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camarões grelhados com piri-piri SERVES 4 TO 6

most any seaside joint in Portugal, and you’ll nd these shrimp on the menu. Heck, you’ll nd them in many H itgrilled backyards and even in some swank city eateries. But I like them best on the beach, sitting under a huge Sagres umbrella—Sagres is a brand of Portuguese beer—with a hunk of bread and a cool drink to kill the fire. 2½ POUNDS EXTRA-LARGE SHRIMP, SHELLED AND DEVEINED 1 CUP PIRI-PIRI SAUCE OR STORE-BOUGHT HOT SAUCE, PLUS MORE FOR SERVING 2 LEMONS, CUT INTO WEDGES KOSHER SALT

1. Combine the shrimp and piri-piri sauce in a large sealable freezer bag and toss to coat. Place the bag in a shallow dish and marinate in the fridge, turning a few times, for at least several hours, or, preferably, overnight. 2. Heat a gas or charcoal grill to medium. 3. Thread the shrimp and lemon wedges on skewers and season with salt. Grill the shrimp over indirect heat, turning several times, until just opaque, 5 to 6 minutes. For an extra spike of avor, brush the skewers with fresh piri-piri sauce just before serving.

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The new portuguese table david leite  

The new portuguese table david leite