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June/July 2016

Written in Wednesfield, serving the people and businesses of Wednesfield and surrounding areas

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Editor’s Welcome Letters News In Brief Crossword Emma Phil Bateman Staffs Hoard John Peers War Veteran 24. New Mayor – Barry Findlay 26. Marathon Claire 28. School In Focus

34. Wednesfield In Bloom 38. 65th Anniversary Joy 43. Homes & Gardens 42. Air Space Comp 50. One for the Fuschia 52. Toms Tots Are Two 54. Ray Fellows 61. Library & Tip Opening Times 62. Useful Tel Nos. 63. Crossword Answers

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Dear Reader, While I’d prefer this column was about Wednesfield and the Wednesfield Magazine, recent events have meant that all of a sudden, I’m the centre of attention, but not in the way I would have liked. If you didn’t read the piece in the last issue, I had an operation for bowel cancer in January and had been advised to have a course of chemotherapy. As so many people have been in touch to wish me well as I embark on the treatment, I thought I should update you on my progress so far.

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The day before the magazine goes to print, I have my fourth dose of chemo and so far, I haven’t had too many problems. I’ve been a bit tired and had a little discomfort, but if that’s as bad as it gets, I’ll not complain. I’m now a third of the way through, so a bit further to go yet, but with the support from readers, friends, clients and family, I’m sure I’ll be fine. Thank you all!! In between visits to New Cross, I’ve been working with others to get Wednesfield ready for the visit of the Heart of England In Bloom judges in July. See what we’ve been up to on page 34. Wednesfield says goodbye next month to one of its longest serving Head Teachers. Mrs Wozmirska retires from St Patrick’s after 16 years as Head and nearly 40 years in Education. Read about her and the school on page 28. As always, our advertisers are vitally important to the future of this magazine. Please continue to look at their adverts and if you do purchase anything from them, PLEASE TELL THEM YOU SAW THE ADVERT IN THE WEDNESFIELD MAGAZINE!!! Despite my health setback, it’s business as usual, so we’ll see you in August!!

Simon Competition winners from the last issue; Cineworld – Captain America A Kirby, Colman Avenue, Wednesfield Danielle Burns, Crathorne Avenue, Oxley Jean Mincher, Redcotts Close, Wolverhampton Sylvia Lewis, Broomhill Avenue, Wednesfield Simon Turner, Bluebell Crescent, Wednesfield

John Parrott Peter Bradburn, Whitehouse Avenue, Wednesfield

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Letters & Poems Flowers & Balloons For all occasions

Here’s a few events taking place at Holy Trinity Church - Heath Town.

Dad dozes in a deckchair – Digs ay ready ‘til twelve o’clock!

25th June - History behind the Headstones walk in the churchyard to hear the stories of just a few of those buried there. 23rd July - learn how to get the most from your camera with guidance from a professional photographer in the setting of the churchyard.

After a wesh un’ brush-up, A stroll along the prom , Mom has a gaerm uv Bingo – Sez, “ I ony wanted one!” The Funfair, the pretty lights, The Waltzers un’ Big Wheel, Kids on the Ghost Train – Yow should uv heard ’um squeal!

If you want help with finding a family grave in the churchyard and starting your family tree, come to the church on the 2nd Saturday of each month. There’s also a baby & under 3's clothes exchange on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The Church is open every Saturday from 10.30am to 12.30pm and free refreshments are always available. You will be most welcome if you simply want to have a look around the church, are curious about what they do, or just want a chat with someone.

Dad, now in ’oliday moodKnotted hankie on ’iz yed, Watchin’iz Wife paddlin’Shouts, “Watchaert weer yow tread!” Our ’olidays nearly over – A last walk along the pier, Spendin’ ar last few pennies – Then start saving for next year!

Holy Trinity is on Bushbury Road, opposite the park (look for the church spire), parking is available.

We cor wait for ar nex’ ’oliday, We’m countin’ down the wiks, Pity it ay saerm price, terday – Bed un’ Breakfast - twelve un’ six!

Frank Lockley, Church Volunteer

Trevor Johnson The next item isn’t a letter or poem, but we ran out of space on the News In Brief page, so it’s here instead;

Local Council Elections Here are the winners (and losers) for the elections which took place in May.

‘Olidays Yeers Ago Remember summers, yeers agoo? They wuz really hot! People wuz more ut ease – Sort uv ’appy, with their lot. Families went to Blackpool – Or Margate, in Kent. Mom, Dad, all the kids, Wuz ’appy un’ content. We travelled through the night, Got ter seaside, early morn, Everyone wuz bleary-eyed – It ‘ud ony just broke dawn! The kids wuz all excited – Wanted candyfloss un’ rock,


Fallings Park (Lab hold) BROOKFIELD, Ian (Lab) - 1,171 JUKES, Tracey (UKIP) - 457 NIXON, Peter (Lib Dem) - 120 PISARSKI, Giuliano Ivanov (Cons) – 436 Heath Town (Lab hold) BAMBER, Alan (Lib Dem) - 165 JASPAL, Jasbir (Lab) - 1,097 SIBANDA, Fortune (Cons) - 471 WILLIAMS, Jarrad (Trade Unionist and Soc Coalition) – 177 Wednesfield North (Lab hold) BATEMAN, Phil (Lab) - 1,615 HARRIS, Lee (Green) - 200 RANDLE, Andrew (Cons) – 641 Wednesfield South (Lab hold) BROOKFIELD, Paula (Lab) - 1,540 HALL, Steve (Cons) – 928 See page 62 for a full list of YOUR councillors

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Flowers & Balloons For all occasions

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Bouquets Baskets Hand Ties Wedding & Funeral Tributes Helium Balloons Teddy Bears Silk Arrangements Plants Workshops

Open: 11am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday

Tel: 01902 609292 or 01902 421800

281 Prestwood Road (100 yards from Heath Park School)

29 Silverton Way, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, WV11 3LL

Tel: 07708 655206

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News in Brief Dementia Cafés

Laura’s Skydive

Dementia cafés are where people with diagnosed dementia, their families, friends and carers can meet together to share their experiences and hear talks on relevant topics. There is an information table with leaflets on subjects related to dementia, plus guides to services and leisure activities. They sometimes have speakers from other relevant organisations as well as singers, historians and crafts people. They also serve refreshments.

Laura Kelbie from Beat School Of Dance recently joined friends, Katie Manning and Samantha Turner to skydive from 13,000ft, to raise money for Myeloma Cancer Charity. The ladies raised over £1200 for the charity. Laura admitted “After being very nervous and finally coming down safely it was one of the best things we have ever done.”

The service is free and is provided with support from Wolverhampton Council. 2nd Tuesday of every month: 10am – 12pm Wednesfield Dementia Café Wednesfield Community Centre Well Lane, Wednesfield, WV11 1XT They also have Dementia Support workers who cover the Wolverhampton area; they can be reached on 0121 521 3028.

Wednesfield Community Centre Pop In Pop-In is open every Tuesday 10am - 11.30am. They usually have about 20 to 30 people calling in for a chat and a cuppa. They run a weekly raffle and sometimes do other fund raising things like, 'Guess how many sweets in a jar', ' Name the Teddy' or Guess the weight of a cake' etc. They usually have 3 coach trips a year and recently had 47 people go on a trip to Morton-on- Marsh and Gloucester Docks. They started out at 9.30am and spent 2 lovely hours round the market at Morton and then went on to Gloucester town to be met by tour guides to learn about the history of Gloucester, then on to the docks and Cathedral arriving back in Wednesfield at 7pm. The next trip is to Blackpool on 28th June, with another in September (venue to be decided).


Wolverhampton Gymnastics Summer Course The club will be running gymnastics classes through the summer holiday open to members and none members. Classes will be £15 per session (3 hour class) and will run either 1000-1300 or 1330-1630. Days available are: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays commencing Tuesday 2nd – 11th August 2015. There will be availability for Pre-school classes for under 5 years old (minimum age 3 toilet trained) on Wednesdays only 1130-1300 or 1330-1500 (1 ½ hours classes) Classes will be £6 per session.

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Please see answers on page 63 Across 1 Occur (6) 4 Melodies (5) 8 Concur (5) 9 Letter puzzle (7) 10 Teach (7) 11 Clog, sneaker, pump (4) 12 Stick (3) 14 Repair (4) 15 Uncommon (4) 18 Army unit - special forces (3) 21 Slavic version of John (4) 23 Flexible (7) 25 Legal process to validate a will (7) 26 First sign of the Zodiac (5) 27 Computer to computer communication (5) 28 Tricky question (6) Down 1 Nirvana, Promised Land (6) 2 Scent (7) 3 Green jewels (8) 4 Salver (4) 5 A cardinal point on a compass (5) 6 Cook gently (6) 7 Tier, stratum (5) 13 Percolation, effluence (8) 16 Bunnies (7) 17 Small wave or undulation (6) 19 Haste (5) 20 Minor, not as important (6) 22 Fragrance (5) 24 Moan, howl (4)


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Wolverhampton North East MP, Emma Reynolds talks about the forthcoming EU Referendum. country. It employs thousands of people in a huge engine plant on the outskirts of Wolverhampton by exporting cars to the rest of the EU and beyond. Alongside other major companies, JLR has announced that it supports our European membership. Their chief financial officer has also warned against “barriers” to trade that would arise if the UK leaves the EU.

EU Referendum On 23 June, we will have a once in a generation opportunity to vote on Britain’s EU membership. I believe that we are stronger, safer and better off remaining in the European Union. That’s why I will be voting to remain in the referendum. Being in the EU gives us access to the largest single market in the world, a market of over 500 million people. It means British companies can trade across Europe without paying tariffs or facing other barriers. As a result, we export more goods and services to Europe than any other country – more than to other big economies, such as the United States and China. Almost four million British jobs depend on this trade. We attract investment from overseas companies because we are a gateway to the rest of the European market. The benefits of that investment can be seen here in Wolverhampton. We have lost many manufacturing jobs over the last few decades, but manufacturing is starting to grow again, with one in ten people in the West Midlands working in the sector. Jaguar Land Rover is one of the most successful manufacturing businesses in the

Aerospace is another major local employer. Local companies, such as UTC, are taking on more staff and apprentices. The industry’s trade body, ADS, said that if we leave the EU: “It would become harder to win inward investment and competing with other nations would become more and more difficult.” Even those calling for Britain to leave admit that leaving would hit our manufacturers. Prof Patrick Minford, a leading Eurosceptic, has said that outside the EU “it seems likely that we would mostly eliminate manufacturing,” and that this “shouldn’t scare us.” I do not want to see manufacturing in this country eliminated. I want to see it strengthened. Staying in Europe is the best way to strengthen it. There are many other reasons for voting to stay in the EU. Many of the rights that we enjoy at work, such as rest periods and paid holiday, are underpinned by EU rules. I am concerned that, outside the EU, the government would not give us back those rights. Being in the EU makes us safer. Former heads of MI5 and MI6, together with former police chiefs and army generals, have argued that by working with our closest neighbours, we are better able to tackle cross-border crime and terrorism. These challenges do not stop at the white cliffs of Dover. Pulling up the drawbridge won’t help us to solve them. Anyone who wants to learn more can visit or http://www.strongerin. to find out why the UK is stronger, safer and better off in the European Union

Emma Reynolds can be reached on 01902 397698 or by e-mail on


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In My View Thoughts of Cllr Phil Bateman MBE

status our community here in Wednesfield I hope supports. Attention is now switching to the preparation of the legal agreement between the City of Wolverhampton Council, The Walsall Borough Council and the Canal & River Trust.

Fingers Crossed! We are Almost There‌. There has been a lot of conversations, meetings and work undertaken to progress the Local Nature Reserve on the Wyrley & Essington Canal, a project I first started to try and interest people in achieving way back in 2007. But finally the project is starting to materialise and I am excited that a consultation period where the public will be asked for their views is likely to start this early summer. All the work that has been taking place behind the scenes has been to address and finalise a Draft Management Plan for consultation. My sources in the City Council tell me that a crucial meeting in Walsall with Natural England in April went very well.

As the times moves on and if all the planned steps take place without a hitch, Cabinet approval for Local Nature Reserve designation could take place later this Summer. Many of you may feel that this article is as dry as dust! Well it is.

It’s been a long hard slog to get the project this far. But make no mistake if it goes through. We will have an asset for our community that will be worth every minute of the time spent to get it approved. An asset that will bring many more people to Wednesfield, and will do wonders for the local economy. What we are on the cusp of delivering is the longest nature reserve in the UK! Wow I am so darned excited. Now the next steps will be all about briefing Council Members both here in Wolverhampton and Walsall, about the exciting plans for the length of the Wyrley & Essington Canal and gain Local Nature Reserve


Finally, can I say a big thank you to all the people who helped me get re-elected in the recent council elections. From those that trudged the streets delivering leaflets, to everyone who made the effort to vote. I am very grateful for your support!

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Staffordshire Hoard Comes to Wednesfield

The Staffordshire Hoard (Mercian Trail tour) visited Wednesfield High School for just over three weeks in March and April. The event was organised by Wednesfield History Society and was free to enter. Visitors came from far and wide including one gentleman who came all the way from America – no really!! Jerry Ferguson from Oregon. He was stopping in London and travelling the country visiting historic sites. He picked up on the exhibition via the Staffordshire Hoard website and thought he would pop in to see it on the way to the Birmingham Museum.

found and why it was so significant. Replicas of many of the original items were on show as well as information boards and a short film. Visitors were also encouraged to dress up in clothing that would have been worn around that time.

All those who came along, were able to find out about Anglo Saxon history and to learn about how the Staffordshire Hoard was

To see more photos, visit


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Proud to be a

‘good’ school

St Thomas More Catholic School

‘The school’s curriculum is broad and balanced, and the development of pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding is strongly underpinned by the school’s strong Christian ethos.’ - Ofsted, February 2016 ‘Teachers have good subject knowledge, know their pupils, motivate pupils.’ - Ofsted, February 2016

‘Pupils learn well because teachers plan lessons that stimulate and engage them.’ - Ofsted, February 2016

Darlaston Lane, Willlenhall, West Midlands WV14 7BL | 01902 368798


Moat House Laundry


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Self-Service Sports Kits Bed Linen Large & King Size Duvets

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Ironing Service Large Washer & Dryer Light Commercial Trade Washing

50 Moathouse Lane East, Wednesfield, WV11 3DD

Tel: 0777 5518405 P20

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Atomic Bombs and Kamikazes Veteran John Peers Shares His Memories From The Pacific the form in front of her, making up a story about it being about reclaiming some money for tools for work. When the envelope came back with his instructions to report for training, she cottoned on, but by now it was too late. So, on 30th April 1943, off he went to Butlin’s Skegness (known as HMS Arthur) to begin his induction into Navy life. Next stop was HMS Gosling in Warrington for basic training, which lead to John volunteering for a Foreign Draft. By September 1944 he was ready for battle and travelled up to Rosythe to join his ship, the Aircraft Carrier, HMS Formidale, which set sail to Portsmouth to begin preparations for war in the Pacific Ocean.

John Peers & Malcolm Burke Little could he have imagined what sights he would see as John Peers, who is a member of Wednesfield & Wood End British Legion, took the decision to serve his King and country in World War II. In fact, had his mother been a bit more observant, he probably wouldn’t have made it further than Bilston. John now 91, who was born and brought up at the New Inns Public House in Bilston, was a 13-year-old schoolboy when war broke out in Europe in September 1939. He started working at Boulton & Paul after leaving school and enjoyed his time there, but watched with fascination at the events in Europe and the Far East. When he reached 17, he and his brother-in-law, Syd, decided to try and join the war effort, but he was almost ridiculed by the recruitment officer, when he went to sign up. “Give this form to your Mommy, to sign, then come back” he chuckled. Knowing his Mother would refuse, he needed to catch her while she was distracted one evening, so while she was serving in the pub he shoved


Travelling via Gibraltar, Suez and around Sri Lanka and Australia, the ship soon made its way to join the US Third Fleet in the Philippines, where they practised drills and exercises to be ready for the conflict ahead. In just 6 months, the ship had travelled 112,000 miles and by now, the war had started to go the way of the allied forces after the Japanese were defeated at the battle of Midway. The fleet were to operate to the north-east of Formosa with the objective of preventing the Japanese aircraft from reaching the Okinawa invasion area from the south. On Monday 16th April 1944, John prepared for the first day of operations against Japan. The ships’ 17 Avengers and 36 Corsairs set off from 0600 to bomb airfields in Ishigaki and Miyako. All returned safely. Similar operations were carried out over the next couple of weeks, although inevitably some losses were encountered. Reports of enemy aircraft approaching the fleet, gave everyone a heightened sense of excitement and fear, but none made it closer than eight miles from the ships before crashing harmlessly into the sea. Shortly after, the crew were further buoyed by the news of the deaths of Hitler and Goebbels and the imminent end of hostilities in Europe. Three days later, reality came back with a bang, in more ways than one. Here is an extract of the days’ events from an officer who received the DSC for his part in the events that took place;

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As a terror weapon, these Kamikazes have a quality of their own. One gets the ‘full twitch’ as Air Branch slang has it when, after perhaps ten minutes’ broadcast running commentary on the steady approach of a formation, one hears the dry announcement, “They have split up now and are very close”. Everyone searches the sky with his neck on a swivel. There is not a man, streaming with sweat under his protective clothing, whose hands have not discovered some piece of equipment that needs last-minute adjustment. When at last you see the enemy and all the guns are blazing, it is not so bad, there is still something unearthly about an approaching aeroplane whose pilot is hell-bent on diving himself into your ship. Wherever you are, he seems to be aiming straight for you personally. The plane banked steeply. I saw the red blobs of its Japanese markings. Pom-poms and oerlikons (cannons) opened up with a stream of tracer as it flew down the starboard side of the ship. I thought he was certain to ‘buy it’ and stood watching until he passed behind the island. Then the Jap came into sight, banking hard to close in on the ship over the starboard quarter. His silhouette changed to a thin line with a bulge in the middle and he seemed to hang in the air as he dived for the ship. I had waited long enough and ran fifteen yards and jumped into a hatch to escape the impact. As I hit the deck, an immense crash shook the ship. As I emerged, I encountered a grim sight. A fire was blazing among wreckage close under the bridge. The deck was littered with debris, much of it on fire and there was not a soul to be seen.

Kamikaze Hit

On a clear day in August, John witnessed one of the most iconic moments in history in the form of Enola Gay on its way to drop the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Bizarrely, HMS Formidable had been due to attack an area close to Hiroshima, but this had been cancelled without any information as to why. The reason soon became clear. By 9th August, Russia had declared war on Japan and by 15th August, the war was over.

Enola Gay Formidable made its way to Sydney, Australia to be greeted by crowds celebrating the end of hostilities, which included a Victory Parade through the streets on 31st August. After a few weeks in Oz, the ship travelled to the Philippines, where John changed ships to HMS Victorious, which took him back to England. John was expecting a similar welcome to the one in Sydney, but when arriving back home, aside from greetings from family and friends, there was next to nothing to signify the achievements and sacrifices that had been made by these heroes. As John puts it, “It seemed that most people were fixed on the war in Europe and had almost forgotten that we were still fighting in the Far East. As it took so long for us to return, everyone had moved on and we were very disappointed by luke warm welcome. After leaving the navy, John went back to Boulton & Paul (now Moog) and then to Chubbs before retiring at 64. He took up golf and became a member of Oxley Golf Club, where he played for many years, getting his handicap down to 9. He finished playing a good few years before retiring, due to a bad back.

Two officers and six men were killed and six officers and forty-one men wounded. The ship was hit again on 4th May, with further casualties but no deaths although this time, the ship had to retreat to the south to ‘lick its wounds. A week later, John and his shipmates were celebrating the Victory In Europe, although it would be a while before his own war would come to an end.

John possibly got his sporting skills from his Dad, Edward John "Teddy" Peers, who was a Wales international goalkeeper. He won 12 caps for Wales and spent 1911 to 1921 at Wolverhampton Wanderers and then January 1922 to May 1923 at Port Vale. When he's not spending time with daughter Ann and Grand-daughter, Cara - he also has two sisters, Betty and Mary, who are of a similar age to him - he can be found reading crime thriller novels, doing crosswords and watching sport, particularly football, on TV.

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Wolverhampton’s New Mayor Cllr Barry Findlay from Fallings Park Fallings Park resident, Barry Findlay became the 158th mayor of Wolverhampton in May. Barry is a Tettenhall Regis Councillor, with more than 22 years of experience and has a reputation as one of the “greenest” Councillor in the City. He is passion ate about protecting our environment and believes that the things that happen locally are just as important as the things that happen nationally and internationally. Barry is part of the senior management team at Alstom Transport in Wolverhampton who

deliver maintenance and engineering support as a Train Care Centre. Barry has lived in the City all of his life and is proud to represent Wolverhampton. He is a STEM ambassador working with colleges and schools to enable young people to learn of technology and engineering opportunities for their future in the work place. Barry has a degree in Social Science from the Open University. In his spare time Barry enjoys visiting National trust properties across the country and is a keen Formula 1 motor racing fan. The Wednesfield Magazine caught up with Barry to find out a bit more about the new Mayor.

5 minutes with... Name:

Barry Findlay

Occupation: The New Mayor of the City of Wolverhampton • Age – 57 • Where were you born and bred – Wolverhampton • Immediate family – married to Margaret • Favourite film – The Memphis Belle • Favourite food – Pasta • Favourite holiday destination - Rome • Proudest moment – Becoming Mayor of the city of Wolverhampton • What is top of your bucket list – I would love to visit the Taj Mahal • Which four people would you invite to your dream dinner party – Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Adele and Dawn French


• Which living person do you most admire David Attenborough for the fantastic nature programmes he has made and his conservation work • Pet hate – people that point at you when talking • Which word or phrase do you most overuse – alright mate • Most treasured possession – My cat “Reggie” • Perfect night out – anything so long as it’s with my wife • What song would you like played at your funeral – I vow to thee my country

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Running In Memory Of My Father… By Claire Sanders-Smith The day of the London Marathon arrived and I was so excited. I attached a picture of my dad on the back of my running vest – he was going to be with me every step of the 26.2 miles through London! It was an overwhelming experience. The atmosphere was fantastic, thousands of people roaring encouragement to all runners as we ran past. My husband Jay and children Shannon 8 years and Aiden 6 years with our friends were waiting for me at mile 18 which was an emotional moment, but just what I needed to give me the motivational boost for the 8.2 miles left of the race. After 5hrs 30mins, I crossed the finish line and was presented with my medal – such a proud moment! The help and support I’ve received from my dear family and friends has been amazing, helping me raise over £2,000 (and still rising!) for Alzheimer’s Society Charity which is unbelievable. Please take a look at my Just Giving page Thank you, Claire x

I gained a place in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016 ballot after many years of applying – I could not believe it! I chose to run for Alzheimer’s Society Charity in memory of my wonderful father Dennis Sanders who in 2010, was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. Sadly, my father lost his battle and passed away on 23rd December 2014. My journey has been a challenge mentally, emotionally and physically (gaining a knee injury after falling whilst training), clocking up many miles along the way. Every training session I’ve shed many tears thinking about my dad and all the fun times we had, always laughing and joking. My training has involved a lot of self-discipline and structure comprising of short fast distances and steadier long distances, including running the Birmingham Half Marathon in October 2015 and the Silverstone Half Marathon in March 2016.


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School in Focus

St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School Q. Do you know what Kristian Thomas (GB Gymnastics Olympic Team medallist), Kyle Haynes (former Cheltenham Football Club player) and Mark Clive (GB Canoe Sprint Member) have in common? A. They were all pupils at St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton which was opened thanks to the efforts of Canon Anthony Allport, who died two years ago in March 2014. In September 1964, the Council made it known that they were acquiring St. Patrick’s Church on the Wolverhampton Ring Road, and so an alternative site had to be found for a new church. It was agreed to build at New Cross, although the designated land was not big enough to include the construction of a school. Canon Allport, intent on securing a site for the school within the parish boundaries, came across a derelict school, formerly St. Thomas’ CE Secondary Modern in Graiseley Lane. Fortunately, alongside the site, was the Institute, which became the Snooker Hall. This was considered suitable to rent for use as a School Hall and Dining Room. To move matters along, Canon Allport, together with Brian Waddell and Andy Curran, parishioners, went to speak to the local Member of Parliament, Jennie Lee. Final approval arrived soon afterwards and work began on the restoration of the old school. The Diocese and Local Authority were very supportive at this time.

were drawn up and sent off, it was not thought that what was planned and needed could be achieved within the budget available. The Primary School was then very much reliant on lots of “incidental” support from the Parish, to whom the school is forever indebted. The first headteacher was John Monaghan, who came from Cumbria. When he retired, Sr. Pauline, an experienced retired Head Teacher agreed to lead the school for two terms. Frank Smith from Stoke was appointed as the new Head Teacher and he was followed by Terry Smith. Mrs. Wanda Wozmirska was appointed as Headteacher in September 2000. Numbers on roll have remained stable since that time. Currently they have 230 pupils on roll, aged 3-11. She leads a team of 14 teachers, 11 Teaching Assistants and 11 other staff. Mrs. Marian McConnell, a Nursery Nurse, is the longest serving member of the staff and in September 2016 she will reach her 40 years of service milestone at the school. She has seen many generations pass through the school. Many of the pupils she has supported have returned as adults with their own children, and some grandchildren. She says that “It only seems like yesterday when it all started. I love every minute of working at St. Patrick’s and everything about the school. I wouldn’t have had it any other way”.

With great excitement the school opened in September 1970 with 66 pupils. There were four main classes plus an additional Reception Class, housed in the current Y2 building. After Bishop Cleary laid the Foundation Stone at the church on 17th January 1971, he visited St.Patrick’s, where he formally blessed and opened the school. A minor project began in September 1976 for an extension to the main part of the school and a new Nursery was opened. Although plans


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The school serves a diverse community where Christ is at the centre of all that they do. In June 2014, Ofsted Inspectors rated the school as “Good”. Key findings included: “Pupils love coming to school… They work in a safe environment where they are valued for their uniqueness… Pupils of all abilities make good progress and are well prepared for Secondary School... Parents and carers are very supportive of the school and are delighted with the academic progress that their children make.” As Headteacher, Mrs. Wozmirska feels that in line with other schools, she has been involved in implementing many changes over the years. It feels at times that full circles are turned with initiatives in school. At St. Patrick’s in recent years, the school has introduced Creative Curriculum weeks during the year. The whole school works on a set theme for the week which begins with a Super start and ends with a Fantastic finish. A favourite has been our “Castles” theme which began with knights in costume fighting on the school playground as children and parents arrived at school. A whole school banquet was celebrated at the end where the headteacher sat on a throne as the queen to be entertained by the children. These are really fun weeks and bring the school together. St. Patrick’s has the Active Games Mark and uses every opportunity to promote healthy lifestyles for the children and participation in PE and Sport. Soccer 2000 coaches support the school in delivering its PE curriculum and with inter school sport competitions.

entertains the elderly at luncheon clubs at Christmas time and throughout the year. These are joyful occasions both for the children and those being entertained.

As a Catholic School, they work closely with the church and parish. Fr. Dawid Piskorz is the Parish Priest and is a regular visitor to school. Pupils receive Sacramental preparation in Years 3 and 6. Y3 pupils made their First Holy Communion during May and were then involved in the school’s Annual May Procession at the school, led by Y5 pupils.

Extra-curricular clubs include Netball, Football, Typing, Games and Film Club. These are run after school. Spanish is taught to all Key Stage 2 pupils throughout the year by a visiting teacher. The Governors of the school, led by Miss. Mora O’Sullivan, work hard to support the school at every level. She herself has worked tirelessly alongside the School Caretaker, Mr. Simon Newton to make the school grounds more “green”. She has both provided lots of plants herself and has put in the work to plant them up.

The school has a large Choir of just under 50 children. The Choir is led by the Headteacher with support from Miss. Tryphena Jones who visits the school to support Singing once a week. The Choir participates in the Annual Music Festivals alongside other City pupils and

Over the years, the school buildings have been renovated with a new roof, windows, new furniture and extensions to the original early years classrooms. A new small group room was built onto the back of the school recently and a new floor has been put into the Dining Room.

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Little work now remains to be undertaken. The school is waiting to see what will happen with the land adjacent to its boundary where the Snooker Hall stood for many years, before its demolition last Summer. After 39 years in teaching, 16 of these at St. Patrick’s, Mrs. Wozmirska will be retiring at the end of the Summer Term. Mrs. McKenzie who joined the school as her Deputy in 2002, will be the Acting Headteacher for the next academic year.

“It was a pleasure to inspect your school because every member of the school community, staff, children and governors were all very welcoming and keen to share what makes St. Patrick’s School such a special place. The children were very well behaved and they fully participate in the school’s Catholic life and are encouraged to live out their faith. They are a credit to their school, their families and all those who care for them”.

Mrs. Wozmirska has said, “Although the job has brought many challenges over time, she is leaving with very fond memories of some of the special moments at the school”. She adds, “I am proud to have been a small part of so many children’s lives and the school’s recent RE report following inspection in March is a wonderful note to finish on.” The Inspector judged the school as “Good” and reported that, “Collective worship is very good and the children’s contribution to the Catholic life of the school is outstanding…….”

St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Graiseley Lane, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton WV1 1PG Tel: 01902 556451 www.stpatricksprimaryschool Photography by Liza Lutton-Matthews Baby Tree Photography

More photos on P30

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Babytree photography

Newborns, Portraits, Cake smash, Weddings & Special Occassions Eternalize your precious moments, Mobile Photography

Book your appointment now with Liza on 07532 237688 or facebook babytreephotography

Following another successful season Crimson Tide Cheer have openings in our competition teams. We train at Wolverhampton Gymnastics Club, Waddensbrook Lane, Wednesfield, WV11 3SF every Sunday and Royal Wolverhampton School, Penn Road, Wolverhampton, WV3 OEG every Tuesday. Classes as follows on Sundays Mini Cheer (8 years & younger) 12.45 pm – 2.15 pm Youth Cheer (11 years & younger) 1.45 pm – 3.15 pm, Junior Cheer (14 years & younger) 3.15 pm – 6.00 pm & Senior Cheer 4.45 pm – 7.30 pm. Classes on Tuesday Tiny Cheer (7 years & younger) 6.00 pm – 6.45 pm & all competition team members 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm. We take part in 3 competitions a year at regional and international level and have 60 athletes from ages 4 years upwards. If you are interested please contact us on 07470 462472 for more information, alternatively take a look at our website or our Facebook page Crimson Tide Cheer. No previous cheer experience needed. To advertise in the Wednesfield Magazine please call 07534 603662 or email


Wednesfield In Bloom

Community Gets Going to Brighten Up the Village For those that didn’t see the item in the February/March issue of the Wednesfield Magazine, the village has entered Heart of England In Bloom for 2016.

St Thomas Centre/Church Grounds

The first meeting to discuss this, took place in January and a group of volunteers was formed with the objective of identifying areas that could be improved and to work with local groups and businesses to help them create floral (and non-floral) displays to brighten up the High Street, Park, Canal and suchlike. Several projects have now been identified and the Heart of England In Bloom judges will be coming to Wednesfield on Friday 1st July to see what improvements have been made. The main projects we have chosen are; Memorial Gardens Maureen Smith is looking after this project, with the aim of improving the area next to the St Thomas Centre, where the outdoor Remembrance service takes place annually. Wednesfield South Councillors have also helped with a new paved area and Maureen has started putting plants in the ground ready for judging day. Memory Lane Cemetery Princes Trust have taken on this challenge, which will involve a major tidy up of the area around the graves, rebuilding part of the wall at the front of the cemetery and installing plants at the side of the wall. This area has been neglected over the years and this work will make a big difference.

Sarah Langham, her mom Sharon Peake and friends from the church are transforming the grounds of the centre. Sarah has got the whole family involved, with dad, Dave, helping to build a frame for the plants, which will be positioned at the rear of the building. Steve Godwin also deserves a special mention for doing a lot of the backbreaking work digging up weeds around the centre and the church. Sharon and friends are also working on something to brighten up the north side of the church opposite Lloyds Bank, which rarely gets much sun. The railings have had a good clean and the children from Tom’s Tots are making sunflowers to add some much needed colour to this busy street. The Mothers' Union is celebrating 140 years and Jill Ellson, from the Union will be planting a commemorative rose on the day. With St Thomas’s Day falling on 2nd July, Rev. Nick Watson and wife Joanna from the church have organised a series of events around the date of the judging.


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Monday 27 to Thursday 30 June – There will be taster sessions from a variety of activities focused on health and wellbeing, in the centre. Possibly, Zumba, Karate, Yoga etc Friday 1 July and Saturday 2 July - CakeFest, trips up the tower, church decorated with flower arrangements. Saturday 2 Wednesfield – Village Show in the St Thomas Centre. Sunday 3 10.15am in Church - festival communion service to celebrate St Thomas' Day Wednesfield Park Simon Hamilton and local Scouts groups are working with the City Council to improve the area at the back of St Patricks School. The theme will be to commemorate 100 years of scouting and work is under way to do this and to tidy up the area by the bowling club.

Businesses All parts of the community have been asked to get involved and we are hoping that the many businesses and organisations that are on the route, will join in the fun. Wolverhampton Homes and The Children’s Village Centre have both pledged their support and will be creating something to impress the judges on the day. Events It’s not all about flowers and scarfs. The judges will want to know how the community comes together throughout the year. As regular readers will know, Wednesfield has many groups and individuals who work tirelessly to improve the place they live and work in. St Thomas Church, Hands On Wednesfield, the History Society, the three Community Associations in Long Knowle, Wednesfield and Ashmore Park and many more organise events and celebrations throughout the calendar and judges will want to know about things like the Battle of Wodensfield Re-Enactment, the fundraising to repair the church clock and the Christmas Lights Switch On.

Pinfold Bridge Area Ken Jones is working with Simon Hamilton and the City Council to brighten up the area by the bridge and the Co-op (Thomas Ely) Funeral Directors. Ken has cleared out the ugly looking concrete planters in front of Bridge House and will be filling them with an array of colourful plants in time for judging day. Nutty Knitters Of course, not all the displays have to be real. Some parts of the village are difficult to work on as there is nowhere to put plants, however, an army of knitters and crocheters have come forward to decorate lampposts, benches and railings on judging day to add a splash of colour to the High Street.

Some of the groups have sourced their own plants and materials, but the majority of the funds for In Bloom have come from the community volunteer group, Hands On Wednesfield. To find out more about this group, visit Check out our facebook page – Wednesfield In Bloom – to follow our progress. To advertise in the Wednesfield Magazine please call 07534 603662 or email


Ashmore Park Under-9s Unfortunately, they couldn’t build on this success, and the rest of the season saw them losing more games than they won. In March they played in their second tournament at Leamore Park, but didn’t fare so well, winning one, drawing one and losing the rest. In the April tournament at Shire Oak Colliers, they won on penalties in Round 2 – their goalkeeper saved all three pens, but lost in quarter finals to Pelsall Villa.

The Wednesfield Magazine is always keen to help and promote local clubs and groups, whether that be sporting, religious, health related or any other. Therefore, we were very pleased to be asked to sponsor Ashmore Park Under 9s for the season just gone. The team are managed by Adam Roberts, who, in spite of some serious health issues, has been there for the lads throughout the season. Adam is keen to mention the help and support he receives from the boys’ parents and in particular Scott Homfray, for assisting him with the coaching and other duties, and Liz Battersby, Treasurer who has taken care of the all the admin and helped to organise bag packs at places like Sainsbury’s Reedswood and B & M Stores.

In April they went off to Minehead for a tournament involving teams from all round the country, which was enjoyed by parents and players alike. They won 1st game 1-0, but ended up finishing joint third. Next season, they may lose a couple of players, so if anyone is interested in joining, ring Adam on 07757 016239. The team have attracted a new sponsor for the 2016-17 season in Mr UPVC owner, Mike Hollyoak, who is a parent of one of the players. The players for the last season were; Kian Roberts, Josh Homfray, Jai Ratcliffe, Callum Mctaggart-Box, Nathan Stephens, Alfie Cochrane, Jacques Battersby, Callum Hunt, Joel Smith, Rhys Darby and Lewis Hollyoak.

As with most teams, the season began with a few new players after some left for other teams and other reasons. At one point they had only four players in the team. In November, two more players joined – making 11 (they need 7 at this age, until they get to Uunder-11s when it goes to 9-a-side) – and they won their first Trophy Event; Rostance Edwards, which was played at Goals in Willenhall, winning 3-0 in final.


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Hands On Wednesfield invites you to....


Long Knowle Community Hub Saturday 11th June from 1pm to 4pm

Join us for lunch plus...

Arts & craft activities, Face Painting, Entertainment, Lots of laughs! To advertise in the Wednesfield Magazine please call 07534 603662 or email


Flowers & Balloons 65 Years And Still Going Strong For all occasions

to take a photo in the garden, when they returned home after the ceremony. Two weeks after the wedding, Jim received a Z-call up for the army and had to go to Saundersfoot in Wales for training. As Jim says “I’m the only bloke in know who had his honeymoon on his own!” The couple wrote to each other every day, although Jim’s letters were written in pencil as he couldn’t afford a pen. When Jim returned, they settled down to married life in the front room of Evelyn’s parent’s home in Hart Road. They stayed there for 18 months before moving to Woden Crescent with their first son, James. They then spent two years in Peacock Avenue before moving to Shardlow Road, where they spent the next 34 years. Their second son, Dene, was born in 1959 and they now have three grandsons and one great grand-daughter. As they got a little older, they decided stairs may become a problem and opted for a lovely bungalow in Johnson Avenue. Jim and Evelyn Rozier have just celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary and having met them, it’s clear that they are as much in love as when they first met. Talk about whirlwind romance…………….. They first met at a Valentine’s Day dance at the Civic Hall on 14th Feb 1951. Although dancing, at the time, was not a skill Jim had mastered. Even so, Evelyn (Williams at the time and one of eight children) allowed him to walk her back home to Hart Road in Wednesfield and the couple agreed to meet the next day. Jim was living just off the Cannock Road at the time, but had never been to Wednesfield before, however, he must have liked something about the place, as he returned the next day, with a bunch of flowers and this time on his bike as the previous day’s stroll had almost finished him.

Jim worked as a welder and spent time at Wade & Smiths and Qualcast, retiring after working there for 39 years. Evelyn had several jobs, working at Heath’s Greengrocers in Rookery Street and Jenks & Cattell in Neachells Lane. She retired after working for several years at New Cross Hospital. After bringing up their two sons, they have travelled throughout Europe and now enjoy a spot of gardening and spending time with the family. Jim still buys Evelyn flowers every week – who says romance is dead???

The couple were so smitten with each other that they were engaged after four weeks and married after another five, at St Thomas Church in Wednesfield on 5th May 1951. Things were a bit tight financially back then and because they didn’t own a camera, they had to ask a neighbour


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Bentley Court Care Home A home where people want to live………….

Bentley Court is a 77-bedded home that has been purposely designed with older people who require general or specialist dementia care. Located in the centre of Wednesfield, it offers residents:

• Spacious en-suite rooms • Large communal gardens • 24-hour support from a passionate team of nurses and carers • In-house ‘Pub Evening’ once a month • Open/All day access for family & friends • Carefully prepared food • Extensive range of activities • Resident of the Day ‘treats’ award • Brighton University accredited training scheme for staff • Hair and Pamper Salon

For more information or to arrange to view the rooms and facilities, contact our Manager, Debbie Pugh on 01902 722100 Visit our website: To advertise in the Wednesfield Magazine please call 07534 603662 or email


Little Italy Deli

Est 1965

Hundreds of authentic Italian Wines ◆ Cheeses ◆ Olives ◆ Meats ◆ Pastas ◆ Coffees ◆ Breads & Much more ◆ Wholesale Prices ◆


Spend £25

recieve a FREE bottle of wine

Offer valid until Saturday 2nd July on production of this advert

Open: Sat 10am-2pm Sun 10am-1.30pm

43 Lower Lichfield Street Willenhall WV13 1QQ


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Do Try This At Home……. To make the best use of the lovely produce on offer at Corbelli’s, try the following simple menu to impress friends and family. Antipasti On a large dish or platter, lay out a selection of the following; Salami, mozzarella, olives, peppers stuffed with cheese, parma ham, gorgonzola cheese.

mins. Add salt and pepper and a pinch of sage and parsley. Add to the beef stew and serve with 12oz of Pappardelle cooked using the instructions on the packet. Serves 4

Sprinkle with a little Olive Oil and serve, making sure all items are at room temperature to ensure the best flavours.

Zabaglione For each person you will need two egg yolks, 2 tablespoons of caster sugar and one shot glass of Marsala Wine. Beef and Mushrooms in Red Wine with Pappardelle 675g (1 ½ lbs) Beef Braising Steak 450ml (3/4 pint) Bardolino D.O.C Rocca wine 300ml (½ pint) Passata – tomato sauce Few sprigs fresh sage and parsley (or half a teaspoon of dried.) 3 cloves garlic 50g (2oz) fat cut from Parma Ham, sliced into cubes 350g (12oz) Chestnut Mushrooms

In a large bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and sugar two minutes. Boil a pan of water and put the bowl on top. Whisk for 10-15 mins using an electric whisk (or do it by hand if you are feeling fit) until the mixture is thick, smooth and frothy. Pour into large glasses and serve immediately with Italian biscuits from the range at Corbelli’s.

Sage and parsley for garnish Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and add the beef, sealing and browning on a high heat. Season with salt and pepper. Transfer to a casserole dish, with a little more olive oil. Pour in the wine and passata. Pop in the sage and parsley and whole garlic cloves. Cover and cook in a pre-heated oven, 1800C/3500F (gas mark 4, for 1 ½ hours. Towards the end of cooking time, fry the fat from the Parma Ham to render it down. Add the mushrooms to the fat and saute them for 4-5 To advertise in the Wednesfield Magazine please call 07534 603662 or email




To be in with a chance of winning a family ticket*, simply answer the following question correctly;

THE MIDLANDS’ LARGEST TRAMPOLINE CENTRE If you like to boogie, Air Space is over 100 interconnected trampolines; a huge spring-loaded urban playground for ages 5 and up. Solo or social – how you jump is up to you. You can improvise your own moves in the main arena, freestyle jump from one trampoline to the next. Join in with team sports as you’ve never experienced them before: dodgeball and volleyball – all on super-sprung pitches. So what’s your reason for visiting Air Space? We have the session for you: • Fancy a crazy jump around with access to all of our facilities? – Try a General Access jump, fun for all ages – 5 – 85! • Want to beat the bulge and get fit? – Freestyle Fitness is calling your name. • Want to improve your trampoline skills? Space Academy is the one for you. • Fancy a boogie while you bounce? Club Space is here! We strongly recommend booking online in advance as we cannot guarantee how busy are sessions are going to be. Please note that whatever session you choose, Jumpsters are required to wear a pair of our Air Space grip socks. These are available to purchase for £2 at reception. Once purchased, they are yours to keep – you can reuse them as many times as you like. Happy Jumping!


which session would be the one to choose? Answer........................................................ Name .......................................................... Address ...................................................... Post code .................................................. tel no (H) .................................................... (M) .............................................................. Answers must be received by 6 pm on Thursday 30th June. Winners will be notified by Monday 4th July. Please e-mail your answers to; or post the entry form above to; Air Space Competition, Wednesfield Magazine 16 Holberg Grove, Wolverhampton, WV11 3LE. Please tell us if you will require any disabled seating in the theatre. Normal Wednesfield Magazines competition rules apply – see website for details *Family ticket is for a general access session.

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Safe, secure and very, very strong – the revolutionary.........

COLOURFENCE The only garden fence you will ever need. In detail: ● Virtually maintenance free ● Saves time & money – no treating required ● Guaranteed not to rot, warp or peel for up to 25 years* ● Costs comparable with inferior timber systems ● Variety of colours/sizes ● Professionally installed by accredited franchisees *Full details available on request

We also accept payments by credit/debit card Contact us for a free quotation Tel: Andrew Limer on 01902 787218 or 07872 600633 E:


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Splashing Out on a





Are you having problems getting in & out of your Bath. We will remove the Bath & Fit an easy access low level round, square or oblong cubicle, & Tiled inside. Supply a new replacement shower, A Folding Seat & Grab Rail



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Domestic Trade Services ROOFING




CAD PLASTERING 27 Peach Road, Willenhall, West Midlands WV12 5UW

01922 867892 / 07976218798 Plastering, Rendering, Colour Render and Internal and External Wall Insulation

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Carl Tomlinson

135 Colman Avenue, Wednesfield Wolverhampton, WV11 3RU

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Work Undertaken

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Rainbow Plumbing, Home and Garden Professional service for all your Home and Garden Jobs. Call the MAN THAT CAN Tel: 01902 250444 Mobile: 07824 633323 email:



Rob Peers

Cleaning and Social Care Service

Decorating Services City & Guilds Free Quotation No Job Too Big or Small For a fast reliable service, call

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● ● ● ●

Fully qualified, insured and DBS checked. Email - Harris Domestics

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Wednesfield business – Est 2002 Prompt, Professional and Polite Service Blinds to suit all budgets

01902 656688 – Abstract Blinds



DP Plumbing & Heating Domestic & commercial plumbing, heating & gas appliances. We do servicing, breakdowns, installations and upgrades, with 20 years of experience.

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We supply and fit all types of fencing panels, posts and gravel boards.

All types of gardening work undertaken. No job too small.

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Intricut Crafts Mark and Wendy Perry opened Intricut Crafts in High Road, Lane Head, in October last year. Not only do they sell craft products, tools and wool, but also run classes, give advice and hold demonstration classes for anyone who wants to get involved or improve their skills. The shop is open 6 days a week and has a genuine community feel, with various classes held Monday to Thursday and demonstrations taking place over the weekend.

Business Profile By Simon Archer

They are members of the Craft & Hobby Association, which enables them to keep moving forward in an ever-changing industry. It also gives them access to new suppliers and new techniques and to draw on the help and experience of other members within the association. There’s always someone in the shop to offer free help and advice on most aspects of crafting, such as; card making, bookfolding, mixed media, furniture upcycling and much more. So, whether you’re a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between, there’s something at Intricut for you. Pop in and say hello. I can recommend the coffee!

Intricut Crafts 63 High Road, Lane Head, Willenhall, WV12 4JN

Come in and have a look round! ●

Free Crafting Advice ● Regular Demonstrations ● Classes Available ● Large Range of Wool ● Card-Making ● Home Decor ● Crafting Tools

Tel: 01902 630415 or 07879047219 Open Mon-Sat 9.30am to 5.00pm To advertise in the Wednesfield Magazine please call 07534 603662 or email


Black Country Fuchsia Society By John Sanders how to take cuttings, how to shape fuchsia plants, pruning and winter care, also other subjects which include nature and wildlife conservation, and other gardening occupations, like flower and vegetable gardening. They also hold raffles to raise the monies for the society to pay for the speakers, there are also the competitions held amongst the members which include flower arrangements, photography of various subjects, unusual vegetable shapes, and of course fuchsia progress on each month of growth throughout the growing year. The Black Country Fuchsia Society (BCFS) was founded in 1982 by a small group of enthusiastic fuchsia growing fanatics, who met in the Vine pub in Wednesfield, and formed the BCFS, there are still several founder members who are still active within the society, Dennis Skitt, Pat Rogers and Jean Harper. After becoming established, a larger meeting place was required, and the society moved to the Wood Hayes pub on the junction of Blackhalve Lane and Wood End Road Wednesfield, and met on the last Tuesday of each month of the year, except December, and they have been meeting on the same Tuesday of each month up to the present day. However, when the Wood Hayes pub was closed down and demolished, the society then moved to their present meeting place, the Corpus Christi Social Centre on Ashmore Park, where they are always made welcome and remain on good friendly terms. At their monthly meetings, they have guest speakers from all over the country who give their views and information on their particular subject. The speakers are usually experts in their various fields, and specialise in the presentation of those subjects. The various subjects include, general care of fuchsias,


There are also 5 extra evenings throughout the year for plant clinics / beginners nights. The main event of the year is the annual fuchsia show on the first Saturday in August. This year is Aug 6th 2016, open to visitors from 12.30pm to 5pm, at The Hub in Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park. This is where members show off their skill and efforts of growing their fuchsias and hoping to win a prize. They also sell fuchsia plants and the proceeds are donated to the charity, Acorns Children’s Hospice, where they have raised quite a considerable amount of money for the hospice over the years.

Quite a few of the BCFS members also belong to the British Fuchsia Society, (BFS) the National organisation of British fuchsia growers and enthusiasts, which was founded in 1938, and these BFS members

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can also take part in the regional national shows around Britain during the summer months, where they have had a reasonable amount of success in prize awards. The most notable success has been at the Malvern County Show, Spring and Autumn Festivals, where the BCFS have in recent years won silver medal awards and recently gold medal awards for their displays on four consecutive occasions up to 2015 (See photo). As a society of fuchsia growers they will always require new members to join their ranks, after all, the membership is the lifeblood of the society. Anyone who is interested in growing fuchsias are welcome to come and join the BCFS, and if you are a novice, there is always someone there to help you along the way, who most likely may donate fuchsia cuttings to start you off. The membership fee is only ÂŁ3.50p per year, whereupon you will receive a 5% discount at the Hollybush Garden Centre, Warstone Road, Essington, on production of your up to date membership card, you will also receive 1 free fuchsia plant per year, free entry to our annual show and there is a free buffet at our AGM in November.

If anyone is interested in joining the Back Country Fuchsia Society please visit or contact them on their website, www.blackcountryfuchsiasociety or come to one of the meetings held on the last Tuesday of each month from 7.30pm to 10pm at the Corpus Christi Social Centre, Ashmore Avenue, Off Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park, Wednesfield, WV11 2LT. Everyone would be made most welcome.

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Tom’s Tots Birthday Party to pre-school age and they meet every Tuesday in term time at the centre from 9.30am to 11.00am. It costs just £1 per child to attend and children receive a drink and a snack during the morning. Volunteers from the church serve refreshments and the proceeds help to fund the group and the various activities laid on by the organisers. They also run fund-raising activities, such as sponsored pyjama parties and bag-packing at Sainsbury’s which pay for visitors to come in and entertain the children. If you want to know more information, pop in and see them any term time Tuesday morning.

Tom’s Tots recently celebrated their second Birthday with a tea party, games and a buffet at the St Thomas Centre in Wednesfield. They followed this up with a visit from Rob, the Animal Man. The group was set up by Sarah Langham, her mom, Sharon Peake and Debbie Hill and with the help of other parents, grandparents and carers, has been an enormous success. The group is open to all children from birth

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191 Blackhalve Lane, WV11 1AH

Tel: 01902 866219

Open Mon - 9am - 5pm, Tues & Thurs - 9am - 6pm, Wed & Fri - 9am - 7.30pm, Sat - 8.30am - 5pm To advertise in the Wednesfield Magazine please call 07534 603662 or email


Memories of Our Wednesfield Local Historian, Ray Fellows looks back at the most famous day in the History of Wednesfield

There is little doubt that a battle took place here in Wednesfield, between the Saxons and the Vikings, the date depicted by Aethelweards Chronicle was the fifth day of August 910; The Mercians were led by Aethelflaed, later known as (Lady of the Mercians) and her husband Aethelred. The West Saxons were led by Edward the Elder. The Vikings had ravaged the fields of the Mercians on all sides, as far as the streams of the Avon, where the boundary of the West Saxons and Mercians begins.


Then they were transported across the River Severn into the West Country, and there they ravaged great ravagings. But after rejoicing at their success, they returned towards home and were crossing to the east side of the River Severn at Bridgnorth, when suddenly, squadrons of both Mercians and West Saxons, having formed battle order, moved against the opposing force on the field of Wednesfield. The army of the Danes fled, overcome by the English armed force. There fell three of their Kings, Healfdene and Eywysl, and Inwaer also hastened to the hall of the infernal one, and so did senior chiefs of theirs, both jarls and other noblemen.

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To celebrate this great victory Wednesfield History Society are once again putting on a Battle of Wodensfield re-enactment and community fun day on AUGUST 6th at Wednesfield High School, we will be celebrating the 1106th anniversary of the battle. If you are interested in booking a craft or charity stall, then please contact Ray Fellows on 01902 739592 or Simon Hamilton on 07814549416. Bring your own stall or tables for a fee of just £5, if you are a business then the fee is £15. These are some of the photographs that were taken by John and Ann Hollick at the re-enactment held in 2015.

Competition To win a £20 Sainsbury’s gift card, just answer this question; what is the other name that Aethelflaed was known by? Please send your answer to; Competition, 24 South Avenue Wednesfield, WV11 1QL or email Entries must be received by 20th June. The winner of the last competition was Ian Wale, well done Ian. The correct answer was 35, thanks to all those that entered. A correction to the April/ May edition, the Lancaster crash was in 1945 and not as I had put 1946, please accept my apologies for the error. If you have any stories or photos that you want to share, then just send them to the above address.

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History Society Day Out The Wednesfield History Society recently organised a trip to visit the RAF base at East Kirby in Lincolnshire. This was where the Lancaster Bomber that crashed in Wednesfield, set off from, on a training exercise in 1945. There was information about the crew that were in the Lancaster. There was lots to see and do, but most of the time was spent in the NAAFI looking at wartime photographs and listening to war time songs floating through the air. The main hanger houses the Lancaster ‘Just Jane’ and contains many RAF vehicles and bombs. Other things of interest are the original Control Tower, Home front exhibition and the Escape Museum and lots of other displays.

Group photo

Historian, Ray Fellows, found it very moving that he was at the place where the Lancaster took off from 71 years ago, having given many talks about the crash over the years. The next trip is being planned for September and the destination will be either Gloucester or Winchester, more details in the next issue of the Wednesfield Magazine.

Group photo

WHS member viewing the medals of RJ O'Donnell

Loss Record Form

RJ O'Donnells medals.

For more photos, visit James found details of his Grandad


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Your Local Police Changes in Personnel The past few weeks has seen a few changes in faces on the team. PC Tariq Mahmood has taken up another role based at Wolverhampton Central Police station and PCSO Ant Cook has found pastures new by joining Staffordshire Police as a Police officer. Good Luck to both in their new ventures! PCSO Carly Balis has joined the team, bringing a wealth of experience with her from Sandwell local policing unit. If you see her about, please say hello!

Although the number of offences is still quite low, the vast majority of incidents have taken place where vehicles containing valuables are left insecure. Please remember to remove valuables and lock your vehicles when not in use.

Other team news Twenty two vehicles have been taken off the road during April and May for either no insurance or tax. You have been warned; make sure your vehicle is road worthy and legal!

In response to PACT concerns, since the last Newsletter, the team have executed a further four warrants in respect of drug possession or production. The warrants have resulted in several arrests. A number of other suspects have also been dealt with for drug related incidents.

Summary of Crime Total recorded crime for both Wednesfield North and South (since the 1st April 2016) is par on par with 2015. Wednesfield North is showing a decrease in Burglary dwelling offences, however Wednesfield South is recording a slight increase. The trend is reversed for recorded vehicle crime offences. Wednesfield South is showing a reduction, however Wednesfield North is showing a small spike in theft from motor vehicle offences.


The team have carried out a number of speed watch initiatives for inappropriate driving in the area. Further initiatives are planned and will include prosecution for speeding vehicles. The team have been conducting visits to local schools over the past few weeks to talk about a range of issues. The visits are not only informative for the children, but also a good opportunity for young people to understand the policing role. All too often I here parents telling their children ‘if you’re not good I will get the police to take you

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away’. Whilst I understand that it is often a ‘joke’, it is important that young people are aware that the police have a positive function.


And finally……………..

PS 2407 Dave Stanley

Congratulations to PCSO’s Ian Kerrigan and Simon Smith having recently received a visit from Superintendent Fraser who presented them a letter of recognition for their actions which led to the arrest of suspects of an armed robbery!

Contact Us Email addresses:

Telephone: 101 Extention: 872 3006

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Library Opening Times* Wednesfield, 2 Well Lane, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton WV11 1XT. Tel. 01902 556278 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Morning Closed

Afternoon 12.00pm – 7.00pm

10.00am – 5.00pm 10.00am – 5.00pm 10.00am – 5.00pm 10.00am – 1.00pm 10.00am – 2.00pm Closed

Ashmore Park, (inside the Hub) Griffiths Drive, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton WV11 2JW. Tel. 01902 556296 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Morning 9.00am – 1.00pm 9.00am – 1.00pm Closed 9.00am – 1.00pm Closed 10.00am – 1.00pm Closed

Afternoon 2.00pm – 5.00pm 2.00pm – 5.00pm Closed Closed 2.00pm – 5.00pm Closed Closed

Long Knowle, Wood End Road, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton WV11 1YG. Tel. 01902 556290 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Morning 10.00am – 1.00pm Closed 10.00am – 1.00pm Closed Closed 10.00am – 1.00pm Closed

Afternoon Closed 2.00pm – 5.00pm Closed Closed 2.00pm – 5.00pm Closed Closed

Low Hill, Showell Circus, Low Hill, Wolverhampton WV10 9JJ. Tel. 01902 556293 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Morning Closed Closed Closed 10.00am – 1.00pm Closed 10.00am – 1.00pm Closed

Afternoon Closed 2.00pm – 5.00pm Closed 2.00pm – 5.00pm 2.00pm – 5.00pm Closed Closed

*All information taken from Wolverhmpton City Council website and correct at time of going to print.

Household Waste Recycling Centres (Rubbish Tips) Anchor Lane, Lanesfield WV14 9NE Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

10am to 4pm Closed Closed 10am to 7pm 10am to 4pm 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm

Shaw Road, Bushbury WV10 9LA Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

10am to 4pm 10am to 4pm 10am to 7pm Closed Closed 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm

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Useful Information Flowers & Balloons& Telephone Numbers For all occasions Community Hubs/Centres

Places of Worship

Wednesfield ............................................ 01902 552218

St Thomas’s C of E ................................ 01902 723310

Ashmore Park ........................................ 01902 552490

St Patrick’s RC Church .......................... 01902 736440

Long Knowle .......................................... 01902 552442

St Alban’s C of E .................................... 01902 732317

Low Hill .................................................. 01902 552312

Gurdwara Sikh Temple .......................... 01902 730774 Our Ladys Presbytery ............................ 01902 731189

Local Councillors/MP

Corpus Christi RC Church...................... 01902 732713

MP Emma Reynolds .............................. 01902 397698

St Gregory’s C of E ................................ 01902 731677

Cllr Paula Brookfield .............................. 01902 789238

Church of Latter Day Saints .................. 01902 724097

Cllr Bhupinder Singh Gakhal .................. 07771 836630

Old Fallings Utd Reformed .................... 01902 861961

Cllr Greg Brackenridge .......................... 07552 211600

Dormition of Her Lady ............................ 01902 500216

Cllr Phillip Bateman ................................ 01922 403960

Holy Trinity Bushbury Rd ........................ 01902 722840

Cllr Mary Bateman.................................. 01922 403960

Fallings Park Methodist .......................... 01902 733574

Cllr Rita Potter........................................ 01902 654599

Wednesfield Christian Ctre .................... 01902 689957

Cllr Ian Brookfield .................................. 01902 789238

W’field Methodist Comm Church .......... 01902 727130

Cllr Val Evans.......................................... 01902 861498 Cllr Steve Evans .................................... 01902 861498

Schools Heath Park High School ........................ 01902 556360

Emergency Services

Wednesfield High School ...................... 01902 558222

Police/Fire/Ambulance .......................................... 999

Coppice Performing Arts........................ 01902 558500

Police (non emergency) .......................................... 101

Pool Hayes Comp .................................. 01902 368147

Anti Social Behaviour Unit...................... 01902 551188

Our Lady St Chad’s ................................ 01902 558250

(Out of hours emergency) ...................... 01902 552999

St Thomas More .................................... 01902 368798

Crime Stoppers (anonymous) .................. 0800 555111

Corpus Christi Primary .......................... 01902 558725

Gas emergency ...................................... 0800 3281111

Oak Meadow Primary ............................ 01902 558517

Electrical emergency ................................ 0800 404090

St Alban’s Primary.................................. 01902 558825

Water emergency .................................. 0800 7834444

Perry Hall Primary .................................. 01902 558538

Flood line ................................................ 0845 9881188

Wednesfield Village ................................ 01902 558704 D'Eyncourt Primary .............................. 01902 558778

Health Organisations

Edward the Elder Primary ...................... 01902 558765

New Cross Hospital (switchbrd) ............ 01902 307999

Long Knowle ........................................ 01902 558985

NHS Direct.................................................. 0845 46 47

Wodensfield Primary ............................ 01902 556350

Mayfield Medical Centre ........................ 01902 351666

Wood End Primary.................................. 01902 558940

Tudor Medical Ctre ................................ 01902 384999

New Invention Primary .......................... 01922 710376

Heath Town Medical Ctre ...................... 01902 456211

St Patrick’s Primary................................ 01902 556451

Raynor Road Medical Ctre .................... 0844 3879400

Ashmore Park Nursery .......................... 01902 558116

The Surgery, Woden Road...................... 0845 0724628

Wolverhampton City College.................. 01902 836000

Dr Libberton & Dr Ram - Cannock Road 01902 739973

Wolverhampton University .................... 01902 321000

Help Lines/Others


Citizens Advice Bureau .......................... 01902 572006

Wednesfield .......................................... 01902 556278

Samaritans ............................................ 0845 7909090

Ashmore Park ........................................ 01902 556296

RSPCA .................................................. 0300 1234555

Long Knowle ........................................ 01902 556290

RSPB ...................................................... 0845 1200501

Heath Town .......................................... 01902 556266

Jobseekers Direct .................................... 0800 100900

New Invention ........................................ 01922 655570

Childline........................................................ 0800 1111

Low Hill .................................................. 01902 556293

National Domestic Violence ................ 0808 2000 247


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