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mousse de chouriço MAKES ABOUT 2 CUPS

Portuguese are just mad about their sausages and press them service in just about every course. I’ve had many versions of T heinto this starter. Some contain a mixture of chouriço, morcela (blood

sausage), and soft farinheira (sausage stu ed with our and pork drippings). Others, like this one, rely solely on the avor of the chouriço to carry the dish—so choosing an excellent sausage is imperative. Spread this on crackers or crisp bread thins freshly toasted in the oven. A dollop onto creamy scrambled eggs isn’t out of the question. ONE 10-INCH PIECE OF CHOURIÇO, LINGUIÇA, OR DRY-CURED SMOKED SPANISH CHORIZO ⅔ cup MILK “MAYONNAISE” OR STORE-BOUGHT MAYONNAISE, OR MORE TO TASTE 5 TABLESPOONS UNSALTED BUTTER, CUT INTO 1-INCH PIECES, AT ROOM TEMPERATURE 3 OR 4 FRESH MINT LEAVES RUBY PORT CAYENNE PEPPER KOSHER SALT MINCED FRESH FLAT-LEAF PARSLEY LEAVES, FOR GARNISH

1. Cut the chouriço into 1-inch chunks. Drop them into a food processor and pulse until the pieces are nely chopped. Plop in the mayonnaise and butter, add the mint, and buzz until the mixture is as smooth as possible.

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The new portuguese table david leite  

The new portuguese table david leite