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raia com molho de pitau SERVES 6

Portuguese are a generous people. While living in Lisbon, I a restaurateur friend I was mourning my life because I T hetold wasn’t able to ingratiate my way into home kitchens to uncover

secrets and gather recipes, as I had hoped. A few days later, I got a call from Maria Emilia Ferreira Pinto, known to all as Mani, inviting me to a party—in my honor. This is just one of the many dishes she made that night. It’s a classic from Beira Litoral, which she served with the requisite sliced boiled potatoes. FOR THE GARLIC-PEPPER OIL ¾ CUP OLIVE OIL 3 GARLIC CLOVES, CRUSHED 1 TABLESPOON GREEN, PINK, AND WHITE PEPPERCORNS, CRACKED 6 SPRIGS FRESH OREGANO ¾ TEASPOON SWEET PAPRIKA ¼ CUP CIDER VINEGAR KOSHER SALT FOR THE SKATE 2½ POUNDS SKATE, CARTILAGE AND SKIN REMOVED, CUT INTO 12 PIECES (ASK YOUR FISHMONGER TO DO THIS) KOSHER SALT AND FRESHLY GROUND BLACK PEPPER ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR, FOR DREDGING 2 TABLESPOONS OLIVE OIL, OR MORE IF NEEDED

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The new portuguese table david leite  

The new portuguese table david leite