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robalo com funcho e laranja SERVES 4

is an adaptation of a recipe from Miguel Castro e Silva, chef & Bear in Porto—one of the most acclaimed restaurants T hisatin Bull Portugal. It’s what good sh cookery is all about: simplicity. I love the intense, fresh avors and the fact that I’m in and out of the kitchen in less half an hour with a company-quality meal worth blogging (and bragging) about. 3 ORANGES ½ SMALL FENNEL BULB, STALKS REMOVED, CORED AND THINLY SLICED (RESERVE A FEW OF THE FRILLY FRONDS FOR GARNISH) 1¼ CUPS CHICKEN STOCK OR STORE-BOUGHT LOW-SODIUM BROTH 1½ TEASPOONS CORNSTARCH, MIXED WITH 3 TABLESPOONS COLD WATER KOSHER SALT AND FRESHLY GROUND BLACK PEPPER FOUR 6-OUNCE SEA BASS FILLETS (ABOUT 1 INCH THICK), SKIN ON 2 TABLESPOONS OLIVE OIL 1 SMALL TOMATO, PEELED, CORED, SEEDED, AND CUT INTO ¼-INCH CUBES

1. Juice 2 of the oranges; you should have ½ cup. Set aside. Cut o the top and bottom of the remaining orange and set it on a work surface. Using a paring knife, start at the top of the orange and follow the curve of the fruit to remove the peel and white pith in wide strips. Slice between the membranes of the orange sections to release them. Set aside. Chop the fennel fronds and set aside as well. 2. Pour the chicken stock and orange juice into a small saucepan, bring to a boil, and cook until reduced to about 1 cup. Add the cornstarch mixture and fennel slices and boil,

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The new portuguese table david leite  

The new portuguese table david leite