people take me seriously and do interviews for “DNA” was a personal milestone, even if no-one else can understand that. That stuff I’ve released has sold well and I’ve been able to give the musicians a fistful of dollars - invariably money they badly needed for equipment or whatever - was also a joy. The low points of course are getting lied to and conned, seeing people throw away their lives in pursuit of the dubious pleasures of heroin or speed, watching the destruction those same beings willfully and knowingly wreck through other’s lives, the massive amount of energy wasted on people’s egos (i.e. two bands squabbling about who’s going to play first in front of a “crowd” of 10 people) and all the other bogus shit that gets thrown up in front of the simple task of generating enjoyment from music.


Harry Butler


“If you could re-live your life with your current knowledge would you do anything differently ?” Yeah, first I’d be a damn sight nicer to the various girlfriends (past and present) who’ve let me into their lives. Secondly I’d seriously consider never ever getting involved in the music industry / scene / whatever you want to call it, in the first place. 99% of people I know who’ve been involved for any length of time have come out of it badly damaged, either physically, mentally or both. Not just from violence (i.e. pub brawls), but substance abuse (alcohol, speed, smack, trips, E’s, weed, mushrooms, etc), disease (various forms of hepatitis, AIDS, liver malfunctions), and the destruction of the mind when exposed to overwhelming and (almost always) totally pointless and unnecessary lying, bullying, ego-tripping and manipulation. Even the straight edger's I’ve known had their heads fucked over by the personality clashes and so forth. Not to mention exposure to the police, lawyers, record companies, bouncers, irate parents, politicians and so forth who also stir the pot to no good purpose.

Fear and Loathing Circa 1988

Harry’s Thoughts… Now a few final lines of twisted observation (none of them original) …. 1) no favour goes unpunished 2) never let a puppet control its own strings 3) hell is being trapped in a room with your friends 4) the bitterest enemies are always found on your own side 5) being in a band is like being married to several people simultaneously 6) there are people who talk about it … and then there are the people who actually do it 7) do it yourself, don’t wait for someone else to do the work for you 8) take responsibility for your own actions instead of trying to blame other people 9) life IS supposed to be fun, so don’t spoil it for other people 10) fulfillment of your ego is worth less than an ant’s fart to the rest of the cosmos 11) the truth will set you free, while lies will tie you down, and common sense is free

If anyone’s even remotely interested after that barrage of misery, here’s some contact information …. All 103 issues of “DNA” fanzine are still available, and they, plus all the other material handled by EC Productions can be seen at


Write to - PO Box 602, North Adelaide, SA 5006 EC is always looking for more stuff to distribute. Bands released on the EC Productions label have included - the Blood Sucking Freaks, Bonsai Kitten, Colostomy Bag Lady, Explosive Abortion, Fear And Loathing, Grong Grong, Isomer, The Mark Of Cain, the Northern Drinking Cult, Perdition, Raw Sex, Repo, Roadkill 66, Septic Saw Blades, the Skunks, Toxic Shock and Vomit Brothers. Labels distributed by EC Productions through Adelaide shops include - Care Factor, Common Bond, Corduroy, Crusty, Deplorable, Dominator, Dork, Gutless, Humble Pie, International Trash, No Escape, Noise Pollution, Off The Hip, Save Our Souls, Set Fire To My Home, Snapshot, Strait Jacket and Turkeyneck. Fanzines carried include - 15th Precinct, Regression, Rest Assured and Straight Up.


Hi End Audio Hi-End Audio ar e a Hardcore band from Adelaide A ustralia.

After over six months of getting together their sound the band stepped out into the live arena, immediately making their presence felt in a short time period with supports to the likes of interstate acts such as Antiskeptic, After The Fall, Horsell Common, Identity Theft, For Amusement Only as well as a host of locals including Seraph’s Coal, The Killchoirproject, San Chevelle, In The Grey, Mere Theory and internationals Hot Water Music. This surge of activity led to a track on Victorian based label Screaming Empire records Refused Entry compilation among a small amount of Australian acts and internationals including Snapcase and Waterdown. Also, the band recorded a three track demo that included the tracks Blue Collar, Holding All The Aces, and The Jeckyll And Hyde Concept. It was during ’03 that the band focused their efforts on the touring the rest of Australia and hit Victoria four times which led to their signing to Melbourne’s Lifetime records. Lifetime began in the early nineties as a home to Oz’s premier punk/hardcore band Mid-Youth Crisis and was reinvigorated in 02’ with the Days Of Iris and a live Mid-Youth Crisis release. The band headed to Soundhouse studio in SA to record the EP The Fracture, which is produced by Seraph’s Coal’s Dan Jones. The EP shows a mature, aggressive and solid musical style which has been honed together by eighteen months hard work playing around the country. The EP is released through Lifetime Australia wide in January of which saw the band hit Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth on a regular basis. 2004 has been a busy year for the band with the most of the year consisting of non-stop touring which included an eastern state jaunt on the Mid Youth Crisis reunion tour, a support to US act Pilot To Gunner and led to The Fracture release spending most of the time since it’s release in December 03’ in the SAMIA (South Australian music industry association) charts, receiving a ton of airplay on the Triple J Short Fast Loud show. Guitarist Ben Heagerty left the band in April O4’ and was replaced by ex Threechainbreak member Ben Murphy. The band will record shortly for a five way split CD with friends Away From Now (Vic), Miles Away (WA), Perish The Thought (QLD) and more to be released in September and will release a limited edition single of one their most popular and older tracks Holding All The Aces in October. “Technical, melodic hardcore sounding with punchy vocals and powerful screaming, backed by a tight rhythm section and some great music.” Bomber -Bombshellzine. “One of the most interesting releases I’ve heard in this country for quite some time” Shane “The Fracture reflects both their impeccable musicianship and their strong songwriting capabilities. ” Sam Vinall-DB Magazine

cts: conta 056 741 o i d u au dA 422 Hi En esworth. 0 l f r i l . a h eC www com Shayn s website @hotmail. c 0 e 1 r e vlin Lifetim ail: treyde Em

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 26 “The Jekyll and Hyde Concept” CD2 – Track 11 “Romance Adhesive”

South Australia’s punk/hardcore scene has been considered one of Australia’s healthiest scenes with the likes of Day of Contempt, The Killchoirproject, and Embodiment 12:14 and others highlighting its vitality and originality. It’s from this sturdy lineage that’s seen Hi End Audio’s inception and evolvement. After most of a decade checking out the likes of The Price of Silence, 99 Reasons Why and Forcefed 9 and others guitarist Jasha Bowe and vocalist Matt Devison got serious and recruited friend Ben Heagerty on guitar. The band drew from a wide range of musical influences including the likes of Boysetsfire, Cave In, Hot Water Music, Refused and others, along with more pop- styled influences such as The Pixies and The Get Up Kids. The band’s musical style interweaves melodic, metallic riffing with both a heavy and light vocal style, incorporating emotive musical approaches within a solid and heavy musical structuring.


Line up (whe n the interv iew was co Dick Dale (U nducted) gly Dick Vain ) - Vocals (Gary) Defro Stingray - G uitar Pat Ghoul Drums Russell Nast yboi - Bass Pete The Stu d - Lead Gu itar 12 July 200 4 – New me mb Toddy Gold smith – Guita er r God.

relating to the sex or funny stories , having pseudo Any interesting nsaw massacres ai ntled ru ch sg s, di ad of lo t ie go DICK: We an atomic wedg ng tti ge g en sin er (th age fights, disp with a girl on st i having a glass bo sty t Na ns d ai ag an ds boyfriend) Stud rs to even the od to heavy metalle lethal weapons knows. total madness bouncers. to fuck of Kamikaze is life e th tling or in y da fights, jelly wres PAT: Any given sbianism or girl le n ria ta ge ve whether its class. Everyday is pure the way to go. I effigy bashing. metrosexual is ve lie be l al we , ah NASTYBOI: Ye ception is to want a squirrel. st form of contra be e th at th d re cove penis. DEFRO: We dis na and not the es into the vagi icl st fights, drunken te r fo ur e yo m rt inse l lay claim to fa al we to be the gh ou th Dick would have PETE: Even ip ss go l ra ne ge e and en refused idiocy, arroganc imes we have be et m So r. ine rta te entertainer's en t man" telling her due to our "fron t, that "Your Mot service in hotels the previous nigh er nd be a . on n ice the publica s refused serv hell" when he wa think I'm sucks cocks in the cake...If you on ng ici e th en ev ersation with And that's not a 3 minute conv ve ha t jus ing of GG up it hamming the second com t the idea....he's ge l u'l yo d an Dick r night, he boasted to were out the othe Allin. When we d on a table and be m cli b, pu n ga bo a to in staggered ind Slim and mob " Never m the disgruntled s on a 3 Cash! !!!!!!!" while he wa Johnny f*%king Country music! of g kin W in NE I AM THE a country song has never sung ving him be day stretch. Dick out a way of ha e ur fig to g in try ill st I swear he'll his life. We are a microphone... UT HO IT W an the front m e KAMIKAZE. one day....henc get us all killed

We just heard that the new video filmed for “Swamp Baby Succubus” has been banned by “Rage” for being too sexually explicit..

Band Contact details:

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 16 “Dolemite” CD2 – Track 27 “Mutha Fucka Drinking Machine”

Kamikaze are based in Adelaide (South Australia) and have a wealth of experience behind them. A number of bands that members have played in include.... Death Sentence, Smegma, Gacey's Palace, Ghouls, Bombscare, Bloodsucking Freaks Why did yo u decide o n Kamikaz e as the ba nd name? DICK: I jus t love Japa nese girls, NASTYBO and it’s als I: I thought o the attitu we shoulda PAT: I’d sa de of the b been called y it has som and. ‘a ething to d vagrancy. o with the s lso see gay & lesbian elf destruc literature" PETE: Jus tive nature t come and of the band check any should ans . Vomiting, of us out o wer any qu violence & n one of ou estions. r world fam ous "rent-w hat rent?" b enders, tha t band?


Legless and far... ia, Amanda o R s , y io r tr o s t s s le The sordid group of girlies are the Legler Foot fetish Fredo, who

e l kil vely s of his thre of the seria g Oh what a lo s le m r ti e ic w v lo t n e ! Rece utate th in the Jamie-Lee!! ying to amp tr re u s a ers playing b le p m a e h s n C e y m e potion using Kas a h it took im e w d , a s m m o ti d s. But male vic pell Fre attractive fe ndead slave ient gypsy s u c n is a h n a ls ir g g in . Us irls are ke the background for. These g enails to ma to in d lf e te s in a im p h , tly g d d are curren e was gettin their bloodie n h a t t a c h a w t o w ri o do kn victims evil rock little did Fre in search of pawned an s s e e u ’v n y e e v h T ic ol! live mus out of contr e inner city th d n u ro a performing tishes. n hideous fe as the for their ow elaide, such d A in s ig how g high profile e Gov and “S t th a t d a e h c rm n o u rf e pe e have la Legless hav le in Adelaid e musicsa.c p o th e t, p h 0 ig 0 n 0 5 ve g r in ard on the li tober. Ove Feast open h c k O c in ro e d iv n J a fs” at swear, emi-live Us Your Rif w, 3 track s they bleed, s ra a d , s re s a le g d e e L record ntly the experienced e girls have d subseque n th a y ” tl n ri e e y rr u n ers. c stage. Con ding at Nari nsuspecting radio listen e le B & e iv “L cent ving u demo called the most re ss are ensla is le g n e to L a f e o B s d ie ning senter Ros wicked soun uasion, spin re p rs t e s p e f u o q r e re pow per e Triple J’s Su s’ excessive antics and d doing a liv n a ” e c la s ’s P l gle on Adelaide ng “Specia 5 o victim of Le r s e k b c m ro u t n lu t tive s o far a +1, the their sugges t. Peaking s n’s Top 20 s o e ti u ta q s re e r th e p in su is ber 11 interview on uting at num resist!. Word b e to d rd d a n h a o io also imply to three d rad he trio was Legless is s T f A . o s l s a le e g p e p L a t Exciting S ry of s e o h c naughty M u e a b th e s d a Bras) bout the rs Awards (d spreading a e d a e R B d in the nominated New Act!

Left – An after shot of Legless’s show stopping performance at the launch of SA Music online ( at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel on July 23rd, 2003. Ria, Amanda and Jamie Lee (L-R)


All enquiries / Bookings Call Kylie Cowling KM Management (08) 83396126 0421 049009 Email: kaleidoscope@

What are some of your original songs? ‘Special Place’ – about some of our fantasies…. ‘Turn Me On’- about seducing a man into our fantasies… ‘Rock Star...walked into a bar and no one fukin’ knew her’-ego….’Days are hard’- cause they are… ‘Body Parts’- mmmm… ‘Scratch my Itch’- nothing like a lill back scratch Any inte resting or funny stories r We all s elating to uck! Pr the ban etty we scary… d? ll they te theatric ll us!! H al and s web sit ehe om ef films/ho or the ‘real de etimes rude… he we are a bit a c rror flic l’ there ’s some heck out our k in the re!! Nic s tories/s e… hort

CD2 – Track 12 “Rock Star”

ribe the you desc ld u o w How s? band play music the eek, ut fun, ch o b a ll a We are g, , bleedin swearing ching, tou scaring, , , teasing g in whipp … oh g in k n , dri smoking and sing a bit yeah, we ( see our J.L ise make no g and , swearin nce!! g in bleed o ms all at playin dru y our music sa ing )… some em of tak th s d remin rate. Amyl Nit

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 18 “Special Place”

Why d id you band name decide on “LegL ? ess” a …We s the all go t real night ly sm … Ou as tc good ol’ Ad ausin’ sh hed one am we w elaide ere, t … Int eless fun h o a ampu in t we c such ta aroun tions…. f onsidered a state ig d rok… bloody an ured we c ould mmm d stu go mp al pain… .we ju cohol…ple y and stil l st t ho asure ught the n and ame a pt!!

All enquiries /Bookings Call: Kylie Cowling KM Management (08) 83396126 0421 049009 Email:


Lethal O.D. are from The West Midlands in the U.K. Members. Doug – guitar Harry – drums Neil – bass and vocals

he ibe t r c s de you lays? d l u wo dp ow How the ban nk. h u c i P s / sh mu Thra in it. / e r co pla Hard an I ex c else

e the

mem bers Dou in pr g ha evio s be t he us b en i p un ands nW k ba ? a r n w d oun Harr f r o m d Di y ( t Illeg has bee stortion he 80`s yes al!) )& n , Ne in Illeg , on S a l And Dist ex CrimEdge (Y Me( o es rt e& N War also hea eil) I’ve ion . d, R iot V been in an N Edg & also uclear e. Illeg al

Regressive Abuse trakcs. CD1 – Track 08 “Conspiracy”


CD2 – 03 “Betrayal”

Wha t mu sic/b and s ha v Pun mem e influe k lik bers nced influ e th eac ? e e n E c othe h of x th e r ba ed us t ploited h n hav &D e in ds from e most isch flue nce all aro but the arge ha d us re u v (far nd the is man e too wor y man ld y to that list) .

ls: tai e td om tac n L.c Co

AO @ l a e th L l i Ne nd Ba




Madbatch is a band that hail from Adelaide Australia. It contains the two talented and great blokes Mitch and Ben.

The Aftermath (©2003 Cuthroat Melodrama records) If you ever stopped to look Into the heart of the matter There’s many pieces to the jigsaw So many look For that elusive combination But come home to their plot And box of unfulfilled dreams

Maintaining equilibrium Of rich above the poor Counteracting natural law That’s why I’m sleeping on the floor But my situation doesn’t bother me I’ll survive And I know that you will too Cos there’ll be a time When money is worth much less than air And then we’ll learn to share Barbeque the fattened flesh of the millionaires We’ll sit and laugh, sit and laugh Sit and laugh in the aftermath It’s easy to make righteous proclamations Even easier to be a hypocrite But acting for the benefit of the masses And to make real changes Takes self sacrifice and assets Start from nothing It’s difficult to see How to short circuit The spark plugs to this system Throw a spanner in the works Every now and then Be a raucous citizen Tear the fabric from within It’s a choice- not an animated feature Against the way They bring you up and teach you You’re but a cell Of this self destructing beast Eating its own tail And as parasites we feast So don’t look to the heavens To come and slay this dragon Premature aging Is taking its own tool These mass indulgences These subconscious fences Let’s leap over them Put us out of our misery We’ll sit and laugh, sit and laugh Sit and laugh in the aftermath.

the ed in r e v s co topic ngs our e h be t o t are bands s ge may cked la c a o u Wha f s s w ngua es st n m i a c e 've ge i lf ag ecifi s t A sp r yourse trols. foo aken color we up con ? o 's p d too ful kin em s/c tape lbum L y S n a D much sed debut a ES” a e l e r r S u you M AS ng o Have releasi R THE 004. O 2 e We'r PUNK F , during s D I “Obliteration of the World” “AC 17 track

What music/bands have influenced each of the members? Propagandhi, Bad Religion, NOFX, The Doors, Forbidden, Dead Kennedys, DFL, SNFU, Anthrax, Slayer, The Vandals, Exploding White Mice, Blood Duster, The Hecklers, One Inch Punch/Mid Youth Crisis.

ails: t e d t c Conta d n a B @m a d

su whas


(©2003 Cuthroat Melodrama records) Reading into vacant stares Missing opportunities that are no longer I look into her broken skies I know there are pre-eminence lies Suppressing knowledge potential effects We’ve changed the cycles of the earth Now we’re lost in our regrets Obliteration of the world Manipulate the natural Trying to improve things Acclimatised dreams delude Simplicity need new improved Humanity, what humanity

Her divided world is broken glass Pull your heads out of your ass Half the world in deep dredged in blood shall die Free us from mankind Free us from mankind The prophets were right

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 07 “Obliteration Of The World” CD2 – Track 07 “Aftermath”

Its scenery We’ve grown completely used to This financial barrier Stopping brilliant minds Opening trade

How would you desc ribe the music the band play s? ACID PUNK, THRAS H.


Members of "Minor Treat" have a strong music background having played in bands like Godnose, GST, Knaw, Sandshoe, The Disables, 21 Dub St, Blowout and The Flying Chiminies. etails: ontact d Band C eat@liv r t r o in m 1646 PO Box e Valley Fortitud d 4006 lan Queens alia s u A tr

Geordie also plays in "Dick Nasty“

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 21 “Death Is Not An Option” CD2 – Track 19 “Bullets And Guns”

punk a Members: s i t a e r T , r e n Mino Matt - Vocals / Guitar Brisba m o r f y d a n Geordie- Guitar / Vocals ba We pl . a i l a r t Hayley - Bass Aus heavy, t a h w Pete - Drums amy some e r c s t ha t somew ongs withou re s hardco navy seal the re not a e W tic. 's aesthe ge, but Matt te d straigh other is. m inor M a t o en We ar ibute band. tr Threat

Pete also plays in "Dub Doubt", “Brisbane City All Skas", "Ok 2 Cry" and "Japan 4".


Mouthguard MouthGuard are from Brisbane Australia and formed in 1998.

Members: Darren Sca bies - Guita r Ian Hombr e - Drums Otto Bin Lo aded - Voc als Vicktor Gu ard - B as s JJ Speedba ll - Guitar

m ou

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – 11 “Sheep Dressed In Wolves Clothing” CD2 – Track 14 “Human Shield”

ve uard ha G h t u o inal 998, M ong orig r t s Since 1 d e r. r y delive y dose of humo l t n e t s i alth cons nated ith a he w l a i r % Carbo e 8 t 9 ne " ma s a uch "Brisba Songs s e Mentality", , n i eg ", "Gree ! S " p , U " r k e c t " Fu Wa Subway ial F for City", "D es the Moscow avourites df vad re crow Slime In a play " n i a g adio air r nk A u d r li D o " s d an ving ns. as recei o statio ive i d a r as well e nativ tic l on alter deliver energe s, rd d in Pub a e u y G la h t p u Mo have e ces and and larg n s a t n m r e o v f se per have t all age hGuard t u o M Clubs, a . on appear estivals f d r n o a o s d t ou alia album in Austr d three e s s n a io e t l e r ila us comp n releases numero o ada o and als a, UK, USA, Can ssi any, Ru in. in Germ and Spa

tails: e d t c au Conta d n a B @optu 05 d r a u th g ox 1 PO B rner a o C s e li Ston 0 Austra 412 QLD


NAHENDE VERNICHTUNG "Nahende Vernichtung" are a band from "Beernem" Belgium who formed in August 1991. The name in English means "Approaching Destruction"

nks to Nico A huge tha nichtung. er V e Nahend

was the ba and when

estions an

with d answers

nd formed?

ted to es w ho wan Nico: How uple of mat co a st Ju . w e started into. 1991 when c we were si u Rik: It w as m f o e yl st e m sa rdly play the couldn’t ha loited. We the xp t E u , b ts th fi is ea as?? Napalm D amones, M y R rl , g ea Nico: Such la e e F th w bit like because ow , Black tic stuff. A ly and we Rik: You kn . Very chao intentional it en d th di k y ac e b play is that th g about it funny thin . er tt be o couldn’t d

Nico: Why did you decide on the band name? Rik: Nahende Vernichtung is german for Approaching Destruction. And it’s the title of a drawing of a queue of people driven into a gaschamber. I found it in a book called “Art against war” and for the first time we all agreed on taking it as the band name.

Nico: Tell me about the topics covered in bands songs. Rik: Let me tell you first that it would be easier for me to write in dutch because my english isn’t really good but then, I think not many people outside Belgium or Holland would take the effort to listen to your music. Another thing is that we always write the music first and then the lyrics. What I wanna say is that our lyrics are important but not as important as our music. Although I always try to say something meaningful in a song. Nico: Yes? Rik: Ok. Mostly I write about the things that bother me about the western world we live in. People don’t care anymore about their fellow human beings. Selfishness, intolerance! It’s getting worse you know. It’s the every day pressure people have at work and also the expectations they have to fulfill to be seen as good citizens (that means, own a villa, have a big car, etc.) that makes them go nutz on some point. There’s so many people who are concerned what others think of them. It’s ridiculous. No wonder 20% of all Belgians are suffering from a depression. In Belgium alone, suicide numbers are increasing every year. Other things are the differences between races and when it can get very ugly when religion is involved. Think of Israel, Iraq, Afganistan. Although sometimes a song doesn’t need 20 lines to be effective. We have a song called “Brainwashed” with only the 3 words “You are brainwashed”and that says enough, don’t you think so?

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 - Track 09 “The Discharge Room” CD2 – Track 16 “Grass Roots”

ing the qu for organis

Nico: Seems like a lot of things are upsetting you? Rik: Well, I’m not always in a bad mood so then I write about how much I like Belgian beer. Hahahaha!!

ils: tact deta om n o C d n Ba tmail.c els@ho Six_duv or om otmail.c h cxrik@


Nailed Down are a three piece band from Western Australia. They have been playing together since 1993.. Members:

t t ou a l f ure lay p !!! p d n ore!! a c b d e ar Th yle H t s old

CD2 – Track 15 “What Do I Get”

Fo o l iled Down) (© 2003 Na grin it, sport a h s e m o s t Ea uld it your mo If I didn’t f in ed some s t it m m o c sheep I’ve k and be a c lo f e h t Follow nt be differe y a m s e h Clot llshit me old bu a s e h t t u B to sleep Sends me ative e so altern ” ’r u o y k in Th verage Joe “a n a t s ju ’re To me you rd d rate reta ir h t a e ’r u Yo etards go As far as r

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 28 “Fool”

Kim: Vocals and G uitar Rohan: Bass Dean: Drums

Fool e a f u ck I don’t giv r blue hair About you onder there We just w ing under h t y n a ’s e If ther lebrities ion trends Alterno ce h s a f t s e t he la shit Sporting t e same old h t g in y la n Still p macho me d n ticks a s e h c ning still s io it Dumb bit d n o c cene and ricks Pick any s bunch of p a s r e s lo f A bunch o ails: t det c a t n a d Co otm Ban wn@h o ed d nail




Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 03 “Degeneration” CD2 – Track 02 “Nothing For You”

NFI form e d in 1 ot Australi N a . The b 999 and are fro ( m Adela and has formerly ide , S o u a huge p playing th edigree i n The S w i t h k member unks, Pe Basket C s rdition, ase to n S ud e f e d , a m e a fe w.

g n i ck

ts o i Id

Members: Vocals Mark Hayes uitar / Vocals Paul Belial - G ocals yes - Bass / V a H ) le rp u (P l Pau rums Todd Evens - D - Lead Guitar Peter Schultz

DEGENERATION (M.Hayes/Perdition © 1982)

This place is on fire everybody's Declaring war The big powers love a liar who tell you more and more If we’re a so called gods creations then why do we destroy Is the united nation just a propaganda ploy We are the degeneration generation Here comes the big guns they're pointing at you and me Stuff these fucking governments who wanna start world war 3 They say that war is good for us, enlist and be destroyed It’s good for their damn governments: decreases unemployed We are the degeneration generation This place is on fire everybody's declaring war The big powers love a liar who tell you more and more Is it just some damn excuse so they can dress me up in army green Then what’s the fucking use if they don’t care about you and me We are the degeneration generation

ils: a t e d tact n o m C Band fi nfi@n


e iec p a 4 .S.A. e r " a the U d ea d in h e kl ase u b N " nd a b

Members: Josh - Vocals , Guitar Ross (Bama) – Bass, Vocals Jono - Guitar, Vocals Brian - Vocals , Drums

What music/ban ds have influen ced each of the members? I (Josh) hate to talk for the mem do my best. O bers but I'll .K..... Jonathan grew up listening to "Punk Rock" from the early 80's so he's in to so much underground stuff I'm cons tantly learning about differen t bands from hi m. He's got th biggest fuckin e g vinyl collect io n I've ever seen. We all love Bla ck Flag, the M isfits and a lo of other band t s in common. I (Josh) am m ostly influence d by Rancid, they are my fa vorite band an d I don't give fuck what anyo a ne says abou t it, so naturally I listen to a lo t of "Hellcat" bands - F-min Tiger Army, N us, ekromantix, U .S. Bombs, th list goes on an e d on, I also lo ve The Clash. Then there is the New York Hardcore scen all kinds of st e, reet punk and oi, I have to st here or I'll neve op r shut up. Brian has a lo t of the same influences as (Josh) cause me we pretty muc h grew up and got into Punk Rock together .

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 04 “No Way” CD2 – Track 01 “Record Player”

People, other peoples, and our struggles with drugs, work, changes and life in general. Love of music. Recently George W. Bush and his idiocy.

s es s? gu ay I pl ut ad , b he tly) kle en Nu ec at t r th s ic (ju k. n u s ly m bil Pu t e th ho e e yc tre S r ib s sc / P S de ore ly U u n yo dc ai d ar m ul / H wo i w /O Ho ck Ro

nk Pu

What are the topics covered in the "Nuklehead" songs?

ct details: Band Conta om x@hotmail.c n u p d a e h nukle


Members: Jason Tom Mike Scoth

More of a bite in the ass than Shark Week, Pizzle has been drunkenly lurching about the murky depths of the dismal Indiana music scene since 1992 striving to establish the Malevolarchy (a societal system in which the ruling class consists solely of necrophiliacs and serial murderers). You can rest assured this is not some baggy-trousered fluffy crap about girls or empty political rote. Pizzle's pre-retro sound has entertained capacity crowds in the Midwest, the deep South, and anywhere else folks don't know any better delighting audiences with a whirlwind of saliva, beer, and the occasional blood. A live Pizzle performance is much like a random act of violence in that it is senseless, quick, and funny in a weird sort of way. Critical darlings since the band's inception, the music press simply cannot write enough about Pizzle, often just making stuff up when they run out of news. Their "Trouble In The Monkey Haus" EP (Knock Worst Records) was favorably reviewed worldwide and the resulting skyrocketing sales have made each band member very, very wealthy indeed. So fuck you. The Black Flag/Misfits sound of that EP brought Pizzle to the attention of Electric Frankenstein's Sal Canzonieri, who proceeded to include them on the first volume of his groundbreaking "A Fistful Of Rock 'N Roll" compilation series. The ensuing attention has led to an imaginary Scottish record deal as well as plenty of other pleasant delusions. So, again, fuck you


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Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 30 “Mobile Meth Lab” CD2 – Track 21 “Wet Brain”

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Point Of You Point Of You are a four piece band based in Melbourne Australia.

Line Up: ls Brendan – voca r ta Mick – gui Josh – bass Zac – drums

hing different to add to All the guys have somet is known for his flexible o wh n do en Br ; nd ba e th his se scream, Michael with vocal talents and inten and quick fingers, Josh very unique guitar riffs style and rocking scream with his talented Bass ooth and quick beats sm ry ve his ith w c Za and then r; we have a new membe w no d an s um dr s hi on up st) on guitar and back Jacko (From October My vocals. ry unique style blending ‘Point of You’ Have a ve ell’, ‘I killed the prom between ‘Poison the W rious Used’, they are very se e ‘Th d an h’ nc ‘Fi n’, ee qu out all songs are written ab about their music and personal and serious.

Regressive Abuse tracks…CD1 – Track 27 “Abused” CD2 – Track 10 “In Your Eyes”

Point of You’ were formed late 2003, after Josh and Zac departed from “Ending Cadence”, they started their search for a more heavier sort of crew and conveniently Brendon and Michael had departed from their first band and were looking for the same thing so the four came together.

Band Contact details:


By Bob Suren – One lazy afternoon, while leafing through an old issue of Maximum Rocknroll, I came across a review for a double album compilation of Australian hardcore bands called, "The Not So Lucky Country." It sounded like just the sort of record I would enjoy. Unfortunately, the zine was fifteen years old and I figured my chances of mail ordering a copy were slim to none. I noticed the record label listed in the review was Reactor Records, the very same label that released the first Depression 7", which I was also in need of. I figured it wouldn't hurt to write a letter to the label and ask if he had any spare copies of the double LP or the Depression 7" to sell or trade, so I fired off a letter, gambled a stamp. A few weeks later, I got an email from Phil MacDougal, who ran the label. (Apparently, he has kept the same address all of these years!) Phil explained that he had no spare copies of the double album, but he might be able to dig up a copy of the Depression 7" for me. A short time later, Phil located a used copy and I sent him some well-concealed American currency. While spinning that Depression single over and over, I got to thinking that Phil might have some precious nuggets of punk history to pass on. Here's the Reactor Records story, conducted by email. Interview by Bob Suren. Bob: If you don't mind me asking, how old are you and how was it that you first became exposed to punk music? Was it difficult to find punk music in Australia at that time? PM: I am 43. A friend of mine who I went to school with had some of the early English punk singles, such as the first three Sex Pistols singles and the first Stranglers four track 7" and he played them to me at his place. Also an alternative radio station in Melbourne, 3RRR, was playing punk records on the air. There weren't many record shops in Melbourne selling punk records but thank god there was one called Archie 'N' Jughead's, which turned into Missing Link Records in the late 70's run by Keith Glass. He imported a lot of the early English punk records and also stocked some of the first Australian punk records if bands brought them in to sell. There was another shop in Carlton called Reading Books that sold import punk records around that time as well. Band-wise, the Melbourne punk scene was starting up as well with The Boys Next Door, Babeez, News, Teenage Radio Stars, Negatives, the Chosen Few, La Femme, Zorros all playing live at the main punk rock venue called the Crystal Ballroom, later to be known as the Seaview Ballroom and then in the 80's as The Ballroom. The Saints and Radio Birdman toured Melbourne around this time. Bob: I have heard that Aussie punkers are a particularly wild breed. Are they? Got any war stories of berserk Outback punks you'd like to share? PM: Aussie punks are not any wilder than the rest of you overseas. We all enjoy a drink and a good time when we go out to see bands. War stories.... Well, you would have to be very fucked up to join the army wouldn't you! Bob: At what point did you decide to become more involved in punk rock than just a spectator? What was it that made you decide to run a label and how did you get started? Did you have any idea how to go about it? PM: In 1983 I had been seeing punk bands for a few years and after seeing Depression live a couple of times I really wanted to put out a record by them. They were the best punk band in Melbourne at the time. In Australia no one was releasing records by hardcore punk bands; I couldn't believe it. There were a few independent labels around but they were concentrating on the garage bands, of which there were many, but no one was putting out the new hardcore bands. Getting started was interesting to say the least! Basically I didn't know anything about putting a record out. Luckily, Ross Giles, a friend of mine at the PBS FM radio station, where I did a punk show, was a tech guy there and he helped me out. He told me of a pressing plant in Sydney that pressed up records. He produced the first single and LP by Depression. Depression did a demo first, up in a small studio in Surrey Hills in Melbourne, but when we went back a week later to mix it, we where told the guy who owned the studio, named Rudie, died during the week of a heart attack. Maybe the experience of a full on hardcore band was too much! R.I.P. Rudie. Well, it was all new to me, but a great learning experience. Just before the labels where going to be printed on the record , which was the Depression "Money Chain" 7", we realized I didn't have a name for the goddamn label I was setting up. Smeer and Liddy from Depression came over to my place one night with the beers and we went through a long list of possible names... Nothing seemed to gel. Then since it was going to be a punk label with bands singing about political issues, etc., I thought of Reactor Records, along the lines of a nuclear reactor. The first single by Depression was released on 26 January 1984. Bob: And the first pressing of Depression's "Money Chain" was 500 copies. Did you have any notion of how you would sell 500 copies of a punk record in Australia? Was there any international distribution at that point? How did you sell them all and how long did it take? PM: Yes, I took them myself to the independent record shops in Melbourne like Greville Records, Missing Link Records and Exposure Records. The international distribution came later on in the label's history. The first pressing of the "Money Chain" single sold out in Melbourne in three months. I sold them to the record shops and also at Depression gigs around town like at the Seaview Ballroom when they played there on a punk night with other hardcore bands. I would set up a stall at the front and sell my records as people were going out.

Our thanks to Bob Suren for letting us to run his excellent interview with Phil MacDougall.


By Bob Suren Bob: What is the story about Jello Biafra and Depression? Didn't he suggest you make them your label's first release? PM: That's correct. The Dead Kennedys toured Australia in 1983 and Depression supported them in Melbourne. Jello told me they were the best Australian hardcore band they had played with and if I ever got my record label off the ground, he suggested I put out "Money Chain" as a single, which I did. Bob: I love all of the Depression stuff, particularly the guitar sound. Tell us about the making of the Depression LP. Why did it take so long and cost so much to record? PM: Well, again not knowing much about recording studios and how to record a band's, music I turned again to Ross Giles, a friend at PBS Radio. Depression did not have any money to spend on the recording of an LP and they had heaps of songs to record and I knew they would make a killer record. We ended up recording the record at Platinum Studio late at night over three days with Ross Giles and Chris Wyatt. Yes, it was expensive to record there but I wanted the best possible sound, like bands from overseas had. Depression were a world class band, so why not... Once everything was set up in the studio -- which took way too long, like one day just setting up the equipment and going though a trial run, the band then just laid the tracks down one after another, with most tracks done in the first take. It was just amazing to watch; I'll never forget it, just mind-blowing... Of course the vocals were done last, but when we listened to the final mix of the record, Spike, the singer was not happy with the way his vocals had been recorded. So we went to another studio, York Street Studio, and re- did the vocals. All up, it cost $7,500 to record the record -- a lot of money back then for an independent label to spend on a punk band! Not that I can remember. To get back to one of your other questions, I should mention that Smeer had been in a heavy metal band in the 70's called Desert Rat before forming Depression in 1982, so that's why his guitar style was leaning towards metal right from the start. He incorporated that style into Depression's sound. Bob: Wasn't there a problem with a printer refusing to make the gory album covers? I hope that at least you and the band were pleased with the finished product. PM: (On) the first two Reactor releases, both 7"s, the covers had been printed in Melbourne, but we had to glue the covers up with a glue gun. And since it was cheaper to do it that way, we got the Depression album covers printed at the same place, but had to hand glue them all. The front cover was controversial, but we never had any negative feedback from the press. Bob: Beside G.A.S.H., were there many females involved in the Aussie scene in the 1980s? Were there any other female Aussie bands? PM: Yes, there were girls in other bands. End Result had Vicki, Civil Dissident had Tracey on bass, Psychotic Maniacs had Liz on guitar and the infamous I Spit On Your Gravy had two back-up girl singers called the Spittettes. However, G.A.S.H. were the only mostly-all-girl band that I can remember in Melbourne. There were lots of punk girls at the gigs, for sure. Bob: What was your favorite Reactor release? Why did the label end? PM: Of the 21 releases on Reactor Records, I liked them all heaps. If a had to pick a couple, they would be the Depression LP and ''The Not So Lucky Country" double LP compilation of Australian bands. It had 35 songs by 33 bands and took me two years to put together. I ran out of money in the end. Some of the records I put out, I also paid for the recording. And towards the end of the label, I was owed a lot of money from distributors, so it was a cash flow problem. The two biggest bands on the label had left, Depression and Vicious Circle. They thought they could sell more records on another label, which in the end turned out not to be true. I had been running the label for five years and I felt it was time to stop on a high, with the second to last record I released being the compilation LP. Bob: Did you learn anything from running a label? PM: I learnt how to put out records the hard way, since no other independent record labels helped me out at all. I always wanted to do film clips for the bands but did not know any film directors, so no film clips were ever done. The best thing was I met lots of cool people in the scene, some I still am in contact with today. Bob: Are you still interested in punk and hardcore? Do you have any plans to revive the label? There is some interest in bands like Perdition, G.A.S.H and Depression. Maybe you could do some re-issues or allow another label to do so. PM: Yes, I am still into punk and hardcore. For the last 23 years I have been presenting a two hour radio show on PBS FM, a public radio station in Melbourne. Back in the early 80's, I was doing a punk show. And for the last fifteen years I've (done) a show called "Sunglasses After Dark" on Wednesday night from 5:00-7:00 pm, where I play punk, garage, industrial, metal and lots of Australian independent bands, since the scene is so strong here at the moment. I interview Australian and overseas bands weekly and go and see bands every weekend. Music is my life and it will be till I die. No plans to revive the label, but next year in January it will be 20 years since the first Reactor release came out. There has been a demand over the years for the Depression records that came out on Reactor, so I'm thinking of a Depression CD, which will have the three (Reactor) releases. I will put it out myself on Reactor. Over the years, I have had offers to release stuff, sure, but have not felt comfortable in doing so. Also the compilation record 'The Not So Lucky Country'' may come out on CD on a new label just starting up in Melbourne that is going to specialize in re-issuing old punk bands from Australia and overseas, so stay tuned!

Our thanks to Bob Suren for letting us to run his excellent interview with Phil MacDougall.

39 If you get a chance check out our site. There is a heap more info including on each of the bands featured as well as the excellent…. “Melbourne Punk Directory 1977 to 1984” Put together by “Hungry Dave”

Are you in a band? Were you in a band? Do you know someone who is/was in a band? We’’re Always keen to hear demo tapes and live recordings. “Old and New” If you’d like to contribute to the site please contact us. We’re looking for stories, memories of the Scene, personal thoughts, band info. ARTWORK, Reviews of Gigs, Etc Etc Etc…… E-mail: P.O. Box 319 Victoria 3042 Australia


a four e r a ct Riot A and from b , piece , Cornwall uth Falmo gland. En The band play Loud

, Hard, Fast, Raw, 80’s style UK Punk.

Members. Nat – vocals Oz – bass Dan – drums Gaz - guitar

Riot Act have supported the Punk legends “Peter and The Test Tube Babies”.

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 17 “Mos Thick Head” CD2 – Track 04 “Ring Of Fire”

The band members range in age from 28 to 45 so the influences are varied.

Oz (Craig) is originally from Australia and played in “Mental Hellth” before moving to the U.K.

Band Contact details:


Rotton Fux Rotton Fux are a hardcore band from the Southbay area, California.

r g fo n i y y pla hilth n P e ys . e e b years lly pla ys v ’ We ut 2 Sme s pla t abo ams, is Pis urnou r e scr ar, Ch Nick b s. t gui s and drum s bas play We started playin cu z we were bored an gry kids who wante vent our aggression d to thru noise. At the tim e there were no othe r kids in our town m akin noise.

Regressive Abuse track. CD2 – Track 22 “No Future”

A lot of our influence is 80s American hardcore. (Vile, FuckUps, Black Flag Sick Pleasure, Wasted Youth, White Pigs, Verbal Abuse Adolescents etc..) Band Contact details:


Rule 303 Band Members: Nigel Maggot – Lead Guitar Jimmy Fliptop – Le ad Guitar Kenny Archbold – Bass Mark Lucas – Drum s Garry Campbell – Vo cals

How would you describe the music the band plays? Old school hardcore street punk

nced e influe v a h s nd usic/ba What m he members? ft each o yglo ad, Da A, Rose e h r o t O Mo stols, GBH, D really.. h Sex Pi s, ,4 Skins, i on w t on o i t g r o o t b A ny , t o ma Tattoo

What are the topics covered in the bands songs? We can right about anything ,we are not into politics at all ,we are not into being politically correct either, whatever comes to mind really

Any in t band eresting o ? r funn y stor ies re lating Nige l sno to the rted a his s inuse cock roach s and fucke r a h a jar out, he k ad to get nd got it and s eeps caug a doc h it niffs it occ in our re tor to get t in hears asion the al roo ally m in s: etail m d t c nta u o n C e Band iedv

uci @cr y r r ga



Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 19 “I See Dead People” CD2 – Track 13 “Live and Dirty”

s bands? in previou rs e b m e m . Have the r the years ” and “Fotze”. ands ove us b n r e A th g o n Venus”. en in g You e n b ri e e v g a g h Crucified ta “ S , “ ” ll in a Yes all b re d d” and pee Jimmy we urity”, “S Fruit Worl c r e D S “ , m ” Nigel and u IV im X s in “Max t”, “WWX Garry wa “Itchy Ra , ” ls o d a Pan Venus” Kenny - “ “Crucified ”. d n n e a m ” ll IV e X H “The , “WWX ismissal” Mark – “D

Shrunken Headz are a 3 piece band from Adelaide. Members. Jamie Lee – drums and vocals Mike – guitar and vocals Jags – singer and bass

Why d

id yo u de cide the b on “Shr unke The and re a n He n a m r e so head e? adz” m as s, bu e ba t we nds w are Shru ith swo nken lle Hea n dz.

How would you describe the music the band plays? PUNK-old school crash /new school melodic. The three of us all have different song writing styles and that comes across in our music that we play.

? bands s u o i prev ers in b m e two the m as in Were w ] s s ted ger/ba ” and Was n i s [ atta ags als] Yes, J ds..”Madh drums/voc ban e in ie [ other ”…..”,Jam ocals] wer Space ke [guitar/v ed “Nannas ra i l e and M r band cal ide Woom e s h n t i s in ano layed ke wa i p M y e d ” an [th Cane” on Centre] ands called e”. i it t b Rockf Deten ther punk “ d n two o at It Out” a y Sp Johnn Band Contact details:


Have you played any gigs? Heaps..we had the POLICE HELICOPTER provide light at one party gig we did ..cause all these gatecrashers arrived and started to menace n destroy the neighbourhood while trying to cop a look at our show…..Then the police came in their cars to suss it out..Great Nite..done lots of shows at local pubs/ punk nites with other bands..touring Australia soon as well..

What are the topics covered in “Shrunken Headz” songs? Yeah..TRUTH…about lottsa stuff…real life…people..governm ent…we cover a wide variety of topics in our song writing….

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 05 “If I Did That To You” CD2 – Track 05 “No Tomorrow”

each fluenced in e v a h s sic/band What mu mbers? un of the me h, SLF, G s la C e h ,T x Pistols cky Mike=Se u S bs, Sti K U , s is , Bad Club ,K gs=NOFX eo Sayer, a J .. … ] b, L Filth[N.Z zal Rhom n e r F , n Religio unk 77’ … uad, The English P ay Spex, Vice Sq -R . Jamie= X Doubt, The Cure o N Seekers,

Any interesting or funny stories relating to the band? Well…Jags our vocalist/bass player has his guitar upside down, arse about face to play it…like Hendrix/bootboy nasty. The druma’s a chick who sings….

etails: ontact d m .a u Band C

erja drumm



"sixty miles an hour" are a band from Adelaide, South Australia and formed at the beginning of 2002.


it rs ythm Gu als e b Mem ls / Rh ng Voc s

ki al ca : Vo s / Bac ing Voc e l d m k ar n W ion: Dru ar / Bac e h p t Ste Champ ad Gui e: Bass e lli Josh ozzo: L rew Bai V And Ray

What are the topics covered in the bands songs?

Stephen: Metallica are gods to me, Silverchair are the reason I started playing guitar, then there’s quite a lot of punk and pop-punk bands such as blink 182, MxPx, Green Day, AFI, Sum 41, NOFX, One Dollar Short, that are the reason why punk is my all time favorite genre of music. etails: ontact d Band C hotmai

esan sixtymil

h o u r@

Josh: blink 182, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Sum 41, Millencolin, Silverchair, Metallica, James Taylor, Electric Light Orchestra, MxPx, Relient K. Ray: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Megadeth, Pearl Jam, Powderfinger, Crowded House, The Rolling Stones. In general I just love rock and roll – the king of all music.

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 22 “Sleeping Through Deth” CD2 – Track 28 “Sheep”

Mostly emotional stuff. For example: “The Broken How wou ld you de Fixer”. To me (Stephen), when you’re feeling really bad scribe the music tha t "sixty m about something, a Fixer is that little guy inside you that il es an ho plays? ur" tells you that everything will work out, and wherever you Punk wit h influen go, you’ll still be alright. The song is a metaphor for what ces of ja rock and zz, metal. happens when the Fixer breaks, and his life turns to rubbish, and how that affects you as a person. But then there’s other songs like “Sheep” is just about how people shouldn’t follow other people to be cool. “Defiance” was written during the “War on Terror” and so carries a few What music/bands have influenced you? semi-political messages, (or at least tries to.)


SLAKJAW Members:

Dusty - Vocals Hippy - Guitar Red Dog - Bass Razza - Drums

Slakjaw are a 4 piece band from Rye, Victoria.

What music/bands have Do influenced each of the rela you ha members? ted v sto e any Tool, AC/DC, Rage Against ries We inte ? we r e a s the Machine, Hi-5. re ting ta How and when was or f SL lent q once unn AK b the band formed? yb JA uest. eaten We and ( Dodgy deal between d th Wron by a g t e Hippy and Razz. m.. cro ap d .) wd a , re ncer ally in

Band Contact details:

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 24 “Green Teen” CD2 – Track 25 “Traffic”

e? e bands nam th n o e id c e d s, w e Why did you icting name fl n o c s u bio After prev we were go s a " w ja k "Sla decided on smacked.


This article has been put together by Cameron Borg. Thanks heaps mate‌

I first encounte red this band in August last year University's mul when they took ticultural day un to a small amph der the moniker blast through th itheatre at the lo of "Placid" and e throngs of pa cal delivered an an ssers-by. Straig snger and rhythm gs ty guitar driven ht up they looked and guitarist Yanna made a quip ab sounded great immediately alie out having to pl - then lead ntating half the ay in "the fuck audience and I ing mud", knew they had I next checked attitude too. em out at Yepp oon's PInefest, the local street to ok some great sho press which pu t me back on th ts, and gave em and not the head e 'real' musos ha a good review in lining group of te-list because wannabes. Gre I ra ve at d up the "Placid" Soon we were re stuff! cording all thei r so ngs live to two originals from th track and five tu e minds and biro nes to four trac s of Yanna and "Sounds from th k - all great guitar hero Peta e street" which , ex I ha cept for a cover "Working Class d coerced them of The Jam's Hero" -available into recording for my Paul Wel now for $8 ppd ler compilation (hint hint)!! After a 14 hour recording sess ion the band ha live shows all ov d a couple of us er CQ. caught em eable demos, an at an Irish bar w recently they sc d continued to here they rippe ored a grant to play d it up in great record their first fashion, and 6 song EP in B In their early tw risbane this No enties and teen vember. age years respec was and stood tively still, they for. They've alre ar e ad so much what pu y survived a do bands, and mis dgy managemen nk originally ogynist commen t offer, jealousy ts and innuendo their convictions from other loca , but undaunted , and following l continue to rem their ambition to One of my favo ain steadfast in create original urite bands are gr th ea e CLASH, and th t music with attit of the great chem e magic chemis ude by the ton! istry of THE SILE try that the CLA NCE. Innez has pin-up image as SH had reminds the cool approa did Paul Simon me ch to bass play on, Ben holds do like Topper, Pe ing and the grea wn the chops pe ta is a great gu t ita rf ec r hero in the mou tly and can play setting on her M ld of Mick Jone anything just arshall stack, an s d finally Yanna flashy and alway attacking the gu who so reminds s playing at 10 itar with attitud me of the late Jo e, powerful voca Over beers one e Strummer ls and street sa night we found vvy to top it all out she even ha For a group of off. s Joe's birthda young kids The y! ! (Get out of he SI LENCE already they are the grea re!!) have the bullshi test band to ev t detector switc er emerge from hed on, and did Central Queensl I say and?

Band Contact details:


You played about under a few different names, why did you decide to change to THE SILENCE? Whose idea was it? and doe sit have any deep meaning? Our first name (which we would have kept to this day) we found out we shared with four other band sin Australia, and also one in Iceland, so we were up for a definite name change. Then Benj had a dream one night where we played a show under the name THE SILENCE, we took it as a sign. Ben will hate this question - but there's not too many bands kicking about with more female members than male in the line-up. Was this a conscious decision, or is it just how the line-up evolved? Poor Ben always gets the slack from the label 'chick band' but we all understand that we are going to fall into a feminine category when it comes to rockin and we're OK with that. Initially we were in a chick band but something was just not working with the line-up. In came Ben and we've all been married ever since. You're one of the few Central Queensland bands that write originals, and certainly the only band who plays almost all originals. Who writes these? Peta & I do the majority of the song writing. When it comes down to the presentation of a song to the band that's where the others can have their say, at that point we mould and manipulate the song together. Do you find you write differently to Peta? YES! Obviously, we are two entirely different individuals with our own life experiences and interpretations, therefore the genre of writing that flows out of each of us is quite a contrast. There is almost a distinction between us where I tend to write about spur of the moment happiness and Pete writes about spur of the moment sadness.

ils: t deta om c a t n Co il.c Band oz@ apito

SILENCE are a great band of four distinctive musicians and four different personalities. It's a rare 'chemistry' - what do you think each member brings to the band? Pete's the brains of the operation. She's very tactful and keeps us on the ball. Innez is sweet and serene when we do feel tired and pressured she tends to have a drug like calming effect on us. Ben is insistent on getting it right he brings logic to the band. With me I can say I do tend to party too hard but I don't know if that's a good thing for the band, you'd have to ask them. For an original band you get loads of gigs. Are there any plans to tour intrastate or even interstate? I think we are pretty lucky to get the original gigs we do, as originality is not appreciated here in C.Q. as it is more so down south. We do have plans to tour in the near future around Queensland at the moment, but we do have high hopes to get out of the state. When can people expect to hear THE SILENCE's first CD? November of this year. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to REGRESSION readers. You can contact THE SILENCE via the APiTO website - ""


Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 15 “Sounds Of The Street” CD2 – Track 26 “Undone”

s: ember ls M d n / voca Ba s s a b hTulloc h - drums Innez art a ls Benj H guitar / voc itar arth ls / g u Peat H (me) - voca Day Yanna

ers: n b m ti Me Mar

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The Stillborns are a band from Indiana U.S.A.

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Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 31 “Menace To Society” CD2 – 23 “Bastard”

Stillborns play old, raw sounding Punk. Some songs are like really fast hardcore, some have a rocknroll sound. There's various feels to different songs but, it's


The Twits are a 5 piece band based in Melbourne Australia. The band formed in 1999. Me

B' gro's 'PU s Fred Ne in Inpres ip tr s ic com en e has be magazin rs r ten yea going fo ly d ndoubte and is u ic best com e th f o one . Australia strips in

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 28 “Get Fucked Cunt” CD2 – Track 20 “Poo”

Borrowed from the bands great website…

Stee mbers: ly Fred Neg - Vocal Les ro - V s o Lush Guitar cals Chri s - Bass Drum s

As you're probably aware The Twits were put together by the famous producers 'Stock, Take and Watercloset" in June 1999. It was made fairly clear what was required By anyone auditioning.. They would be required to do what they're told, sing what they're told, say what they're told and bonk who they're told. (A bit like 'Popstars but With more tears.) Dancing and miming were also an advantage

Fred,Lush and Oysters put together a great cartoon film clip on their current CD “The Twits Play Music”. Band twits Contact de @ipri mus. tails: com. au


VICIOUS CIRCLE ne lbour e M . m 1985 d fr o n n i a b d me re a ly for l cle a r a new a i n C i d g e s i r s u o a Vicio ia. They y rele d On”. l t l n a r e t Aus itche e rec

w hav y e ed “ S l h t i T t album

Current line up, Paul – vocals Les – guitar Gary – bass Danny – drums

Band Contact details:

Regressive Abuse tracks. CD1 – Track 01 “Chameleon” Track 02 “Double Cross”

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Regression No. 12 (Australia)  
Regression No. 12 (Australia)