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March 2014

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Growing Forward 2 Funding Don’t forget that there are funding opportunities for producers through Growing Forward 2.

Year Two First Intake Opens April 1, 2014 and closes May 1, 2014

Visit link below for more details: A representative from Ontario Soil Crop will be at the Annual general meeting on March 26th in Niagara

Local Food Fund - Funding is available for primary producers There are four project categories for purposes of the Local Food Fund: A) Regional and Local Food Networks B) Enhanced Technology, Capacity or Minor Capital C) Research and Best Practices D) Marketing, Promotion and Education. Please visit:

Health & Safety Updates Worker Safety Awareness Training Mandatory Basic Awareness Training comes into effect on July 1, 2014. Alternative versions of the eLearning modules will be released in multiple languages in May on the Ministry of Labour website In addition, to assist employers in complying with the regulation, the ministry is developing record keeping, self-assessment and knowledge verification tools. These tools are currently being reviewed by focus groups before they are released later this year.

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Worker Hazard Training Program As mentioned in a previous newsletter, the Tender Fruit Board in partnership with Ontario Fresh Grape, Ontario Apple Growers and Grape Growers of Ontario will be developing a program with templates and tools for training workers on hazards related to our industry. This project was funded in part through Growing Forward 2 (GF2), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of GF2 in Ontario. It is anticipated that these tools will be available for growers the beginning of June, 2014. Additional information on Worker Safety Legislation will be provided at the annual general meeting in Niagara on March 26th.

Maintaining Virus Tested Material for the Tender Fruit Industry In 2013 the Tender Fruit Board established a budget for replanting the Essex County Mother Block and a Secondary Emergency Block in Cedar Springs to ensure the industry has clean material for propagation. The on-going maintenance and annual testing of this block to ensure virus free material is available for the industry is costly and can only succeed if supported by the industry. Tree sales (with an additional $.30 per tree) in 2013 did not cover the costs to maintain the blocks. However, Mori Nurseries maintains its commitment to annually test not only for PPV, but other viruses as well. The board encourages growers to ask their suppliers if they are using virus tested budwood.

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Production Insurance Variable weather always poses a challenge to Ontario producers but that’s what Agricorp is here for. If weather or poor quality due to weather is a risk to your farming operation, PI can help manage that risk. Remember your farm is unique and so is your coverage! With the varying weather conditions throughout the province, Agricorp would like to remind growers to call in any damage to their crops as soon as it occurs. Freeze is an insured peril for tender fruit crops. If you have any questions about your PI plan and want to report damage to your crop, call Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999. Or you can also speak with your PI Adjuster to help you fully understand plan requirements. More detail on how this programs works, including obtaining a copy of the Contract of Insurance please see the Agricorp website.

AgriStability AgriStability protects growers from large declines in whole farming income caused by production loss, increased costs, or market conditions. Payments are generated when a participant’s production margin is less than 30 per cent of their reference margin. To enrol in AgriStability for 2014 Send us your completed New Participant Form by April 30. For any of the past six years in which you reported farming income/loss to Canada Revenue Agency. More detail on how this programs works, including additional eligibility requirements and fees, please see the Agricorp website.

2014 AgriStability deadlines Action required


New Participants: Submit new participant form Pay Fee for new or existing participants

April 30, 2014

Cancel your AgriStability coverage Submit 2013 Tax information

June 30, 2014

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Self-Directed Risk Management (SDRM) Ontario’s Risk Management Program (RMP) helps producers manage risks beyond their control, like fluctuating costs and market prices. Under RMP for edible horticulture, producers establish selfdirected risk management (SDRM) accounts with Agricorp to help mitigate farm risk. Producers can ask for a government contribution of a percentage of their allowable net sales.

To enrol in SDRM

Producers, who would like to participate in SDRM, must enroll in AgriStability, and submit a premises ID number, grow an eligible crop in 2013 and have an allowable net sales (ANS) of at least $5,000. More on eligibility and other program details, including how to obtain a premises ID number, can be found on our website.

AgriInvest In Ontario, AgriInvest is delivered by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and is a savings account with matching government contributions. You can withdraw funds at any time to alleviate risk or make other investments. For more information or to withdraw funds, contact AAFC - AgriInvest call: 1-866-367-8506

Announcements & Events

Tender Fruit Annual General Meetings Kingsville- March 24th Simcoe - March 25th Niagara - March 26th

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