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lulas recheadas SERVES 4 TO 6 AS A MAIN COURSE, 6 TO 8 AS A STARTER

Portugal’s nearly six hundred miles of coastline, it’s no that blindingly fresh sh is sold at markets all over the W ithsurprise country. But there’s absolutely no better way to eat any of it

than right there on the esplanada, in full view of the boats unloading their catch. The Portuguese are mad for just about any seafood, and squid is no exception. They like it stewed, grilled, fried, or baked. I’ve even seen it stu ed and poached in seawater. This recipe is a classic, and it brings together many traditional flavors: tomato, onion, garlic, presunto, and bay leaf. FOR THE SQUID 2 TABLESPOONS OLIVE OIL 1 MEDIUM YELLOW ONION, MINCED ONE ¼-INCH-THICK SLICE PRESUNTO, SERRANO HAM, OR PROSCIUTTO, TRIMMED OF EXCESS FAT AND MINCED 2 GARLIC CLOVES, MINCED THIRTY-TWO 4- TO 5-INCH SQUID (ABOUT 3 POUNDS), CLEANED (HAVE YOUR FISHMONGER DO THIS), TENTACLES MINCED 1 LARGE EGG PLUS 1 LARGE YOLK, BEATEN 2 TABLESPOONS FRESH LEMON JUICE 3 TABLESPOONS MINCED FRESH FLAT-LEAF PARSLEY LEAVES KOSHER SALT AND FRESHLY GROUND BLACK PEPPER FOR THE SAUCE 3 TABLESPOONS OLIVE OIL 1 LARGE YELLOW ONION, CHOPPED

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The new portuguese table david leite  

The new portuguese table david leite