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2012 Summer Collection



by Ge Mapa & Selena Salang This aims to capture the nostalgia of handwritten notes. When Ge & Selena were younger, air mail envelopes were the most common vessels for their letters and the feelings that they wanted to express, and notebook paper was readily available to them at school. Doodles, paper games about love, half written lines from poems or songs all went into their notebooks, and, for the braver ones, these pages would find their way to the hands of the intended recipient. These pen-and-paper missives are physical manifestations of their emotions, and Ge & Selena feel that they carry romance and significance in ways that digital mail never can. Their design incorporates some lyrics from Slow Hello that express simpler emotions and are sent using simpler means.

SRP: Php1,295


Selena Salang has no background in art or design but loved art class when she was in school, even if she sometimes asked her Mom to help her out with projects. She sings for indie rock musical group Ang Bandang Shirley and fosters her pet project Slow Hello, which is a more personal, sentimental, lo-fi outfit. She graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in English: Creative Writing and survives as a freelance writer, penning copy or articles for websites, magazines and friends who need her help. She has four cats who all suffer her overly zealous caresses bravely.

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Ge Mapa finds beauty in all things romantic and nostalgic. Her favorite things include music, analog cameras, coloring books, quirky home decor, handwritten letters, embroidery and DIY crafts. Her love for vintage and polkadots often finds its way into her sweet designs and her fashion. She obtained a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Advertising at the University of Santo Tomas and is currently a senior designer at JWT Manila. Her other superpowers involve being mother to two hyper kids and wife to musician Diego Mapa. She also spins lovely indie pop tunes on Wednesdays at Cubao X.



by Robbie Bautista & Cheyser Pedregosa Cheyser is currently fond of dreamcatchers so that’s where the concept came about of using the circular pattern for the main design and having extended feathers on the side. Robbie then thought of coming up with a bohemian look based on what he got from the blogger’s personal style. SRP: Php1,295


Don’t be fooled by the dorky glasses. He’s not a smartsy-pants. In fact, he failed Algebra 3 times when he was in college, because really, what is he gonna do with all those polynomials and factorizations when he grows up, right? Instead, he finished studying Multimedia Arts in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

Cheyser Pedregosa is a dreamer and fashion blogger from Davao. To most, she is the walking Recessionista and the Dream Cheyser. But really, she is just a 21 yr. old interior designer student, food junkie, shutterbug and devotee of life and well, fashion.


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Robbie is 24, clumsy, and socially awkward sometimes. Armed with self-deprecating humor and optimism against the shiz of living in the third world. He illustrates, he designs, he blogs, he travels.

going places

going places by Kasey Albano & Arriane Serafico

For every traveler whose wanderlust can never be satiated: let this pair be your lucky charm to attract magical travel experiences, your compass to lead you to discoveries off the beaten path, and your courage serum to start conversations with strangers. So click your heels three times and get ready for the magic—with these shoes, you’re definitely going places.

SRP: Php1,295

Upon graduating university in 2011 with latin honors, she went on to follow her passion for crafting vibrant and thoughtful work through the digital medium. She has since co-designed a book, created websites, and illustrated for Clinique, Globe, Selecta, and Rogue Magazine.


Kasey now shares a studio at as design director. She dreams of traveling the world and exploring the universe in a big blue box.

Arriane in the world is synonymous to a restless, wide-eyed kid in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory – you just have to swap the sweets with infinite opportunities.


Constantly finding channels for her boundless energy and ideas, you can be sure she’s always up to something – whether it’s (a) working as a government employee in the Senate, (b) blogging about youth, creativity and changemaking, (c) collaborating on new passion projects, (d) teaching dance workshops, (e) getting lost in magical adventures while traveling solo, or (e) jumping and running around in 5-inch heels. Her mission is to channel and use creativity as a tool for nation-building, and to empower other young people to do the same.

artists’ profile

Kasey Albano is a 21-year-old graphic designer, illustrator, and never-giveupper.

kick flicks

kick flicks by JP Cuison & Saan Magalona

On today’s showcase: A double feature like no other! Showing for a limited time only. A gruesome twosome of a collaboration! Pop Vigilante meets Pop Progeny! SRP: Php1,295

jpcuison Saab Magalona’s been a blogger since 2003. She sometimes slaps people on TV. Saab just recently joined the band Duster and they are considered to be the sexiest band in Manila (or so Saab thinks). Her inspiration comes from clouds, local artists and her grade school days.


artists’ profile

JP is highly recognized in the advertising world as he is a two-time representative to the Cannes Young Lions International Advertising Festival. He also had his 2nd solo exhibit entitled “POPZILLA” at Secretfresh, Ronac art center last April 29 2011. He is considered as Philippines’ “gig poster king” for his impressive poster works. He loves designer vinyl toy.

manic mayan

manic mayan by Kitkat Pecson & Patricia Prieto

Something for the modern warrior. This design is deconstructed tribal with patterned pixels, print strips, and wild colors. It’s perfect for exploring the urban jungles and defending against fashion savages. SRP: Php1,295


Patricia Prieto is a 21-year-old personal style blogger, freelance stylist, model, student and designer. She blogs about fashion and anything in between while studying at SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts), designing here and there, styling Julia Montes and modeling whenever possible. She loves life and wants to live everyday to its fullest.


artists’ profile

Kitkat is an artventurer and kaleidogirl from Chicago. She’s also a designer and illustrator. Through her art, she’s explored far-flung corners of the universe and she can’t wait to discover more.

materials: canvas upper • rubber sole

proudly made in the Philippines

Kasey Albano Arriane Serafico Ge Mapa Selena Salang Robbie Bautista Cheyser Pedregosa JP Cuison Saab Magalona Kitkat Pecson Patricia Prieto For inquiries, contact: +63915.804.8683

Women's Skimmers (Summer 2012)  

Women skimmers collection for summer of 2012 by Punchdrunk Panda

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