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June 2, 2014

Hit the Road ... before the summer break ends!

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EDITOR’S NOTE The month of June is here and the academic year has begun! You’re probably feeling excited and maybe, a little sad that summer is over. I’m guessing the latter! After a summer of sleeping in and doing things on your own time, the alarm announcing that first day of college can be a rude awakening. Heading back to the campus signals a time of transition; new teachers, new schedule and a new social scene. So, in this issue, we decided to give you a glimpse of the history of the oldest institutions in our beloved city and also the courses one can pursue there. Not only that, we also explored a variety of out-of-thebox courses that students are now looking into.

“Heading back to the campus signals a time of transition; new teachers, new schedule and a new social scene. So, in this issue, we decided to give you a glimpse of the history of the oldest institutions in our beloved city and also the courses one can pursue there..”

The travel section though, is for the peeps who still have a few days before heading back to college. Take a look at the options we’ve listed for a single day, budget getaway with your pals to relax, rejuvenate and

have a blast!

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I Failed at Unshackling a Girl Child Educate a girl child and the world will follow.


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Students’ preferences for higher education is no longer limited to run-of -the- mill courses. They are looking beyond common streams and exploring new avenues...

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Academic Grandmasters of the City Pune has always been a bustling education landscape and the oldest and finest colleges and universities have enriched the city’s cultural aura.



The Aam Admi Party

Living in Pune, on a budget? Why go out and party when you can bring it to your house?


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Maggi 2.0

I think we Indians can do more with Maggi than Italians with Pasta, hai na?

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Hit the Road

For most students, the beginning of the school/college year is just around the corner. But, there’s still more than enough time to fit in one last, quick getaway...

Fitness with PUFA

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Down the off-beat career path

Radhika Mulay

Major in Environmental Studies, FLAME

Mehul Wavade

I have always been a wanderer. Spending hours in open terraces, gardens and on hill tops has always been my hobby. Living in a growing city like Pune always made me I have done a three month weekend course in wonder about the rapid loss of flora and fauna around Ornithology from Ela Foundation. I work and me. Thus, when I had to decide my profession, I knew head an organisation that deals with wildlife it would be something related to environment. Thus, I tourism. As a child, I was always interested began my journey as an Environmental Studies gradin birds and now that I have taken up wildlife uate from FLAME, Pune and now moving on to Water tourism as a full-time occupation, one of my Resources and Policy Making for my post-graduation. As aims is to make people aware of the little birds I travel across the city every day, I hate to see our rivers which constitute our day-to-day wildlife. If one being converted into sewers. There is literally no healthy of my campers/tour participants goes ahead life left in those waters. To add to the tragedy, we have and develops interest in the field to pursue at people who depend on these dirty waters in the city his or her hobby level, I consider my job well outskirts. So, instead of just cribbing and blaming the done. Love for wildlife and awareness towards corporation for not keeping our water resources clean, the efforts of conservation and making people I decided that I would like contribute to water resource aware is one of my main agendas. management and policy making to the best of my capacities. I hope my education helps me do my bit to see potable Choosing an unusual topic to study and water running through the making a career out of it is not child’s play. taps of every household and Kudos to the Punekars who chose to go once again find Indian rivers down the untrodden path and flourished. clean and lovely! Hotel Management student

Let’s take a look at their experiences.

Indrajit Dutta Journalist, Writer and Archaeologist I studied Archaeology as I wanted to discover a new civilisation and hold an expert opinion about other ancient ones. Ruins, how ancient civilisations such as the Harappan or the Mesopotamian civilisation have always held me in wonder. Studying Archaeology at Deccan College Post-Graduate & Research Institute was a fruitful experience. I went for a month-long dig to Farmana, a Harappan site, in Haryana. I obtained invaluable insights into how the Harappan people lived. Some of the other places we were taken to are the temples at Khajurao and Ajanta and Ellora caves. Learning more about the artwork was fascinating. Finding a job as an Archaeologist in India proved to be as hard as discovering a dinosaur. Lack of placement cells in colleges doesn’t help. This said as an Archaeologist can be driven knowing he or she can have a hand in altering human history.

Malay Vadalkar Sound Engineer, Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata I happened to have a liking towards filmmaking and the most troubled area seemed to be the sound section. This created a kind of irresistibility in me towards pursuing it. At a very young age, I started off as an Electronic Dance Music artist and then later, found my liking towards the field of sound in general. With having done this course from SRFTI, I would be able to pursue almost anything and everything that is related with this medium - Films, Music, Live shows, Acoustics, Psycho-acoustics, Hydro-acoustics, etc.

We would love to know your views on the topic.


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Bara ka peeple, Sutti javal javal over, IPL pan over and baap re baap ukaada also. Ata only Rain Rain go away. Wet hone is different fun only, and kanda is cheap now, so unlimited bhajji in the rain lavkarach. And aika Istudense road is ghasarda, so helmet wear compulsory during tawalkya. Nu Nu caledge also begin ata, do study pan, ani help mummy with bhaaji pan. KAI? Haaa.

Twitterpanti Keh Ke Pehno @coolfunnytshirt A lot of people think IRCTC’s tagline is ‘This webpage is not available’. Supaar @supaarwoman An Indian wedding reception must be the happiest day of vanilla ice cream’s life.


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Frootoo Vajpayee @Oinkoo Chel,sea you tomorrow. Man U are too funny.


Keep expensive objects out of reach. Or, simply, put them in your cupboard for the evening. Unless your idea of a house party is having a quiet dinner with your pals, your friends could risk breaking those priceless items. Just saying.

Bean bags

CHINESE LIGHTS Place a series of cheap Chinese lights into your old glass bottles and put them on. You’ll be amazed with the ambience they create!

They look cool, are super-comfy and, so cheap! Red, black, blue or printed, bean bags are the ultimate party must-haves. Also, purchase a couple of cotton mattresses to go along with them.



Unless you own a China-made cell phone, your phone speakers aren’t enough to set the mood of the evening. But, here’s the alternative – Funky, portable speakers! They can easily be purchased online and, are so cheap, you might want to cry! Now, I won’t say they’re long-lasting and come with a warranty. But hey, student life is all about quantity over quality. Don’t you agree? Also, if you live in an apartment, those tiny portable speakers may just turn out to be a blessing for your neighbours!

Living in Pune, on a budget? Why go out and party when you can bring it to your house?



A tube light or a fluorescent bulb is a major put off (forgive the pun). But then, I have never invested in lamps! A killer idea to turn your living room into a psychedelic junction is to cover your bulb with a coloured, translucent polybag. Do it and you’ll see. FYI, the red-coloured Pune Central polybag works just perfect!

I’m not a fan of paper cups. They’re so weak and, look awful! So, why not pick up a set of six classic glasses for your drinks from that grocery store nearby? Today, almost every grocery store sells glassware at astonishingly cheap rates. A stroll through Lakshmi Road and Tulsi Baug will amaze you with their collection! Get funky and startle your friends with some awesome collectibles.

 Veethi Telang

’ve been living on my own in a one-bedroom flat in Pune for the last five years. My cocoon of an apartment has given me enough memories to last forever – some amazing and some depressing. Regardless, I can tell you one thing from my experience, house parties rock! Despite having been to most nightclubs, bars and lounges across the city, I could never really become a party animal. I would any day take a cozy, comfy house party with enough food and drinks to last for two days, over dancing with strangers in a club with blaring music. Also, house parties are cheap, especially, when you’re paying a fortune as a tenant.


As for food, unless you’re living in a remote corner of the city, Pune is loaded with midnight food delivery options. Order away and have delicious food delivered right at your doorstep!

So, when my next monthly paycheck is eons away, I know how to roll the ball. Four friends, four bean bags, a terrace, an upbeat playlist, psychedelic lights and a drink in hand. If you’re a newbie to the city, kick-starting your college life or just relocated to Pune for a new job, there are various ways to make it one hell of a house party without breaking the bank. Minimum investment, maximum fun!



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 -Men – Days of the X Future Past

It is fireworks!

Recommended for your enemies


Red Bar


Not half bad!

Order in

Gourmet It Up

Dining experience upgraded

Burger Barn Café, FC Road


Order in

Tasty Khana

Comfort food delivered at your doorstep


Photo: Steven Depolo Used under Creative Commons License


I Failed at

Unshackling a Girl Child


know a lovely lady who used to help my family run our home. I stole her from my mum and asked her to help me run my home when I got married (Sorry, ma). This lady has two children, a girl and a boy. The girl is about 8 years younger than I am. She’s sharp, shy and beautiful. She used to kill time at our home while her mother was busy cleaning it. She would ask me to help her with her homework and, more often than not, we would end up playing ‘School’. I did help but also acted like a mean old teacher. I gave her crosses and poor marks with a red ballpoint pen in her notebook. I scolded her when she wouldn’t be able to solve a mathematics problem that was way too complicated for a child her age. Yes, I was a spoilt little brat sometimes. I remember this one incident when I was helping her read from a fairytale book. She kept trying to pro-


Educate a girl child and the world will follow.  Apeksha Bhagchandani nounce the word ‘treasure’ and it repeatedly came out as ‘trejer’. After a few trials, when I thought she just wouldn’t get it right, I got up in a huff and ran off to play with my friends. She didn’t come home for 3 days after that, but, when she did on the fourth day, her first words to me were “Didi, treasure”. Bang on girl!! I looked at her and she beamed with a grin that would forever be

etched in my memory. Instead of giving up on a language she never felt needed learning, she struggled with that one word till she got it just right. This charming, enthusiastic girl was told to stop studying and get married at the age of 18. She never protested because she didn’t know she had other options. Not that her protest would get her anywhere. It’s not that her family had any ill feelings towards her and wanted to send her away. And, not that money was an issue either. That aspect could have easily been taken care of. Although the mother loves both her children to absolute bits, she was worried about what their community would say when they saw an unwed girl of 18 still living at her parent’s home. Believe you me, I tried stopping her mother and extended family from doing that to the child. All of my


#ACTPUNE marry her off just yet. Do you think this one case would change the mind of a neighbouring mother? Maybe two after that? I certainly believe it was possible. Who knows where this bright young girl would be today if she were given a shot at education. Who knows where how many girls will be tomorrow if they’re given this opportunity.

pleas, harsh words, explanations and requests fell upon deaf ears. Each of her family members had a similar reaction to my protest; she does not need to study! What will people say! She’s 18! She needs a husband! She can even cook now! So on and so forth. Well, congratulations little girl. They got her married within months of the decision. She had her first child a little after she turned 19. She had her second child a couple of years after that. How nice for her, no? A husband, a new family, two kids before she’s even 20 years old.

I have rarely felt as helpless as when I did when I could not convince the girl’s family to let her study further. Even though years have passed, I still wonder what I could have done differently to make it happen. I’ll simply end by requesting you to give your best shot to convince the parents of one girl child to let her study and get an education. Start with people you know. Start with your neighbourhood. Start with one Puneri mulgi and the country will follow.

Please understand, I am not against marriage and a family and only for education. But, can’t a girl have both? I know that many of us do but, why only the ones who can afford to? Her brother, on the other hand, must study till he is capable enough to get a job so he can support another girl who will be forced to quit school and get married.

How do you think one can persuade a family to let their girl receive an education?

I wish I had succeeded in convincing her family to let her study and not Photo: r.nial bradshaw Used under Creative Commons License

Photo: Johan Bichel Lindegaard under Creative Commons License



GRANDMASTERS of the city  Team Pune Unltd.


on’t you think “Oxford of the East” is getting pretty old? We’re sure we can come up with something new-fangled and make it stick. Anyway, coming to the point, Pune has always been a bustling education landscape and the oldest and finest colleges and universities have enriched the city’s cultural aura. So, we’ve picked the most magnificent academic organisations that have and continue to set benchmarks for educational institutions across the world.


Photo Courtesy:

University of Pune Established: 1948 “The University stands for humanism and tolerance, for reason, for adventure of ideas and for the search of truth. It stands for the forward march of the human race towards even higher objectives. If the universities discharge their duties adequately then it is well with the nation and the people”. These words by Jawaharlal


COVER STORY academic departments and is affiliated with about 307 recognised research institutes and 612 colleges offering under-graduate, graduate and PG courses. The campus is exceptionally beautiful and picturesque. The lush green lawns adorned with beautiful fountains of the British times and the majestic main building of the University are a constant source of attraction to the aesthetically oriented people of Pune. The University has made a significant impact in various areas of research and teaching, and continues to strive for excellence.

College of Engineering Pune (COEP) Established: 1854 Hidden amidst the various flyovers, buildings and ongoing construction work near Sancheti Hospital Chowk is Pune’s oldest and eminent engineering college. This reputed college is affiliated with The University of Pune and was granted autonomous status in 2003. One of the most prestigious colleges in India for engineering, COEP is the third oldest institute in Asia. It was started during the British era for training subordinate officers to aid

Photo Courtesy:

Nehru embody in them the guiding principle of Pune University. Established on February 10, 1948, the University of Pune is situated on a campus of 411 acres. The University is built on a campus of historic significance. The battle of Khadki was fought at the same location and in 1864, the main building that exists today was the Governor’s house. Being one of the finest and largest state universities in India, it has an excellent set of programs to offer students across the country and the world. With its state-ofthe-art facilities, it provides an ideal atmosphere to pursue courses in various areas of Science, Arts, Commerce, Languages, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Law, Management and Technology. It houses 46

Image Credits: Chinmay Datar

in construction of buildings, dams, canals, railways and bridges. Today, COEP is in the forefront, not only due to its high educational standards but also its facilities and presence in extra-curricular activities. The college gymkhana is one of the oldest in the city (established in 1914) and various sports events and annual gatherings are held here. It holds festivals like MindSpark (annual technology festival), ZEST (annual sports competition) and, has a strong presence in other cultural competitions like



Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia Used Under Wikimedia Commons License

Firodiya Karandak, Purushottam Karandak and Mood Indigo. COEP is also one of the few colleges in the world which holds an annual regatta (boat races).

Fergusson College (FC) Established: 1884 The institute, known for its iconic architectural buildings and high educational standards, has the distinction of having an alumni to boast of. Formed under the Deccan Education Society (DES), Fergusson College was established in 1884. Its founding members include freedom fighters and notable leaders like Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Vishnushastri Chiplunkar, Gopal Ganesh Agarkar and Mahadev Namjoshi. It was created to modernise education system in India to fight against British Imperialism using democratic means. Other eminent students here include Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (a well-known freedom fighter), SM Joshi, Vitthal Ramji Shinde, PV Narasimha Rao (9th Prime Minister of India), Shriram Lagoo (noted actor) and Pu La Deshpande (exceptional Marathi writer, dramatist and orator). The institute has Botanical Gardens, Bai Jerbai Wadia Library (housing over 3 lakh books and research journals), NM Wadia Amphitheatre, Kimaya (open-air the-


atre devised as per the idea of PL Deshpande) and a gymkhana and huge grounds for sports activities. The institute is ideal for under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate courses in the field of Arts. However, it is also quite reputed for its faculties, including departments of Science, Physics, Mathematics, Junior College, Computer Science, Law College, Microbiology, etc. It also has a strong presence in art circles and extra-curricular activities. Fergusson College is ranked among the top colleges in the state of Maharashtra for Arts and Science, only second to St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Also famous for its close proximity to various famous joints and eateries on FC Road.

Wadia Institutes Established: Nowrosjee (1932), Cusrow (1938), Ness (1959), Neville (1991) Established under the Modern Education Society, the various colleges and institutes under the Wadia name are the epitome of premium education. The oldest is the Nowrosjee Wadia College (est. 1932) which began its journey to propagate quality learning. The idea from Principal VK Joag was supported by industrialist Sir Cusrow Wadia and his brother Sir Ness Wadia. One can opt for degrees like BA, B.Sc, B.C.S, Biotechnology and M.Sc.



Photo Credit:

The Ness Wadia College of Commerce (est. 1959), on the other hand, was incorporated with a small pre-degree commerce class. But, the tremendous response converted the idea into this commerce college. Here, degrees range from B.Com, BBA, BBM (IB), BCA, M.Com and MCA. Apart from these, one can also opt for PG diplomas in Banking & Finance, Taxation Laws and International Business. The Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology (est. 1938) has autonomous (aided) diploma courses including Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics & Telecom Engineering. Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research (est. 1991) provides quality education in MBA, MCM, MPM, MMM, PGDBM and MBS.

Sir Parshurambhau College (SP College) Established: 1916 Started by the Shikshan Prasarak Mandali, Sir Parshurambhau College or SP as it is popularly referred to, is a landmark college on Tilak Road. 80 years ago,


Photo Courtesy:

Lokmanya Tilak played a key role in setting up the college by arranging for land. The Mandali comprising four primary teachers, wanted students from every possible background to come together and study. The areas of study in this college include Marathi, Sanskrit, Hindi, English, German, Economics, Politics, Psychology, History, Geography, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Business Practises, Costing, Accounting, Marketing, Business Law & Taxation, Business Administration, Mathematics & Statistics, Electronics, Business Economics & Banking and Computer Science among others. The college also provides degrees in BBA, BCS, and various post-graduation courses. Their extra-curricular activities include an art club, book club, debate union, student’s welfare schemes and commerce, etc. They also hold a formidable reputation in the annual Purshottam Karandak, a drama contest of repute in Maharashtra. Students can avail facilities that include a separate boys’ and girls’ hostel, library, up-to-date labs, gymkhana, a cricket ground and a badminton court.



Fitness with PUFA The Pune United Football Academy or PUFA is making sure that passionate young footballers in the city get a chance to show their flair. Isn’t that a cool reason to get fit?  Sapna Sarfare


es, cricket is the lifeline of India but, football is rapidly gripping the nation. It is a fun and exciting option to stay fit. With the 2014 FIFA World Cup fast approaching, we look at a Pune-based organisation which has been in the forefront to spread the love for football in the city – Pune United Football Academy (PUFA). Here, young players can get the best training to reach great heights. Elic Turner of PUFA tells us about the game and the organisation. PUFA is meant for developing young footballers with quality sessions conducted as per the English Football Association and aiding young talent to play at a national level. PUFA provides state-of-the-art facilities and all-round development to aspirants. Training also includes health development, personal development, game spirit and so on. They also include the student’s family to be a part of the child’s passion in every way possible. “Children from the age of 5-18 years can join our academy and senior players up to the age of 26 can join our club,” reveals Elic. The best part, according to Elic, is that the game can be a fantastic way to work out in a fun manner. “It increases aerobic capacity and enhances

cardiovascular health, reduces body fat and improves muscular tone, builds strength , flexibility and endurance and increases muscle and bone strength.” Their various camps for students and trainers are quite interesting. At present, there is a Summer Camp. There will also be an Elite Player Camp 2014 for those whose football practise levels are better and want to excel in every sense. All this is possible here, thanks to their UEFA and FA trained coaches. They also have winter camps and an international camp where talented players have trained with the Bolton Wanderers Football Club. “The cherry on the cake is our own Champions League where teams play in a league format similar to international leagues. This starts in October and matches are played every Sunday  upto February,” Elic reveals. On a parting note about PUFA, Elic quips, “About our plans, one life time is not enough. There are lots of plans. But in the near future, we will be looking to have our very own ground and similar training centres in every corner in Pune.” Amen to that!


Photo: Rajkumar1220 Used under Creative Commons License

Tribal Development

Do what you love, love what you do

A Post Graduate Diploma in this field aims at discussing issues concerning the tribes in India and exploring alternatives for their empowerment. The course involves understanding the existing models of tribal development to make suggestions for more liberal and inclusive policies for the development of the tribes. Students will be able to develop their analytical skills, which will also help them propose solutions to problems in planning and implementation of the programmes for tribal development. The faculty at University of Pune disseminates information on the best practices in rural development through periodicals, reports and publications.

Students’ preferences for higher education is no longer limited

Address: Department of Adult,

to run-of -the- mill courses. They are looking beyond common streams and exploring new avenues which can breed creativity and provide different ways of looking at the usual or mundane.


 Sharan Garcha

raditional careers in academics, science, engineering, medicine, management and civil services are still in place. But, the trend of unconventional careers is also picking up among youngsters, thanks to the expansion of academic horizons and vocational training. Today, an increasing number of students are opting for professions they feel would be fun besides providing a comfortable life. And, interestingly, a number of opportunities are available in our city, Pune. Here’s listing some out-of-the-box career options for those who wish to explore new passions.

Sports Journalism Are you a keen sports fan? With India hosting a slew of sporting events like Commonwealth Games, IPL and Hockey World Cup, the demand for sports journalists is on a rise. Almost all newspapers, news and radio channels, magazines and sport portals have a need for good and well-trained sports journalists. As a sports journalist, you can combine your passion for sports with a highly rewarding career, working for newspapers, radio, television or even online platforms. With a diploma in sports journalism, you can develop your writing, interviewing and reporting skills in multiple media formats and actively engage in field internships to build professional contacts and gain an insight into the profession.

Address: Department of Physical Education, University of Pune, Ganeshkhind

Continuing Education and Extension, University of Pune, Ganeshkhind

Contact: 020 – 25601277, 25692651, 25690569 Email:

Food Analytics To train professionals for development, implementation and auditing of Food Safety and Quality Management, JRVGTI offers certificate courses in Food Analytics in Food Processing & Safety Management. The courses are provided in collaboration with National Agriculture and Food Analysis Research Institute. They provide basic knowledge in food processing and safety management. The Institute provides an opportunity of learning under professional experts, carrying out useful practical exercises, extending intellectual reach through discussions, seminars and field visits.

Address: Fergusson College Campus, Near IMDR, BMCC Road, Fergusson College Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India- 411004


Contact: 02025690343


Photo: Keith Ramsey Used under Creative Commons License



Performing Arts Want to study music, dance or drama at a university? Dance, drama and music degrees offer ample opportunities to balance performance with reflection. A degree in performing arts gives graduates the opportunity to combine their creative talents with the practical aspects of self-promotion and arts management. This mix of disciplines is a good preparation for the tough world of artistic performance. The uniqueness of courses like a BA in Performing Arts is very evident, as it is for the first time in India, that full-time professional & residential courses in Dance, Music and Theatre are offered to students under one umbrella.

Photo: Tathagata Journeys Used under Creative Commons License

Address: Department of Performing Arts, (Lalit Kala Kendra), University of Pune, Ganeshkhind

Apart from these college-based courses, there are also a few quick offbeat options that students can pursue to explore diverse interests and nurture one’s talent beyond the academic and work environments.

Contact: 02025632182 / 0202560s1163/62

DJing Do you love music and are good at expressing yourself through it? Becoming a professional Disc Jockey might just be the career for you! As there are no specific courses designed for learning tricks and techniques required for this profession, anyone with a good sense of popular genres of music and excellent communication skills can build a career in disc jockeying.

Photo: Abby Stanglin Used under Creative Commons License



The International School of Aesthetics and Spa offers certified training in various aspects of the beauty industry. The practical modules are designed to prepare students for a career as a beautician, therapist, hairstylist, makeup artist and spa treatment expert.

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) conducts short, job-oriented courses in fashion retail management, fashion and clothing technology, fashion entrepreneurship

Photo courtesy:

Photo: Thomas Kohler Used under Creative Commons License

With numerous opportunities in every field, students go for careers that tap their talents and potential. The idea of making a career in the same old fields is now being replaced by honing one’s passion and even making money out of it!




Scaly-breasted munias take a dip to cool themselves on a hot afternoon... Photographer: Rohan Joshii


A peafowl seen in Vaijayanti’s garden at Khadakwasla. Photographer: Vaijayanti Gadgil





The bright lights seen at the fair organised near Z-Bridge, Pune. Photographer: Kshitij Lawate


A tiny glimpse of the glory statues at Bhuleshwar Temple once had. Photographer: Soumitra Inamdar




era Developments is making strides in the real estate business since 1970. At the moment, the spotlight is on their new project for those with kids. It is called Song of Joy which happens to be a part of Gera’s GreensVille, with GardenVillas, SkyVillas and Trinity Towers at Kharadi. It is an intriguing project with 240 homes over four towers of 15 floors each. These 2 & 3 bedroom houses of 1230 sq ft and 1660 sq ft each have interesting facilities for children which can be found nowhere else. At the child-centric homes, they have a tie-up with celebrities like Vishwanathan Anand, Mahesh Bhupati, Shankar Mahadevan, Shiamak Davar and Anil Kumble for celebrity academies and professional coaching. Rohit Gera, Managing Director, Gera Developments, elaborates on the project, along with the other things in their kitty. The concept for the Child-Centric Homes came from their in-depth research, in finding the challenges of parents. “Very high on the list was the fact that they are stressed

With Child radi, one c home. Roh more abou

about giving their children the best exposure to various development disciplines. They also faced challenges in co-ordinating drops and pick-ups due to work stresses and timings. We, therefore, decided to develop a new category called Child-Centric Homes. We believe that the highlight is the holistic 360°approach to family living”, explains Rohit. “Our launch price per square foot is Rs. 6000. We are looking at the completion of this project in 27 months from June, 2014 onwards. A few of the amenities offering the best intellectual, physical and vocational coaching at the doorstep are: Shankar Mahadevan for Music, Shiamak Davar for Dance, Vishwanathan Anand for Chess, Mahesh Bhupati for Tennis, Anil Kumble for Cricket and Dale Carnegie for Personality Development along with other tie-ups for swimming, arts, dramatics etc. Apart from these amenities, children will also have offerings

d-Centric homes at Song of Joy in Khacan bring the true essence of family in a hit Gera, MD, Gera Developments speaks  Sapna Sarfare ut it.

challenge though is where there is rampant illegal construction. All in all, I feel that considering the fact that we are a developing nation, we will continue to see infrastructure follow people rather than it precede them.” He further adds, “The residential property market in Pune has maintained its momentum even in a challenging economic environment and managed to outshine several key markets in the last two years. The market has seen tremendous diversification in terms of the types of projects and, continues to offer a variety of options to investors as well.” Rohit speaks with immense pride of the strong bond between Gera Developments and their customers. “Innovation has been our hallmark. We have introduced the five-year warranty on real estate, insurance of buildings for three years, Pune’s first intelligent commercial building - Gera Legend and series of IntelliplexesTM in Goa, the first shopping mall in Pune - Gera Plaza and yet again, we have created a breakthrough in innovation. Our values and business ideals have stood the test of time. Through our journey, we have reiterated our core values of trust, quality, and customer first and innovation in all that we do and every one of our projects are testaments to this fact”, he states.

like Vedic Math, age-specific computer labs & gaming rooms, Yoga, BMX, Skateboarding, designated Gurukul areas, resident granny facilities,” Rohit quips in. One wonders if these celebrities might have limited time for coaching. Rohit dismisses the thought and reveals that each of them is committed to coaching. “They are aware of their name and reputation that they have built up with great effort and each realises that in case they are not able to provide quality coaching, their name will be impacted. This is a huge motivator for them to ensure that quality training is imparted.” From the real estate point of view, Rohit feels, the city’s urbanisation has framed Pune from a retirement paradise to a tier-2 metropolis. “As a developing economy, we see people moving into an area and, infrastructure follows. The key drivers in Pune namely IT, Manufacturing, Auto and Education have ensured that Pune is already a magnet for professionals from across the country. From my vantage point, I see infrastructure in Pune has kept up extremely well with the growth of the city. The huge

With the Child-Centric homes by Gera Developments, Rohit concludes, “the concept is innovative and demonstrates the sign of the changing times by catering to the needs of today’s young home buyer and enabling a new way to live. We believe, this concept has the opportunity to establish a paradigm shift in the industry, and hence, we hope to implement this at the earliest. We will first implement it in Pune at Song of Joy and later in Bangalore.”


Maggi 2.0 I think we Indians can do more with Maggi than Italians with Pasta, hai na?  Apeksha Bhagchandani Every time I’ve decided to go on a diet, I’ve kept Maggi as the one exception for my ‘cheat’ day. A pretty good reason for my diets to go right out the window but, that’s beside the point. Although the classic style of making Maggi is still heaven in a bowl, I’ve been experimenting with varied ingredients for a while now. It began with simple additions like salt, mirchi powder, soy sauce and hot ketchup. Over the years, my concoctions got ‘wilder’. Some turned out to be revolting, while others weren’t half bad. Here’s listing two of my favourite recipes from the latter set!

Hot, Indonesian style Maggi Ingredients (Serves one) ÎÎ 1 pack of Maggi noodles ÎÎ Maggi seasoning ÎÎ Half a cup of finely chopped spring onions ÎÎ Half a cup of cubed and fried Tofu (If you like seafood, substitute with fried shrimp or prawns) ÎÎ 1 finely chopped red chilli (2-3, if you like your food insanely spicy) ÎÎ An egg (optional) ÎÎ Some soy sauce ÎÎ Half a tsp of Jaggery (reduce to a pinch if you want it less sweet) Method Boil the Maggi noodles but, make sure you don’t overcook them and set aside. In a semi-hot pan, add the onions, fried tofu/shrimp/prawns, chillies, egg and, stir-fry. Add the noodles, a dash of soy sauce and the seasoning. Mix well for half a minute and turn off the flame instantly. Photo: jeffreyw Used under Creative Commons License

Spicy, Puneri style Maggi Ingredients (Serves one) ÎÎ 1 pack of Maggi noodles ÎÎ Maggi seasoning ÎÎ 1 tbsp butter ÎÎ 2 finely chopped green chillies ÎÎ Half an onion (chopped) ÎÎ 1 tomato (chopped) ÎÎ 2 tbsp of chopped coriander ÎÎ Half a tsp red chilli powder ÎÎ Half a tsp Garam Masala powder ÎÎ Half a tspn cumin seeds ÎÎ Water (Amount depends on how dry/wet you like your Maggi) Method Heat the butter in a wok. Add the cumin seeds, onions and green chillies and stir-fry till the onion turn golden. Add the chopped tomato and the masalas, including the Maggi seasoning. Let the mixture cook for a couple of minutes. Pour the water and bring to a boil. Add the Maggi noodles and chopped coriander. Cook till the noodles are ready.


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Pune’s pracheen varsa:

Kelkar Museum Discover the heritage of Pune as we talk about the museum that showcases the private collection of one man...  Vedvrat Shikarpur


would often wonder what lay within the red building located in one of the crowded gallis of Shukrawar Peth. It was only a few months back that I realised that it housed a grand museum. The museum is a magnificent treasure of India’s arts & craft, architecture, artefacts, heritage and a link to our past. It would take approximately 2-3 hours for someone to see every exhibit in the museum. It is astonishing to know that the huge compilation of objects all around India is the private collection of one man, Padmashree Dr. D. G. Kelkar (affectionately known as Kaka). The collection is dedicated to the memory of his son Raja, who died an untimely death. It holds about 21,000 artefacts which Kaka personally gathered from across the country. The museum houses sculptures, paintings, lamps, ivory and terra-

cota objects. However, the unique part of the museum is the various household objects on display. There are innumerable types of kitchen utensils, writing implements, earthenware, toys and ornaments. For example, the museum has wonderfully sculpted foot scrubs, nutcrackers and range of sarees with different patterns and zari work, telling us about the bygone era and the many instruments used at that time. What caught my eye was the various doorways displayed across the museum. Each door has a unique design, colour and a remarkable history to it. The wood carvings of windows and doors leave you spellbound, as does the exhibit showcasing an array of weaponry used by the Peshwas and Marathas. The exhibit of musical instruments was a delight too, for it housed many types of instruments that are rarely played today. It has Keshavrao Bhole’s khol, Pannalal Ghosh’s flute and tanpuras

of Bal Gandharva and Sawai Gandharva. What also stands out in the unique museum is a particular oil painting of a lady, dating back to the late 20th century. The eyes and feet of the woman always point in the direction from which you view it. The Mastani Mahal has been recreated at the museum and captures the romance of Peshwa Bajirao and his concubine Mastani. The beautiful setting is the highlight of the museum. Despite being there for over three hours, I had to leave as it was approaching closing time. If you haven’t been there yet, it is a must-visit for casual viewers and history lovers alike. Address: Natu Baug, off Bajirao Road, Shukrawar Peth, Pune-02 Timing: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Contact: + 912024482101, + 912024461556, + 912024474466



'APP'LI MAJJA Gadget freak? Not unless you own the following apps on your smartphone!  Vedvrat Shikarpur Ours is a generation of smartphones. But, have we truly evolved into smart users? Thanks to the numerous apps and the various functionalities of our smartphone, the mobile ceases to be a device just to make phone calls and send messages. I, for once, am not ashamed to state that my life depends on my phone. So, here’s a list of apps that every user of our generation must have. Don’t worry! They’re all free!


Once upon a time, a friend tried to play a prank on me. Knowing I did not have his number, he called me up and tried scaring me into believing he was the police and told me that I was summoned to the police station. The prank backfired, all thanks to Truecaller. The app is a telephone directory of sorts that detects the owner of the number even if the caller is not in your contact list. It also helps you look up unknown numbers and block them. Cool, isn’t it? For: iOS, Android

Don’t you get scolded on a regular basis by your parents and teachers to get your life together and get organised? is a simple app to help you set your priorities straight and complete tasks. Simply add a task, set a reminder and the app will ensure you get your work done! This simple to-do list is a great way to manage tasks and should definitely be in your smartphone. It’s especially handy during exams and to help you be timely with your submissions! For: iOS, Android


Duolingo Add another feather to your hat with learning a new language! Duolingo offers written lessons and speaking practice, has a vocabulary section and most importantly, a “gamified” skill tree to make the learning experience all the more interesting. Plus, it lets you learn at your convenience, like a personal tutor. Try it out, it’s fun and helpful! For: iOS, Android


MyFitnessPal Whether you are a fitness freak or just want to lose some weight, MyFitnessPal caters to both. Reach your weight loss goals with this app that lets you set daily targets, record food intake and amount of exercise and, helps you stay on track. The best part about the app is that it gives you information on the approximate number of calories for many Indian dishes that are not available elsewhere. Download it now and get fit! For: Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows



Wish to impress your friends and show off how you know technology better than anyone? Splashtop will make you appear cool and smart! It allows you to control your desktop or laptop through your smartphone. And this insane app is very simple to use. Just install a desktop version on our laptop/computer and get the Splashtop controller on your mobile. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you’re sorted! So, the next time your friends try to abuse your screen, freak them out by switching off the window from a distance! For: iOS, Android Windows

Craving for a particular dish but don’t know where to get it? Zomato unleashes the foodie in you, as it lets your find the best places around for food and drinks, sorts them according to various categories and, also tells you how much it will cost you approximately! It also shows ratings and reviews of friends and other foodies you follow. Plus, you can review restaurants you visit and might end up getting discounts at particular places for the same. Tempting, eh? For: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry OS

Pixlr Express All hail the selfies! Photography has suddenly got a huge boost, thanks to smartphones and various apps that let you show off your creative streak. Pixlr Express has just about everything you want in a photo-editing app! It has numerous filters, overlays, borders, easy fix options to ensure that your image looks as if clicked with a high-end DSLR. To put it simply; it’s the Photoshop of smartphones! For: iOS, Android

Bookmyshow College life is all about bunking classes and watching a new flick firstday-first-show every Friday! However, we all know how difficult it is to buy tickets at the box office! That is where bookmyshow comes to the rescue. It helps you book tickets online, see movie timings and lets you choose where you want your seats. Other than movies, it also lets you book tickets for plays, events and festivals. For: Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry OS

Foursquare Foursquare not only lets you check into a restaurant, but also allows you to share your location simultaneously on Twitter and Facebook. This app also recommends the best dishes to try at a restaurant, dish reviews and even Wi-Fi passwords for some. Moreover, it shows your friends’ check-ins and their tips at a particular place. So, find great food, share your food discoveries with others an d be part of a helpful community of foodies! For: iOS, Android


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KOLAD Distance: 110 km About: Kolad, a thriving little village in the Mahad region of Maharashtra, is blessed with natural foliage and greenery. Situated in the backdrop of the Sahyadris, Kolad’s magnificent valleys and marshlands give it a picturesque appearance. The greatest attraction of this charming place is the ‘Kundalika River’, which is among the fastest flowing rivers of South India. Water released from nearby dams add to its speedy flow. Kundalika riverbeds in Kolad are ideal locations for adventurous activities. The natural setting of the village is one of the major factors that wins the hearts of visitors and leaves them spellbound.

Hit the Road

Getting there: The most convenient

Time for a quick getaway before school starts

way of travelling to Kolad is via the Paud/ Mulshi road.

Travel Means: Bus/Car/Bike Travel Duration: About 2 hours When trying to plan one last trip before getting back to the daily grind of school, college, classes and studies, why not make it somewhere easy to get to, fun and adventurous? Pick one of these four awesome places that boast of green cover, adventure and tranquility.

For most students, the beginning of the school/college year is just around the corner. But, there’s still more than enough time to fit in one last, quick getaway with your buddies. Here’s listing four places you can visit before you hit the campus again.  Sharan Garcha

DURSHET Distance: 97 Km

About: Durshet, untouched by civilization, lies in the Raigad district. It has the Sarasgad Fort on one side and the Amba river on the other. The latter provides a breathtaking view of the majestic Sahyadri range. Boasting of a calm river, dense forest cover and tranquil atmosphere, this is the perfect place to find solace. A true delight for trekking too! With its rare species of birds and butterflies, Durshet is a wildlife photographer’s paradise. Some adrenaline-boosting activities for adventure enthusiasts include rappelling, river crossing and rock climbing. One can also visit the ancient temples of Shri Varad Vinayak and Shri Ballaleshwar Ashtavinayaka. Durshet is the perfect blend of serenity and spirituality. Getting there: The most convenient way of travelling to Durshet is by road via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway or the old highway.

Travel Means: Car/Bike


Photo: Ankur P Used under Creative Commons License

Travel Duration: Around 90 minutes PUNE UNLTD.



Distance: 92 Km

About: Malshej Ghat is a beautiful hill-station located at a height of 700m above sea level. The rejuvenating climate is one of the major reasons of attracting vacationers. Here, one can enjoy trekking, the waterfalls, rivers and beautiful views. The natural setting of the place adds to its charm. The unspoilt tranquility also makes it an ideal destination for people looking to spend some quality time with family and friends.

Getting there: The Kalyan Junction is the nearest railway station to reach Malshej Ghat from Pune.

Travel Means: Train/Bus/Car/Bike Photo: Elroy Serrao Used under Creative Commons License

Travel Duration: About 2 hours Photo: Ankur P Used under Creative Commons License


Distance 200 km About: Located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, Chiplun is a beautiful, lush green town, the perfect weekend getaway from Pune. Chiplun is all the more beautiful during the monsoon season. During your visit, you must get your hands on jackfruit chips, Alphonso mangoes, kokum sharbat, dry kokum and handicrafts. Located on the banks of the Vashishthi river, Chiplun translates to the ‘abode of Lord Parshuram’. This beautiful town, sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, is a part of the Konkan belt. Chiplun is not only for nature enthusiasts but also adventure lovers.

Getting there: Head to Chiplun via the Mumbai-Pune bypass road towards the Pune-Goa highway (NH4). Government buses will take you there as well.

Travel Means: Car/Bike/Bus Travel Duration: About 4 hours


EVENTS Mediterranean Culinary Voyage Seasonal Tastes brings to you the dishes and drinks of the Mediterranean. Indulge in drinks like Turkish coffee, Ayran and Arak, relish the great taste of authentic Arabic specialties, indulge in intense flavors of the Middle East with authentic Arabic delicacies like Hummus, Falafel, Muhammara, chicken shawarma and more such Middle Eastern delicacies to pamper your taste buds.

The Secret Garden Weekend A two day experiential journey where you challenge your daily mode of life and uplift your spirits by creating a hidden oasis of an imaginary world, where everything beautiful co-exists and magical experiences pertain at each moment of your presence there. When: June 7, Saturday and June 8, Sunday Where: Irish Village Brewery, Pune Contact: +91 9820145435/ +91 9819949023

When: June 6, Friday Where: Seasonal Tastes, The Westin, Koregaon Park, Pune Contact: 02067210000

Millions of Fireflies Find yourself singing the lyrics of the famous song – ‘Fireflies’ while experiencing a breath taking view of fireflies lighting up the forest at Shiswad village. Stay in comfortable tents, swim in a crystal clear streams, weave baskets, chop wood, hike mountains, go in search of fireflies on a night trail and most of all do what your heart desires. When: June 7, Saturday and June 8, Sunday Where: Harishchandragad Fort

Pune Farmers’ Market

Contact: Jayesh Paranjape on 9011040773 or Shruti Karkhedkar on 9028324589

Come, join an innovative, unique and quality food experience with over 75 exhibitors! – fresh produce, cheese and cold cuts, patisserie and gourmet products and lifestyle wares; wineries featuring local and imported wines; Pop-up restaurant (Malaka Spice) featuring a variety of regional cuisines; a Demo theatre, workshops and a live Band. When: June 15, Sunday Where: Westin, Koregaon Park, Pune Time: 11 am - 1 pm Time 11 am

Shadow Puppets Play Shadow puppets as the name suggests are used for story telling, by making use of shadows. They can be either by hand or objects. This workshop will comprise shadow puppets made by paper and bamboo sticks, and how to play with them, using creative thinking and sounds. When: June 15, Sunday Where: Plot No. 20, Survey no 90/2/B and 90/3/B, Behind Bharat Gas, Koregaon Park Time 11 am - 1 pm Age Group: 5 + Contact: +91 (0) 9764 441 478 or +91 (0) 7709 113 678



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The academic year has begun! In this issue, we give our readers an insight into the oldest educational institutions of Pune. Students of the...