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triângulos de queijo de cabra, nozes, e mel MAKES 24 PASTRIES

celebrate my friend Alan Dunkelberger’s visit to Portugal, I a colossal dinner for eight in his honor. It was to be my T oplanned rst dinner party abroad, so everything had to be perfect. I

agonized over the menu, drove purveyors crazy with questions in bad Portuguese, and assembled a respectable batterie de cuisine. The afternoon of the dinner, though, disaster struck. My American food processor went up in ames. I’d miscalculated the metric conversions, so I had food for only six people. And, worst of all, the ingredients, which cost a bundle thanks to the sagging dollar, didn’t behave as they do here. My friend José Vilela rescued us by hosting us at his house. The only dish of mine that made it to the table was this fail-safe acepipe adapted from a tidbit at Oliver Café in Lisbon. It was the undeniable hit of the evening. ⅓ CUP CHOPPED WALNUTS 6 OUNCES FRESH GOAT CHEESE 1½ TEASPOONS MINCED FRESH THYME LEAVES 1½ TEASPOONS MINCED FRESH ROSEMARY LEAVES ¾ TEASPOON GRATED LEMON ZEST 1 TO 3 TABLESPOONS WHOLE MILK KOSHER SALT ¼ TEASPOON FRESHLY GROUND BLACK PEPPER ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR, FOR DUSTING ONE 17¼-OUNCE PACKAGE FROZEN PUFF PASTY, THAWED 1 LARGE EGG, BEATEN WITH 1 TABLESPOON WATER

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The new portuguese table david leite  

The new portuguese table david leite