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Details on packing supplies by the Puma moving company San Francisco Puma movers San Francisco offer the best prices for the products and the services it presents. There are many companies that provide San Francisco movers but all are not competitive enough to match up to Puma moving company San Francisco. Anyone can give you packing and unpacking services but storage and selling of supplies are their speciality. Puma moving company San Francisco has the widest range of services in its industry. From packing residential and commercial stuff to unpacking and storing them, it can take care of all the actions for you. But other than these, the company can also help you with packing supplies. Sometimes a person thinks that he/she can do the packing themselves in a much better manner. But for such actions to take place effectively, one needs the right kind of materials to pack things up. Puma movers San Francisco have made kits according to the number of rooms in the house which have the appropriate number of boxes and supplies that you might need while packing things up. The first kit is a studio kit that includes, 5 small and 3 medium boxes, 1 china box, 2 roles of tape to seal the boxes and a bubble wrap for things that have the risk of breaking while being transported from one place to another. The price of this entire kit is only $90. The second kit is for a one bedroom set and costs $R150. The difference is that you get a larger amount of supplies. Here you get 8 small and 5 medium boxes, 2 china boxes, 1 whole bundle of packing paper, 3 bog roles of tape for all the boxes and 1 bubble wrap for the glass stuff. The next two kits are for 2 and 3 bedroom sets. The difference in the costs is not too large. Where the former costs $210, the latter is priced at $285.The former has 20 small and 10 medium boxes while the latter has 25 small and 15 medium boxes. The smaller set has 3 Chinese boxes while the larger one consists of 5. Since the amount of boxes varies, the bundles of packing paper are also given accordingly. The two bedrooms set kit has 1 bundle of packing paper while the other has 2 bundles.5 rolls of tape are given to the former one and the latter has 7. But 1 bubble wrap remains consistent through all the kits. The four bedroom kit is the largest and so it has the maximum number of supplies. With 35 small boxes, 20 medium boxes, 7 china box, 3 bundles of packing paper, 12 roles of tape and one bubble wrap, it carries a price tag of $385. For the amount of supplies, it is a very small amount. Customized kits are also available. Puma moving company San Francisco is one of the most top class companies in its field. It has the most professional set of workers or movers San Francisco and everyone can be relied on, keeping in view the kind of work they perform. With years of experience, you can trust them for each and every service they offer.

Details on packing supplies by the Puma moving company San Francisco