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Aries - The Sun is in your house of understanding.

It will allow you to see and understand all that is going on around you. Your health is going to improve as you continue to take care of yourself when you begin a new regimen. You will have a new desire to change what you expect from your love life. 1, 12, 17, 22, 34, 40

Taurus - Worries about money are alleviated by an increase in salary and an unexpected bonus. A VIP takes notice of your leadership abilities and can-do attitude. This may pave the way for a future promotion. Family matters take a lot of time but end well. 2, 3, 7, 11, 21, 44


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

“2 the Point”

Ivan Gomez vs. Avi Elman feat. Nuwella

“A New Life” (Tony Moran/Deep Influence) Deborah Cox

“Rise!” - Vernessa Mitchell Tony Moran/Joe Carrano

“Hands on Your Head” (Original Mix) Jon Flores

“Live It Up” (Paulo’s Tribal Bitch Mix) Jennifer Lopez

“I Like the Way Do It” Tony Moran

Kristine W - ”So Close To Me” Tony Moran Remix

“What I Feel” (French Vocal Remix) Sharon May Linn

Barbara Tucker - “One Desire”


Abel Ramos

Village People - “Let’s Go Out to the Dancefloor” Tony Moran Dub


ESTINATION: FULL MOON is gearing up to be the biggest Halloween party New York City has ever seen. Taking place Friday, October 25, at XL Nightclub, DJ Tony Moran promises to whisk clubbers on a cosmic journey into the darkest depths of the night. He will introduce the Nocturnal Club Theatre, a perfectly synchronized visual extravaganza, featuring an original score by Moran (including his new dance track, “Valley of the Moon”), choreographed and starring nightlife diva Flava. Tickets are available now at and at

Gemini - The twins are present in a relationship dispute. Take a breath and remember this is a long-term adventure. An unexpected trip is in your future. Put a little money away now so you can treat yourself. 3, 7, 11, 13, 17, 21 Cancer

- The sun in your love zone, bringing many unexpected encounters with people that have love on their minds. If you’re in a relationship, a little surprise may rekindle the fire. A friend comes to you for help, but be careful you don’t get too involved as it could end badly. 2, 4, 12, 16, 24, 36 Leo - The beast of the jungle is in rare form this week, letting people know how you feel, winning new friends and completing projects left undone. A loved one comes to you for a loan, but be careful this could cause tension in the future if they cannot pay it back as fast as you desire. 2, 12, 22, 32, 42, 50


- The moon is in direct line with Mars, causing you many unexpected emotions about your romantic choices. Listen to your heart, not your head. A VIP approaches you with an unexpected job offer. Money starts to flow more freely, but put some away for the holidays. 1, 11, 21, 31, 41, 51

Libra - The scales are not always balanced even though you always want them to be. Go with the flow at home and work and they will eventually readjust. Splurge on yourself and a loved one, but put some money away for a rainy day and the holidays. 2, 4, 12, 29, 37, 40

Scorpio - Take a chance in a new relationship

or an old one and the outcome will put a little sparkle in your life. An old friend gets in touch with you about a new job; take time to consider all avenues before you make a decision - this could be life changing. 1, 3, 7, 11, 21, 44

Sagittarius - The sun is in direct line with your love zone, shining light on the areas you need to change to make your relationship healthy, whether it is old or new. A letter arrives in the mail telling you exciting news about a party that brings together people from your past. 2, 4, 18, 26, 38, 50 Capricorn - Money is always on your mind, but the sun is shining on your luck zone, bringing you some unexpected relief. Use it wisely! A friend approaches you with a new job adventure. Be careful - it might not be the right time to make changes. 2, 7, 13, 27, 33, 51

Aquarius - The desire to take a trip to be near the water becomes overwhelming, so if an opportunity for an unexpected trip lands in your lap, do not hesitate or it will be lost. A love adventure shows up at the same time. Go for it and enjoy yourself! 1, 2, 7, 11, 21, 30

Pisces - The fish in you often dreams of what

could be. It is time for you to take the shark by the fin and make changes in your own life. In the next few weeks, many opportunities will materialize, and your dreams can be realized. Go for it! 1, 3, 7, 11, 13, 21

XELLE Raises Red Flag X BY Max Jimenez

ELLE has always been known for having fun. They’re the goto group when you want danceable beats, powerful synth rhythms and fluffy hot diva vocals. That’s all about to change. “There are some things in life worth getting angry about and taking very seriously,” explains Rony G. “Like human rights.”


Their latest track, “Red Flag,” aims to inspire fans to stand up for what they believe in. But rest assured, the call to action ain’t no downer. The girls know what fans want, keeping “Red Flag” as high energy and fun as ever, and its powerful message over supercharged beats may prove just thing to spark a movement that helps change the world for the better. Be among the first to hear it live when XELLE performs “Red Flag” at Industry on Thursday, October 17. Why is XELLE raising the RED FLAG? JC Cassis: We care about equal rights for all, and we’re concerned about what’s going on with civil and gay rights around the world. We’ve noticed that anti-LGBT sentiment seems to be reaching a boiling point. There were the murders of several gay men and trans women in New York City this summer, the stories of African LGBT people being victimized and persecuted after coming out, and now the anti-gay laws being passed in Russia. Who came up with the idea for the song?

Rony G: Zach Adam, our producer, came up with the idea, and we all worked on writing it together. “Red Flag” about standing up for what you believe in and raising awareness when you see something wrong. Do you think Americans should boycott the Sochi games? JC Cassis: It would have more of an impact if the Olympic Committee were to make a strong statement of support for the Russian LGBT community. The Russian government needs to see that their actions are wrong and unacceptable to the global community, not just the West, and that the Russian LGBT community has allies around the world who will help them stand against injustice. Is it dangerous for a pop/dance act to release a political track? Rony G: It’s more dangerous for us not to. “Red Flag” is far more serious and political than our other releases, but it’s still a great pop song. Did XELLE experience its own cold war? Where is Mimi? JC Cassis: We had a great time and made amazing songs and videos with Mimi, but at a certain point, it became clear that we needed to make a change. The four of us made the mutual decision to continue the group as JC and Rony with Zach producing, so that both we and Mimi could fully pursue everything we wanted in our careers. We love the new parody songs Mimi has recently released. What does the future look like for XELLE?

Of course we want the same thing every pop band wants: arena tours, incredible albums, groundbreaking music videos, millions of fans. But it’s an even bigger goal of ours to be a force for positive change in the world. We want to be a part of winning equality for all around the world. XELLE performs “Red Flag” at Industry on Thursday, October 17. Visit

XELLE’s red flags you should look out for: Your lover is cheating on you If your lover is avoiding conversation or eye contact, that’s a red flag. Get him/her to talk about what’s going on, and provide an understanding atmosphere for him/her to tell you the truth. Your favorite club is about to close If NYC Cabaret Laws are getting enforced or too many people with babies are moving into the condos around your favorite nightlife spot, that’s a red flag. Your best friend is lying to you Obvious, dumb social media updates that they’re doing something they would probably never do are definitely a red flag in that situation. You’re about to get fired If you’re having too much fun at work, you might not have that job for long. The world is about to end If Madonna starts caring what anyone thinks or Miley Cyrus puts on clothes, that’s a red flag.

Download Xelle “Red Flag” on iTunes now!







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Ross Mathews Spreading the Importance of HIV Testing BY eileen shapiro



V personality Ross Mathews, star of the new hit television show on E, “Hello Ross,” and the author of his new nationally bestselling book “Man Up! Tales of My Delusional Self Confidence,” has partnered with “Ora Quick,” the first FDAapproved oral swab in-home rapid HIV test kit, to launch the Life as We Know It campaign in honor of “National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day,” which was September 27. Although there are many messages out there telling the communitIES most at risk about the urgency of testing, the Life as We Know It campaign was created to shake up the conversation about sexual health and HIV testing. It was designed to spark conversations about topics worth knowing such as sex, love and health. Ross Mathews began his career as an intern behind the scenes of “The Tonight Show” with how Jay Leno. He has appeared weekly on E’s late-night talk

show “Chelsea Lately,” had a guest role on “Days of Our Lives,” appeared on “Interior Therapy” with Jeff Lewis and hosted on “The View” in 2007. He has done the red carpet with Kelly Osborne and has appeared on various segments of “The Tonight Show” such as the skit “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda.” His interview was energetic, genuine and so informative. Please read it slowly and carefully as it may save a life - and that life could be yours. First of all, I want to wish you happy Gay Men’s Awareness Day. Isn’t it great! I mean, listen, it’s great to bring awareness to this. I’m so lucky to have a platform, and it’s not lost on me for a minute that I have a unique sort of direct line to the LBGT community. So, it’s important to talk about things like this, I think. I understand that in honor of Gay Men’s HIV Awareness Day you’ve teamed up with OraQuick, the first FDAapproved oral swab in-home rapid HIV test kit. I did! Of course I’ll tell you right now, I was shocked to hear about it. You know, I’m pretty

tuned in. I have my finger on the pulse of things, but I had no idea that this kind of test existed and how easy it is. Just a swab of your mouth and 20 minutes later you can find out your status. I was shocked, and it’s available at every pharmacy in the country. I had no idea. The Life as We Know It campaign that has you teamed up with OraQuick: how exactly does that work? What is it? Well, here’s the deal: Right now, in our country, there’s a rise in HIV status, and 63% of the new cases of HIV are gay men, and I can’t explain it. I don’t understand it ‘cause of how I was raised. I was in elementary school in the late ‘80s and ‘90s when HIV and AIDS was really prevalent, and we were taught in school about safety and to be very afraid of HIV and AIDS because it is still very dangerous. The fact that it’s rising in our community baffles me, and like I said, I wasn’t aware this kind of testing existed. I thought you still went to a clinic or to a doctor and had to wait a couple of days, and that’s what I did when my partner and I got together because it was the responsible thing to do. But now, in 2013, you can go to the pharmacy

and take it home and just swab your mouth, no needles, no blood, and learn your status in 20 minutes. It’s unacceptable to me that people don’t know their status. It’s way too easy to know. It’s your responsibility to know. I agree. It seems that lately the younger gay males don’t seem to care. They seem to be very nonchalant about being tested. How can OraQuick help, and how expensive is it? The first thing they ask is how much it is and we don’t have money. As you said, there’s no excuse for someone not to be tested. Well, I’ll tell you why it is $39 for the test: It takes 20 minutes, you don ‘t have to go to the doctor, you don’t have to use blood – it could not be more simple. It’s affordable, and if you are out there having sex, whether it’s protected or not, you should know yor status, 1. because it affects your life and 2. because it affects anybody you’re with. It affects their life as well. So the kids who say, “I don’t know, I don’t know my status and I don’t care,” they’re not living in reality. It’s OK to go out and have fun and party, but you have to be a grow up at the same time. OK, let’s suppose these kids go this test and they test positive. What can they do immediately, because it’s going to be scary? Absolutely, and that was my first question when I was asked to work with OraQuick – what happens if that happens? You don’t want to be home alone if that happens, and you never are. There’s a 1-800 line with trained professionals – 24 hours, 7 days a week. You could call and they will answer any questions immediately right then and there. They will hook you up with a medical professional. That’s great, because if I were a kid and I tested positive I don’t even know how I’d act. Well, it’s also ‘cause we live in the day and age where there’s a lot of medication. If you test positive it doesn’t mean what it used to mean. You can live a long, healthy, very productive life. It’s a different age, but you do need to know because it’s about passing it on. If you are transmitting it to other people,

you know, it’s not cool. How can this campaign, Life as We Know It, get the word out there to kids in the gay population? Well, I’ll tell you – I’m doing everything I can to get the message out. I’m talking to people like you, I travel around the country speaking to colleges, I’ll be grand marshall at the Palm Springs Pride and at Michigan State Pride in Lansing, Michigan, and we’re spreading the word everywhere we can. Like I said, I have a platform on my show, “Hello Ross.” I speak to billions of people every week. But I’m also out there in the real world meeting people and talking to people. I have a direct line to this community where I take this so seriously, and I’m thrilled to be working with OraQuick, because, like I said, since the very beginning of our conversation, I didn’t know someone as clued in as me to this community. I wasn’t aware just how easy it is in 2013 to know your status, and I feel like there are a lot of people like me. A lot of great things have happened in your life like “The Tonight Show” and doing the red carpet with Kelly Osborne. I did write a book – “Man Up”! I know, “Man Up! Tales of My Delusional Self Confidence,” in which you credit your mother for that. I do credit my mom for my selfconfidence. She was always there whether I was good or not. In school plays, she told me I was wonderful and I could do anything and “Oh honey! You were the best!” I want to hear some more about your new show. What’s the premise for “Hello Ross”? You know, tonight is our fourth episode, and we’ve already been picked up for more episodes until the end of the

year. It’s huge. That is so fast for that to happen, and the reason that it happened is because the audience is getting it and they’re showing up and they’re watching it. It’s a place for pop culture and super fans to come together and be nice. I think there are so many shows that tear up pop culture and talk about how stupid it is, and that’s not how I roll. This show is, I love it, you love it, let’s talk it out. When I’m talking about the biggest stories in the word and have the biggest stars in the world there, I’m giving the audience microphones, giving the fans an opportunity to share their point of view and ask me questions and video chat with people from across the country. Is there anything else you’d like to promote? The show “Hello Ross” is for the fans - you know, “Hello Ross.” Tweet us at @HelloRoss, share your opinions. That’s the way we decide what we’re going to talk about each week, by what our viewers are talking about on social media. You know, keep the conversation going. I just want to make sure these kids that being tested doesn’t have to be scary. That they can do it really quick and know. They just go to and order it. It comes to their house, and in 20 minutes they will know their status. They’ll be a grown up, responsible person. One last question, Ross. If because of your book they were going to make a movie one day, who would you pick to be you and why? Oh my goodness! Well, he’d have to be dashing, have a certain sex appeal. You know, I think everyone would agree it would have to be the Zac Efron type. I would take Mario Lopez as well.



Alexander Pope BY Acid Betty



traight from 2014 Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion week, I caught up with Alexander Pope, a fashion designer on this season’s “Project Runway,” to discuss his transition from drag DJ to Broadway to fashion and, finally, world domination. We talk about it all: From DJing at the hottest minimal electro clubs to becoming friends and co-collaborators with me, Acid Betty - The super hybrid drag bitch of the world who notably became famous for the fashions designed by Alexander Pope.

Congratulations on ALMOST winning season 12 of “Project Runway”! Do you still hate me for convincing you to do it? Almost is the right word, honey! I only hate you part of the time now. Did you ever think you would be on TV or in reality TV? No, I never thought I’d be on reality TV. It’s not my favorite genre at all. But TV, yes, I knew I’d be on TV. It’s in my blood. Did you think you would go farther? You only had ONE more challenge to go the one for you, the couture challenge. What do you think you would have designed? Honestly, I didn’t think I’d get

as far as I did. I mean I know I have superb technique and I can definitely sew like a mad woman, but I always thought of myself as too esoteric or over the top design wise. It was a major effort for me to tone down my designs and make them more commercial. My training has always been to go beyond. I knew since going in to the show what I would do for that challenge. I mean, that’s what I do for a living! I was really looking forward to it. Then MAYBE I could have actually won a challenge! As I sat almost front row for your fashion show, I overheard someone say you could be the next Alexander McQueen. Alyssa Milano publicly confessed you were her favorite. What do you think about that?! It was surreal at its best! I was super stressed and uberbusy, but I tried to enjoy the moment as much as I could because I knew the moment would fly by. The response was amazing. I mean the whole audience gasped when my unconventional finale look transformed. I even got a huge applause from everyone backstage! It was unreal. Yes, someone did say I could be the next Mcqueen. I could never be as talented or as unique as he is. Period. You have a costume background, obviously helping me transform my masculine self into the gorgeous darling Acid Betty. You didn’t always create costumes, so how did this happen? I was contemplating doing an extra year at college for it but decided against it. Then I moved to New York right out of college without any job prospects and just fell into it by chance. I’ve been doing it ever since. It’s something I feel I was meant to do in the beginning. Let’s face it, all the wild and fun techniques I know, I’ve learned from costuming and not college. I have been able to hone my skills working on Broadway, so I’m able to take that and translate it into fashion. It’s a lot easier to take a step back then to take a step forward. Years ago when we would hang out in drag, you would DJ as Anarexia Hurls. What was that like? Wow, I’ve been DJing since 2000 or so, and I usually spin synth music. New Wave, electro, minimal, etc. I haven’t DJ’d in several months now. I kinda gave it up to work on my fashion line and focus on Project Runway. I’m ready for the next phase of my life. Where did Anarexia Hurls come from? Anarexia came from an accumulation of several friends. I was out dressed up decades ago and one queen said to other, “Damn bitch, you’re skinny! You must have anorexia!” It stuck. I think Anarexia was born maybe 1992 or 1993. Or was it 1913? How does your drag persona or DJing reflect in your fashion? I have always thought fashion and music are one. I mean, you dress the way that the music you’re into dictates and vice versa. And my drag persona

was just a hyper-realized version of the woman I’d love to dress. Do you make Acid Betty wear the same things you make real woman? SHE IS female realness in drag, right?! HA! RIGHT! No, Acid gets her own wardrobe. Strictly freakish clubwear for that high-class clown she channels. I go above and beyond with Acid Betty, she lets me go there, and she’s definitely not afraid to stand out. Would you say Acid Betty is one of your fashion muses? I would say yes if I were you! Umm, no, not at all. Not even a little bit. Nada, zip, zilch. Designing for Acid is a blast. I have full reign to do whatever my twisted little mind can think of, and I know she’ll TOTALLY be for it. Not only will she be into it, but she’ll work it to the max! Then win a Glammy for best dressed.

What do you think about today’s drag and nightlife scene? Drag queens these days are about disposable fashion, just like girl fashion. That whole fast fashion thing offends me. It should be about quality! If I see one more drag queen in some shitty $5 spandex dress I’m going to hurl! For me, drag sorta found me when I felt a missing niche in the drag scene. Which came first for you: drag, music or fashion? Music came first. That’s how I found myself. I realized that I wasn’t alone in the world. Then everything spiraled from there, and I became this thing in front of you. Where can we buy your amazing work? Soon to be available on my website, Thank you, Alexander. We look forward to your freaky fashions! Acid Betty signing off!



Headlines NYC’s Biggest Gay Halloween Bash BY Richard Karle

DESTINATION: FULL MOON is gearing up to be the biggest Halloween party New York City has ever seen. Taking place Friday, October 25, at XL Nightclub, DJ Tony Moran promises to whisk clubbers on a cosmic journey into the darkest depths of the night. He will introduce the Nocturnal Club Theatre, a perfectly synchronized visual extravaganza, featuring an original score by Moran (including his new dance track, “Valley of the Moon”), choreographed and starring nightlife diva Flava.


lso at the event, Moran will unveil his mix - the official dance remix - of Cher’s newest single, “Take It Like a Man.” We spoke with him to learn more about his latest Destination party, Full Moon.


Who celebrates Halloween better than New York?   No one! We’re all kids in NYC when it comes to Halloween. How will Destination: Full Moon enhance the Halloween experience in New York? New York has always opened its arms to new and creative events. We’re seizing on that desire for something dark and mystical, complete with elaborate shows and great music. Why is Flava the perfect star to host Destination: Full Moon? Flava understands what a Destination party is about: glamour, sexiness, intensity and anything new. I also love that Flava isn’t afraid to take

chances and push the limits of NYC nightlife. Can you tell us about the Nocturnal Club Theatre? Imagine Broadway coming to the club! Instead of just music and lights, we’re presenting a seamlessly mixed in show with a storyline that will enhance your Destination experience. You will also be premiering some new tracks. Does “Planet XL (That’s How We Do)” pay homage to XL? The anthem was conceived for the dance floor at Destination. I consider it very NYC, very Destination. It makes me so happy when I see the song work on the dance floors of Amsterdam, San Francisco, LA, Brazil and all around the world. I love that the NYC sound translates everywhere. The song everyone will be waiting for is the premiere of your remix of Cher’s “Take It Like a Man.” First of all, I love everything Cher

does, but with this new album, Cher proves she is on her best “A” game ever. What direction did you go with the song? Next generation anthem! How does “Take It Like a Man” compare with Cher’s classics? I honestly can’t compare Cher to herself or anybody else. She is showing no signs of slowing down or giving us less than everything she’s got.  What will you be dressing up as for Halloween this year? I’m leaving the dressing up to the team at XL and everyone in the crowd who wants to strut their stuff at Destination: Full Moon. I’m dressing comfortably so that I can turn it out right all night.  

Tickets are available now at and at


Where to Go? QUEENS Club Evolution 76-19 Roosevelt Ave. Friend’s Tavern 78-11 Roosevelt Ave. Music Box 40-08 74th St. Hombres Lounge 85-28 37th Ave. Lucho’s Place 38-19 69th St. TRUE COLORS BAR 79-15 Roosevelt Ave. Elixir Lounge 43-03 Broadway, Astoria

LONG ISLAND Long Island Eagle 94 N. Clinton Ave., Bay Shore, NY Nuts & Bolts 1083 Main St., Holbrook, NY Blanche 47-2 Boundary Ave., Farmingdale, NY BUNK HOUSE 620 Waverly Ave., Patchogue

BROOKLYN Metropolitan Bar 559 Lorimar St. @ Metropolitan Ave. TNT 108 N. 6th. Sugarland 221 N. 9th St.

Ginger’s Bar 363 5th Ave. Excelsior 390 5th Ave.

new Jersey Feathers (WED-SUN) 77 Kinderkamack Rd., River Edge Paradise The Empress Hotel 101 Asbury Ave., Asbury Park DUVAL BAR & LOUNGE 9 Cedar Ave. Linden 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City Georgie’s Bar 812 5th Ave. & Memorial Dr., Asbury Park The Den (WED-SAT) 700 Hamilton St., Somerset IKON (TUES & FRI) 1979 Hwy 35 South., Sayrevile CAMEo 1213 Main St. Asbury, Park



DIAMONDS TO DUST private screening red carpet




nuggled alongside Asbury Park’s quickly redeveloping Main Street is a bar that has stood its ground for decades throughout the city’s up-anddown economies. This time around the bar is getting a chance at a new life. Cameo will be coming out of the closet as Asbury Park’s newest gay men’s bar. While the interior still resembles Cameo’s past life as a popular straight bar dating back as far as the 1930s, it’s soon to be given a fabulous facelift. But fear not historians: The original “cameo fixture silhouettes,” copper ceiling and just about anything actually historical will remain. Want to see the whole transformation from start to



in Asbury Park Goes Gay finish? The bar is currently in a soft open stage, so you still have time to see what it looks like before its facelift. The place is being rescued by New York City’s bar and restaurant entrepreneur, John McGillian, who in recent years has brought his talents to Asbury Park by opening several already majorly successful establishments with plans to open a few more over the next year. “John isn’t one to cut corners, and the community here is excited to see what renovations he has in store for Cameo,” says John Figueiredo, the new bar general manager for Cameo. Like most bars, Cameo has already adopted some theme nights such as Wicked Wednesdays that will give you

chills while “American Horror Story” plays on the TV screens in a wonderfully lit environment. A fan favorite is Martini Mondays, which features signature martinis served up by sexy bartenders. And yet another weekly event is the BIG Gay Beer Blast, which explodes every Sunday from noon until 8 p.m. What’s better than that? Oh, the prices. Brace yourselves, the drinks range from only $2 to $6 during happy hour. So whether you’re an Asbury native, visiting for the weekend or need a weeknight escape, Cameo is a place you’ll find a stiff cocktail, some nice beats and handsome men. Cameo: 1213 Main St., Asbury Park, NJ (A few blocks from the Asbury Park train station)


632 Mattison Avenue Asbury Park, New Jersey (732) 775-1020 Lunch: Monday - Sunday 12-4 Dinner: Sunday - Thursday 4-10 Friday 4-10:30 Saturday 4-11 Please call for dinner reservations

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Where to Go?


HELL’S KITCHEN Posh Bar & Lounge 405 W. 51st St. BOXERS HK 742 9th Ave. ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB 753 9th Ave, New York The Ritz 369 W. 46th St. Therapy 348 W. 52nd St. Barrage 401 W. 47th St. 9th AVE SALOON 656 9th Ave. Industry Bar 355 W. 52nd St. Hardware Bar 697 10th Ave. Flaming Saddles 793 9th Ave. BAR-TINI ULTRA LOUNGE 642 10th Ave. Vlada 331 W. 51st St. FAIRY TALES LOUNGE 500 W. 48th St. Escuelita 301 W. 39th St.

XL Nightclub 512 W. 42nd St


XES Lounge 157 W. 24th St. BOXERS NYC 37 W. 20th St. The Eagle (Closed Mon) 554 W. 28th St. Gym Bar 167 8th Ave. G Lounge 225 W. 19th St. Barracuda 275 W. 22nd St.

WEST VILLAGE Boots & Saddle 76 Christopher St. The Monster 80 Grove St. Ty’s BaR 114 Christopher St. RockBar 185 Christopher St. Piece’s 8 Christopher St. Marie’s Crisis 59 Grove St. Stonewall Inn 53 Christopher St. The Hangar 115 Christopher St.

The Duplex 61 Christopher St. Julius Bar 159 W. 10th St. Cubby Hole 281 W. 12th St

east side

Uncle Charlie’s (2nd Floor) 139 E. 45th St. Evolve Bar and Lounge 221 E. 58th St. . Townhouse 236 E. 58th St. ToolBox 1742 2nd Ave. Eastern Bloc 505 E. 6th St. Phoenix 447 E 13th St. The Boiler Room 86 E. 4th St The Cock 29 2nd Ave. Nowhere Bar 322 E. 14th St.


No Parking 4168 Broadway Candle Bar 309 Amsterdam Ave. SUITE 992 Amsterdam Ave. Le Boy (Closed M-W) 104 Dyckman St.

Get Out! Gay Magazine Issue: 130/1 – (OCTOBER 16, 2013) ROSS MATHEWS