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Samsung HZ35W features an AMOLED display and geotagging By Cheng Hung

Samsung HZ35W(WB650)

Although the Samsung HZ36W is not the first of its kind to feature geotagging, it is certainly good to see that more consumer-level digital cameras are adopting geotagging. It features a 12-megapixel sensor and a whopping 15x optical zoom. One of its main features is the large 3.0� AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic light emitting diode) display. AMOLED displays are superior to traditional TFT displays in terms of color, resolution, reading angle and readability under sunlight. This means that outdoor photographers will benefit a lot from this screen, along with its geotagging feature, tagging photos with coordinates of where the picture was taken.

Samsung HZ35W features an AMOLED display and geotagging  

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