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escabeche de perdiz SERVES 4 TO 6

friend José Vilela is a culinary iconoclast. If there’s a dish to be cooked, he’s the rst to balk. This classic, M ycherished for example, is usually made with approximately equal parts of oil and vinegar, seasoned with nothing but salt and pepper, and is served cold. José snubs his nose at tradition by concocting his own oil and vinegar ratio, adding a cabinet-load of spices—giving it an unmistakable aroma and avor—and serving it warm. Ladle this over rice, Puréed Potatoes or a bowl of softly oozing cornmeal to sop up the escabeche sauce. ATENÇÃO For a less acidic bite, use 1 cup white wine vinegar and ½ cup dry white wine. 18 PEARL ONIONS, A SCANT 1 INCH IN DIAMETER 4 PARTRIDGES, CORNISH GAME HENS, OR SQUAB (ABOUT 1 POUND EACH) KOSHER SALT AND FRESHLY GROUND BLACK PEPPER 1 CUP PLUS 2 TABLESPOONS OLIVE OIL 24 LARGE UNPEELED GARLIC CLOVES 3 TURKISH BAY LEAVES 1 TABLESPOON CORIANDER SEEDS, CRACKED 1 TABLESPOON CURRY POWDER A ½-INCH THUMB OF GINGER, PEELED 1 TEASPOON GROUND CUMIN TWO 3-INCH CINNAMON STICKS 2 CUPS CHICKEN STOCK OR STORE-BOUGHT LOW-SODIUM BROTH 1½ CUPS WHITE WINE VINEGAR

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The new portuguese table david leite  

The new portuguese table david leite