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MEDrefer integrates with Genie for specialist referrals Online referral tool MEDrefer has integrated with Genie Solutions, allowing specialists using Genie to display their availability in the MEDrefer profile directly from their appointment book. MEDrefer is also fully integrated into Best Practice clinical software for GPs, and the company is currently in discussions with other GP, specialist and allied health software vendors to expand its reach. MEDrefer is a web-based platform that allows GPs to search a directory of specialists and allied health providers by their sub-specialties, location and availability and other factors like gender or languages spoken. GPs can book an appointment for their patient then and there, or provide the patient with a referral certificate listing up to five specialists from which the patient can choose the most appropriate for their schedule and location. MEDrefer managing director Brian Sullivan said the referring doctor does not need to write five referral letters to five different specialists. Instead, one referral letter sits in the MEDrefer system awaiting the accepting specialist to take up the referral. Once accepted, the letter is then addressed to that specialist. It is available for free to GPs, and uses a system of credits for specialists and allied health practitioners to register and accept a referral. It has a directory of over 18,000 providers, but also allows GPs to list preferred specialists through the practice’s existing database. GPs are able to track the status of the referral through email notifications. For Best Practice users, the report is delivered straight into the system, but other software users can still use the online portal to track their referrals.

Queensland disability groups build a social eHealth record Eight Queenslandbased disability service providers have formed a partnership to roll out a shared electronic health and personal record to streamline care management for their clients and to keep all of their information in one place. The organisations have formed a limited company called G8EHR to set up the system, which is based on Extensia’s RecordPoint shared electronic health record. It is being adapted to allow existing social and personal records to be scanned in, along with assessment tools such as an electronic version of the University of Queensland’s Comprehensive Health Assessment Program. The eight organisations – the Endeavour Foundation, Multicap, Cerebral Palsy League, Life Without Barriers, Centacare, Uniting Care Community, FSG Australia and Spinal Injuries Australia – have also contracted the Improvement Foundation to assist with change management and to improve uptake of the system, which they are calling the My eRecord. Multicap CEO Jo Jessop said the impetus behind the development of the system was the common refrain from people with disabilities

and their families that they get tired of telling their story over and over again to a new healthcare or service provider. “We all have shared clients, we all support people who also access services from other organisations and we were talking about how we could make it easier for our clients and for ourselves in capturing and not losing that information,” Ms Jessop said. “We thought there must be some way that we can share information in a way that is secure.”

“Multicap has clients who’ve been with us from the start, and we’ve been in existence for 52 years.” While RecordPoint is a shared health record, it is being used in this project for much more. “We are using it as a social record and that’s why it’s called My eRecord,” Ms Jessop said. “It is designed to allow a person with a disability and their family to save in a central place their stories, information that is relevant about themselves, as well as their health information.

“For many of our clients that have multiple disabilities, who cannot speak, who have challenging and complex behaviours, it is a place to keep that information so it doesn’t get lost. Multicap has clients who’ve been with us from the start, and we’ve been in existence for 52 years. It’s designed to keep all of that information so that it lasts beyond us.” While the individual and their family are in control of the eRecord, they are able to select a care team to whom they grant access, including their GP, specialists and allied health professionals as well as their service providers. Extensia has developed a plug-in adapter called RecordConnect that allows users of medical systems such as Medical Director, Stat, Best Practice, Communicare and practiX to integrate with RecordPoint. Ms Jessop said this would allow GPs to upload information to the My eRecord automatically, and let allied health professionals to add notes. “If the GP software is linked up to RecordPoint, a flag comes up to show that the person has got a shared record. They can then log in and have a look and they can update anything that they might need to through that system.”

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