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- Listen to yourself when the Pisces moon revs up your ESP. Your new idea will be golden. With your charisma high this week, it is the perfect time to pitch a new idea to a possible backer. Go for a walk to ease stress, and plan a trip soon you need some me time. 7, 11, 13, 21, 29, 48

Taurus - The moon in your sign sends your confidence soaring; armed with your newfound self-confidence you’ll impress someone by just listening. Your steadfast support of a loved one goes a long way and brings you closer. 1, 11, 21, 33, 44, 50

Gemini - With the moon in your R&R zone, take a little me time and do something special for yourself. You’ll easily get around a recent financial bump in the road thanks to your smart approach to saving. 2, 6, 17, 22, 37, 40

Cancer - Venus is in your love zone en-

suring you and your special someone are in perfect rhythm, emotionally and intellectually. Your budget leaves you with money to plan an unexpected vacation. Use this time to regroup physically and emotionally. 2, 13, 21, 37, 42, 48

Leo - The spiritual energy of the Pisces moon

helps you feel more serene, from peace to introspection to excitement. Your love life is reenergized. A surprise is in store for you. Work is very calm. 3, 7, 9, 13, 17, 49


- Indulge yourself, you deserve it. Honesty is the best policy. When you are straightforward with a boss, it is repaid with a bonus and more responsibility. A letter comes with important information. 1, 13, 21, 30, 41, 50

Libra - Your dedication to work is admirable, but with the Aquarian moon in your love zone, it sets off passionate sparks for both singles and mates. A loved one will be surprised and impressed with your compassion. 2, 4, 12, 16, 32, 48 Scorpio

- The moon in your love sector urges you to let your hair down and spend time having fun doing what you love. Your diplomacy helps you overcome a work challenge. Snuggle with a loved one. 2, 22, 33, 44, 45, 49



- Thanks to financially focused stars watching over your bottom line, it will grow by leaps and bounds. A new experience with a loved one will lead you to a new level. A little decorating will lift your spirits. 1, 6, 9, 17, 26, 44

Capricorn - You’ll get rid of two kind of clutter. As you clear your house of clutter, it will also clear your mind of self doubt, and you will grow in leaps and bounds. A new adventure with a loved one brings excitement. Splurge a little. 2, 4, 10, 20, 31, 40 Aquarius - Energizing stars restore your sense of can-do. Use this to achieve positive goals. Impress a loved one with your understanding; this will go a long way to a positive outcome. 2, 4, 12, 14, 21, 44 Pisces - Thanks to the moon in your sign

heightening your ESP, it becomes easy to read people. With Jupiter in your love zone, loved ones will step up with anything you need. A loved one gives you a special gift and offer. 2, 3, 5, 19, 28, 34




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chelsea XES Lounge 157 W. 24th St. BOXERS NYC 37 W. 20th St. The Eagle (Closed Mon) 554 W. 28th St. Gym Bar 167 8th Ave. G Lounge 225 W. 19th St. Barracuda 275 W. 22nd St.

WEST VILLAGE Boots & Saddle 76 Christopher St. The Monster 80 Grove St. Ty’s BaR 114 Christopher St. RockBar 185 Christopher St. Piece’s 8 Christopher St. Marie’s Crisis 59 Grove St. Stonewall Inn 53 Christopher St. The Hangar 115 Christopher St. The Duplex 61 Christopher St.

Julius Bar 159 W. 10th St. Cubby Hole 281 W. 12th St

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No Parking 4168 Broadway Candle Bar 309 Amsterdam Ave. SUITE 992 Amsterdam Ave. Le Boy (Closed M-W) 104 Dyckman St.


Pam Ann Presents: The PamAnny Awards! BY Tom Tietjen


he ferociously fashionable Pam Ann returns to NYC with her most explosive comedy show yet! In Pam Ann: Full Throttle, the hostess with the mostest strips bare all the latest air travel headlines: from Obama blocking the merger of American Airlines with US Airways to the Bay Area TV station that aired fake, offensive names of Asiana Airline pilots. No news story is safe from the comedian’s witty candor.


Here, she presents the firstever Airline Industry Awards, better known as the PamAnnies.

British Airways: They kick you in the cunt when you board, shake babies and push you into your seat. Virgin America: They give head on boarding and promote deep throat. Stewards are covered in cum. Lufthansa: They don’t just seat you. They whack your ass into your seat with a paddle. They don’t have seat belts. They have harnesses in economy and slings in first class – and the crew fucks you bareback. WINNER: Lufthansa wins for slings in First Class. The nominees for HOTTEST LOOKING CREW are: Virgin America: The crew all have silicon implants, wear “come fuck me” pumps and cock-sucking coral lip-gloss. And that’s just the boys. Jamaican Airlines: Once you go black you don’t go back - for a reason. Their cocks are so big! That’s the reason Pam Ann has an asshole like a hippo’s yawn. TAM (The Brazilian Airline): They just wear dental floss and look hot in a paper bag. WINNER: Jamaican Airlines for their big black cocks. The nominees for BEST FIRST CLASS are: Emirates: They have showers in their first class cabin and show movies that haven’t even been made yet. British Airways: The British horses take care of you like royalty. They breast feed their first class passengers. Lufthansa: Service is pure excellence. They sprinkle the first class cabin in rose petals.

WINNER: British Airways, of course. A horse is a horse, of course of course, and who doesn’t want to be served by a horse? The nominees for BEST AIRLINE OF THE YEAR are: Only one. Pam Ann Airlines. They don’t make the same mistake more than three times… maybe four.

Pam Ann: Full Throttle speeds into XL Cabaret for three shows only Friday, September 20 and Saturday, September 21. Tickets available online at


The nominees for BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE are:


What’s the Buzz? elixir Lounge


lixir Lounge opened in May 2013, and rapidly became the sexy AND chic spot in Astoria, Queens, for the LGBT community! It is a cozy, friendly, nice, spot for a night out in Queens with a Manhattan feel and style; and most importantly, it is LGBT owned and operated. It is fast becoming the neighborhood’s “it” spot to meet up and spend some quality time. With a capacity for 120 guests, the lounge offers a nice space area to enjoy the sounds of in-house main DJ Willie Dutch and jump around to his dancing beats. Open seven days a week now, Elixir Lounge offers nightly events long needed in the neighborhood for the LGBT community.

As stated by its owners: “We are part of the community. We’re ‘trannypreneurs.’ We are emotionally invested because we understand very well our community from the inside we don’t just assume! Many straight venues try to please our community by having ‘gayfriendly nights,’ but we feel as though that is just their way of capitalizing on a market they know is out there, and which we are part of. We are a 100% LGBT establishment, but we are also straight friendly, you know. Astoria needs more LGBT establishments; we are totally comfortable with having other business around! A cross-marketing between LGBT venues is a great way to build our presence in Astoria, Queens. We are here, we exist as a whole, and we deserve our own venues, not just friendly spots!” Lidia Jimenez and Marilyn Sulay

are the owners of Elixir Lounge. They’re two professional transgender women with a background in documentary production and business administration. Michael Madrid (an experienced manager with ample administrative knowledge and marketing skills) and Jason Lugo aka Willie Dutch (an audio recording artist with plenty of knowledge of the NYC nightlife industry and a supervisory background from UBS) are the managers of Elixir Lounge. For more info on daily and special events, follow Elixir on Twitter & Instagram @ ElixirLoungeNYC, and on Facebook at elixirloungeny.

Elixir Lounge 43-03 Broadway Astoria, NY 11103



THE JINKX MYSTIQUE America’s Next Drag Superstar Takes New York City by Monsoon in “The Vaudevillians”! BY Jed Ryan



ust where did Jinkx Monsoon come from? Put most simply, Jinkx is the unique creation of 25-yearold performer Jerick Hoffer from Portland, Oregon. But the road to becoming America’s newest drag darling was much more complex. Jinkx Monsoon, as his creator has stated, is “all about contrasts”: sophisticated yet street-smart, classy yet sassy, and showing great reverence for the American celebrity icons of decades past while providing a new cutting-edge sensibility as we approach 2014. The Jinkx persona was inspired by a multitude of real-life and pop culture characters, starting off with the name. “Monsoon,” as you may have guessed, is an homage to deliciously decadent gay icon

Edina Monsoon from “Absolutely Fabulous.” The star’s other inspirations include such funny girls as Lucille Ball, Maria Bamford, Deven Green, and Sarah Silverman; the larger-than-life Disney villianesses; and... Hoffer’s own mother. The man behind Jinkx Monsoon has been an accomplished performer for 10 years, with his resume including such juicy roles as Moritz in “Spring Awakening,” Angel in “RENT” and Hedwig in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” On May 10, 2013, Monsoon’s status was cemented in the public consciousness forever after being named the Season 5 Winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” going home with the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar.” Since then, Monsoon has been busier than ever. The last few months, Jinkx has been a LONG way from Portland, Oregon: 2,897 miles, to

be exact. Monsoon is currently performing at New York City’s Laurie Beechman Theater in the musical comedy “The Vaudevillians.” As performer “Kitty Witless,” Monsoon is one half of a married cabaret duo from the 1920s who were frozen alive after being buried under an avalanche of snow while touring Antarctica. However, thanks to modern-day global warming, Kitty and her husband “Dan von Dandy” (played by Major Scales, aka Richard Andriessen) thawed out and returned to pick up their career where they left off ... with (needless to say) hilarious consequences. “The Vaudevillians” has garnered a lot of praise, including accolades from RuPaul himself, who stated, “Triumph!...Saw ‘The Vaudevillians’ last night and I’m still laughing!” America’s sweetheart took the time in between shows to talk about the making of Jinkx Monsoon, New York City, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and why you should rush out and see

“The Vaudevillians”! Hi Jinkx! So, first off, congratulations for all the praises for “The Vaudevillians.” What’s been the most rewarding moment of the run of the show so far? I think the most rewarding moments have been when we’ve had the chance to perform for some of our favorite artists and entertainers. It’s intimidating, but exhilarating to perform for your idols, and meeting them and knowing they saw your work. ... That has been truly surreal, and very exciting. No doubt! How has New York City been treating you? Have you found a new favorite hangout spot? It’s been great. A bit overwhelming at first, but awesome. We haven’t had much time to find our favorite “hangouts,” but we had dinner at Beauty and Essex, which was one of my favorite restaurants I’ve ever been to. We also spend a fair amount of time at the Chipotle around the corner from our place. Bumping into Jinkx Monsoon at Chipotle: Now THAT would make my day! In interviews, you’ve spoken about some of your own icons who have inspired your Jinkx persona: Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, the Disney villianesses, and your own mother. Are there any famous (or infamous) personalities who you’d ever like to portray, or pay homage to, in a future performance piece? I would LOVE to portray Lucille Ball one day. Her life story is such a fascinating one, and her impact on American culture is immortal. I also would love to a portray a famous monarch, like Queen Elizabeth I, or Mary Queen of Scotts, or Elizabeth Bathory, the alleged “Countess of Blood.” That would be fun! So, drag has really come a long way from when it was almost always about lip-synching and mimicking a larger-thanlife female gay icon (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has played a huge role in raising the

visibility of the “new” drag. What direction do you see the art of drag moving to as we head towards 2014? Well, I believe that the kind of drag “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is exposing audiences to (live performance, comedy, character portrayal, etc.) has always been around. It just kinda fell out of the mainstream of drag. What I do as a drag queen is not new. My drag idols, like Varla Jean Merman, Lady Bunny, Coco Peru, Joey Arias, RuPaul, Peaches Christ, Jackie Beat, Craig Russell, all of these ladies have been doing live singing, comedy and characterizations for as long as I’ve been alive, and they inspired me to take that track with my drag. But “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is doing something special by exposing the artist behind the queen. Letting us get to know the real people who create these drag personas. Making celebrities out of drag queens. Nowadays, there is no limit to what we, as queens, can do. Ru girls appear on TV shows, release topcharting albums, have all kinds of merchandise franchises, they even have sold out OffBroadway shows. Ru has blown the door wide open for us to accomplish our goals and live out our dreams in a way I don’t think was possible before “Drag Race.” By exposing the many talents and multifaceted nature of these talented queens, our community is embracing drag with a whole new open mind and respect. I love it. That makes two of us! Lastly, why should everyone who’s reading this interview drop their cocktail (or remote control or whatever) and buy tickets to see “The Vaudevillians”? The Vaudevillians has everything that a modern audience is looking for in a show. A new, fresh concept, a hilarious conceit, well rehearsed, professionally executed songs, pop culture references and a little bit of heart and human emotion. It’s a very easy show to watch: you order a cocktail, maybe some pasta or some French fries, and just let the show take you by surprise. But I think what makes it the most exciting for some audience members is that both Major Scales (the co-creator and the music director for this show)

and myself really love doing this show. It’s been our dream for years now to perform this show in New York, and here we are. So I think our passion rings clear throughout the show and audiences pick up on that. Sorry, I have to add one more! Inquiring minds want to know: Is there anyone, shall we say, “special” in your life right now?! There is some one I miss terribly. But life on the road only allows for so much one-on-one time. It’s best just to keep things on a simmer. But they know who they are, and they know I can’t wait to see them again. Thanks, Jinkx!

Visit Jinkx Monsoon’s official website at “The Vaudevillians” runs through October 29 at NYC’s Laurie Beechman Theater, 407 W 42nd St. in Hell’s Kitchen. Buy your tickets to “The Vaudevillians” at


632 Mattison Avenue Asbury Park, New Jersey (732) 775-1020 Lunch: Monday - Sunday 12-4 Dinner: Sunday - Thursday 4-10 Friday 4-10:30 Saturday 4-11 Please call for dinner reservations




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“Bitchy Bingo” from 9-11PM Hosted by: Jasmin Finn

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Tue., Wed. & Fri. 6-9PM $3.00 Well Drinks and Draft Beer *Check the website for the most current calendar.


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The Lady Is a Bunny

The Iconic Lady Bunny Dishes on Politics, 9/11 and LGBT Rights BY Erik R. Caban



f you love filth, felicity or food - or all three - then you’re bound to have heard of international drag superstar Lady Bunny. Born Jon Ingle, she has gained a rabid fan base around the world thanks to her hilarious larger-than-life personality - and hair offering up, as she says, “bawdy, Dusty Springfield meets Don Rickles” realness for more than three decades. Her lewd yet zany video parodies, spoofing pop icons with her takes on The Scissor Sisters’ song “Let’s Have a KiKi,” titled “Let’s Have a Kai Kai,” and Cher and Christina Aguilera’s song “Welcome to Burlesque,” titled “Welcome to Grotesque,” have all but gone viral. Coming up in the same drag era as RuPaul, she appeared in films such as “Party Girl,” “Starrbooty” and “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.” The comedy sensation recently released an uncharacteristically solemn dance single, “Take Me Up High,” which has climbed to

number 18 on the Billboard Dance Chart. In addition to being a nightclub DJ, promoter and her infamous drag performances, most famously she was the founder and host of the now defunct annual Wigstock event held in New York for more than 20 years. Bunny is also heavily involved with ACT UP, the international direct action advocacy group working to impact the lives of people with AIDS (PWAs) and the AIDS pandemic to bring about legislation, medical research and treatment and policies to ultimately bring an end to the disease by mitigating loss of health and lives. Before jet-setting off to tour in California followed by her first-ever gig in Hong Kong, Get Out! magazine chatted with Bunny about biting her tongue on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” her passion for politics, a new television show and - of course - who does her hair. Are you as raunchy and brash as Bunny off-stage? Possibly even worse! While interested in politics, I’m not too politically correct. Who doesn’t love a dirty joke? I tend to tell the kind of jokes that we all laugh about in private in public.

It doesn’t work when I try to clean up my act. I was recently on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” with Kris Jenner. Andy Cohen had me give her a shot out of this long ski with shot glasses in it. I wanted to say, “Some long, dark wood is coming towards your mouth and you’re getting ready to suck it - remind you of anyone else in your family?” But I held my tongue trying to be TV-friendly. How much of you is in the character of Lady Bunny? What makes you two similar or different? Most people who know me say that I’m the same off-stage as on, but nightclub audiences are drinking and don’t want to hear anything about politics. So I skip that mess and focus on comedy. Is there a particular performer you haven’t worked with yet with whom you’d like to share the stage or screen? I’ve gotten to meet many of my idols from Patti Labelle to Charo to Grace Jones to the B-52s, but I would LOVE to meet Diana Ross! She was the Beyonce of my day. You’ve been in the biz - let’s say - a long time. Who has been your favorite to work with? They say you make the best

friends of your life in college. I met Ru [Paul] around that age, and working with him on “Drag U” was a scream. I’ve never seen him so happy, and I was treated so well. Working with Ru, you know that there is going to be great hair and makeup and of course, excellent lighting! (Which I probably need more than she does.) HDTV has teenage girls scared to show their blemishes - imagine being a 51-year-old drag queen with a few wrinkles to go with the blemishes! Not to mention a beard! Tell me more about your latest hit single, “Take Me Up High.” It’s definitely more earnest than fans are used to. Yes, it isn’t a dirty parody, so I have to actually focus on sounding good as opposed to relying on humor. I DJ as well, and there were several songs out in last few years that I hated so much that I wanted to quit DJing - especially “Gangnam Style” and “Harlem Shake.” This crap isn’t music to me. So, I decided to stop complaining about the music and write some myself if I thought I knew so damn much. I’m thrilled by the response. I don’t think many people knew that I write and sing - except for a couple of duets with Ru on her last two albums. What else are you doing right now other than touring? What’s next? I’ve recorded a pilot for a dragthemed TV show called “Politics Is a Drag” with two very funny and smart queens, Coco Peru and Esther Goldberg. So, wish us luck! I’ll be appearing in a short film with Wilson Cruz and recording a follow-up single to “Take Me Up High.” I’m taking my one wo-man show “That Ain’t No Lady!” to L.A. and San Francisco this fall and looking forward to my first-ever gig in Hong Kong! Will you be making more guest

appearances on “RuPaul’s Drag Race”? Last season Alaska and Ivy Winters impersonated me, and I had a small appearance. Ru included me as part of his life story, which was sweet of him. I know that I’m mentioned this season but not sure how. I read in a previous interview that you never really thought you addressed political issues in your shows or that drag is inherently political. Being a part of the New York gay scene in the ‘80s and ‘90s, have you noticed any differences in awareness from the then to today? Is there any advice you can offer to this generation? I was young in the ‘80s and was not interested in politics. However, AIDS had just hit big and ACT UP formed as a response to the crisis. Gays were scared to death (literally) and angry as hell that the government was doing little about it. Reagan was refusing to say the word “AIDS,” and NYC Mayor Ed Koch shied away from the subject because (it’s believed) he was a closet case. ACT UP’s message was very radical and included die-ins, where people laid out in the streets, protests outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral to force the Catholic Church to admit that condoms do prevent HIV infection and much more. The gay agenda was much more far-reaching than it is today, and slogans like “AIDS doesn’t kill straight white men,” and gay men fighting for women’s rights to abortions, and fighting against big pharmaceutical companies’ corrupt practices were common. Today, we’ve lost that anger and enthusiasm. I see few leaders among gay youth. Maybe they see the battle as having been won now that they can fight in the military and get married in a few states. But new HIV infections among youth are

way up, and barebacking is common. This is a slap in the face to the activists from ACT UP who got every AIDS medicine on the market today approved. The medicines are not a cure for AIDS, even though HIV infection may no longer always be a death sentence. That doesn’t mean you should throw your legs up and welcome it because there’s new drugs on the market. If kids have no one to tell them how irresponsible that is, I will gladly do it! You also mentioned that you were generally not at all political before 9/11. Can you tell me more about your experience and what changed? Seeing the second building fall at 9/11 was a real wake-up call. Unlike most, I began to ask not “What do we do now?” but “What have we done?” The U.S. has been screwing around all over the world, outraging the Muslim world - and the CIA even trained Osama Bin Laden. It clearly backfired. I realized that our government is bought and sold by the corporations who profit from war, and we seldom get the truth from our news outlets since they are all owned by those same corporations. It seems like we’re preparing to attack Syria. Does anyone reading this feel a threat from Syria or feel the need to attack? Our government is claiming that we must attack Syria because their government used WMDs [weapons of mass destruction], yet it isn’t even clear that they did. George Bush lied about Iraq having WMDs as an excuse to attack Iraq unnecessarily. Clearly, we’ve learned nothing. It’s time to get our heads out of the sand. On a lighter note, I have to ask, who does your hair? Weed Eater!


Get Out! Magazine Issue. 126 – (SEPTEMBER 18, 2013) MIGUEL MILIAN ALLURE