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TAMKO – STUDENT UNION AT Tamko is the student union for all students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The Finnish student unions are recognized and regulated by the law on universities of applied sciences. The basic task of Tamko is to represent the students within the TAMK administration and to develop their studies as well as social conditions. Tamko also organizes tutoring, sports services, and other leisure activities. All students of TAMK are welcome to join the student union. The membership provides dozens of benefits, and therefore Tamko has over 6000 members. The members of Tamko receive a national student card which entitles to a number of discounts. Every member of Tamko has one vote and the possibility to become a candidate in the elections of the council of representatives, which acts as the highest authority. The council elects the board which is responsible for the activities of Tamko together with the staff.

Promotion of Educational and Social Affairs The most important task of the student union Tamko is to promote the students’ interests at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Tamko works to improve both educational and social affairs. The most visible parts of Tamko’s work are tutoring and the work of student representatives in the administration of TAMK. Educational affairs consist of e.g. quality of studies, student counselling and tutoring. Educational affairs include all efforts and goals which aim to develop the education at TAMK. The student union cooperates a lot with the administration of


TAMK in educational affairs. Promotion of social affairs consists of improving housing, living, health care and leisure activities. To promote students’ social conditions the student union takes part in social policy debate and operates for example in different working groups. The student union also keeps contact with the city administration and members of the parliament.

YOUR SERVICE Student Card – Hundreds of Student Benefits with One Card As a member of Tamko you will receive the Finnish student card which is a key to hundreds of local and national student benefits. You will also have a fair discount on the services and activities of Tamko. Please note that these benefits are not available with international student cards. You will have the benefits by showing the student card with a valid academic year sticker. The stickers are valid as follows: • 2012–2013 is valid until 30 September 2013 • autumn 2012 is valid until 31 January 2013 • spring 2013 is valid until 30 September 2013 As a member you will have: • About 300 student discounts in Tampere region • National discounts, e.g. -50% off train and long-distance bus tickets • Finnish Student Sports Federation’s benefits • Student lunch in all student restaurants • Tamko’s services and activities at discount prices • A calendar and Aamulehti newspaper for 2 months With the Finnish student card you will also have many discounts at museums, swimming pools, theatres etc. around the country. Your student card can also be used as a library and printing card at TAMK and a charge card at Campusravita restaurants at Kuntokatu campus. Campusravita grants extra discount when buying the lunch with the student card.


As a member you also have the possibility to run for positions and vote in the annual elections of the student union. You may apply for grants for excursions, projects and student clubs. Student discounts in Tampere region Student discount at Finnish Railways Student discount at Matkahuolto (long-distance buses) Student lunch subsidy by KELA Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) Campusravita

Tutors Are Here to Help You There are different kinds of tutors at TAMK who guide and help other students during their study path. All the tutors are trained by Tamko. At the moment there are peer, degree, marketing, experience and international tutors. Even though you can always turn to any tutor, no matter the degree programme or option, there are also tutors that mainly work in English. These tutors are degree tutors and international tutors.

Degree Tutoring Degree tutors work for students during studies. The degree tutor training is available for foreign students of the degree programmes conducted in English, and the training language is English as well. This tutor training makes it possible to make the most of the knowledge and skills of our foreign students. Tamko trains degree tutors during springtime. The training includes the same things as peer tutor training, but cultural awareness and what it is to live in Finland as a foreigner have been taken from international tutor training. Degree tutors should be able to tell new students everything worth knowing. Degree tutors take responsibility for a group of students, and tutor them for the first academic year in cooperation with Finnish peer tutors. Tutors take care that every new student gets along at Tampere University of Applied Sciences right from the first day. Degree tutors are an important factor in making for-

International Tutoring eign students feel comfortable and start studies at TAMK. Degree tutors familiarize students with TAMK procedures and degree programmes, Finland, and Finnish culture and student life. The implementation plan of degree tutoring is the same as that of peer tutoring. It includes taking part in trainings, tutoring students for a year, and writing a report of the work. This amounts to three credits.

International tutors take care that exchange students adapt to TAMK, Tampere, and Finland. International tutoring is a great way of making friends and networking around the world. International tutoring gives experiences and improves language skills. International tutors can also affect the exchange students’ view of Finland at first hand. Reasons to become an international tutor: • Helping others is fun • Language skills improve • Tutoring is fun • Credits International tutor trainings are organized two times a year, in November in the autumn and in March in the spring. Both Finnish and foreign degree students can become international tutors. All tutors are trained by the student union Tamko. Places in tutor training groups are limited; keep an eye on Tamko news!


International Field Tamko’s international work mostly consists of tutoring foreign degree and exchange students and representing the international point of view in supervising students’ interests. We strive to improve Finnish students’ possibilities to go to exchange or do their training abroad, and to help foreign students to make their way in Finland during their studies. Tamko trains international tutors who support incoming exchange students during their time at TAMK. The autumn term of 2012 also sees the first group of degree tutors. They are foreign degree students who have been trained to tutor TAMK’s

English degree programmes with peer tutors. International tutoring is a great way of having international experience, building language skills, and getting to know people worldwide. Tamko’s sub-organization CLINT, Club International Tampere, organizes events and trips for exchange students. Tamko and CLINT also rent survival kits to foreign students. The kits contain basic household items, such as tableware. Tamko’s services and news are available in English.

Survival Kit Tamko and Club International Tampere (CLINT) rent survival kits which contain basic items such as kitchen utensils and bed linen into a student flat for foreign TAMK students. The kit is supposed to assist the foreign students to settle in Tampere. Rental time is 6 months. Prices • 75 € for Tamko members • 80 € for others

Club Activities and Culture Tamko is involved in different kind of events, both as an organizer and as a partner. The most important thing is, however, to organize as versatile culture and leisure activities as possible. Tamko tries to take everyone into consideration to guarantee that majority of students could attend the events. Some of Tamko’s annual events are the initiation rite “Tursajaiset” in the autumn for new TAMK students, and around the same time the Alkumetri party kicks off the academic year. Then Pikkujoulu also known as “Little Christmas Party” is held before Christmas and in the spring the Loppumetri party celebrates the end of

the academic year. Along the year Tamko also helps arranging a variety of other cultural events, such as musicals, and theatre shows. You can purchase tickets for the most events at Tamko office, where you can also just hang out and for example have a cup of coffee. This year is Tamko’s 100th anniversary, and thus the biggest event of the year will be Tamko’s 100th anniversary party. The student union Tamko offers assistance in forming and running student clubs and associations. There are already different kinds of clubs ranging from aviation to partying. The student union offers email


addresses, information regarding administration, and general information on how to run the club and maintain activity. Learning groups and classes may also form clubs if they wish to. Students can also form their own projects to fund different kind of study-related trips, publications, events and such. Project needs to have a clear goal, ending point, and a project plan or a budget. (Culture and Leisure Activities) (Clubs and Student Associations)

Sports Within Studies The student union Tamko maintains both the sports hall and the gym in the L-building at Kuntokatu campus. Students can use the gym and the sports hall in the Lbuilding daily from 7.00 until 22.00 and the sports hall in the R-building on weekdays (Mon–Fri) between 16.00 and 22.00. You can book your turn in TAMK’s Intranet and borrow sports equipment from Solu free of charge. Tamko organizes different sports classes and events free of charge at student friendly prices during the academic year. There are also several sport clubs, such as Sopupallo (Finnish baseball) and Pallo-

mahat (soccer), which are open to all students. If you wish to establish a new sports club, you may apply for assistance from the student union to run it. Tamko is a member of Hämeen Liikunta ja Urheilu sports association. Further information about sports services can also be found at Tampere City website. If you have any suggestions regarding the sports services, please contact the person in charge of sports activities in the student union.

Tamko Office and Contact Information Tamko office is located at Kuntokatu campus, L-building. The office is also known as Solu and it also inhabits the engineering students’ association TIRO and business students’ association TTO. The living-room-like Solu welcomes you with its comfortable sofas and chilled atmosphere to have a cup of coffee or read the latest news every weekday at 9–16. In addition you can borrow sports equipment from Solu free of charge and purchase tickets to different student events. Student Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tamko) Kuntokatu 3, L-building 33520 Tampere 044 382 6561


Katriina Repo Council Chairperson 2012 044 082 6561 Sofia Jalonen Board Chairperson 2012 044 082 6560 Tomi Hyppänen Executive Director Finances and Management 044 382 6560 Emmi Nuutinen Member Services Student Cards, Membership Issues 044 382 6561 Antti Filpus Expert, Tutoring Guidance and Student Tutoring 044 082 6567 Essi Kannelkoski Communications Officer Tamko Topics, Blog and 044 082 6562 Rami Vienola Sports Coordinator Sports Projects and Experiments 044 082 6566

Tamko Disturbance Contacts

Rental Space Tamko has conference and sauna facilities which are primarily rented to the members of the student union but also to other organs within TAMK. The space is big enough to hold a meeting with 35 people. The facilities consist of sauna, conference room, and a kitchen with dishes for 40 people. The rent does not include towels or cleaning.

Have you experienced harassment? Inappropriate, discriminating and insulting talk, messages or emails do not belong to TAMK as they do not belong to any other place of study or work. Harassment can be for example flirting that is going too far, racist, homophobic or sexist behaviour, unwelcome sexual or hostile messages, phone calls, or emails. Tamko disturbance contacts support and give advice to students who have experienced disturbance of any form. Our contacts do not document names and they have full professional confidentiality. Therefore Tamko disturbance contacts cannot discuss their cases even with Tamko’s board. If you feel like you are in need of support, please contact: Andrei Robinkov, Piia Kurki, Send email to both of our contacts:

Price List • Members: Sun–Thu 120 € / Fri–Sat 160 € • Other TAMK community: Sun–Thu 140 € / Fri–Sat 180 € • Others: Sun–Thu 200 € / Fri–Sat 240 € Using the sauna is always chargeable. The meeting room can be used for free by members of the student union on weekdays at 9–15.30 unless the room is reserved.


FINANCIAL AID Financial Aid for Foreign Students

Meal Subsidy for Higher Education Students

If you are not a Finnish citizen, you may be entitled to student financial aid in Finland if • you are registered as a permanent resident of Finland in the population register system and • your purpose for residence in Finland is other than education (for example work, family ties, or return migration).

By presenting a valid student card or a meal subsidy card issued by Kela, you can have a student discount in subsidized student restaurants. Kela pays the difference between the full price and the discount price to the operator of the restaurant. The meal subsidy applies to all TAMK students.

If you are in Finland for the express purpose of attending a school, you are not eligible for the Finnish student financial aid. Permanent residence in Finland is determined by reference to the Municipality of Residence Act (kotikuntalaki/lagen om hemkommun, 201/1994). The purpose of residence in Finland is determined in different ways depending on the person’s nationality.

Student restaurants near Kuntokatu campus: • Café Olive (Pirkanmaan Kansanterveys ry), TAMK, Biokatu • Finn-Medin ravintola (Pirkanmaan Kansanterveys ry), TAMK, Biokatu • Campusravita kahvila (Infokahvila), TAMK, Kuntokatu 3 • Medica Arvo (Juvenes), TAYS, Lääkärinkatu • Medica Bio (Juvenes), TAYS, Medisiinarinkatu • Campusravita ravintola, TAMK, Kuntokatu 3 • Pirteria (Fazer Amica), TAMK, Kuntokatu 4


Student restaurants near other campuses in Tampere: • Dot (Juvenes), liikekeskus Siperia, Itäinenkatu • Huugo, TAMK, Pyynikintie • Linna (Sodexo), TaY Linna, Kalevantie • Minerva (Fazer Amica), TaY Pinni B, Kanslerinrinne • Mortteli, TAMK, Koulukatu • Yliopiston ravintola (Juvenes), TaY päärakennus, Kalevantie More student restaurants, menus and prices can be found on the following websites: • • • • •

STUDENT HEALTH CARE IN TAMPERE Tampere City Student Health Care provides health services for TAMK students studying for more than four months. Studying must be continuous. The address of the student health care unit is Tullinkulma Hammareninkatu 7, 4th floor 33100 Tampere Consultation with a nurse without appointment: Monday–Friday 8.15–11.00 Making appointments and advice over the telephone: tel. (03) 5657 8501, Monday–Friday 8.15–11.00 Reception: tel. (03) 5657 8504



Getting Around with Public Transportation

For most of the students starting the studies means also moving to another city, perhaps even to a new country. If you face conflicts due to renting an apartment, you may contact the customer agency:

Tampere Public Transport develops its services to meet the needs of all residents in Tampere. The goal is to provide a public transportation service which is easy and comfortable to use for commuting to work, school, hobbies, or to other places during free time. As a TAMK student you are entitled to cheaper bus tickets. You can either pay with stored value or season tickets. The stored value ticket can be loaded in multiples of 10 €. TOAS – Homes for students in Tampere IOT Oy – Rental apartments for TAMK students Opintanner – Rental apartments owned by the City of Tampere VVO – Public housing rental services Sato – Rental houses all around Finland Opiskelijan Tampere ry – Tampere for Students

Price of One Trip • Adults (24+ yrs) 1.62 € (normal 2.50 €) • Students 1.18 € (normal 2.50 €) • Youth (12-24 yrs) 1.18 € (normal 2.50 €) Season Tickets • 30 days, adults • 90 days, adults • 180 days, adults • 30 days, students • 30 days, youth

44 € 115 € 220 € 30 € 30 €


STUDYING IN TAMK Timetables for Academic Year 2012–2013 Periods • 1st period 1.8.2012–21.10.2012 • 2nd period 22.10.2012–31.12.2012 • No lectures on 22.12.2012–6.1.2013 • 3rd period 1.1.2013–10.3.2013 • 4th period 11.3.2013–31.7.2013

Other Timetables • Wed 29.8.2012 at 13.00 the opening ceremony for TAMK’s academic year • Thu 20.12.2012 the graduation ceremony * • Degree certificate release dates during the autumn term: 31.8.2012, 28.9.2012, 31.10.2012, 30.11.2012, 20.12.2012, 31.12.2012 (degree certificate release at the earliest on 11.1.2013). • Sat 8.6.2013 the graduation ceremony * • Degree certificate release dates during the spring term: 31.1.2013, 28.2.2013, 28.3.2013, 30.4.2013, 31.05.2013 (degree certificate release at the earliest on 8.6.2013), 28.6.2013.

* There are two graduation ceremonies at TAMK every year (20.12.2012 and 8.6.2013). Both days include two subsequent ceremonies. TAMK will inform students before the ceremony dates.

Staff Days and Infos (no lectures) • Mon 6.8.2012 at 12–15.30 • Thu 9.8.2012 at 9–16 • Week 40 no lectures for technology students • Thu 20.9.2012 at 14.15–16 • Wed 21.11.2012 at 14.15–16 • Fri 23.11.2012 starting from 17 • Thu 7.2.2013 at 8.30–16 • Wed 17.4.2013 at 14.15–16

Teachers’ Free Periods (independent studying) • Week 42 (Kuntokatu 3) 15.–21.10.2012 – Autumn break • 22.12.2012–6.1.2013 – Christmas holiday • 25.2.–3.3.2013 – Spring break • 10.6.–4.8.2013 – Summer holiday • In addition one free week during the spring 2013.


Student Services Offices You can turn to student services offices in almost all study-related matters. They take care of for example student benefit guidance, student admissions matters, transcripts of records, degree certificates, and study certificates. Students can turn to any student services office or study secretary regardless of their own degree programme or campus. Kuntokatu 3 B1-12A, Soili Kivinen (general guidance and counselling, insurance issues), tel. 040 8016 075, Mon–Fri at 9.30–15.15 and Thu at 15.15–17.30. Opening hours: Thu at 15.15–17.30 on 18.8.2011–31.5.2012. Exceptions: not on 9.2., 1.3. and 5.4.2012.

Printing and Copying System at TAMK TAMK’s printing system was renewed during autumn 2011. All new multifunction devices are equipped with secure printing technology. You can send your work from the classroom or office computer to the printing queue. After this, you can release the printout from any multifunction device at the time you want. In practice, you log into the multifunction device with your printing card or by using your personal username and password. You can also release your printouts in other campuses. Remember that if you are a Tamko member, your student card also works for printing and you do not need a separate printing card.

Euro-Based Printing and Copying Monitoring System • Students can print and copy about 40 A4 printouts a month free of charge • In practice they will have a printing and copying quota of 15.75 € a term: the quota is added on 1 January and 1 August. • Unused printing and copying quota is automatically added to the quota of the following term • New usernames will automatically have a printing and copying quota of

15.75 € in connection with creating the username • NB: The new printing system charges the colour print fee only for printed colour pages. The same work can include charged black and white and colour pages. • At the end of studies, the unused printing and copying quota cannot be cashed or transferred to another user.

Price List • Black & white A4 = 0.07e • Black & white A3 = 0.14e • Colour A4 = 0.28e • Colour A3 = 0.56e • Double-sided printout or copy = double price The Campusravita bookshop sells more printing and copying quota at Kuntokatu if the need exceeds the quota awarded for the term. In the summer time when the bookshop is closed (27 May–16 August 2012), the printing and copying quota can be bought from the student restaurant coffee counter. In other campuses, the printing and copying quota can be bought from the student services offices. The printing and copying quota is sold for TAMK students and projects.


Library and Information Services TAMK library operates at all TAMK campuses. Contact information, opening hours and other information can be found on the library web page

Printed and Electronic Collections The library collection consists of both printed and electronic books, journals, theses, sheet music, standards, and audiovisual material. The collection covers the subjects that are studied at TAMK. Printed resources can be found in the library database OMA and electronic ones in the e-resource portal Nelli

Borrowing and Information Services The library’s basic services are free of charge and available to the public. All collections are available to all. To borrow books and other items a library card is needed. On the library web page customers can renew their loans, make reservations and acquisition proposals. The library staff is glad to guide and help in information search and in using the library and information resources.

Study Guide Teaching of Information Skills The latest information can often be found in the internet but finding reliable information requires skills and knowledge of sources. All students are taught information search skills in the course of their studies.

TAMK Theses Are Published Online The theses completed at TAMK are primarily published in the internet. They can be found in the electronic library Theseus:

Libraries as Space Customers can also use computers, copying machines, printers, and scanners in the library premises. In most units there are reading and meeting rooms. Late in 2012 there will be a new library building at Kuntokatu campus. The concept of the library as space has been considered during its design process.

Library on Facebook & Twitter The latest library news can be followed not only on the web page but also on Facebook and Twitter.!/TAMKkirjasto

The study guide is a manual on study related issues. The guide includes all degree programme courses and other important study related matters. For further information on study related matters, please turn to the teachers and student counsellors or if you are one of our students already, see the quality manual Kompassi. The study guide also includes a form with which you can order your transcript of records and certificates easily. The form can be found via the following path: Studying in TAMK > Information on Studying and Studies > Transcript of Records and Certificates You can find the study guide and degree regulations at

Registration for Attendance or Non-Attendance To preserve their study entitlement, students have to register for attendance or non-attendance each academic year. Registration for the following academic year is made through WinhaWille on 1 March - 31 May. Students can change their registration for the spring term through WinhaWille on 1-30 November. The registration for attendance is made automatically for students for whom the vice president in charge of education has granted extension time.


Students registered for non-attendance can use TAMK’s network user identifications and student email but do not have the access rights to TAMK’s facilities. Nor do they have the right to complete studies, and they are not entitled to student financial aid, meal subsidy, travel discounts, or any benefits of the student union membership. TAMK does not organise studies that have ended or been changed during the student’s absence Negligence of the registration obligation means loss of study entitlement. The return of the study entitlement has to be separately applied from the vice president in charge of education with the attached form, and a fee of 35 € is collected on processing of the application. The fee has to be paid before delivering the application

Change of Registration During Term Change of Attendance to Non-Attendance For a justified reason, students may apply for change of their registration in the middle of a term. Change of attendance to non-attendance requires the director of education’s decision. A study certificate and a transcript of records as well as other relevant appendices (e.g. medical certificate) are to be attached to the application. Change of Non-Attendance to Attendance The notification of change of non-attendance to attendance is delivered to the study secretary of the degree programme. Further information and useful links at:

STUDENT’S Academic year sticker = The student card is valid as long as it has an academic year sticker to prove the membership. The sticker is usually valid either for the whole academic year or only for the autumn or spring term. Alkumetri = Tamko’s party for launching the starting academic year on Thursday 30.8.2012. Campusravita Oy = A company which is owned by the student union and maintains the student restaurant, cafeteria, and bookshop at Kuntokatu campus. Tamko’s members have an additional student lunch discount when paying their lunch with the student card. The former name of the company was Tampereen Ammattikorkeakoulun Opiskelijatuki Oy / TAMKOTUKI. CLINT = Club International Tampere is a sub-organization of Tamko (Student Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences). The main mission of CLINT is to enhance the co-operation between Finnish students and exchange students who come to study at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and that way facilitate their adaptation to the Finnish culture. Council = The council is the highest decision-making body in the student union.

It consists of 21 representatives, and its term lasts for one calendar year. A new council is elected yearly in November. Disturbance contact = Tamko disturbance contacts support and give advice to students who have experienced disturbance of any form. Harassment can be for example flirting that is going too far, racist, homophobic or sexist behaviour, unwelcome sexual or hostile messages, phone calls, or emails. Our contacts do not document names and they have full professional confidentiality. ECTS = European credit transfer system. Finnish universities of applied sciences use the European ECTS system. One credit requires about 25–30 hours of studying. Financial aid = Student financial aid is intended to provide an income to students whose parents are not under the obligation to finance their studies and who are not eligible for aid under some other provisions. Finlaysoninkatu = Media students study at Finlayson campus which is located on the street called Finlaysoninkatu. = is the employment service of Finnish universities of applied sciences. Kuntokatu = TAMK’s main campus is lo-


cated on both sides of Kuntokatu. Health care students can be found at Kuntokatu 4, engineering and business administration students at Kuntokatu 3. International tutor = Student who guides and helps foreign exchange students at TAMK. Loppumetri = Tamko’s academic year ending party in April 2013. Marketing tutor = A student who presents TAMK at upper secondary schools, vocational institutions, and different kinds of fairs. Master’s degree = The Master’s degree awarded by a university of applied sciences is 60-90 credits in scope, and requires 1–2 years of part-time study. The prerequisites for applying to a Master’s degree programme in a university of applied sciences are a Bachelor’s degree and three years of work experience. Meal subsidy = By presenting a valid Tamko’s SAMOK student card or a meal subsidy card issued by Kela, you can have a student discount in subsidized student restaurants. Lunch with the meal subsidy can cost 2.63 € at highest. Opiskelijan Tampere ry = Tampere for Students gathers all student benefits,

ALPHABETS apartments, events, sports, marketplace, and city information on a website. Check all the services at PISTOT = Monthly organized student parties by TTO, TIRO and PIRATE. Project = Students can create projects under Tamko and apply for funding. This kind of fundable projects can be for example single excursions, publications, and events that are directly related to studies. 1/2 Q = ½Q (= puolikuu = half-moon) is a part of Campusravita’s restaurant at Kuntokatu campus. It was named after its shape. SAMOK = The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK. SAMOK is a national, politically independent organisation for students at universities of applied sciences (UAS). The organisation is led by students and works to promote students’ interests. Solu = The nickname of Tamko’s office that is located at Kuntokatu 3, L-building. Besides Tamko, Solu is inhabited by TIRO’s and TTO’s board members. Student card = All Tamko members receive a national SAMOK student card that provides them with hundreds of student

benefits and Kela’s subsidized lunch. The student card also works as a useful library card, printing card, and payment card at Campusravita’s restaurants and shop at Kuntokatu. Student health care = Tampere City Student Health Care provides health services for students studying for more than four months in Tampere. The student health care in Tampere is located at Tullinkulma, Hammareninkatu 7, 4th floor. Student union = According to law every university of applied sciences must have its own student union. Tamko is the student union for TAMK students. The basic task of Tamko is to represent the students within TAMK administration and to develop their studies as well as social conditions. Subject association = Students of different degree programmes have established subject associations which organize activities for their members. The most important subject associations for TAMK’s English speaking students are TIRO (engineering students), PIRATE (health care students), TTO (business administration students), and TARINA (media students). Tamko = Tamko is the student union for all students of Tampere University of Applied


Sciences. Tamko Topics = A weekly bulletin which is sent via email to all Tamko members on Mondays. The topics can also be seen as a printed version at Kuntokatu campus. TOAS = TOAS provides affordable and student-friendly homes for the entire period of study. TOAS homes are located in the city centre close to the educational institutions. The TOAS delegation has student representatives chosen by Tamko. Tursajaiset = A must-see ritual-like event for all new TAMK students in autumn 2012. Tutor = Peer tutors are usually secondyear students who want to guide TAMK’s new students in study and student life related issues during the first academic year. Student tutoring, which is coordinated by Tamko, is part of student counselling. Wellbeing week = Tamko organizes a wellbeing week every autumn during which students can try out different sports and enjoy culture etc. During the spring, Tamko organizes a winter sports week.

Club International Tampere is a sub-organization of Tamko.

ween Finne the co-operation bet anc enh to is CLINT of TAMK, and that The main mission who come to study in ts den stu ge han exc operated ish students and nish culture. CLINT is Fin to n tio pta ada ir way facilitate the ational tutors. and many active intern s ber mem rd boa its by

Our main activities include maintaining and supervising the Survival Kits as well as organizing various events for the exchange students.

the new international tutors. CLINT also takes part in training

USEFUL LINKS TRAVELLING: Tampere City Transport Information on rail and bus connections, ferries, and walking routes Long distance buses Trains Tamko’s website Tamko on Facebook Tamko on Twitter Tamko’s blog (unfortunately still mostly in Finnish) Tamko office’s webcam Student benefits and apartments in Tampere region SUBJECT ASSOCIATIONS: PIRATE ry – Tampere Health Care Students TARINA ry – Tampere Art and Media Students TIRO ry – Tampere Engineering Students TTO ry – Tampere Business Administration Students Club International Tampere (CLINT) SOCIAL AFFAIRS: Kela – Information on financial aid Student Health Care in Tampere STUDENT RESTAURANTS: Campusravita Oy Pikante Restaurants Juvenes Sodexo Fazer Amica


LIVING: Consumer Agency TOAS – Homes for students IOT Oy – Rental apartments primarily for students of TAMK Opintanner – rental apartments owned by the City of Tampere VVO – Public housing rental services Sato – Rental houses all around Finland

Tamko Student´s Guide 2012 - 2013  
Tamko Student´s Guide 2012 - 2013  

The Students' Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tamko) - Student´s Guide 2012 - 2013