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PHOTOS BY wilsonmodels Halloween Drag Race @ Club 57

Horoscopes BY: Dawn Daniels PHONE: (845) 548-8570 EMAIL:

Aries - Listen to yourself when the Pisces moon

revs up your ability to read people. With your charisma high this week it is the perfect time to ask for what you want. It is time for you to take care of yourself because no one else will. You deserve it. Go after it and you’ll get it. 7, 11, 13, 21, 29, 48

Taurus - The moon in your sign sends your confidence soaring. Armed with your new-found self confidence you’ll find everyone turning to you for advice. You’ll gently guide a loved one. A special someone will surprise you. 1, 11, 21, 33, 44, 50 Gemini - With Jupiter in your sign, it will bring luck your way, so buy a lottery ticket, play a game of chance, ask that special someone out. With the moon in your R&R zone, take a little me time and do something for yourself. 2, 6, 17, 22, 37, 40 Cancer - Venus is in your love zone, ensuring you

and your special someone are in perfect sync both emotionally and intellectually. Your budget savviness leaves you with money to make the holidays fun and festive. 2, 13, 21, 37, 42, 48

Leo - At a crossroads? Saturn advises you to ask

family members their ideas. You reach your own decision that makes everyone happy. Enjoy the success. A surprise is in store for you for the holidays. Enjoy the company. 3, 7, 9, 13, 17, 49


- Indulge yourself, you deserve it. A stellium of planets in your good luck and romance zone encourages you to let go and do something spontaneously. A letter comes with a surprise invitation. Go and enjoy yourself. 1, 13, 21, 30, 41, 50

Libra - Your dedication to work is admirable, but with

Venus in your love sector it is time to let go and have some fun. A loved one will be surprised and impressed. You have been worried about finances. Stop: It all will work out. 2, 4, 12, 16, 32, 48


Scorpio - The moon in your love sector urges you to let your hair down and spend time having fun doing what you love. Your diplomacy helps you overcome a work challenge. Let go and enjoy yourself when it comes to family members. 2, 22, 33, 44, 45, 49 Sagittarius - Everything you touch will turn a pretty and profitable shade of green, thanks to financially focused stars watching over your bottom line. It will grow by leaps and bounds. A new experience with a loved one will lead you to a new level of understanding. Work is busy but will pay off in the end. 2, 6, 9, 17, 26, 44 Capricorn - You’ll get rid of two kinds of clutter. As you clear your head of self doubt it will also clear your of lack of confidence, and your self assurance will grow in leaps and bounds. A new adventure with a loved one will lead to happiness. 2, 4, 10, 20, 31, 40 Aquarius - The moon in your sign helps you to convince others of anything you suggest. Use this to achieve positive goals. Impress a love one with your understanding and it will go a long way to a positive outcome. 2, 4, 12, 14, 21, 44 Pisces - Your family can always count on you.

And with Jupiter in your family zone, loved ones will return the favor as they step up with anything you need. A loved one gives you a special gift and offer. The holidays will be happy and full of family love. 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 29




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Cazwell Hearts HimSelfie BY David Luhrs


eople have been taking photos of themselves and sharing them with friends, family and strangers on the web for years. Yet it wasn’t until 2012 that a name for these self-portraits, often snapped at odd angles with smartphones and distributed via social media or texts, really hit the big time.


owadays, it has gotten so that a teenager cannot simply go to a concert without holding his or her iPhone in front of their face and impersonating a duck. America has gone crazy for the selfie, with teens, celebrities and even the Oxford English Dictionary embracing the cellphone selfportrait. The motive is almost always the same: to let the world know where one is, what they’re doing and how good they look. It’s the newest form of narcissism, and Cazwell’s latest hip hop dance track, “No Selfie Control,” is capitalizing on the craze with hilariously catchy lyrics set against a minimalist retro-funk track and smooth playa beat. “It reflects our ever-growing need to be viewed as popular and attractive,” the Massachusetts native says, himself a product of the Internet age. Cazwell became a YouTube sensation after a million people in a single week viewed his “Ice Cream Truck” music video. He has since earned hipster credibility with a steady flow of danceable hip hop tracks − including “Rice & Beans” and “I Seen Beyoncé at Burger King” − that impressively showcase his hypomanic take on pop culture. “No Selfie Control” is his first collaboration with up-andcoming Viennese producer Dizzy Bell. In it, Cazwell sings, “If you could see me like I do, you’d be in love with me too.” Though meant to be funny, it pretty well reflects a generation that has become obsessed with attracting the spotlight. No attention is bad

attention, except for, well, no attention. What inspired you to create a song about selfies? I dated a guy that was completely selfie obsessed, and it got me thinking about the concept of self portraits on the Web. The opening scene of the video, where I put my cell on the ceiling fan, is actually something he used to do. Is the song meant to poke fun at the trend or celebrate it? Both. You can’t deny how hysterical it is that we now take ourselves and our images so seriously. People go to such lengths to perfect a picture that only their friends are going to see. What’s so special about Instagram? Isn’t it the same thing as sharing pics on Facebook and Twitter? Sometimes it’s easier to just post a pic than to actually think of something to say. What really started to change things was when Instagram introduced filters to apply to photos before uploading. Now everyone can feel like a professional photographer. Including you? Duh. Is the intention to get attention? Again, duh. Hopefully, it’s positive attention that will get me some new followers. Most people I know are trying to get their Instagram game to blow up. Everyone has a different strategy. Do you think America’s narcissism is out of control? Is everyone looking for their 15 minutes?

Screw 15 minutes. Everyone’s looking for their own reality TV show. What does it take to get you to follow someone on Instagram? I follow a lot of fashion because it’s a good way to keep up on clothes. I follow specific artists because I want to be updated on their work. There are some people that I have no idea why I follow them and I honestly can’t remember pressing the “follow” button. I admit I’ve gotten stuck in a few instaholes that I had to pull myself out of. How does “No Selfie Control” compare to your previous songs? I actually sing in it for one thing. I think it’s probably the most relatable song I’ve ever written. It certainly isn’t as gayfocused as some of the others have been. How does it compare to popular music today? I’m not really sure if it sounds like what’s popular today, but I missed working with discoinspired tracks. You haven’t done a disco track since “All Over Your Face.” I’m exploring new sounds. For me, it’s about making sure every song is unique. And tackling subjects that aren’t often addressed in popular music? I guess. Even if you don’t do selfies, chances are your friends do them, or your friends’ friends do them. But more likely than not, you do them too.



PHOTOS BY ANDREW WERNER Monday Musicals & Dougie Meyer’s Birthday

no cover

halloween 76 christopher 212-633-1986/

best costume $150 @ 10pm ,11pm,12am & 1am


OUT&About PHOTOS BY heymrjason photogrAPHY Imperial Court of NY’s “CROWNS & COCKTAILS II” the NY Hilton Penthouse

get out! magazine awards coming to xl dec. 14, 2013 7:30-10pm sharp voting starts soon!


Where to Go? QUEENS Club Evolution 76-19 Roosevelt Ave. Friend’s Tavern 78-11 Roosevelt Ave. Music Box 40-08 74th St. Hombres Lounge 85-28 37th Ave. Lucho’s Place 38-19 69th St. TRUE COLORS BAR 79-15 Roosevelt Ave. Elixir Lounge 43-03 Broadway, Astoria


Excelsior 390 5th Ave.

Long Island Eagle 94 N. Clinton Ave., Bay Shore, NY Nuts & Bolts 1083 Main St., Holbrook, NY Blanche 47-2 Boundary Ave., Farmingdale, NY BUNK HOUSE 620 Waverly Ave., Patchogue

new Jersey

BROOKLYN Metropolitan Bar 559 Lorimar St. @ Metropolitan Ave. TNT 108 N. 6th. Sugarland 221 N. 9th St. Ginger’s Bar 363 5th Ave.

Feathers (WED-SUN) 77 Kinderkamack Rd., River Edge Paradise The Empress Hotel 101 Asbury Ave., Asbury Park DUVAL BAR & LOUNGE 9 Cedar Ave. Linden 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City Georgie’s Bar 812 5th Ave. & Memorial Dr., Asbury Park The Den (WED-SAT) 700 Hamilton St., Somerset IKON (TUES & FRI) 1979 Hwy 35 South., Sayrevile CAMEo 1213 Main St. Asbury Park CASCADA 1114 Main St. Asbury Park


Where to Go?


HELL’S KITCHEN Posh Bar & Lounge 405 W. 51st St. BOXERS HK 742 9th Ave. ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB 753 9th Ave, New York The Ritz 369 W. 46th St. Therapy 348 W. 52nd St. Barrage 401 W. 47th St. 9th AVE SALOON 656 9th Ave. Industry Bar 355 W. 52nd St. Hardware Bar 697 10th Ave. Flaming Saddles 793 9th Ave. BAR-TINI ULTRA LOUNGE 642 10th Ave. Vlada 331 W. 51st St. FAIRY TALES LOUNGE 500 W. 48th St. Escuelita 301 W. 39th St.

XL Nightclub 512 W. 42nd St


XES Lounge 157 W. 24th St. BOXERS NYC 37 W. 20th St. The Eagle (Closed Mon) 554 W. 28th St. Gym Bar 167 8th Ave. G Lounge 225 W. 19th St. Barracuda 275 W. 22nd St.

WEST VILLAGE Boots & Saddle 76 Christopher St. The Monster 80 Grove St. Ty’s BaR 114 Christopher St. RockBar 185 Christopher St. Piece’s 8 Christopher St. Marie’s Crisis 59 Grove St. Stonewall Inn 53 Christopher St. The Hangar 115 Christopher St.

The Duplex 61 Christopher St. Julius Bar 159 W. 10th St. Cubby Hole 281 W. 12th St

east side

Uncle Charlie’s (2nd Floor) 139 E. 45th St. Evolve Bar and Lounge 221 E. 58th St. . Townhouse 236 E. 58th St. ToolBox 1742 2nd Ave. Eastern Bloc 505 E. 6th St. Phoenix 447 E 13th St. The Boiler Room 86 E. 4th St The Cock 29 2nd Ave. Nowhere Bar 322 E. 14th St.


No Parking 4168 Broadway Candle Bar 309 Amsterdam Ave. SUITE 992 Amsterdam Ave. Le Boy (Closed M-W) 104 Dyckman St.


Get Out! Gay Magazine Issue: 132 – (OCTOBER 30, 2013) LEVI KARTER  

Get Out! Gay Magazine Issue: 132 – (OCTOBER 30, 2013) LEVI KARTER

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